Mayday Mayday Mayday Chapter 6 - Chapter 6

Author: Naralara Editor: Naralara

Eunhan looked out the still bright window.


‘It’s been a while, Eunhan-ah.’


The moment he heard that voice, Eunhan’s heart was shattered. The past he thought he had forgotten raised its head like a ghost. Unable to come to his senses at the flashing recollections of the past, he blinked and lifted his head. It was still bright outside the window. He could see palm trees and women in infinitely light clothes. This was Miami, not Seoul. He was finally able to breathe.


‘Eunhan, can you hear my voice? Eunhan? Eun-ah?’


“I’m listening.”


Eunhan cut off the other’s words coldly. ’Eun-ah’, really, the other person was still unconcerned.


“I, Miami. I’m on vacation. I miss you, hey.”


“Play alone.”


When he cut off without warning, the other person was silent for a moment. Then he sighed.


‘Don’t be like this. It’s already been ten years, it’s time to forget.’


“Yoon Sunghan.”


‘Let’s meet once. I want to see how you changed. Don’t you want to see me?”


It was Eunhan’s cousin, Yoon Sunghan. Even though they were cousins, Sunghan was two years older than Eunhan. So, it would not be right for him to only call Sunghan by name. However, he didn’t want to call him “hyung” anymore. After all, the two were no longer related by blood.


“Why do I have to miss you? Because you, who raped me, lied that I cheated on you, so I can’t go back to Korea again?”


When Eunhan snorted, Sunghan answered with a heavy voice.


‘…That’s an old story.’


It was quite an old story. Eunhan sat on the window sill and scratched his head. He had a relationship like that with his cousin Sunghan when he was in the third year of high school. It wasn’t a relationship that Eun-han wanted. Sunghan saw a gay magazine hidden in Eunhan’s room and said that if he didn’t want to be known in the house, he should suck him off The thing that started like that ended up with penetration sex. It was a mess because neither of them knew anything about gay sex. When Eunhan escaped, Sunghan followed him to his house, and when he said that he would not do it any more, he pressed and raped him. Even though he had been beaten and his bottom torn, when their grandma came in to bring fruit and saw them together, she believed Sunghan’s words and became furious. Eunhan boarded a flight to the United States the next day. Sunghan, who could reduce this past history to a mere, ‘old story’, must have nerves made up of whale tendons.


“It must be an old story for you. You’re always like that. But I don’t want to see you, so don’t even dream of it. I don’t know how you got my phone number, but delete it right now.”


Sunghan was silent for a moment at Eunhan’s words. And suddenly the doorbell rang. Eunhan held up his phone and said, “Who is it?” He asked and opened the front door. At the very least, it would be courier or something like that. But the person standing in front of the front door was not the courier. It was Yoon Sunghan, the bastard who he had not seen in ten years, standing there. Sunghan asked, smiling brightly with a manly face.


“I already remember the address in my head, so I can’t erase it, Eun-ah.”


An abominable face talking while holding a cell phone like the protagonist in a romance movie. Eunhan looked at his face and folded his arms. The regret that he had not received the gun Kaminsky was going to give him a month ago crossed his mind. He could have killed this bastard in one shot. When Eunhan’s complexion turned cold, Sunghan lowered his head. Eunhan said softly, looking at his lips that seemed to be approaching naturally.


“I have nothing to lose. Do you want to die?”


It was a lie to say that he had nothing more to lose. Eunhan was rich and had a considerable fortune. But it was also true in a sense. After all, no one in his family called him. Eunhan’s family was Christian, and in that house, he was no different from the devil. Perhaps, by the standards of the family, Vasily Kaminsky or Eunhan were similar-looking devils. The former was a psychopath and the latter a homo, but by the standards of the family, they are all the same.


“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you and I wanted to kiss you. Can’t I be just a little bit?”


“Don’t even dream of it.”


“Well, then, shall we go inside the house and talk?”


Sunghan asked with cunning eyes. He was a person who would do everything he can to achieve his goals. He was also a human who could rape Eunhan. Eunhan went into the house for a while and wanted to fight with him until he died –he was afraid of getting caught in his house when he was in high school and felt guilty about his gay sexual identity. He had been doing business with the Red Mafia like Kaminsky for over a year, but can he be afraid of ordinary humans?—Whatever. He hated the thought of letting this bastard into his house.


“Is there any remaining story between you and me?”


