Mayday Mayday Mayday Chapter 8 - Chapter 8

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Yoon Eunhan remembered everything as soon as he opened his eyes. Damn it. He was in agony, unable to move his body. This was the problem, this. He was in so much pain that he wanted to cry. He knew that sex made him a different person, but doing it with Kaminsky! Was he crazy? He wanted to grab his own neck and shake it. Idiot! No matter how blank his head was, he should’ve had some instinct.


The reason he abstained from sex for a year is because he was tired of sex. In fact, no matter what he said with his own mouth, he was very popular. He was almost in full bloom. Even a man who didn’t like him at first would flirt if they spent one night together . At the gay nightclub he went to, there were even guys who wanted to sleep with him. The reason he stopped having sex and started playing with his five fingers was because Eunhan, a romantic in his own right, was hurt that men to only have sex with him. Of course, in the world of men, it seemed that it was quite rare to get hurt by such things, so he never showed any signs of it. Lately, there were a lot of guys who thought that he was dating Chris after seeing them together, so the requests to sleep together decreased, but it hadn’t all disappeared. There were many gay men who were obsessed with sex. It was probably a reaction from being oppressed for a long time, but anyway, it was overflowing with people who were good at it and those who really wanted to try it. They secretly handed their numbers to him while kissing Chris. Knowing that Eunhan was tired of one night stands, Chris chased them away by pretending to be lovers, but they still showed great interest in him.


He made a mistake, damn it! Eunhan looked at Vasily, who was sleeping deeply while hugging him. Vasily did not move. He glanced at the time and saw that three or four hours had passed since he had come in. The sex was a bit strong. It looked like he slept for more than two hours after doing something crazy. Eunhan woke up very carefully. He moved around carefully like a stray cat, hoping that the bed would not make any sound even if a bowling ball fell on it, like advertised on TV. As soon as he got out of bed, he put his clothes on. His groin was sore. Turns out, they did it twice. Ugh, he remembered what they did like a movie.


‘Don’t put anything there.’


Vasily’s last words echoed in his ears.


He knew his feets were going to get broken when he went in. ’Whether it’s your fingers or someone else’s.’ Recalling those words, Eunhan realized that what he had stepped on was a large mine. Ah, ughl, ugh, ugh. Eunhan screamed inwardly. Crazy, he was going crazy, he wanted to run and tumble over! Why the hell did this happen? He lived a very modest life. He didn’t hurt anyone, and he didn’t show his pride or act indifferently. All he wanted was quiet peace. But Eunhan couldn’t really understand why this had happened.


But when he said not to put anything inside, did he mean that they were now in a relationship of some sort? Eunhan was so scared that he trembled without even looking at Vasily. No, really, as if taking care of his money wasn’t enough. Was he asking him to take care of his lower parts too? Wow, this crazy bastard! What did he eat to grow up to be such a bastard? His hands were shaking and it was hard to even put his legs in his jeans. He somehow got dressed and packed his bag. For a moment, he just wanted to take the laptop out of the bag and return the bag, but it was just a thought. Realistically, if Vasily got angry, he would die. How does one get mad at a cat while talking about mice? Eunhan carried a bittersweet expensive, but unpleasant bag on his shoulder.


He moved carefully. He moved very carefully and went to the front door, turning the doorknob with a careful hand as if he was opening a bank safe. It was when the door turned and he raised his head with a barely bright face. Eunhan and Nikolai made eye contact. Eunhan blinked his eyes and Nikolai clicked his tongue.


“It happened after all.”


Eunhan’s face contorted. Vasily’s men were lined up in front of the door. A group of menacing men were standing in black mourning suits. They looked like they’d bury him in the sea. Of course, he knew they didn’t think that way, but they were so scary looking that every little thing they did seemed like that. Eunhan smiled, trying to straighten his distorted face.


“O, over there, excuse me…”


Couldn’t they let him leave? Eunhan couldn’t say a word and his words were muffled. ”Are you leaving? Why?” asked Nikolai. Eunhan forgot the topic for a moment and almost cried looking at the face he could not comprehend. But he soon found reason and muttered, “I, I have to go now.” He wanted to say, ‘The business is over,’ but those words felt a bit miserable. What the hell did he have to do here! Fuck. Eunhan blinked quickly, thinking that tears would well up. He swore he’d only sleep with the person he liked, but this bastard Kaminsky. Because of him, the abstinence he endured for a year was broken.


Then Nikolai asked, “Did you tell Vasya?” Eunhan bowed his head and answered in a voice that could barely be heard.


“Oh, he’ll know.”


‘It’s enough if he doesn’t know.’ Eunhan only added the truth inside.


“Lady, you are surprisingly a liar.”


