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Chapter 102


Richard moved slowly to catch me.

I held my hairpin tightly and waited for him to come closer.

The hands holding the hairpin were sweaty.

Richards seemed to approach slowly, and above it overlapped the images of the knight approaching to deal with me in the forest.

Even the blood fountain.

I feel nauseous.

While I was caught up with the fantasy, Richard was approaching my nose before I  knew it.

As I step back to widen the distance again, Richard stretches out his arm to catch me.

Thinking that I could not be caught like this, I swung my arm, which was holding the hairpin, which I had hidden behind my back.

I was going to stab Richard right away.

But in vain, Tak, Richard grabbed his hand.

“Oh my god.”

Richard looked at me struggling with dull eyes.

I quickly pulled out his grasped hand and pulled it back, and he grabbed my arm.


Richard hugged my waist without a moment of surprise as I was dragged helplessly.

“You didn’t know how to kill anyone. Did you think you could just swing it?”

“… Let go.”

“What should I do because you’re so clumsy?”

Richard stroked my cheek as if he was sorry.

“Weren’t you trembling because you killed a knight last time?”


“Do you think you can stab me?”

What he said was not wrong.

Contrary to my determination, the hand holding a hairpin trembled.

I looked at the image of the knight I killed last time and Richard.

Richard looked at me like that and smiled pitifully.

“You can never kill me.”

“You are quite assertive. Then It would be fun if you died.”

I met him directly without avoiding his gaze.

In a tense atmosphere, I had no intention of losing to anyone.

“It was pretty cute though. Don’t you look like a little animal that trembles and rebels?”


“You are just like a cat.”

I wanted to spit on that face.

Richard took the hairpin from my hand.

“I’ve felt it before, but having something like this would be pretty useful.”

“… It’s my stuff. Give it back!”

“But it will be used for me, so I will confiscate it.”

I stared blankly at the hairpins Richard was carrying.

I should’ve brought some more.

To think it would’ve been taken away.

“And it’s not good to keep provoking me.”


“Then shall we go back?”

“No. Let go of this!”

My opinion was clearly ignored.

Richard hugged me and moved again.


* * *


Where did you get the stinky smell of blood?

Bloody knights were lying around the modest carriage.

Yurtha clicked his tongue and looked at the open carriage door.

Naturally, there was no one in the carriage in this situation.

Yurtha beckoned to Asher.

Asher, who understood what it meant without saying anything, sighed and approached the fallen knights.

Asher checked one by one whether he was breathing or not.


Then he groaned as if to let him know that someone was alive.

“Wake up.”

Yurtha looked at the pitiful appearance and spoke coldly.

He did not give up for three years and searched for Rose.

But Rose was nowhere to be seen.

Then the news came.

Baron Sablen’s pink-haired assistant.

It’s like the maid Rosie who ran away from Evantes three years ago.

It was a letter from Gilbert to Evantes.

Yurtha quickly obtained information.

And when they heard the news that Marquis Evantes had moved, they hurriedly headed north.

They had to find Rosie before the Marquis of Evantes.

Unfortunately, it was one step late, and all Yurtha heard was the death of a pink-haired woman who had been imprisoned in the prison.

Yurtha was silent for a while after hearing the news.

Is sister dead?

Yurta instantly almost killed the servant who had brought this news.

Asher had to calm Yurtha.

<Calm down. There is no guarantee that the pink-haired assistant is Miss Rose.>

After hearing Asher’s words, Yurtha calmed down a little.

Right. There is no guarantee that it was sister.

When I thought about it so calmly, I thought maybe the situation right now was a trap Rose dug.

There was no evidence.

Because Rose is just that kind of person.

<Search the area right now.>

Leaving the order, Yurtha moved directly.

If it was Rose, where would she have tried to escape?

In the northern part of the country, a place rarely visited by people. And a place where you can quickly pass through the checkpoint…

As he moved in the most likely direction, Yurtha found fallen knights and an abandoned carriage.

“Ugh… Miss Shabrina…”

The knight, who had managed to regain consciousness, murmured faintly.

Yurta grabbed the collar of the fallen knight and lifted it up.

“Sir Yurtha!”

Asher shouted in surprise, but now Yurtha did not care about the safety of the knight.

“How did this happen? Explain quickly.”

Though confused, the knight instinctively opened his mouth as he faced the eerie red glow in his eyes.

“Suddenly… someone…. attacked…”

“Attack? Where did you go?”


The knight could not speak any more and passed out.

Yurtha angrily threw the knight away.

Asher prayed for the poor knight’s rest.

“That knight is the only article conscious now.”

“All rigit. We have the information we need.”

Yurtha turned his head and looked at the place where the mountain was located.

Is sister go over there?

He laughed ecstatically.

“Look all around this place.”


* * *


Humans are learning animals.

I yelled at Richard to let me go, and did all sorts of bad things.

I hit and struggled, but it didn’t work.

Rather, he said that it would interfere with his movement, and this madman loosened the cravat he was wearing around his neck and tied my wrists.

It’s not painful, but enough to stop my movement.

And then he say

<It’s a bit naughty.>

What is this madman saying now?

So I went out on the grass.

I gave up and turned to Richard.

Staying upright due to vigilance should be for a short time, but if it lasts, it’s hard.

Perseverance is only possible with the support of physical strength.

Now, any struggle is useless, so it was necessary to stock up on stamina.

Richard’s body stiffened as he rested his head on my shoulder for a more comfortable rest.

What’s wrong 

Who forcibly hugged me?

‘What time is it?’

Long after the sun has set, the whole black sky cannot tell the time from the eyes.

The northern mountains were very wide.

Climbing this wide mountain, I couldn’t guess where Richard was going at first.

But after thinking about it for a bit, I seemed to have figured it out.

‘Because I can’t go through the checkpoint.’

He’s trying to cross the mountain.

Even if I escaped, I would be quickly caught by Richard, and even if I succeeded, I would not know the way.

I have no choice but to get out of here and try to escape.

With that plan in mind, I fell asleep in Richard’s arms.

It was very strange to fall asleep in the arms of a man to be wary of with my wrists tied in cravat.

I repeated waking up several times like that. At some point, I really fell asleep.

When I woke up completely, I was in an unfamiliar room.

A bed with a canopy and a tapestry adorning the wall.

Where the hell did this madman take me?

I woke up in a fancy room and was shocked.

But at the same time, I felt relieved.

‘I thought you would keep me locked up in the same old room…’

It’s such a nice room, so there’s no point in revenge, right?

I feel like I’m on vacation in a luxury hotel.

It was time to look around the room, bewildered by the luxury that I had never expected.

Suddenly, the door opened.


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