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Chapter 107

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When I saw him relax, I thought I shouldn’t have asked him.

But it was something that had to be ask.

… I can’t figure out what Dylan’s situation is like.

“Sister is trapped in here now.”

Yurtha, who grabbed my ankle, patted my ankle. My toes curled up at the tickling sensation.

“By my side, I can’t help but feel terrible about you.”

He whispered to me as if to acknowledge that fact. However, I firmly faced that gaze.

“It’s ugly, Yurtha.”

“… Sister.”

“It’s ugly. It’s such a seizure. How long are you going to do that?”

It was as if the strings of Yurtha’s rationality were about to break.

It won’t do any good if I keep provoking him here.

Nevertheless, what should I do with this disgusting feeling that is unbearably soaring?

It leaks out of the gap as if it can’t be stopped.


‘Wouldn’t it be better to please him right now?’

Now that the plan is twisted, it won’t be easy to get out of this north.

If Yurtha’s words are true, it must be especially difficult now that the checkpoint is under control.

‘I guess I have no choice but to get help here.’

But I couldn’t be so complacent.

Yurtha must have known that I would try to escape if I got out of the north.

From then on, surveillance would be stricter than now.

Just the best I can do right now is to please this man and catch him off guard.

This poor way is the best, I can’t see a solution at all.

I sighed inwardly and reached out to him.

Sweeping his cold cheeks down, I smiled softly and whispered.

“You are transcendent. You’re not even comparable to a human being.”


“But why do you keep comparing yourself to Dylan?”

As I affectionately addressed him, his mad red eyes glowed softly again.

Yurtha buried his cheek in the palm of my hand and spoke in a calm tone.

“… Isn’t it because sister keeps looking for Dylan?”

“Why wouldn’t I be curious if you broke Dylan? You’re the one who gave me the hint.”


It’s funny how he softens up like a disgruntled child.

It felt like dealing with the second Michelle.

Of course, his temper was bigger than Michelle.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me. You talked about Dylan first, so I asked too.”

As if I wasn’t interested, Yurtha’s face brightened.

“Is that true?”

“Yurtha, three years have passed. I’ve been away from Dylan that much, do you think I’ll be curious now?”

It was only then that Yurtha put on a happy face.

He seemed to think he had a chance too.

It was funny, but at the same time, he was like an innocent child.

At the same time, I felt the pure cruelty of stepping on his brother and trying to get a mother’s attention.

“Then I guess you don’t care what happens to Dylan now.”

What do you mean by that?

“Even if you say so, I know that Dylan still comes before me.”

The light that had been brightened quickly darkened.

Yurtha’s voice was gloomy.

“If you want to protect Dylan, you’d better stay as far away as you can from him.”

This words again?

I could just pass it on, but I felt like something was not clear.

It wasn’t a simple obsession not to go to Dylan like before, but it sounded like something hard.

I felt like I couldn’t let it go.

“What do you mean… ah!”

When Yurtha applied the medicine to her feet, the tingling sensations rose sharply.

He applied the medicine without a word! I didn’t even prepare my heart!

“It hurts!”

“I wonder how you managed to run through the forest on these feet without stopping.”

“… It’s cured, so stop it. It stings.”

“Your feet are like this, how can I not apply medicine?”

He ignored my pained moaning and applied the medicine firmly.

That child without blood and tears!

My toes curled up in pain, and Yurtha laughed softly.

“You’re cute.”

I knew it, but he’s really crazy.

“You don’t know how surprised I was when I heard that sister had been kidnapped by the white one.”

Yurtha bandaged my foot, he said.

“Did that pure white bastard make you like this?”

After wrapping the bandages, he turned his gaze to my wrist where the wound was.

“I’ve been thinking about something pure white, but I heard that there is a transcendental being called pure white.”

What do you mean?

“The leader of the Holy Knights, the faithful dog of the Pope.”

When he gave the right answer right away, I couldn’t pretend I didn’t know.

“Did he kidnap you, sister?”


Yurtha frowned.

“… How dare he not even know his place, sister.”

The voice that comes out as if it is angry is quite brutal.

“Since he made sister like this, I will never leave him alone.”

“So what?”

“I will tear him apart painfully. I will make him want to die.”

“Yeah. Do what you like.”

How long do I have to do this play?

The other person will not know that this is nothing more than a funny comedy.

However, he clung to this kindness as if it were a lie.





You should have listened to me.


The little hand knocked frantically on the door.

Even when her white hand was torn, the pink-haired girl didn’t even know it was painful.

Trapped in an old, unlit warehouse, Rose panicked.

“Open this door right now!”

However, no matter how much she knocked on the door, the huge door wouldn’t budge.

Eventually, a drained Rose leaned against the door, she begged.

“Yurtha, please open the door.”


“I have to go somewhere urgently. So please open the door, please?”

As she suppressed her anger and spoke in a soothing voice, a sound came from outside the door.

“Are you thinking of going to the temple?”

It was a tone of voice that she knew at least about her movements.

“… Yeah. I have to go there.”

“Why? Can’t you go next time?”

Yurtha asked, but Rose couldn’t answer.

Yurtha will surely prevent her from going to the temple if she finds out that she is going to meet ‘the child’.

“I have been to the temple with sister before.”


“That’s when I saw sister smiling brightly in front of me, which I had never seen before.”

What the heck is that again.

Rose nervously bit her lip.

“What the hell made you smile?”


“What’s in the temple?”

Rose didn’t know why Yurtha was angry.

No, she knows.

A child who had a strong possessive desire for her, that was Yurtha.

But she couldn’t understand why his mere selfish feelings drove him this way.

“It has nothing to do with you.”

Wherever I am, what I do, whatever expression I make, it has nothing to do with him.

“Sister is mine.”

“I don’t belong to anyone.”

“No. You’re mine. Even if I treat sister the way I want, she can’t even fight, so you’re mine.”

At those words, Rose was dumbfounded.

“That’s why sister won’t have to go to the temple.”

“What do you mean…!”

Rose knocked on the door hastily.

“Yurtha! Yurtha!”

She called him anxiously, but no voice came to her.

Could it be that he left?

No! I have to go to the temple right now. Otherwise, I will never be able to meet ‘the child’…


What the hell did I do wrong to lock people up like this?

“… You are always like this.”

Locking people in as he wants, destroying all the things they cherished.

Not once did he respect my wishes and do things his own way.

It was miserable.

I’m in a situation where I can’t do anything.

I felt like I was about to cry. I sat down on the floor helplessly.

“… I want to go back.”

To my hometown

“… I want to go back.”

Everything about herself was there.

Everything she accomplished in her life.

But why am I being put in this place? Why do I have to suffer?

Are you saying that I’m being sanctioned for reasons that don’t even deserve my actions?

I was sitting there doing nothing, when the door opened violently.


Yurtha was standing in front of the door.


Will you please release me?

“I have changed my mind.”

A shadow fell on the face that was leaning down.

Seeing Yurtha’s expression, Rose startled and shook her shoulders.

She knows what happens when he makes that face.

No, I don’t know what exactly is going on. But what is certain is that it will never benefit her.

Anxious, something fell in front of her.

“It’s dog food.”

I know that.

Because I saw Yurtha’s dog eating it.

“If you eat all of it, I will release you.”


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