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Chapter 110


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There are so many things to ask Dylan.


I vividly remember the conversations I couldn’t finish with him three years ago.


But as soon as Dylan vomited blood, all my thoughts flew into the air.


I looked at Dylan, forgetting everything.


He wiped the blood from his lips as if it was nothing.


“… Are you sick?”


He turned his head as if embarrassed to answer.




“… It’s paint.”


Dylan opened his mouth reluctantly when he looked at him with his eyes wide open to tell him.




“Yeah, paint.”


Do you think I will be deceived by such a nonsensical lie?


“Don’t worry. You can go this way. There’s not much time left.”


I’m worried about his condition, but he comforted me.


‘I wasn’t worried about that.’


Oddly enough, I trusted him.


It was only a brief relationship 3 years ago.


Because he saved me?


I don’t trust others. It took a very long step to trust anyone.


Michelle was the only person in this world that I thought was reliable.


We went through difficult times together and overcame several crises together.


Very rarely, when I was lonely, Michelle was by my side, and when she was lonely, I was there.


It was a sufficient condition to trust each other.


‘So what about Dylan?’


That’s weird.


I couldn’t figure out why I felt that way.


Dylan hid deep in the woods to avoid being pursued.


His condition continued to deteriorate.


Eventually, he stumbled heavily and collapsed.




“… Ugh.”


Dylan grabbed his chest in pain.


I hurriedly looked around.


A place for Dylan to rest…


I looked at it quickly, and my eyes landed on one place. Abandoned temple surrounded by dry vines.


The building was half-collapsed, and cuts and cracks were visible in the walls.


As if unmanaged, dead grass was overgrown.


“Dylan, hold on.”


I dragged him into the temple.


I thought I had to see the situation here as soon as possible.


What’s wrong with Dylan?’


Did you come to rescue me with a sick body?


“… It’s hot.”


Then Dylan grabbed my chest as if he was going to rip it open.




I looked at Dylan, startled by the harsh sound of the fabric tearing.


“… It’s hot, it’s hot.”


“Dylan, are you crazy?”


“… It’s hot and I’m going crazy, Rose.”


Why is he doing this all of a sudden?


He murmured that it was hot all the time and tried to take his clothes off.


In embarrassment, I quickly grabbed his arm when his bare shoulders were exposed.


“… It’s hot, Rose.”


“It’s midwinter, Dylan. Wake!”


“… It’s hot.”


Dylan’s red eyes widened slightly. Why is he doing this all of a sudden?


That was when the fight was repeated.


Found a strange pattern on Dylan’s chest.


“… Rose?”


As I stared at his chest, Dylan called me in a puzzled voice, as if belatedly awakened.


He tried to get his clothes on, but I grabbed his hand.


“Take off your clothes.”


“Hey, what….”


“Take it off!”


“I don’t like it… hey!”


Whether he called me in a hurry or not, I was absorbed in taking his clothes off.


A few times, as the hem of the fabric brushed past my hand, his clothes were completely removed and his torso was exposed.


It was a beautiful body with strong muscles.


But without admiration, I focused on the pattern engraved on his chest.


“… Don’t look.”


Dylan tried to cover himself with his blushing embarrassed face, but I grabbed his hands.


His hands trembled helplessly.


“Rose, please….”


He called me as if begging, but it didn’t reach my ears.


This pattern is undoubtedly…


I’ve seen it in a book. Not only that, I’ve seen others with similar patterns.


“Dylan, is this a curse?”




All the blood was gone from his face.


He kept his mouth shut, as if he didn’t want to be found out.


<I broke him so he couldn’t meet you.>


No way…


“That’s what Yurtha did.”


“… It’s not like that.”


“That’s right. What curse did he put on you?”


“… I don’t know, you do not have to know.”


Dylan groaned again in pain.


<If you want to protect Dylan, you’d better stay as far away from Dylan as possible.>


Yurta gave me advice and said something like that.


“Yurtha told me to stay away from you. Is it a curse related to that?”


“… Ugh, no.”


Dylan vomited blood in denial.


He seemed unwilling to be found out.


“Dylan, be honest with me. What curse is it?”




The amount of blood pouring out gradually increased. I looked at him in amazement.




At that moment, his body completely collapsed.





More than a week has passed, and the search has not made any progress.


The knights bowed their heads as if they had no face.


“Is she really dead?”


You said she died in a fire? so stupid?


Still couldn’t believe it.


Argen conducted a massive search just because she could not die in vain.


The knights seemed to think that Rosie had already died.


Argen got a little nervous, not like that.


She shouldn’t die so easily.


He nervously tapped the armrest of the chair.




Then a knight cautiously approached him.


