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No way. No way. 


An uneasy feeling came up the spine. 


“It’s different from usual.” 




“As the maid said, there must be times when the food I always eat feels different.” 


Richard calmly put the spoon down and looked at me. 


I didn’t quite believe what he said. 


I was not foolish enough not to notice that he was talking back about the fruit in the food. 


I thought it would be ok if I carefully looked at the moment of cooking, but I guess I was wrong. 


How did they put it in? 






Richard, who pretended to be fine, suddenly groaned. I was surprised and opened my eyes wide. 


His face was burning red. 


Richard’s condition didn’t look good. He didn’t show it, but a cold sweat ran down his face. 


“—Are you okay?” 


I reached out to wipe the sweat from his forehead. At that moment, a strong force grabbed my wrist. 


His hand, holding my wrist, gained strength. 


He has never eaten food with poisonous herbs before—. 


According to the original, the poisonous herb did not have an effect immediately from the beginning, but only responded when it accumulated steadily. 


—Looking at the condition, it seemed that the fruit that the kitchen maid had secretly put in, and that he had been taking for a long time, is now showing its effects. 


‘But why now—’ 


I looked at him. 


The pain in the wrist held by him felt like nothing, thinking that my neck might fly away if I did something wrong. 


“If you come closer— I don’t think you can do that.” 


He gave a low warning, blinking hard as if his vision was dizzy. 


Ironically, he held my hand tight as he told me to move away. 


Because of that, I couldn’t do this or that, and I had no choice but to sit facing him. 


Soon his body collapsed. 




I grabbed his body, which was collapsing urgently. 


The current Richard reminded me of the first time I saw him. 


The way he was looking for medicine. 


It was the same back then and now that he struggled with pain. 


‘What should I do?’ 


I bit my lips until my lips bled in frustration. 


If this is revealed to the outside as it is, I may die as a sinner who poisoned Richard’s food. 


But I can’t just leave it alone—. 




Finally, Richard, who had been silent for a long time, opened his mouth with a hot breath. 


“—Please touch me.” 




“—Please, I beg you.” 


Blue eyes filled with passionate desires saw me. 


I didn’t take any action after listening to him. 


More precisely, the blank head refused to operate the body. 


Touch? Me? To you? 


“Come on—” 


He grabbed my wrist and made me caress his cheek. 


Suddenly, when my hand was pulled in front of him, the body that couldn’t balance leaned together toward it. 


I wrinkled my forehead as I fell into his arms and couldn’t even do anything. 


“Hey, this is a bit—” 


“It’s nice—” 






I don’t have any abilities, but it seems like I’ve become someone who can make up for what Richard was going through. 


When I saw him leaning against me without reason, I could only sigh. 


Rather than discovering that Richard took the medicine and became like this, I thought it would be better to leave it as it is if it was cured even in this way. 


When life and this strange situation were weighed, the answer came easily. I decided to stay still. 


“Do it moderately.” 


Whether he was listening to me or not, he looked calm as if he had found an oasis in the desert. 


His skin was as hot as if it had been touched, so my fingers bent inward. 




He breathed softly and hotly. I watched him inhale heavily with a firm look. 


As I swept his cheeks as he led, his breathing seemed to slowly improve. Seeing that made me feel weird. 


“Does it hurt a lot?” 


“Rather than hurt, it’s just—” 


He let out a hot breath. He seemed to have calmed down a little while ago. 


“To be honest, I must say I didn’t know I would be this bad.” 


What does this mean? 


“To put it simply—” 


He laughed as if he was embarrassed. 


“I want to kill.” 




“It must be because I ate something weird.” 


Is that why he told me not to come closer—? 


Even now, I was seriously contemplating whether I should shake off his hand and run away. 


I glanced at the magic constraint that was filled in Richard’s ankle. 


I reflexively groped my neck, thinking I might be dead if it wasn’t for that stuff. 


“I’ve shown you the ugly side again.” 


Richard, who was holding my arm tightly, finally calmed down, loosened his grip. 


I thought as I pulled out the arm held by him. 


The kitchen maid began to put fruit back into the meal. 


As long as the maid puts fruit, a crisis like this may come again. 


Belatedly, I have decided what to do from now on. 




Her mood, which has not been good for the past few days, has improved at once. 


It’s because she has solved the problem about Rosie and put the drugs for the monster’s meal. 


Marie put her brown hair back and smiled pleasantly. 


Is it even necessary to put the drugs on the spot where the chef prepares the food? 


There are many ways. 


She doesn’t know why she was so mad at the girl named Rosie. 


‘But I’m still disgusted.’ 


She looks like she’s from commoners, but she’s not afraid to look her in the eye straight away—. 


The same was true of a maid named Emily next to her. 


So she intended to make it difficult for them to keep up in the Marquis. 


However, Marie knew that this kind of harassment could not hurt them. 


The moment she realized that, she had already vaguely made a plan to kick Rosie out of her mind. 


The idea was to take advantage of what the Marquis was sensitive to. 


That monster. 


What she’s going to do is—. 


“Hello, Marie.” 


“Y, you—!” 


When she saw Rosie peeking out from behind, Marie took a deep breath in surprise. 


“W, what are you doing?” 


“It’s nothing.” 


Rosie smiled. 


Marie squinted at a smile that did not feel pure. What kind of trick is this? 


“I heard from other kids, Marie, you’re such a good counselor?” 




The words from Rosie’s mouth were really unexpected. 


“So I want you to give me some advice.” 


“Why should I?” 


Rosie just smiled softly and crossed Marie’s arms in response. 


Marie was surprised by Rosie’s unexpected behavior. Did she eat something wrong—? 


“I want to be close to you, Marie.” 


It was then that Marie seemed to have caught on to Rosie’s thoughts. 


As her harassment continued, she decided to give in. It was satisfying to bend over from there. 


Marie looked back at Rosie with a relaxed look. 


“You have a problem? What kind of trouble is it?” 


“Uhm—I had a strange dream.” 




When Rosie nodded unusually, Marie looked carefully at her without realizing it. 


“I sat at the table in my dream and waited for my meal. But when I eat food, I feel dizzy.” 




“The taste of the food was weird, so I went into the kitchen secretly and someone put drugs in my food.” 




“The next day and the next day, continuously—” 


The drugs. 


Rosie persistently met Marie’s eyes as if she was doing what Marie had asked the kitchen maid to do. 


“Did I buy a grudge?” 




“What do you think, Marie?” 




“Hm? What do you think, Marie?” 


Marie couldn’t say anything as Rosie kept coming in after being caught off guard. 


Then Rosie smiled and muttered as she saw Marie. 


“—As expected, it’s you right?”

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