Author: Byuon

Chapter 108




I woke up feeling a hand gently shaking my body.

“Why are you sleeping on the sofa?”

What kind of dream is this?

… I dreamed of Rose again after three years.

“Sister, are you okay?”

When I didn’t say anything, Yurtha quietly grabbed my shoulder.

At that moment, Rose’s emotions from my dream came rushing in.

Horrible, disgusting, all kinds of emotions were mixed, and it seemed like I was going to vomit.

“Don’t touch me.”

“Sister, your complexion is not good.”

“… Get your hands off me.”

Even if I take a deep breath to calm myself down, my emotions won’t be the subject at all.

Emotions raged as if they were dominating the brain.

“Sister, look at me.”

“… Please leave now.”

“… Sister.”

However, Yurtha rarely listened to me.

The moment he stretched his hand towards my face, as if concerned, I finally exploded in emotion.

“I told you not to touch me!”

It was definitely not my feelings.


I slap him violently.

Being dominated by the rushing emotions, I unknowingly slapped Yurtha with my hand.

“… Sister.”

When the big red eyes looked back at me, my body trembled.

<If you want to go out, go ahead and eat, sister.>

Yurtha’s red eyes overlapped with the eerie eyes I had seen in Rose’s dream.

As I waited for the pain to come, I heard a low sigh from above.

“Sister, if there is anything uncomfortable, please tell me.”

Contrary to my expectations, he showed no sign of anger even though I slapped him on the cheek.

“… Why didn’t you hit me?”

“Why am I hitting sister?”

Yurtha frowned as if he didn’t understand.

“… But you bullied me in the past.”

Not me, but the real Rose to be exact.

Yurtha’s face hardened.

“… Do you still remember those days?”

“You treated me that way, how can I forget?”

Unlike before, Yurtha’s face darkened.

Do you even feel guilty?

“… I promised I wouldn’t do that again.”


“Sister believed me and I will never did that again…”

Did you make that promise with Rose?

I didn’t know what kind of life the two lived, so I had no way to know.

The more I talked to him, the more I felt like I was calming down.

‘It was Rose’s fault anyway, not mine.’

But did I have any reason to be angry?

Yurtha is a reluctant person. So I avoid him, but there’s no reason to be angry because of the past.

‘Besides, I decided to please him until I passed the checkpoint.’

As if to her reason had returned, I felt somewhat at ease as I rolled my head around.

I raised both arms and wrapped them around Yurtha’s neck.

As I embraced him, Yurtha’s body stiffened.

“… Sister?”

The voice calling me trembled.

“I’m sorry for hitting you, Yurtha.”

He dropped his body a little and I gently stroked his cheek.

“Are you in a lot of pain?”

“… It didn’t hurt.”

“Your face went red.”


Even where it wasn’t hit. If you look closely, his neck is also slightly red.

“It was because I had a nightmare.”

“… A nightmare?”

“Yes. I had a childhood dream.”


“You hurt me.”

The black eyelashes that fell down seemed to regret the past.

Do you really feel guilty?

If so, it’s good.

I should use whatever is available.

“… Will you forgive me for what I did?”

Even though 3 years ago she said that she would not forgive him, Yuruta did not give up.

‘It’s funny that I, not Rose, say forgive him.’

This is what happened to Rose. Is there anything I can forgive?

“Just stay by my side, Yurtha.”

Red eyes shake. He looks surprised, as if he never thought the day would come when Rose would say something like this.

“Stay with me.”

“… Yes, sister.”


* * *


“Are you enjoying the book?”

“Yes. It wasn’t bad.”

I said I was bored, so he brought me a book.

I didn’t expect much and read it to kill time, but surprisingly, the book was fun.

Yurtha is said he have been prepared it according to my taste.

It was kind of caring.

But what Yurtha knows about ‘my taste’ as real Rose…

‘We have the same taste.’

It wasn’t that strange to accidentally overlap one taste.

I read the book without much thought.

“Sister, in case your mouth is bored, I prepared dessert.”

Yurtha put the dessert on the table.

The dessert covered in chocolate looked very sweet even at first glance.

“I prepared it as a dessert that sister likes.”

Rose likes chocolate cake too.

This is the same for me.

The cake melted in my mouth.

After dessert, I slumped back on the sofa.

Crak. I never thought the sound of a fire burning would sound so cozy.

It was peaceful.

I don’t want to admit it, but it seems that confinement is a good fit.


“I want to go out.”

“You can’t do that.”

This is the biggest problem.

Pretending to listen to everything I want, the existence of this place itself has trampled on my will.

“I just said it out of frustration.”

Yurtha seemed relieved at the words I spat out as if making excuses.

He casually sat down next to me. As he sat down, the sofa slumped to one side.

“It’s nice to be with you like this.”

“I see.”

It was a quiet afternoon.

Unlike the comfortable body, the inside was rotten.

Yurtha never separated from me.

Like a baby bird calling its mother from the side, it’s so annoying to hear him call me sister.

Acting like such a good older sister is about when patience is reached.

“Sir Yurtha! The knights of Evantes have attacked!”

An urgent sound came from outside.

Yurtha, who was happily clinging to me while buried in the sofa, raised his head with a frown.


“Yes. That’s right. I think you should come quickly.”

“There’s no way the Evantes knights came all the way here… It’s strange.”

Despite the urgent words of the knight, Yurtha didn’t move immediately and muttered.

And he looks back at me with a puzzled face.

“Go ahead. It’s a busy job.”

“I will be back soon.”

Leaving those words behind, Yurtha left the room.

You don’t have to come forever.

When Yurtha left, I muttered to myself.

I glanced around the room.

Suddenly, white snow was falling outside.

If it was like before, I would have stood up and looked at it, but now I don’t have the energy to do so.

Was it because I met Yurtha when I barely escaped from Richard, or was it because my physical strength was pushed to the limit and my body was exhausted?

Right now, I just wanted to lie still and rest.

There is also no other way.

‘Yurtha or Argen.’

It seems like there’s a difference between curry-flavored poop and poop-flavored curry.


I was lying on the sofa without energy when I heard a sound from somewhere.

When I looked in that direction, it was toward the window.

I think there is a sound coming from there. Am I mistaken?

However, my body was already up on the sofa.

I instinctively found something that could be a weapon and grabbed it.

The cold glass touches my hand. The vase was a fairly usable weapon.

As I looked out the window again, there was another knock, the sound I heard earlier.

It seemed that someone was outside.

But this is the 4th floor.

Perhaps worried that I would run out of the window, Yurtha took me to the 4th floor.

But, he prepared so the window would never be opened, fearing that I would go crazy and jump out of the window.

Knock. A sound comes again.

There’s a sound coming in again.

It sounded like a sound coming from the outer wall, but I was just frustrated because I couldn’t know what it was.

‘Shall I call a Yurtha?’

I didn’t like it very much.

Reluctantly, I approached the window, clutching the vase.

It felt like the chill that seeped through the crack in the window was riding up from the tips of my feet.

I thought it would be okay since the bars were embedded, and I thought I would be safe, but at that moment, a hand came out from underneath.


I was startled and backed away.

There was also someone outside. I was thinking of screaming, but the ‘hand’ grabbed the bar.

And finally, the owner of the hand shows his face.

But it was hard to see because it was covered by a robe. He is a suspicious man.

The knights will be waiting outside, so if I have to scream right now…

At that moment, the man took off his robe.

Dark brown hair and red eyes. How can I forget that handsome face?

I closed my mouth in a hurry.

“… Dylan?”


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