Mayday Mayday Mayday Chapter 4 - Chapter 4

Author: Naralara Editor: Naralara

“Hey, Lady Yoon!”


Even though the subordinates were different from the last time, everyone calls them by the same name. Yes, he’ll say it again, at least it isn’t something like a prostitute. After bowing lightly, he got on the speedboat. The subordinate stopped talking, said ‘uh’, making a strange noise.


“Lady, what about the bag that Vasya gave you last time?”


Eunhan didn’t answer and just rolled his eyes. Then the subordinate said, “Hey, did you really throw it away?” he clicked his tongue.


“Vasya wouldn’t like it very much.”


“Well, I didn’t throw it away…”


Eunhan was terrified and answered cautiously, and the subordinate looked at Eunhan with puzzled eyes.


“Then why didn’t you bring it? You don’t like it?”


When Eunha did not answer, the subordinate shrugged. As if he didn’t know, the man who started the boat grinned and shouted, “Hold on tight!” At the same time, the speedboat jumped out. When the sea breeze hit his face, the white yacht gradually caught his eye. It was huge. Eunhan’s heart was likely to be weighed down by a yacht that was so solid that he thought, “Why don’t you just ride on an aircraft carrier?” The speedboat slowed down slowly and suddenly stuck to the yacht.




The man who was waiting for the boat was the man who had previously taken Eunhan to the beach. His gaze was also on the bag Eunhan was carrying. Eunhan shrugged, and the man clicked his tongue. Would it have been better to bring it? Eunhan was clinging to the man and barely resisted the desire to ask, ‘Shall I go home?!’ Was it such a big deal? Maybe Kaminsky would kill him! Guess the man had noticed Eunhan’s feelings and guided him into the cabin, he smiled bitterly.


“Vasya is not feeling well today. So I wanted Lady to come with that bag.”


The man said that and continued, “I can’t help it.”


“Well, if it’s not a lady’s taste, there’s nothing I can do about it.”


It was not that he didn’t wear it because he didn’t like it. Eunhan wanted to make an excuse like that, but he held back. Accepting Kaminsky’s favor was kind of scary. All the more so since he knew that Kaminsky was curious about him in some way. For Eunhan, the happy ending in this situation was that Kaminsky lets him go and let another money launderer do the laundry. It was not that he was Kaminsky’s favourite and laundered large sums of money. It was when Eunhan, who even ate calming medicine, went into the cabin with the intention of trying hard not to let Kaminsky take any interest. As soon as the door opened, Kaminsky looked back at the door with a terrifying look on his face. Eunhan almost sat down for a moment. He didn’t, but his legs trembled uncontrollably.


“…Oh, Yoon.”


Unlike usual, Kaminsky, who had not even said hello to him, frowned at the subordinate standing next to Eunhan and nodded. Then the subordinate said, “Sorry, I’ll lead him to the drawing room.” He made Eunhan come out. Eunhan glanced at Kaminsky before leaving the cabin that seemed to be Kaminsky’s study. Kaminsky was holding the phone to his ear as if he was talking on the phone, but he kept his mouth shut, making sure he didn’t want to talk until Eunhan left. As soon as he came out and the subordinate behind him closed the cabin door, Kaminsky’s shout broke out.


“You still haven’t figured out the bastard’s identity? If so…”


After that, nothing more was heard. Eunhan entered the drawing room and bit his lip. He should have brought the bag that Kaminsky gave him today. He was startled by the sound of something breaking, and when he stood up, the subordinate waved his hand as if it wasn’t a big deal.


“Vasya is a little angry. Would you like some coffee or a drink? Mojitos are fine too. There’s a chef and a bartender on this yacht.”


“Oh, no. It’s fine.”