At Eunhan’s words, Sunghan said not to do that and took Eunhan’s arm.


“We used to be very good friends.”


“A good relationship made up of intimidation and rape? Sure.”


Eunhan shook off Sunghan’s hand. A cruel light flashed in the eyes of Sunghan, who always pretended to be sad but had a very cruel personality. Did all cruel people have such a good impression? He felt skeptical again. Even with Kaminsky, his face was not religious looking.


“I’ve come all the way here, you should give me a cup of tea.”


However, unlike in the past, Sunghan soon returned the sad face again, wondering if it would be unreasonable to use force against Eunhan, who was not naive.


“Just go.”


Eunhan nodded and pointed to the stairs, thinking that he had no reason to give coffee to a guy who had not changed at all.


“I won’t go. I’ll stand here until you give me coffee.”


Ugh, Eunhan frowned.


“Remember, I’m really going to be here for a day or two. I’ll never leave until I have a cup of coffee with you.”


It may be a joke, but Sunghan was a mischief maker. Eunhan eventually gave up because he was someone who would wait for at least an hour or two.




And Eunhan went into the house and took things. He reached out for the crossbody bag he always carried, and looked at the black bag hanging nicely next to it. Kaminsky was a really bad guy, but Eunhan had a friendly side. He saved him and gave him a present. He didn’t particularly want Eunhan to pay in return. Eunhan had nothing to offer. Still, Kaminsky did not ignore him. Eunhan carried the black crossbody bag and put a laptop in it. Actually, he liked the bag. But he couldn’t thank Kaminsky for the bag or carry it back in front of him. It was a sign that said he liked Kaminsky, and he’ll never do that. Kaminsky was scary. No matter how kind he was, even if he was the benefactor who saved his life, the scary thing didn’t go away. Eunhan was already thirty years old. He now wanted to have a calm and quiet relationship. He didn’t want to get involved with a man like Kaminsky. He still needed to meet Kaminsky, but when he gets into a sex relationship, it would become difficult for Eunhan to even date other men. Once he started with Kaminsky, it was only up to Kamisky to finish it, and that was terrible. Moreover, rather than Kaminsky particularly liking Eunhan, as Nakolai put it, Kaminsky was only hunting Eunhan. When they become prey, only terrible results await. It was best to get out of the hunter’s sight as quickly as possible.


“What’s with the bag?”


Sunghan frowned.


“I don’t have coffee for you at home. Let’s go.”


Eunhan nodded. Sunghan seemed to sul for a while, but eventually followed Eunhan. He was thinking about where to go, and remembered that there was a Starbucks two blocks away. When it comes to the taste of Starbucks coffee, it would be the same in Korea or the United States. After having a cup of coffee with this annoying guy at Starbucks, Eunhan decided to say goodbye to him unconditionally.


“Starbucks, is it okay?”


“If it’s not okay, will you take me home?”


“You can stand on the street and talk.”


Eunhan folded his arms. Then Sunghan laughed, haha.


“No, no. Yeah, let’s go to Starbucks.”


So they headed to Starbucks. Along the way, Eunhan had to listen to Sunghan’s past. It wasn’t something he wanted to hear, but Sunghan still talked about his life. It was a story about being a pilot of a certain airline, having a lot of money but having difficulty meeting women, and saying that it was difficult to approach the stewardess because they were arrogant. As he listened with a bored face, Sunghan put his lips close to his ear and whispered.


“So, I’ve been pent up lately. Do you have a lover?”


Eunhan shook off Sunghan. It had been a long time since he wanted to sleep with a man. The more he thought about it, the more he hated Sunghan. After completely ruining his life ten years ago, the bold nerve to stop worrying about the old story and play another game was annoying. He shouldn’t look back no matter what this jerk said after their cup of coffee, Eunhan decided. If this bastard came to his house again, he’ll have to ask Chris to get rid of him. It was then that Eunhan looked at the window with that thought. Quite by accident, a person on the other side of the lane came into his line of sight. He was a tall man. He was wearing a T-shirt and jeans, and the handsome man was talking on the phone. His black hair and stoic face caught his eye. Eunhan was startled and grabbed Sunghan’s arm.


“Huh? Hey, what are you doing all of a sudden?”


‘Suddenly or fast or whatever, just move, you bastard.’ 