“I have heard that Baron Sablen has moved somewhere. What should I do?”


Argen, who was very suspicious, placed a watch on everyone who had anything to do with Rosie, just in case.


‘The Baron Sablen has moved.’


Argen, who was thinking deeply about something, got up from his seat.


“Chase him.”


A pleasant smile formed on his lips.


“Don’t get caught, be careful.”




I guess he hurts because he’s with me.


Dylan’s condition deteriorated rapidly after meeting me, so it was obvious that the cause was me.


As I pondered whether it would be better to leave Dylan like this, he grabbed my arm.


“… Rose, don’t go.”




“Don’t throw me away.”


Although awake, Dylan muttered in a confused voice, as if he was not awake.


“… Dylan, would you be sick if I was with you.”


His eyes widened as if he had regained consciousness for a moment.


“… No. It’s not like that.”


“But you’ve been sick since you were with me.”


I thought a lot while Dylan was down.


If what I guessed was the conditions for the curse, it was right to separate from him.


“Tell me where Michelle is. I will take care of the rest.”


“No, don’t go…”


Oddly enough, I didn’t want to bother Dylan as much as I did.


I’m reluctant to keep getting help from him. It was separate from the grateful feeling.


Are these my feelings or Rose’s?


Or is it both?


I couldn’t figure it out.


Everything is chaotic when I’m by Dylan’s side.


“… Do you think I’ll let you go alone?”


“Then what can you do with that?”


Like a repeat sign, the conversation lingered in place.


I sighed.


I coldly shook off Dylan’s arm, which was desperately trying to catch me.


Then his red eyes flutter.


‘Where does that blood go?’


Like Yurtha, Dylan is stubborn.


Since this has happened, even for him, you have to coolly remove it.


“You’re no help and worthless right now. You know that? Why do you keep bothering me?”


It wasn’t easy being sharp for Dylan. But I had to separate from him, so I had no choice.


If I had done this, I thought he would get hurt and collapse.


By the way…


“… Are you crying?”


His eyes were red.


Was this something to cry about?


The look of Dylan’s blushing eyes was bewildering.


“… Don’t go, Rose.”


When he cry like that, I…


I sighed.


Crying with a handsome face makes my heart weak.


And strangely, it wasn’t easy to be cool with Dylan.




When it comes to Yurtha and Richard, it’s nothing but for Dylan.


“Footprints have been found here!”




My body stiffened at the sudden voice.


“Calm down, Rose.”


Was it the Knights of Evantes or Yurtha Knights?


My heart was beating like crazy.


I was so nervous I didn’t even know Dylan was hugging me.


“It’s on the temple side!”


Is this how we get caught?


‘Should I have just left Dylan behind?’


I looked up at Dylan.


He can’t use his powers with me. Because of the curse that Yurtha engraved on his body.


“Listen, Rose.”


Then his red eyes shone brightly.


“There is no one in the back road.”




“I’m going to stop them here, so you’re going out on your own to the back road. There’s a byway nearby, so keep going and you’ll find Baron Sablen waiting for you.”




“Got it?”


I wanted to say no once, that I would be with you, but reason led me to a different path.


It’s best for Dylan and I to separate anyway.


“Take this.”


Dylan handed me the black robe. Are you telling me to hide with this?


“Come on.”


Dylan let me go.


Three years ago, I remember the moment he protected me.


I don’t know if it’s the price, but he got the curse.


Why are you still trying to save me?


I had my doubts, but my body had already run as Dylan had said.


I went straight through the back of the temple.


Crumbs and snow fell through the arched door, but I never felt it.


Shortly after I got out of the back road and ran, I came across the side road that Dylan was talking about.


Dylan was really determined to help me.


Again, I felt that I wasn’t Rose, but I ran without knowing.


Bare feet were pierced with thorns and tears coming out of my eyes.


White snow rolled in, blocking my view.




Eventually, I tripped over the thick roots of a tree and fell.


Tears came out from the pain, but nothing like this.


It was time to forcefully move the body that refused to get up.


A hand in a white glove reached out in front of me.


“Oh my…”


I know that voice.


I was hardened and couldn’t stand up, I just looked at the floor.


Is this exactly what it feels like when you fall off a cliff?


I felt a deep sense of despair.


I ran away, but in the end…


“You’re hurt. It breaks my heart.”


I didn’t have the energy to resist while Richard hugged me.


After all, is it Richard who take me around again?


It was a time to burst into laughter.




I could hear the rustling sound coming out of the blade of grass – trampling on the snow.


It wasn’t from Richard’s side.


I turned my head in the direction of the sound.


And I was able to see the red eyes dotted with anger.


“If you don’t want your hand to be cut off, put her down immediately.”


It was Yurtha.


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