Eunhan shook his head. Then the subordinate asked if that was the case and did not recommend any further. Eunhan was waiting without a drink, and he was worried about taking money out in front of Kaminsky. He would take it out of the bag, but if he did, Kaminsky’s gaze would inevitably be on the bag. Worried about it, he hurriedly took out the money and set it on the table in advance. Maybe after giving the money, he can go back without seeing the bag. Soon the sound of rough footsteps approached from afar. he had a feeling it would be Kaminsky. He got up and waited for Kaminsky, and soon the living room door opened. There was no expression on his face because he was angry. Kaminsky entered the drawing room with an unusually cold face. Eunhan opened his mouth cautiously as he pushed the six million dollars that had been brought out beforehand.


“It’s the six million dollars and the fee bill you mentioned.”


While listening to Eunhan’s words, Kaminsky stared at Eunhan’s bag. He asked with a surprised face.


“Did you really throw it away?”


Eunhan immediately denied it.


“Oh, no.”




At Kaminsky’s words, Eunhan couldn’t find anything to say and his mouth twitched. He even thought about returning the bag, but he couldn’t bring it because it seemed to give a lot of meaning to a small gift. Kaminsky just threw it away, but how funny would it be if Eunhan said that he couldn’t receive it for no reason? It was burdensome. He didn’t want to receive anything from Kaminsky, whether it be likes or curiosity. It was best not to know about the world’s craziest man, and if he already found out, it was best to hope for the end of the relationship. So Eunhan decided that he would not wear the things he gave him, nor would he do anything that would arouse his curiosity. But he couldn’t say those things out loud, so he had to answer somehow, but he couldn’t think of what to say.


“You didn’t like it.”


Kaminsky said the reason for it. Eunhan didn’t say it wasn’t. If he said that, shouldn’t he put the next reason in his mouth? Eunhan didn’t have the confidence to come up with a reason.


“Well, next time we’ll go shopping together. Your tastes are quite unique. I don’t know about elementary school styles, so let’s go to a children’s clothing store together.”


Maybe Jonas will turn around, Kaminsky groaned. Just now, Kaminsky must have been angry, but now Kaminsky seemed a little relieved. When Eunhan didn’t say anything, Kaminsky stood up.


“The weather is nice, why don’t you go swimming?”


Eunhan thought of an excuse to refuse this statement without showing any dislike.


“I’m not feeling well.”


Kaminsky looked at Eunhan. As if Eunhan’s attitude was different from usual, Kaminsky’s eyes narrowed. Today Kaminsky was wearing a t-shirt that showed off his shoulders. His collarbone was visible. The collarbone that seems to pool when water drops was sexy. Perhaps because of his anger, his face, which had always looked reverent, was slightly sensual. He was more handsome today. Eunha secretly evaluated Kaminsky’s face. Today was A++. It was usually an A+, but today an extra point was added. When working with Kaminsky, the only pleasure was seeing and scoring Kaminsky, so Eunhan would always peek at him.


“Then you’re talking about when you’re in good shape. When you buy a bag, you buy a swimsuit as well. You seem to have quite picky tastes, so it’s impossible for me to choose.”


Eunhan deeply regretted not carrying the bag. What was that bag, he didn’t bring it so he had to listen to this nonsense. Even though he thought he didn’t really mean it, he was worried because he rarely saw Kaminsky say empty words.


“See you in town next time.”


Just as expected. Kaminsky seemed serious. Eunhan was silent, unable to say whether he liked or disliked it. Eunhan’s face was dark even as he left to board the boat to return. The thought of meeting Kaminsky next time made his insides tingle already. Unlike EunHan, Kaminsky had a face that had blown away the displeasure of the past. Unlike usual, Kaminsky walked with Eunhan to the side of the boat. Kaminsky saw him off. He was not just sad but scared as well. Suddenly, the wind blew and Eunhan closed his eyes. The sea breeze was salty and wet. As he rubbed his eyes as if something got into his eyes, Kaminsky grabbed his wrist. It was a touch that seemed to stick more than the sea breeze.


“You’ll hurt your cornea.”