When he is seen, it’s all over. Eunhan tried to get out of there, hoping that the other person didn’t see him. But the man behind the show window was pointing his finger at him. It was a direct eye contact with the man. A single finger warned him that he would die if he ran away. No, the man must not have given such a warning, but to Eunhan, it seemed that way. Eunhan finally let go of Sunghan, sighing and bowing his head. A historic day when the reef of his life meets the iceberg of his life. ㅡ For the first time in his life, Eunhan thought that he might have betrayed his country in his previous life. 


Vasily Kaminsky got down to Miami for work. But the reason he couldn’t leave Miami was because of work. Nikolai suggested over the phone to stay at a hotel, saying that it would be best not to come as the Coast Guard was watching. Unable to leave Miami after abruptly finishing work, Vasily said at first, ‘Isn’t there anyone in Miami owe me anything?’ He thought. If there was such a guy, he thought it would be better to take a look at it when he had time like this, but a man’s face came to my mind. To be precise, the man also owed Vasily. It was even like a life debt. Vasily, who was infinitely good at killing people, but didn’t save people, only saved that person.


Yoon Eunhan.


Recalling that name, Vasily smiled bitterly. Vasily’s men were calling Eunhan ‘Lady’. Yoon Eunhan did not have the appearance to be mistaken for a woman. He had a neat and cold face characteristic of Asian descent, he was quite tall, and his arms and legs were elongated. It was a pretty pleasing look. And he was as good as he looked. His flaw was that he was a bit cowardly, but even though he was afraid, he wasn’t subservient. He was such a man who did everything he had to do. When asked why the man’s nickname was ‘Lady’, Nikolai said with a mean face.


“Ah, Yoon, there’s no problem with him. The problem is with you.”


‘Me?’ Vasily was puzzled and he smirked.


“You treat Yoon like a woman. You flirt like an old drunken man.”


When did he? Vasily had an absurd face, but Nikolai chuckled and disappeared. That was what happened this morning. Vasily stood in the street, folded his arms, and thought for a moment. Did he flirt? It didn’t seem like that. But there was definitely an interest in Yoon. He was a strange person. The more he looked at himt, the more he caught his eyes. At first, even Vasily did not like Yoon. No, Vasily thought Yoon was quite submissive. From the moment they met, he was often trembling. Seeing Yoon, who couldn’t speak properly and couldn’t even make eye contact, Vasily wondered if he could leave the money to him. But Yoon was a good money launderer. In terms of ability alone, he was as good as Kay Linberg. No, compared to Kay, Yoon laundered money more meticulously. There were quite a few money launderers in Miami, but most of them used nearby areas such as the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands. However, Yoon moved money around in various places, from the Channel Islands to the Isle of Man, to London and Bangkok. After a few rounds of ghost companies and agency banks, the money had already turned into money of unknown origin. That would have been enough, but Yoon was fantastic at splitting money. They only entrusted him with money laundering to burn a boat, but the stone they picked up turned out to be an amazing money launderer that he wondered if it was a rough diamond rather than a stone. 


It was because of Yoon’s ability that he saw him again. However, it was unavoidable for him to be annoying, despite being capable. Vasily was annoyed by the man who shuddered every time he looked at him. They were good for each other. Vasily was good because he had a boat and if he could do perfect money laundering, Yoon received a huge commission, and it would be good to work happily with a good face because they were good for each other but it seemed utterly impossible with the man named Yoon Eunhan. Every time he met Yoon, who looked at him with fearful eyes like he was a demon, he was so annoyed that Vasily was considering whether to let him meet with his subordinate instead. Perhaps, if Vasily had not seen Yoon again that day, from the next time, Yoon would have met Nikolai instead of Vasily. Anyway, on that day, Vasily docked a yacht into Miami Harbor. That was not usually the case, but on that day, Vasily himself was going to get off, so he put the yacht in the harbor. Vasily, who unloaded the yacht into the harbor with his men, ran into a vehicle that was believed to be a police officer. Vasily, who was getting off the yacht with Yoon who was just about to return, was annoyed by Yoon, who was also trembling that day.


“Go and come back.”


He was already annoyed because of Yoon. The most interesting thing about hunting is the police. They dared to follow him openly? Vasily had a cruel smile on his face. The people around him asked, “Do you want to go by yourself?”, and he only nodded lightly. Then he heard someone calling ahead of time to the janitor who was going to remove the body and clear the traces. As he headed for the car with a light heart, suddenly someone grabbed his arm. Yoon, who was terrified just by touching his fingertips, was hanging on to his arm.


