Mayday Mayday Mayday Chapter 17 - Chapter 17

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“He’s got a personality.”


Hearing Chris say sarcastically, Eunhan shrugged, putting his bag down on the chair next to him. The weather was nice today. Maybe that was why Chris sat on the balcony and waited for him. Eunhan glanced behind him and nodded, asking if he would move inside. Then Chris snorted at the person standing behind Eunhan.


“A bodyguard? Then you can stand in the sun for a while.”


How nice is the weather? Apparently, Chris was sitting in a sunny spot. It looked like it was intentional, so Eunhan looked back anxiously under the parasol, and eventually made the other person laugh. The American man, not Nikolai or Sergei that Eunhan knew, smiled.


“Don’t worry.”


“Of course you don’t have to worry.”


Chris added with a face saying that he said something obvious.


“Because Brad Powell is dead.”


“He’s dead?!”


Eunhan was the only one who was surprised. Surprised by that fact once more, he looked at the bodyguard and he smiled once more as if he was sorry. He was a man with a smile that looked just like Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken.


“You didn’t know? You probably didn’t know. That’s why you’re dragging around people like that, right?”


“If I’m who you’re talking about, unfortunately I’m really just a bodyguard. I’m an office worker.”




Chris laughed out loud.


“Vasily Kaminsky’s ‘company’? ‘That’ company that does anything for money?”


That’s funny. Is that a company too?? Do you think working at such a company is called an office worker? Chris laughed out loud. Eunhan looked at the bodyguard in fear, but there was not a single gloomy look on the bodyguard’s face. On the contrary, he even reassured Eunhan by saying, “Don’t worry, I’m a professional.”


“Stop it, Chris Bergen.”


Eunhan eventually spoke to Chris, and Chris shouted, “Hey, didn’t you hear that he just cheated you? Brad Powell died in the first place! That kid who kidnapped you killed him!” People nearby look at Chris in surprise.




Suddenly, Eunhan screamed at Chris when he suddenly caught his gaze, and Chris raised his hands and sank into his seat.


“I’m going crazy. What the hell is that bastard Kaminsky? What does he want from you?”




“You should have asked at this point!”


No. He didn’t ask. He was so scared. Besides, he was not that proud of Kaminsky, and he was so scared.


It has already been a week since he stayed at Vasily’s villa, and Eunhan usually ate dinner with Vasily. Being the Red Mafia boss wasn’t such a leisurely job, Vasily was often busy, and Eunhan spent the day working in Vasily’s house or surfing the Internet. Vasily said that he would attach bodyguards if he wanted to go outside, but as soon as he heard that, he didn’t want to go outside.


“Yoon! Are you crazy? You haven’t asked yet? I don’t know what that bastard wants, but give it to him and get out!’


“… He wants to date…”


That was all Eunhan knew.




Chris widened his eyes. What did he want to do?


“He said to go out with him. To make love with him…”


“Was Kaminsky gay?”


“I guess he’s bi.”


Chris couldn’t speak because he was dumbfounded, and he stared intently into Eunhan’s eyes.


“So, are you dating?”


“Oh, no. It’s not that… Just, let’s see.”


Chris doesn’t seem to have the strength to scream anymore. He waved his hand and made a gesture to continue.


“That’s it.”


“Baby. Anyway, you can’t go out with someone like Kaminsky. You’d better date me, huh?”


Eunhan shook his head. It was the moment Chris was about to shout at Eunhan shaking his head with his mouth shut.


“That’s difficult, Sergeant Bergen.”


A soft voice rang in Chris’ ear. At that moment, Chris stiffened to the point where he could not turn his head for a moment.


“Although I’m only one of the lover candidates.”


There, Vasily looked at Eunhan, and Eunhan was stiffer than Chris. Recently, Vasily has been talking about being a candidate every day.


“I like to be the only one, you know what I mean?”


“Are you threatening the police now?”


Chris, who had been pretending not to know, started grinding his teeth as if he was annoyed




As Vasily snorted and came to Eunhan’s side, the bodyguard quickly pulled out a chair and served him. Vasily sat next to Eunhan and took his hand. Eunhan stiffened his shoulder, but Vasily didn’t care and even kissed the back of his hand.