It was the first time he’d heard that rubbing one’s eye can hurt the cornea. He tried to straighten his stiff body. He had to pretend he was okay, but it was not easy. Besides, he was not motivated enough . Pretending he was fine made him feel more dry. Next time, he’ll have to bring that bag. But even though he knew it didn’t mean that, it was kind of a romantic nuance to meet someone wearing the thing that they bought for you. Especially if it was something Kaminsky gave, other than the fee. Suddenly, Eunhan’s gaze fell on the men behind Kaminsky. They were giggling together. He hurriedly got into the boat. Kaminsky helped him get onto the boat without letting go of his wrist, he was suddenly escorted. Someone burst into laughter, and Eunhan lowered his head as he thought his face would turn red. It was a shame that they acted like he really was a Lady. But Kaminsky spoke to him with an unbothered face, ignoring the people smiling from behind.


“I’ll be back in Miami next month. I’ll call you.”


And Kaminsky released his wrist. He nodded and got on the boat, and Nikolai, who was sitting in the boat’s driver’s seat, smiled mischievously. Soon Kaminsky stepped back, and the boat was soon started. Eunhan lowered his face in embarrassment and turned away from Kaminsky. Up until the boat left, he did not look up at Kaminsky.


Eunhan thought that a month was a very short time. It must have been quite a long time when he was young, maybe it was because he was older. The time was too short. On the day of the appointment with Kaminsky, Eunhan sighed and carried the black bag that Kaminsky had given him. He didn’t want to spend a long time with Kaminsky. He wanted to finish everything and go back as soon as possible, really. He decided to carry the bag and tell Kaminsky that he had a swimsuit too. Still, he can’t just let Kaminsky go all the way to town, so they should have dinner together. Alas, God, a meal with Kaminsky. What if the food got stuck in his throat and he died!


“Aigoo Baby, you’re going to cry.”


Chris sighed and hugged Eunhan from behind. Chris had a strong physical relationship with Eunhan, and some in the gay community even said that they thought they were dating. Chris hugged his waist and kissed his cheek.


“You look great today, smile a little.”


“I don’t want to smile.”


He sighed as he hugged Chris. There was really nothing to smile about. At Eunhan’s words, Chris said okay, and met his gaze in the mirror.


“But Kaminsky won’t kill you, right?”


Chris said and added.


“If he wanted to kill you, he would have already done it. Just go and have a meal with a handsome man with a light mind.”


“Do you think I can do that?”


“No. But I still have to tell you something that will lighten your heart. I don’t have to remind you that Kaminsky is a very sharp guy, right?”


Eunhan rolled his eyes. After all, he was a very scary guy. Chris saw his face and kissed his cheek once more.


“If there’s a problem, I’ll run like the wind, okay?”


“Thank you. It comforts my heart.”


“Good, good.”


Chris rubbed his face on Eunhan’s neck. He showed no sign of moving, so Eunhan pushed Chris away and checked himself in the mirror.


“Is this okay? Is it too formal?”


“It’s formal. A shirt, a jacket, and pants, that’s enough for any restaurant in Miami.”


Chris answered, with his arms pushed back slightly. Eunhan left his usual jeans and T-shirt and wore formal trousers, a shirt, and a jacket. It was very depressing that he had to wear the clothes he bought to wear when he went on a date to meet Kaminsky. But Kaminsky was very wealthy, and he had no idea which restaurant he was going to choose, so he had to pay attention to his clothes. He didn’t want to be a rip off, so he did not want Kaminsky to go to expensive restaurants if possible, but since he was rich, it was not a problem to say that ordinary people’s restaurants did not suit his taste.


“If you look at the scene, it’s a scene from a gay romance.”


Chris said something as if he was sorry. A rich handsome man who came in a luxury car, and him, who  was not a big deal – if no one really knew the content, it was a story that gays dreamed of. He agreed with Chris. It was true, but when they found out the personality of the  handsome man, the genre changed to that of a psychopath. From Romance to a Criminal Mind episodes.