“Ah, no. Ne.. ver, never followed Mr. Kaminsky!.”


At Yoon Eunhan’s words, Vasily raised his eyebrows. It was strange that the police followed him openly, but it was even more surprising that Eunhan was clinging to him. As Vasily waited for him to speak quietly, he continued to speak frantically.


“I, I know the police. Well, it’s definitely not Mr. Kaminsky, the person who will follow. A new employee. He’s a new employee. Who, which police officer will put a tail on Kaminsky, new, new employee!”


It wasn’t wrong, though.


Vasily thought about what to do with Yoon hanging on to him. Whether they waited for him or not, if he misunderstood, they would still die. It was enough to kill them. There was no need to question whether they were trying to follow him or others. However, Yoon’s words were definitely piercing the corner. If that cop was really new, he wouldn’t be following him. And it seemed like he was really new. Seeing that the vehicle following him was clearly visible, it was clear that he was not an experienced person. Hmm, that was when Vasily groaned. A man with a woman appeared from the boat next to him and got into the car he had been waiting for. And he noticed that the ‘blatant follower’ was slowly chasing the car. It really wasn’t him. Vasily looked down with curious eyes. It was because it was the first time he had seen a policeman chasing another guy when there was a big fish like him in front of him. Then he turned his gaze again and looked at Eunhan. Yoon, who was afraid to die if it was him, was hanging on him. His complexion turned white for fear that an innocent person might die, and he clung to him, who he hates so much. Vasily, who knew how cowardly Yoon was, saw how courageous Yoon was being, so he did not push him away. He just waited for him to come to his senses. Suddenly, Yoon seemed to have come to his senses, he shouted, “Ah,” and fell away from him. Looking at his trembling body, Vasily said.


“I won’t kill him. So stop it.”


At Vasily’s words, Yoon nodded. Vasily said that to Yoon, but he seemed to understand it as meaning that he would not kill the police. Maybe that’s why Yoon’s shaking didn’t stop. Seeing this, Vasily thought Eunhan was a strange person. He didn’t know why he was trembling, but to throw himself away for someone who he didn’t even know like that. Eunhan said, “Then, later…” and turned his back. Vasily unconsciously reached out and grabbed Yoon’s arm. At that moment, Yoon collapsed. As if he could no longer support his shaky legs. Vasily grabbed him, but he slowly sank to the floor. Perhaps, if Vasily hadn’t caught him, Eunhan would have grasped his hips.


“Are you okay?”


Vasily squatted in front of Yoon and asked.


“I’m, I’m okay. Really, I’m okay.”


Yoon cried and said he was fine. He was such a strange person to hang on to him and save a police officer he didn’t even know. However, it was an opportunity to see Yoon Eunhan again. Eunhan said he was afraid of Vasily Kaminsky, but he does what he has to do. He expressed his opinion even when he was trembling. He was a strange but trustworthy person. After paying so much attention, one day, he suddenly realized it. He was interested in Yoon, but Yoon didn’t show any interest in him. To Yoon, he was just an object of fear. No matter how good he was, that fact did not change. He thought he’ll be fine now though. 


Vasily thought as he walked to Yoon’s house. He didn’t intend to show off, but was he really Yoon’s lifesaver? He really didn’t want to brag about something like that, but there was nothing he could do about it other than this. They can start like that and get to know each other a bit. He didn’t know what he was going to do if they became close friends, but he wanted Yoon to stop being afraid of him anyway. He hoped he’d be happy to accept the gift he was about to give, and… Vasily laughed. Wasn’t this what he should expect from a woman? But no one except Yoon, whether female or male, had made him so passionate about them. Okay, this time it was his turn to accept him. Vasily walked with a happy face. He actually felt good. He was annoyed that things were messed up, but it was a nice chance to meet Yoon. If Yoon saw him again, he’d tremble with a distorted face, but was he doing pretty well the last time? Hearing all the words of thanks for saving him. Of course, he was in a state of panic, but didn’t he hold him in his arms? Anyway, it’s too bad. 