Nikolai said it was really unexpected because he didn’t look like that. It was a tone closer to admiration rather than criticism, but Eunhan raised his head because he was dumbfounded. If he said it while looking like that, he really looked like his boss! His boss looked like a Catholic priest! What he was doing was totally…


Eunhan hardened like a stone. It was because Nikolai was pointing at his back with his chin.




A voice was heard from behind. The low bass was a little more subdued than usual. The sound of slowly approaching footsteps was terrifying, so Eunhan did not look back. He didn’t want to see the reality of the horror with his own eyes.


“It’s a bit too much to leave people like this.”


Vasily grabbed Eunhan’s waist with his hand and placed his chin on Eunhan’s shoulder.


“Do you like me better down there?”


He didn’t know why he was saying those unreasonable things. Eunhan took a deep breath and looked into Vasily’s eyes.


“Did you like it?”


Nikolai looked at Eunhan’s face and Vasily’s face alternately and smiled mischievously. Then Vasily smiled silently as he pulled Eunhan into the room. Eunhan eventually followed Vasily back into the room. Vasily brought him in, and he tried to hide his disappointment. Did he want to do it again? Eunhan felt conflicted. He didn’t want to but if Vasily told him to do it, he had no choice but to do it. Now that he was found out that he was gay, he couldn’t escape.


However, the place where Vasily took him was a restaurant. Even though it was a hotel room, it looked like a penthouse, so there was even a restaurant. The table for eight was magnificent. Vasily hugged Eunhan and set him down on the table.


“I didn’t think so, but you were really leaving.”


Vasily said with a smile.


Of course, Vasily was awake when Eunhan left his arms. Vasily wasn’t a deep sleeper, like everyone in this profession  who had to worry about getting shot. He woke up the moment Eunhan opened his eyes. But he was deliberately pretending to sleep. It was because he wondered how embarrassed Eunhan would be in his arms, and was also interested in what he would do when he was not looking.


Eunhan was looking for clothes with a face that said the world had collapsed. He seemed to have had quite a lot of regrets over his one night stand. Ah, that was troublesome. Vasily did not express it, but thought he should give Eunhan a firm warning. Vasily opened his mouth with a smile. He was fed up with the look of terror in his faintly frightened eyes.


“I’m warning you.”


He was willing enough to see the damn thing if necessary. Vasily smiled and lightly grabbed Eunhan’s shoulders. With just a little bit of force, Eunhan frowned.


“Live cautiously. Okay?”


He wondered if he could understand what he meant, but Eunhan quickly nodded. Vasily smiled contentedly.


As soon as Vasily released his strength from his shoulders, Eunhan shrugged his shoulders. Was he really going to break his shoulder? His throbbing shoulder must have a handprint. Live with caution, was he crazy? Eunhan cursed inwardly. How old was he? He couldn’t even masturbate, and he was telling him to live while waiting for him, who came once in a couple of months. He was shot in the head!


However, because he couldn’t say these words out loud in front of Vasily, who would have been more than enough to shoot him in the head, Eunhan just lowered his eyes, hoping that Vasily would let him go quickly.


“Eat something and go. What’s so urgent that you were about to disappear like that?”


“I’m worried about leaving my cousin behind…”


Yoon Sunghan, he was his cousin, so he was his first excuse. No, it was because of that bastard that he ended up like this. Karma didn’t even know what to do, they didn’t even catch that bastard! Although Eunhan couldn’t suppress his anger on the inside, he answered softly on the outside. Vasily laughed at Eunhan’s words.


“It’s just that he’s a bad cousin, what?”


He was anxious because he couldn’t take Eun-han down, and Eun-han showed a sign of annoyance with him. It was so obvious that they weren’t worried enough to leave behind, so Vasily didn’t even listen. Then Eun-han added, “Hey, I have to work.” Eun-han swallowed a dry saliva, feeling Vasily’s staring gaze at her. Then Vasily said.


“I can tell that he’s not a good cousin.”


That person was trying to undermine Eunhan, and Eunhan seemed bothered by it. It was so obvious that they weren’t in a relationship where Eunhan had to worry about just leaving him, so Vasily didn’t even pretend to hear it. Then Eunha added, “I, I have to work.” Feeling Vasily staring at him, Eunhan swallowed his dry saliva. It wasn’t long before Vasily said.


“I can’t help it if it’s work.”


He barely swallowed the sigh of relief, and Eunhan bowed his head and waited for Vasily’s approval to leave. Vasily lightly put his lips on Eunhan’s forehead, who was eagerly waiting for him to leave. Eunhan was surprised and pulled his hip back, and Vasily stopped in the air and gave Eunhan a look. Eunhan had a look in his eyes that said ‘What is this?’ He wanted to ask if we were in that kind of relationship, but it was also difficult for Vasily to say exactly what kind of relationship they were in. Eunhan didn’t want to hear from Vasily’s mouth, “Be my mistress.” So he clapped his mouth shut as if he was making excuses, and said nothing.