“Please, I wish time would stop like this.”


Eunhan wished However, it was an absurd wish, so Chris only brushed his hair with his fingers.


“Let’s go to a nightclub in that outfit.” Said Chris. 


Incidentally, today was Saturday, and it was a day when gays showed off their week-long bulging muscles at gay nightclubs. Eunhan didn’t like men whose muscles were inflated enough to make them uncomfortable, but Chris was enchanted by them. Eunhan shrugged. Looking at such men, he thought ‘Kaminsky is so handsome. Is there really no one who looks like that and had a clear mind?’ He would look around with that thought and come back home with no success, but he felt like he needed a change of mood today in a place where the music was thumping and the psychedelic lights were flashing.


“Yeah, let’s go.”


“Okay! Come home by seven o’clock!”


Eunhan replied with a sour face at Chris’s words, “I’ll try to come back before then. Two hours with Kaminsky is enough. No, two hours is a pain for me.” he murmured. Chris said when Eunhan was checking himself for the last time and was uncomfortable with the black bag.


“You’ve got to leave now, Lady. It’s time for the madman to come pick you up.”


Eunhan waved his hand when Chris made fun of him, knowing that Kaminsky’s men called him ‘Lady’. Stop it. Even with his attitude, Chris was reckless. Lady, oh lady, oh lady. He threw a cushion at Chris’s face as he sang when he left, and Eunhan left the apartment with a disgusted look and looked back.


“Close the door and go. Chris Bergen.”


“Don’t worry, don’t worry. What do you think I am?”


“And don’t masturbate in my house. Why do you do it in my house?”


“Originally, gay people masturbate at their friends’ houses. Then, your friend won’t be your friend.”


As Chris smirked, Eunhan shook her head left and right. Chris shouted, “But I wash the sheets!” in an unhappy voice, and Eunhan closed the door with a tired face. Anyway, gays are bad at this. Eunhan thought with a sullen face. Are they so close to share each other’s sex life? He shook her head. But right now, it was okay to leave without washing the sheet after Chris masturbates, so he hoped Kaminsky got a call saying that something happened and they couldn’t meet. Oh, he wondered if he’d get a call like that. No, what are American cops doing, making the Red Mafia roam the city in broad daylight! The tax he paid them was not worth it! On the topic of money launderers who earned money by helping with tax evasion, Eunhan talked about taxes well. He worked with Kaminsky and his conscience was rotten. As soon as he stepped out of the apartment lobby, the first thing he saw was a black Aston Martin. Damn it! He tried to straighten his frown. He saw the Aston Martin, but pretended not to think that the owner was Kaminsky, and tried to pass the car. If he crossed it and waited a little far away, wouldn’t the time to meet Kaminsky be even a little longer? However, Kaminsky got out of the driver’s seat as if he saw Eunhan. Ugh, he just needed to sound the horn. Why was he getting off? Eunhan screamed inwardly. 


“Yoon, over here.”


“Ah, ah, hello, Mr. Kaminsky.”


“Your car is nice.” When Eunhan gave a compliment, Kaminsky smiled.


“Aren’t I better than the car? This is the first time someone has met me and praised only the car.”


He couldn’t say he was cool, so he had to praise the car, right? Eunhan licked his dry lips and looked up at Kaminsky cautiously. Then Kaminsky stared at his lips. Knowing that Kaminsky’s gaze was on his lips, he opened his eyes wide, and Kaminsky said, “It’s not a big deal.” He shook his head. And then he opened the passenger door. Eunhan, who was suddenly escorted, got into the passenger seat, trying to hide his nervous expression. The passenger door closed with a shrill sound. However, Eunhan believed that the guillotine blade must have cut a person’s throat with the same sound. Back in the driver’s seat, Kaminsky fastened his seat belt and glanced at Eunhan. At that moment, he quickly found the seat belt and fastened it. He couldn’t help it but his hands trembled relentlessly because he was afraid that Kaminsky would fasten it for him.