The last time he asked him if he would like to play with him, he refused. When he looked back, he was scared, but he said everything he wanted to say. It was really unfortunate. He wondered about Yoon’s flushed face. There must be other rich expressions for Yoon besides always trembling in fear. What kind of expression did he have? But at the same time, it was not disappointing. He didn’t want to see Yoon get up to another woman and use his waist. Because of this heart, others might say that he was flirting with Yoon. It was true that he wanted something from Yoon, but he didn’t know what it was. This was rare. Vasily clicked his tongue. He always knew exactly what he wanted. And he never hesitated to have it. If he wanted to kill people, he killed them, and if he wanted to sell weapons, he sold them. He has never been bound by morals or the law. That was how honest he was about himself. But he didn’t know as much about Yoon. What the hell kind of movie is he going to see with such tenacity? Eunhan’s house was approaching, but it took a while to go bare-handed, so he called Nikolai again. He was going to Yoon Eunhan’s house, and he thought it would be good to buy something. When he asked him what he thought would be better, Nikolai laughed, running out of breath.


“Puahaha, you can buy anything.”


“I think he didn’t like the bag I gave him before, so I’m deeply distressed. What do you think would be good?”


“It bothers you… hahaha. Hmmm, there are things like bags, sweets, cakes, etc. It’s fine.”


Vasily frowned. Buying sweets and cakes, for him who didn’t like sweets, was painful. Since he had never eaten sweets or cakes since he was a child, Vasily couldn’t even tell what kind of taste they had when he looked at them. Vasily asked skeptically, because the idea of ​​giving a gift that he didn’t like didn’t seem so appealing.


“Is it really okay with sweets and cakes?”


“That’s the easiest. But Vasya, it’s funny that you’re going to someone else’s house, but it’s really funny to think that you’re even buying sweets or cakes. Do you like Yoon so much that you put so much effort into it?”


Nikolai asked in an incomprehensible voice. It was incomprehensible to Vasily as well, so he answered, looking around to see if there were any bakeries nearby.


“I guess so.”


“What is that answer?”


“I don’t know either. If I like Yoon…”


But Vasily found the man he had been aiming for on the other side of the boulevard. A man walking side by side with another man looked at the show window and was shocked. Then, suddenly, he grabbed the other man and tried to get out of there. Vasily pointed a finger at the man. ’Don’t run away.’ As if he had heard the warning with just his fingers, the man couldn’t even dare to run away and looked at Vasily in the window.


“Or maybe I don’t like him, I don’t know.”


“It’s not that I don’t like him. If I don’t like him, I’ll kill you.”


Vasily looked at the man on the other side for a moment. The black bag he had bought was seen on the buttocks of the man who was slumped, unable to give Vasily a glance or leave the place. The bag matched the man just as Vasily had envisioned.


“I’m hanging up.”


“What, Vasha, wai…”


Hearing Nikolai’s bewildered voice, Vasily hung up the phone without even hearing it. Vasily Kaminsky began to cross the road. Eunhan was startled and turned his head to look at Vasily. Vasily crossed the road leisurely like a model. The cars were startled by him, slowed down and honked their horns. ’Hey, you bastard, you want to die!’ Some drivers shouted. Vasily, who was walking with his hand in his pants pocket, glanced at the driver. ’You’ll kill me, you?’he seemed to be saying that. 


At that moment, Eunhan unconsciously said, “Ka, Mister Kaminsky! Over here.” He shouted and waved his hand. He was already involved with Vasily a lot, but he didn’t want to get involved again. He did not want to be a witness anymore, Eunhan was desperate. Vasily could be seen smiling at the driver. Eunhan could accurately interpret that laugh. ’You were lucky today, huh?’ Vasily crossed the road leisurely and stood in front of Eunhan. Even today he was handsome. He wore a suit no matter where he was going, and it fit him well as if the suit was sticking to him.


“Hello, Yoon.”


Vasily said softly. Eunhan smiled awkwardly and said, “Yes, hello.” Vasily looked down at his face and burst into laughter. He thought it might have gotten better, but it was still there. Eunhan was looking up at him with a face that looked like he was about to collapse at any moment. He was like an uninvited guest In fact, it was true that he was an uninvited guest, but did he have to act like that? After Eunhan greeted, Vasily turned his head and looked at the man next to Eunhan. There was a man who was a little taller than Eunhan, with a whiter face and a sad-looking appearance, but with a sense of vulgarity on his lips and around his eyes. Why was such a person walking around with Yoon? Vasily asked after thinking for a moment.


“Is this Chris?”