“Are you scared of me?”


Vasily asked. Eunhan pondered for a moment as he looked at Vasily who was asking a question that was too obvious, and then carefully nodded. Was he afraid of Vasily Kaminsky? Of course, he was scared. If he wasn’t scared of him, he wouldn’t have slept with him, got entangled, and laundered his money.


“Why are you scared? I’ve never been bad to you.”


What did he say?


Eunhan lowered his head and cried out inwardly. Had he ever been bad? Was he kidding? Should he go in depth from the first meeting? Huh? Huh?!


“Try not to be afraid.”


Vasily reached out and stroked Eunhan’s hair.


“I’ll meet you often, but if you’re afraid, you’ll be in trouble.”


Eunhan was against that word ‘often’! Why did he have to see him often?


Eunhan didn’t answer anything. That said, even if his mouth was torn apart, he couldn’t do it. (He would do it if his mouth was torn.) Eunhan didn’t want to see Vasily very often. He didn’t even want to have sexual contact with him. He did not want to be Vasily’s mistress. He wanted to have a happy relationship with a good person. People told him not to be emotional, but Eunhan dreamed of such a lovely future. Just because someone like that hadn’t come yet, he didn’t want to be the mistress of the Red Mafia boss and spread his legs whenever he liked. He didn’t need the bag he was buying, nor the suite he was taking him to. Eunhan only wanted a relationship with an ordinary person.




Eunhan muttered. His voice was so low that Vasily could not hear it.


“I don’t want to have a relationship like this with Mr. Kaminsky.”


Maybe Yoon Eunhan was crazy for a while. Maybe it was because of his cousin Sunghan. It was clear that his head was spinning for a moment as he remembered the incident of falling into the threat of that bastard and having a continuous relationship. Otherwise, against Vasily Kaminsky, there was no way Eunhan could present his argument like that. But Eunhan opened his mouth. He didn’t want to be with him like that. It wasn’t enough words to represent Eunhan’s jumbled mind, but it was the highest level of courage for him.


Vasily’s finger tapped Eunhan’s cheek.


“You don’t want this relationship, don’t you think I don’t know?”


Eunhan lifted his head at Vasily’s words. Vasily’s black eyes were surprisingly not uncomfortably bright. He didn’t look happy, but he wasn’t angry either. He just looked down at Eunhan as if he was dealing with a common daily life problem.


“I know. That’s why you were pretending you’re not gay, weren’t you? You saw through my heart, something I didn’t even know. When I wanted to be friends with you, you already knew I desired you.”


Vasily’s fingers came down to Eunhan’s lips.


“Every time I reached out to you, you ran away. I must have been terrible to you for you to do that, but that’s fine.”


Vasily laughed softly. At the same time, blood dripped from Eunhan’s lips. Eunhan realized that Vasily had bit his lip a beat later. Since Vasily’s face had the sweetest smile ever, he never thought he would harm him. Although Vasily’s face was reverent, knowing that his past was covered with violence and blood, for that moment alone, he had no idea what it was like.


Even now, Vasily was sending a warm gaze towards Eunhan.


“But you know, ‘this relationship’ is only in my hands.”


Maybe he thought that Vasily might let him go. Yes, because Vasily was quite kind to him. Without realizing it, he might have had that feeling in a corner of his heart…


Eunhan received a new shock. The shock seemed to have crawled up to his eye. His eyes were stinging. – No, he had been keeping his eyes wide open for too long. Eunhan lowered his gaze.


“So, try not to be afraid.”


He knew he was a bastard! Damn it. He was going crazy. Why was he shocked and pissed off? Even though he knew for sure that he wouldn’t let him go, he got hurt for nothing. Eunhan regretted it. Why did he say that when he knew what was going to happen anyway? Perhaps, maybe he would freeze to death.


“I’ll be here tomorrow too. Make sure to come back at night even if your work is not over.”


‘Come back?’ How did his coming here become a ‘return’? Did he really take some drugs? He knew he dealt with weapons and prostitution and mercenaries, but did he also deal with drugs? Eunhan sighed inwardly. But on the surface, his face looked like he had gloomy thoughts, so Vasily became a little worried and kissed Eunhan’s forehead. Eunhan’s body shook violently, but this time, he did not dodge. Seeing Eunhan, who had become a little accustomed to skinship, Vasily made a satisfied face. After all, everything was done little by little. A fairly sane man famous for his annihilation, Vasily Kaminsky repeated small kisses on Eunhan’s forehead over and over again. As if Eunhan’s hardened body would relax even a little. However, his body was as hard as a stone until the very end.

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