“Now, where shall we go?”


Kaminsky asked with a happy face.


“Hey, excuse me.”


Eunhan believed the pleasant look and spoke out cautiously.


“It’s not that I don’t like the bag. Oh, I brought it today. And I have a swimsuit. That’s right. Just”


Can’t he just go? When Eunhan couldn’t say what was on his mind, Kaminsky said, “Well then,” and started the engine.


“Shall we take a drive?”


That, the two of them will  be together in the car.  Do not do that. Do not do that! Eunhan waved his hands in surprise.


“He, he, no, there, no, there, hu-, aren’t you hungry?!”


The last words were said in a high tone, almost screaming. ”Isn’t it eleven o’clock in the morning?” Kaminsky asked and frowned.


“What? Didn’t you eat breakfast?”


It was true that he did not eat. He was not going to be hungry in an emergency.

Eunhan nodded and Kaminsky started the car. The car moved smoothly. He once again thought that the Aston Martin was good. He knew he was a snob, but he was an A+++ guy with an Aston Martin. He thought it was too bad that the man was crazy. If it was just a flirting game, he would have stood in line to hug him. Kaminsky was also Bi. But it was scarier that Kaminsky was bi. Wouldn’t it be better to be normal? While Eunhan felt sorry for Kaminsky’s shell, Kaminsky closed his mouth for a moment and then opened it again.


“Well, I don’t mean to meddle.”


Kaminsky continued with a bit of caution.


“Wake up on time, eat, and exercise a bit, right? The frame is pretty but it’s a waste, isn’t it?”


Who, who’s he to say that! What sort of rudeness was that! Where did his humanity go? What did he learn in kindergarten? Eunhan, of course, was not someone who could get these words out of his mouth, so he just kept his mouth shut. When Eunhan didn’t say anything, Kaminsky added again. 


“Well, it sounds like an inspiration.”


Kaminsky laughed, saying he had something like that. It seemed that he didn’t know as much about himself. Eunhan didn’t say anything and looked out of the window as much as possible. Looking out the window, he was getting closer to a place he had seen many times but had never been before. Aside from being a first-class restaurant, Kaminsky was moving into a restaurant that one couldn’t get into without a reservation. Was he even thinking of cutting it? Even knowing that wasn’t the case, the thought of what Kaminsky had done to the wife of a drug dealer gave him chills.


“Oh, Vasha, it’s been a while.”


Jane, a restaurant chef he often saw on TV, ran out of the kitchen when she heard that Kaminsky had arrived. Seeing them hugging warmly, Eunhan thought again, ‘All I need is some money.’ Jane looked at Eunhan, who was standing next to Kaminsky.


“Who is this?”


“He’s with me, but I brought him here because we didn’t have breakfast. Sorry, at the hour the door wasn’t open yet.”


“No, Vasya, between us… Welcome. Breakfast, would you like something simple?”


Saying so, Jane grabbed Kaminsky’s hem. Eunhan was guided by the waiters into the empty hall. Jane’s voice reached his ears.


“By the way, what’s the relationship between you two to have breakfast together?”


‘We’re not in a relationship, We’re not in a relationship, so come on answer her.’ Kaminsky, this psychopathic idiot! However, since entering the hall, the two of them in front could not be heard any more.


Eunhan didn’t want to be taken care of by Kaminsky, but it was virtually impossible to pay for the meal. It was not on the restaurant’s menu, so it was impossible to put a price on, and Jane didn’t bill Kaminsky by saying ‘something between us’. So he could not return the money to Kaminsky. Eunhan, who suddenly became indebted to Kaminsky, was sitting in the Aston Martin’s passenger seat with a dark face. Then Kaminsky asked, as if puzzled.