“How do you know his name…”


Eunhan carefully asked what he wanted to ask before. Where the hell did Chris’ name come from? When Eunhan looked up at Vasily with worried eyes, Vasily shrugged.


“It was on your phone screen.”


Ah, ah, ah, Is that so…”


With a face not knowing whether to be relieved or worried, Eunhan stroked his chest. What, were they lovers? Vasily did not hide his displeasure and looked at the man next to Eunhan. Was this guy Chris? The ‘Chris’ he met on Saturday night? However, the man reached out to Vasily with a face that said he couldn’t stand the conversation going on without him.


“I’m Yoon Sunghan. You can call me Jackie. Eunhan is my cousin.”


It had been a while since someone spoke so casually to him. Vasily narrowed his eyes and looked at Eunhan. Eunhan, surprised, said something to his cousin.


“Hey, are you crazy?!”


Eunhan shouted almost as if arguing with Sunghan. Sunghan looked down at Eunhan with a face that was asking what was wrong. As an airplane pilot, there was no way that his English was wrong, but Eunhan was angry and going crazy.




“Do you know who that person is? No, You don’t know. If you don’t want to die, be polite. Okay?!”


“Why should I? He wasn’t very polite to you either.”


Ahhh! Eunhan grabbed Sunghan’s wrist.


“Be polite. Be respectful. If you want these cuffs to be properly attached to your body, you should be polite. Okay?”


“What, is he a gangster?”


Sunghan glanced at Vasily to see if he understood the situation at that time. Vasily was smiling quietly, but something disturbing was creeping out of that smile. Eunhan said, “He’s a scarier person than a gangster. Even if you cause trouble later, I’ll never save you.” Eunhan was a sincere and honest cousin. A human being who had never deceived or lied. That was why Sunghan was able to push Eunhan into the hell of two people and survive alone. Sunghan, who knew this clearly, closed his mouth, then suddenly smiled brightly and extended his hand to Vasily.


“I’m sorry. I’m sorry I was rude. When I met Eunhan for the first time after a while, I was a little excited. I apologize if you were offended.”


Just looking at him, he didn’t seem apologetic. Rather than that, the way he glanced at him, he seemed to be very interested in him. Vasily looked down at his hand for a moment, then smiled as if nothing had happened and took his hand. These kinds of people were not good, but he was Eunhan’s cousin. It was a bridge where he could dig up some information about Eunhan and get to know him, so he couldn’t help but be nice. Damn it. Vasily smirked inwardly and laughed.


“I’m Vasily Ivanovich Kaminsky. I run a company.”


What were they talking about? Eunhan was sandwiched between Vasily and Sunghan looking into each other’s eyes, and he swallowed a sigh. The road to Starbucks seemed so long and difficult.


“A company? Oh, what company do you run?”


“It’s a security company. What does Jackie do?”


“I’m a pilot. I’m here on vacation.”


“Pilot? Which company?”


Eunha thought that he would rather walk a little further away. The two were talking, so why did he have to stand in the middle and suffer? Yeah, he’d rather walk a little backwards. With that in mind, he slowed down a little. However, even though he had only slowed down his steps a little, Vasily noticed it immediately and asked Eunhan.


“If you can’t walk, we can use my car.”


“Oh, no. No.”


Eunhan shook his head in shock. He pointed to his sneakers.


“My, my sneakers hurt my feet a bit. Ah, it’s nothing special, so if you go first…”


“You’re still clumsy. If your sneakers hurt your feet, you should have worn something else.”


Sunghan said sarcastically. Eunhan thought that he must have wanted to look good to Vasily because he was speaking English. This ignorant guy, did he know what the security company was doing? If he knew, he would turn around. Eunhan muttered to himself. He didn’t even want to tell him because Sunghan didn’t deserve to know, but seeing Sunghan salivating at Vasily and trying to look good made him angry. Since Sunghan had a good eye, he must have noticed that Vasily was rich. Sunghan was looking at Vasily like a novice gay man. He wondered if the man was really sick.


“Would you like me to pick you up?”


Vasily suggested it as if it was nothing special.


“Oh, ah, no! I can walk, I can walk.”


“Doesn’t it hurt?”


“I thought it would hurt, but it doesn’t!”


Eunhan screamed and Vasily laughed. In the end, Eunhan had to walk while Sunghan was stuck between Vasily. Vasily whispered


“Next time, we’ll go buy some sneakers.”