“Can you see it?”


What kind of childish joke was this? He was so scary. The packaging was for children, but the kernel is C-4. Eunhan snapped at Chris to stop it. But Chris crossed his arms as if he was on edge.


“I can see that you’re the only one who’s freaking out.”


Eunhan saw Vasily’s eyebrows twitch.


“It’s because he’s worried about me!”


Eunhan shouted quickly. Unlike before, he wasn’t worried about other people’s attention now.


“He’s my friend, he’s worried about me, and I’m not his type! He’s just worried, Vasily, no, there may have been a little, really little intention to upset Vasha, but it’s professionalism. It is!”


He took the side of his friend as much as possible, but it was not clear why Vasily’s expression became cold. But it was too obvious for Chris to say, ‘I didn’t mean to upset you.’


“I, really, just… professionalism…”


When Eunhan was speechless, Chris spoke confidently as if he was talking about something.


“You are my type.”


Hey, has he gone crazy?! Did the Miami Police Department give him drugs?!


Eunhan looked back at Chris like lightning and shouted silently into his mouth. Chris seemed proud as he looked at his mouth.


“Why? You are my type. Even sex is my preference. If it’s with you, I’d like to top…”


What was he talking about? Even that sex was a drunk mess. Hey, that’s the right word. At that time, Eunhan locked the door because of diarrhea, and Chris said that he treated him poorly and even swore at him. On the way to Chris’ house, he vomited in his car and the two of them cleaned it together… Was that ‘sex’? And then Eunhan whined wanting to top so he pushed in and moved  three times, but fell asleep like a tower…


“Who liked it?”


Suddenly Vasily asked, Eunhan stopped screaming and turned to look at Vasily.




“Is it me, or that bastard? Whose sex was greater?”


Why was the situation like this?


Eunhan closed his eyes slowly. When he said, “What a leap forward in conversation like this,” Vasily grabbed Eunhan’s thigh. It felt like a threat to him subtly groping the inside of his thigh.


Eunhan turned to Chris. He protested with his eyes that he honestly didn’t like that sex, that he barely remembered the sex, but that he remember washing his car all night, and how could he forget that he even swore that he’d keep it a secret for the rest of his life? But Chris was adamant. Eunhan was about to turn around at Chris’ attitude to have the courage to choose friendship.


“It’s me, right?”


The Miami Police Department seemed to be giving drugs and teaching blackmail…




“… is he that scary, Kaminsky?”


“This is a pre-fear problem, Chris. There are things that friendship can’t cover.”


For example, it included cleaning up diarrhea. He told him he wouldn’t do it! He asked him to do it, and then he insisted on cleaning it up with him! Eunhan, who ground his teeth at the thought of that time, affirmed with a full face. Chris thought for a moment and laughed helplessly.


“Is that… was it that serious?”


“No matter what I go through in my life, there will be nothing more profound than that time.”


As Eunhan cut him off, Vasily kissed the back of Eunhan’s hand once more.


“Don’t be so sure, Yoon.”


Eunhan completely hardened upon realizing the enormity of a briefly forgotten existence. Maybe it was because he had bumped into Vasily, and even though his voice was warm, he had a bad feeling. Vasily was a man who could do sly things casually. Eunhan couldn’t say anything because he seemed to have hallucinated Vasily’s appearance.


“Don’t think you’ll be fine,” said Chris.


Eu-han really wanted to see what he had eaten wrong, so he tried to turn his gaze to Chris once more. But the moment Vasily’s face caught his eye, he thought that if he looked at Chris this time, Vasily might be really angry. Eunhan tried to smile brightly without taking his eyes off Vasily even if he noticed quickly, the result was baffling, but he was proud of himself just by smiling. Vasily saw Eunhan’s smile and opened his mouth with a slightly relieved expression.


“That’s what I want to tell you. One time your friend put himself in danger to save you, but not twice.”


Chris looked at Eunhan. He wanted to know what he meant by putting himself in danger to save him. But Eunhan couldn’t take his eyes off Vasily. Vasily asked, looking at Eunhan, who couldn’t move as if a muzzle had been cast down.