“Was the food bad?”


“Oh, no.”


He shook his head. The food was delicious. It was so delicious that he never knew French toast, omelette, and bacon could be so delicious. But delicious things were delicious, and if he didn’t like the situation, he didn’t like it.


“I’m glad.”


Kaminsky laughed. Eunhan looked out the window and held back the words he wanted to ask. For some reason, they were going into a little corner right now. Why the hell were they here? He was scared to death, really. It was the 134th time where Eunhan was trembling and thinking about whether or not to say he was still young. Kaminsky looked in the rearview mirror and grinned.


“We’ve got a bug.”


At that moment, Eunhan looked back in surprise. And thinking that he had made a mistake, he quickly turned his head forward. In the movies, they tell not to look back, but that was stupid.


“Sorry, I’m sorry, Mr. Kaminsky.”


“Why are you sorry?”


Kaminsky asked with a puzzled face. Then his complexion turned cold. But Eunhan said, “I looked back. Shouldn’t I not do that?” he asked and laughed nervously.


“What, Yoon. I thought you tipped me off to the police. Don’t confuse me.”


Even with that said, Kaminsky had a very pleasant face. Kaminsky with a bright complexion hesitated for a moment, then reached out to Eunhan’s head. He lightly brushed his hair and his hands disappeared. Eunhan shrugged his shoulders, feeling as if his hair was standing up. Kaminsky ordered him to “hold tight.” He didn’t want to hear that…! He grabbed the handle of the car door so that the back of his hand was lowered. At the same time, the car spun half a turn with a squeaking noise. Vroom Vroom!, starting the engine, the sound was threatening, so Eunhan opened his eyes for a moment. Then he saw the front of another car. What the hell was he going to do with a car facing him! He closed his eyes again. It seemed like the world was going to end here. First time riding an Aston Martin in the passenger seat, with Kaminsky


“Aaaah, God, save me!”


Eunhan screamed. Kaminsky glanced at Eunhan.




He asked, but Eunhan had heard nothing.He screamed.


“Help me, God, Buddha, Allah, oh fuck! Why do I have to die with this dog-like psycho! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”


Hearing Eunhan’s scream, Kaminsky shrugged. Without hesitating to listen to what he could not understand at all, Kaminsky looked at the car in front of him. When they met each other in a narrow one-way street, the other side seemed to be nervous too. The situation inside the car didn’t make sense. Kaminsky smiled and started stepping on the accelerator. Vroom, Vroom, a pleasant sound was heard. Thinking it would be impossible, the guy in the passenger seat of the other car pulled himself out of the window and started shooting. Kaminsky made Eunhan, who was already in a panic, bow down.


“Stay there.”


He screamed so much that Eunhan couldn’t even scream anymore. Kaminsky put both hands on the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator at the same time. The car jumped out in an instant. The other car was clearly visible. As it started to drive forward, the car was startled and backed up. The car that drove out at full speed without seeing anything in the first lane alley eventually bumped into a car as soon as it left the alley and made a big turn. At the same time, Kaminsky jumped out of the car and ran. He knew Kaminsky jumped, but he didn’t know what else happened. Eunhan closed his eyes tightly. Kaminsky must have been doing something, and it was not good to be the subject of that matter. Even if it wasn’t, it wasn’t really a situation where he could open his eyes. Eunhan had never thought that something like this would happen to him. He had never been in a situation like this until he met Kaminsky, and it was only natural. But now, more than a year after meeting Kaminsky, he was already facing this situation for the second time. He was so scared that he couldn’t even take his eyes off him. There was a rattling sound, and his shoulders jumped. He was lying flat on his stomach, with her stomach on her legs without opening his eyes. It was Kaminsky who caused him to think it would never happen. Kaminsky, who sat in the driver’s seat, opened his mouth, saw Eunhan’s bewildered face, and shut his mouth. Eunhan trembled at him, who didn’t say anything. Then Kaminsky grinned.