For saying something so useless, Eunhan swallowed his tears. As soon as they arrived at Starbucks and took a seat, Eunhan quickly stood up. His face was gloomy, and he asked them what they wanted to drink. Thinking that Eunhan might cry if he couldn’t get out of this, Vasily said his drink order and looked at Sunghan. Sunghan said the name of the drink and advised him on how it should be made, such as not to add whipped cream, or to add syrup in moderation, it was a difficult order. Eunhan nodded unenthusiastically at those words and disappeared without looking back. 


Vasily leaned leisurely on the uncomfortable chair and looked at Sunghan. The moment he found out that he was rich, Sunghan’s attitude changed. He was pretending to be okay, but he felt a subtle commotion. Vasily held back a laugh. How can an opportunist such as him be Eunhan’s cousin?? It was like trying to get Vasily’s favor. Why did he want to be liked by him? Did he want to do it with a Bi guy? 


Eunhan quickly walked to the counter. If he had seen Sunghan doing that before, he might have been a little embarrassed, because he was his cousin. But now it didn’t matter. ‘Cause he was a complete stranger It had been a really long time. Eunhan ordered the drinks and was once again filled with regret. In the old days, he was so afraid of Sunghan. It didn’t seem like he could ever win against that cousin. Even rape, in fact, he could have refused if he really wanted to. But he couldn’t resist properly because he was afraid that people in the house might hear something strange. He was really young. Thinking about his past self with sorrow, Eunhan moved to take their drinks. After waiting for a while, the drinks were served. While he brought the drinks, Vasily and Sunghan became even more friendly. Sunghan could, but Eunhan felt uncomfortable because he couldn’t understand why Vasily was pretending to get along so well with Sunghan. Sunghan was a person of the past, but he was now a stranger who didn’t really matter, but Vasily wasn’t like that. If Sunghan did something wrong to Vasily, he may die. Would it be better to send out Sunghan quickly? But when he thought about what would happen if Vasily tried to stay with him even though Sunghan had gone, his stomach ached. Being alone with Vasily was a horror setting, wasn’t it?


“Eunhan, Mr. Kaminsky invited us to the yacht. Let’s go together.”


What was this crazy bastard talking about with that hole for a mouth? Eunhan was about to swear, but when he glanced at Vasily’s eyes, he smiled.


“You go.”


Unable to curse, Eunhan clenched his teeth with a smile. After all, a human like him was of no use to his life!


“Why? Let’s go together. It’s a yacht, right?”


This crazy bastard.


“I’m busy. You go.”


“There’s a swimming pool, let’s go together. He said he’d bring the girls too.”


Eunhan glanced at Vasily. Vasily had a very kind smile. Maybe he had orgy sex with that kind of face. This bastard, who didn’t mind if he was with a man or a woman, seemed to have gone to the swimming pool and yacht with a woman, but Eunhan was not going.


“Again, you go. I’m very busy.”


Then, Sunghan, who was not even aware of the situation, said, “Eunhan is busy.” Ah, why did he say that in English? He didn’t speak in Korean for nothing! Unsurprisingly, Vasily’s dark eyes turned to Eunhan. Vasily looked at him with his arms crossed and laughed. It wasn’t just a smile that looked happy.


“Don’t keep hurting me, Yoon. I’m not used to being hurt.”


At Vasily’s words, he smiled awkwardly and shook his head. Ha, it hurt him? Him? Even if his liver was swollen and ripped, that was not possible. Eunhan tried to laugh. Why did arms dealers, mercenary companies, and mercenaries have the right to enter Starbucks in broad daylight? Make America Untouchable! Don’t let the arms dealer, the mercenary company boss, and the mafia face ordinary people! When Eunhan couldn’t cry or laugh, angry at himself for being pitiful instead of his submissive self, Sunghan, who had glanced at the two of them, waved his hand.


“Don’t worry about it. He is usually uncomfortable in good settings. He’s a timid kid. When he was young, he was a kid who couldn’t say a word even at a gathering of relatives.”


Let him blabber away. Eunhan smiled at Vasily. He listened to the blabber that was sounding beside him. He couldn’t even smile properly, and smiled as if he was groaning, Eunhan just prayed for her own safety. Sunghan’s words flowed through the back of his ear. In reality, Eunhan took great care because of Sunghan, who couldn’t stand it if his gaze was not fixed on him, but the truth was, it was good. He only wanted one thing, that this time was over and the three of them went their separate ways. As if smiling had any effect, Vasily turned his gaze to Sunghan.