“Isn’t that right, Yoon?”


Eunhan couldn’t answer. Vasily’s words that such tricks would not work next time seemed to put pressure on his chest. As Eunhan was quietly looking at Vasily, not knowing what to say, someone approached him.


<Yoon Eunhan! Do you know how long I’ve been looking for you…>


It was Sunghan’s voice. It was a tiring and annoying relationship, but now, there was no other savior, so Eunhan turned around and tried to pretend to be happy. Vasily pulled Eunhan from the chair and hugged Eunhan’s shoulder. Sunghan, who was approaching, stopped.


“Vas, Vasya. He’s my cousin.”


The word ‘cousin’, which only appeared when he was at a disadvantage, came out again.


<Eunhan. Let’s talk for a moment.>


Eunhan tried to get up by talking to Sunghan, but Vasily grabbed Eunhan’s shoulder and did not let him go.


“Vasya, he’s really my cousin. I can’t show you the evidence, but he’s a cousin.”


He may not believe it because they didn’t really look alike, but it was true, Eunhan begged. First of all, he desperately wanted to get away from Vasily. He had no choice but to talk to Sunghan and come back, but Vasily didn’t let him go, as if Eunhan was going to run away.


“Then do it here. What secret story is it that you can’t do it in front of a lover?”


A lover candidate was not a lover.


Eunhan swallowed the words, he couldn’t help but smile at Vasily. Please, please… he was about to beg, but Vasily’s arm loosened. Eunhan quickly escaped from Vasily’s arms, which had lost strength.


Vasily looked down at his arm. The moment Eunhan smiled bashfully, it was strange that his arm had lost strength. What? Eunhan dragged Sunghan while Vasily spread his arms. Eunhan, who was dragged to a corner in front of the bathroom, squatted down on the floor with a long sigh.


<I’ve never been grateful to you in my entire life.>


Eunhan muttered.


<I am grateful for this moment. But, didn’t you say that you were going to Korea after only a week?>


<I met your old friend. Didn’t tell me his name.>


Sunghan said. Eunhan raised his head and looked at Sunghan. Didn’t say his name There’s no Voldemort among his friends, so it was probably Kay.


<Are you with that person? They told me to tell you to do what he asked and then come to the hotel. He gave you this.>


It was a hotel business card. Eunhan turned the business card over. A number. That was how it was written But Eunhan could easily understand what that meant. 845. V, I, K. He was referring to the number that Eunhan took to announce Vasily’s name.


<I’ll help you right away… he said you’re in danger. He said that person is a very scary person? Are you okay?>


Why was he acting like he was suddenly on his side?


Eunhan looked up at Sunghan. They weren’t like this, and in particular, it was rare for Sunghan to be like this to him.


<You’re right, he is dangerous, he’s not very good. But I’ll take care of it, so don’t pretend you’re worried and go.>


<I can’t go because I’m worried about you.>


<… I’m really busy and my head feels like it’s going to explode. So, you should just go. Why did you come?>


Eunhan asked. When Sunghan tried to talk nonsense, Eunhan said <Stop!> and stopped him, showing his palm. Sunghan looked down at Eunhan’s face and finally opened his mouth.


<I’m getting married. Eunhan-ah.>


The voice was very heavy. However, Eunhan turned away the moment he heard the voice.


Vasily and Chris ignored each other like dogs passing by, then looked inside the store at the loud noise. Eunhan was swinging the broom at Sung-han.  Vasily frowned. He said they were cousins, so why were they trying to kill each other? Besides, Vasily had never imagined Eunhan would try to kill someone with his eyes turned up like that. Chris popped out. The moment Chris ran and tried to catch Eunhan, Eunhan shouted.


“Don’t stop me! I’m going to kill you this time!”


“It’s past the statute of limitations. What’s wrong now?…”


In fact, Chris had only seen Eunhan explode like this twice, but all of them was because of the cousin ​​who was not like a human. But unlike last time, this time he really was angry. Unlike Eunhan, who ran into him last time, this time, Sunghan rushed to avoid him as well. Eunhan’s swing was powerful.


“That bastard opened up a new case! There’s even no statute of limitations!”