“I think we should go back to the yacht.”


“That’s right. I’ll get off here then…”


Eunhan hurriedly loosened the seat belt. Kaminsky grabbed him as he was about to leave.


“I’d love to go on the yacht with you.”


Kaminsky didn’t tell him why he wanted to go together, and he was afraid to ask. The car started. Suddenly, a bang was heard from the back of the car, and Eunhan’s eyes widened. Kaminsky said, “Ah, it’s no big deal.” But he could tell from his past experience that there was someone in the trunk instead of something. While Kaminsky was calling someone, Eunhan was silent, unable to breathe properly.


“Ah, it’s me, yes, did you check? Okay, send the janitor over there. You don’t have to show off. …Uh, no, I’m right next to him. .”


A janitor, Eunhan lowered his eyes. A janitor, what the hell does that janitor do? It won’t be a road sweep or a house sweep. No need to ‘show off’, what the hell is that janitor doing! After hanging up, Kaminsky turned to the port and said with a smile, “It’s been a while since I’ve been out, and I feel like I’m going back right away.” He seemed to reassure Eunhan, but Eunhan was already going insane, so he couldn’t even bring back the lost soul, let alone be relieved. Kaminsky parked his car in the harbor.


“Excuse me.”


Kaminsky carefully summoned Eunhan, and Eunhan turned his head. Kaminsky asked him with a bewildered face.


“Did you cry?”


He thought he was going to die. Didn’t he try to hit the car head-on? Of course he thought he was going to die. His eyes darkened and tears flowed down his cheeks. He couldn’t even remember what he was screaming. He just screamed like crazy. Otherwise, he was afraid his heart would stop. But Kaminsky was looking at Eunhan’s eyes with a bewildered face. He bowed his head. It sounded like he was asking if he was crying over something like that, so he couldn’t make eye contact.


“Did you cry a lot?”


It would have been nice to just pretend not to know, but Kaminsky didn’t. Even if Eunhan lowered his head, he himself bent down and dared to check Eunhan’s face. In the end, Eunhan raised his head, and Kaminsky sighed as he looked at Eunhan’s red eyes.


“It was a way to get a little flustered, but that was the only way.”


When Eunhan didn’t answer, Kaminsky clicked his tongue. He was silent for a long time, as if he didn’t know what to say. However, his gaze did not fall from Eunhan’s eyes. It wasn’t that Kaminsky was looking at him with his arm on the steering wheel and trying to make him cry. ”That’s true.” He said. Of course he was. Eunhan knew that too. Why would Kaminsky need a  head-to-head with the other car to make him cry?


“The-, is there anyone in the trunk?”


Eunhan asked carefully.




Kaminsky replied indifferently.


“Because it’s enough to save one.”


That would mean killing all the rest. Eunhan felt a chill. He had been dealing with someone that kills people so easily once a month. Will he ever die too? He himself was loaded into that trunk before. He knew how terrifying it was. At that time, he survived well, but the second time he would surely die. Thinking like that, he wanted to run away from the car immediately. He wanted to get out from the pressure of his whole body being crushed. But he knew better than anyone that he couldn’t.


“Can’t I go home?”


Eunhan asked with a plea.


“I have an appointment in the evening… I really have to go home.”


At Eunhan’s words, Kaminsky frowned.


“Did you have dinner plans with someone else today? Why?”


When Kaminsky seemed to be offended, Eunhan didn’t answer and kept his mouth shut. Eunhan, of course, did not intend to stay with Kaminsky for long. He was thinking of having a meal or a quick break up. But Kaminsky seemed to have a different idea. What the hell was he going to do all day with a money launderer like himself who wasn’t fun and didn’t even know much?


“Cancel your appointment.”


Kaminsky said so and got out of the car. Kaminsky’s men were approaching from afar. Eunhan bit his lip as he looked at the men in black suits that looked like uniforms.

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