“Yoon is quite refined.”


Perhaps he didn’t like the expression “refined”, Sunghan corrected, saying, “The expression of being refined is a very good expression.” Eunhan smirked. Since long ago, Sunghan had been a person who couldn’t stand it when he heard a nice word about Eunhan. He did not even have the motivation to protest against Sunghan’s words, who had a strange feeling of inferiority towards Eunhan. He was now someone else anyway Now that he did not even consider him a cousin, why should he respond to things said by other people? It was okay if he just passed the time. When Eunhan showed no reaction, Sunghan seemed annoyed. Seriously, even when he found out that Eunhan was gay, he finally had a weakness to touch Eunhan. However, that fact was no longer a weakness for Eunhan. Because Eunhan was gay, everyone who would be hurt had already been hurt, and no one will be surprised, let alone be hurt, because he’s gay no more… wait. A person was now on the other side… Eunhan suddenly raised his head. No, that was not enough. Eunhan looked at Sunghan with lightning-like eyes. Sunghan laughed. It sounded like he said bingo. Sunghan would think that Eunhan was just afraid of being outed, but that wasn’t the problem. This, this!


“Hey, I need to go to the bathroom.”


Eunhan couldn’t keep up with the fucking scene any longer, so he got up. At the same time, Sunghan said.


“Eunhan is a pretty free-spirited man. It’s true of all gay men.”


Eunhan hurriedly left the table, letting Sunghan’s voice go over his ear. Vasily’s gaze pierced his back with more pain than the spear. Nikolai’s words came to mind. ’If you were gay, you might have been eaten.’ 


‘God, God, God. Please make me disappear from this place. No, I only need to take care of that idiot’s money, do I have to take care of his lower body part?!’ Eunhan quickly went to the counter and asked where the bathroom was. As soon as he heard that the bathroom was on this floor and turned towards the stairs, he bumped into someone.


“Excuse me.”


It was when Eunhan raised his head as he said that. Vasily was smiling with black eyes like the moon.




Vasily was smiling, but not laughing. Eunhan laughed awkwardly like reading a script.


“Ah, what about my cousin over there…”


He thought he was a coward who only called him a cousin at such times, but if he could get out of this situation, Eun-han could call Sung-han his cousin for the rest of his life. At Eun-han’s words, Vasily cut off her words, saying, “What kind of cousin is that? What kind of cousin is that?”


“Me, me, Mr. Kaminsky. I’ll go to the bathroom first…”


“Okay. The bathroom. Let’s go together. I have some business to do, too.”


“…I’m not going, I’m just going back to my seat…”


Vasily lowered his back to be at eye level with Eunhan. Vasily’s dark hair ran down over his Snow White skin. Usually, Eunhan used to score and spy on his body, but today it was loaded with power, so Eunhan became afraid of Vasily again. To be honest, he didn’t do anything wrong. Did he ever say he was not gay with his mouth! If he could shout like that, Eunhan’s life would have been very different in the first place. (Of course, he couldn’t guarantee that he would be alive. If Eunha screamed when he first met Vasily, Vasily was a man who would have broken his neck, saying he was noisy.)  Bang! A sound came from the counter. It was clear that Vasily had hit his fist, but Eunhan couldn’t even turn his gaze towards it. Eunhan went pale, knowing that if he turned away from Vasily’s gaze, something big would happen this time. Eunhan flinched, but did not take his eyes off Vasily.


“You can’t play with me, Yoon.”


Vasily warned, as sweetly as a mother coaxing a child in the middle of the night.


“I’m not one to put up with insults.”


Eunhan, who knew it was never going to happen, nodded his head vigorously. Paybacker. That nickname came to mind. It reminded him of why he got that nickname. Eunhan trembled. Vasily was smiling, but it was obvious that he was angry. Ugh, that bastard Yoon Sunghan. How long will that bastard live as the reef of his life! Leave, Leave! Nothing good ever happened when he was with him. Ugh! Eunhan screamed inwardly, but that was only the case. In reality, Eunhan was caught by Vasily, unable to breathe properly in front of him.


“Okay then, shall we go?”


Vasily smiled softly and grabbed Eunhan’s wrist.

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