There was no statute of limitations? Chris looks at Sunghan with angry eyes. A new case with no statute of limitations? Rather than appease Eunhan, Vasily grabbed Sunghan just as he was about to ask what the matter was. As Vasily held him very lightly as if holding a three-year-old child, the moment he smiled, Eunhan’s broomstick hit Sunghan’s head. It was loud. It was so loud that people in the store had their eyes closed.


Huh, Eunhan who hit him was startled, too, so he dropped his broom, Chris, who was watching the situation, swallowed his breath, and Sunghan was so shocked that he couldn’t even scream.


“A little weak.”


Of course, Vasily Kaminsky was fine. He also said he was fine.


“Don’t take it too hard. I’m your cousin’s lover candidate, so I have to look good.”


And Vasily asked Eunhan with a million-dollar smile.


“Do you want to kill him?”


“Then I’ll do it for you,” seemed to be the next words. Eunhan shook his head. It may be an idiom for him, but it may be a life term for others. He really didn’t mean to hit him. He wanted to hit him, but even if he hit Sunghan, or if he hit him to death, the situation won’t improve. Eunhan looked at Sunghan and smiled. It was an absurd situation, but he finally shaved that face properly once. Maybe it was Vasily’s skill, but Sunghan was right, so he was waiting for the place that hurt the most, and Eunhan couldn’t slow down the speed of his arm.


“Is it because of your marriage? You really have a miserable life. I won’t go to your wedding, I won’t talk about you, and you’ll be safe. Is that it? Did you come all the way here because you were afraid that people would find out that you were a bastard who was panting for a man’s hole? Even if you don’t kill me, I won’t go with you. OAs long as you don’t come.>


<…how…how did you know?>


<You bastard, this is Miami. If you act as stupid as you did, of course, it will reach my ears.>


As Sunghan closed his eyes like a cow, streams of blood flowed from Sunghan’s head.


<That… Eunhan-ah…>


“< thought grandmother was dead. I wondered if an inheritance was allotted to you because you were shaking up this shit. Thanks to you, I got to know all the news about Korea after 10 years… I know you can’t stand this. You know, you’re a psychopath who can’t stand it when someone knows your weakness.>


Sunghan’s face changed to that expression again. “That expression” from a long time ago where Eunhan had no choice but to leave Sunghan alone.


<I know I’m a threat to you just by breathing on the other side of the world. It’s not my existence but your personality that’s the problem. Anyway, just think I’m dead. Just don’t come to Miami.>


<People change.>


Sunghan said with a bitter face. Thinking that this face is better, Eunhan laughed.


<Yes. But it’s funny when you say that. If there was one most unchanging human being on the planet, it would be you.>


Seeing Sunghan clenching his teeth, Eunhan said, <Grow up, and please get out of my life.> As Eunhan tried to move, Vasily snorted, “Hmm,” he said. Strength entered Vasily’s hand, which was holding Sunghan. By the time Eunhan turned around after hearing a squeaking sound, Sunghan’s arm had already been bent in a direction he couldn’t turn. Ahh-. Sunghan screamed a little late, but Vasily threw him away with a frivolous face.


“Sorry. I can’t control my grip well these days. I guess I’m old.”


Vasily spat out a lie that won’t even work, and touched Eunhan’s shoulder. Without looking back, he just raised his arm and said his greetings.


“But the police officer will escort you. Goodbye!”


Although he openly embraced Eunhan, who was sensitive to other people’s eyes, Chris calmly let them go. It was a new case with no statute of limitations. Chris crossed his arms. What did this bastard do again this time? Chris raised Sunghan with the broken arm.


“Let’s open up and talk about what the hell you did to Yoon, huh?”


Sunghan struggled.


“You’re a police officer! Is it okay to do this to a tourist? Can’t you let go of my hand?!”


But Chris was white, with hair on his finger and over 185 cm tall. Sunghan couldn’t overpower Chris. While Chris dragged him along, all Sunghan could do was shout, but he was stopped by Chris’ threat.


“I told you to open your heart, who told you to open your snout? If you make loud noises one more time, I’ll open your lower mouth as well.”

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