Author: Byuon

Chapter 111


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The lively red eyes were so terrifying that it seemed to turn the entire area into a sea of blood.


However, Richard’s blue eyes were cold enough to cool down the active volcano.


“You were the white one that kidnapped my sister.”




The sound of the sword being drawn was like scratching my ears.


“How dare you hug my sister carelessly, you don’t even know your place.”


“We even kissed each other, so what’s the problem with hugging?”




Yurtha looked at me as if surprised, but I had nothing to say.


That mouth of hell……!


“Is that true, Sister?”


Yurtha looked at me with eyes asking for an explanation, but there was no excuse, so I avoided his gaze.


Being unable to deny was positive.


Yurtha’s spirit becomes even fiercer when she notices it.


On the other hand, Richard had an equal face as if he had won.


How old are you, guys?


‘But is it okay for Yurtha to look at Richard’s face like this?’


It was still dark, so he couldn’t see him properly, but I wondered if he could have known that the true identity of the paladin commander was the monster of Evantes three years ago.


‘I got caught anyway….’

I finally took off my robe. Richard looked at me wriggling in his arms and smiled, then looked at Yurtha with the eyes of winning again.


What are you guys doing?


“You must be jealous, right?”


“… I will cut off that tongue.”


… How childish.


To be honest, I want to pretend that I don’t know both of them.


“Cut off my tongue… Ugh.”


Feeling the need to seal that mouth first, I covered Richard’s face with a robe.


“I can’t breathe, Rosie.”


I wouldn’t have wished to suffocate him like this.


I glanced at Yurtha and whispered a small whisper to Richard.


“Just cover your face.”




“Sister, what are you whispering to that monster now?”


Yurtha hurriedly moved toward this side as if feeling uneasy.


Damn it.


There are already two crazy dogs.


Is it really wrong to run away?


‘No. If I use it well….’


Two crazy dogs with bad relationships.


“… Yurtha.”


I called to him in a voice that trembled as much as possible.


I pretended to be frightened and pretended to be restless in Richard’s arms.


“… It’s scary.”


As if I was afraid of Richard, I wept.


‘You have to put them in a fight.’


Richard and Yurtha will run away from each other while their minds are on her.


“… Did that monster forcefully kiss you, sister?”


Huh? Richard isn’t that shameless…


“What do you say? Rosie herself does it….”


“I didn’t ask you, so shut up. My sister is trembling in fear right now…!”


“… Are you afraid?”


Being aware of Yurtha’s gaze, I was trembling on purpose, but when I met his blue eyes, he flinched.


“Sister, I will surely slaughter him mercilessly.”


Once I succeeded in stimulating Yurtha. Then this is…


Richard was vague.

I was a little wary because I was so victimized.


It looks like he’s ready to fight, but as if he doesn’t want to let me go, he tightens his arms and hugs me tighter.


“Do you think I don’t know what you think?”


It seemed that he had already figured out my plans.


It doesn’t matter.


In the current situation, encouraging just one person is enough to succeed.


“Yurtha, save me!”


I closed my eyes tightly and shouted. Yurtha is really coming.




However, Yurtha looked at me with dim eyes as if it had worked properly.


On the other hand, Richard looked at the abominable situation as absurd.


This side also had a face with a twisted heart.


“You really have a knack for driving people crazy.”


Thanks for the compliment. I’m going to drive you crazy now, though, so the chances are high.


I didn’t like this funny play, either.


“If I get rid of him, I’ll be able to take over you. Without interference.”


Richard’s blue eyes gleamed eerily.


“It sounds funny.”


Yurtha’s lips twisted.


Yes! Whether it’s funny or not, you two just have to fight. That way I can run away.


Then I heard the rustling again, coming through the branches and leaves of grass.




“… Dylan?”


Dylan rushed to check the situation and crumpled his face.


Yurtha and Richard’s reactions were not very different.




He whispers in my ear.


When did I cheat?


“Why are there so many men around you?”


Richard muttered angrily. He seems to be in a bad mood.


We’re not like that in the first place, and what does it matter what I do?


Rather, why is Dylan now…!


It doesn’t matter what happens to Yurtha or Richard, but Dylan is different.


Dylan’s pride was hurt when I winked as if to instruct him to avoid me.


Is now the time to question that? They’re all transcendents!


But Dylan drew his sword differently than I thought.


When I saw it, I felt like they were going crazy.


“If I kill those two and go back, you will have to pay the price for cheating.”


“What nonsense is that…”


The power was released from Richard’s hand. It was now.


I pushed him away and ran without looking back.


The cool sound of a sword being drawn behind my back, and the sharp clash of sharp blades could be heard.


Dylan got caught all the way through the whole run.


I felt sorry for Dylan. It was strange. I’ve only seen him a few times.


But after a while, I forgot everything and enjoyed a sense of freedom.


The sound of the three of them clasping their swords from afar, as if the ground shook and the trees were screaming, was threatening as if it would extinguish the forest.


When their fight is over, I’ll probably be standing next to Michelle.


As I ran down the side road, I finally came to an open space.


There stood the brown-haired woman I had longed to see.


Behind her was a large carriage, as if prepared for me.






When Michelle saw me running down the side street, she cried out in surprise.


“Reena! Your face hurts a lot! Oh my gosh, you’re more barefoot than that!”


“… Miss.”


“Why are you so skinny! What the hell happened while I wasn’t seeing you!”


Am I that skinny?


Richard and Yurtha fed me generously, so I gained weight.


Well, in Michelle’s eyes, that’s what it looks like, so let’s move on to that.


“Come on in the carriage, Reena. I will take responsibility and get you out of here.”


She acted as if I should only trust her.


When did you get this big?


“Now don’t worry….”




Someone interrupted Michelle.


Michelle and I were as hard as stones.


“Baron Sablen, you’re helping criminals.”


A man stood firm in the raging snow.


Golden blonde hair and green eyes resembling a lush forest.


The gorgeous man smiled gracefully. It felt like my neck was being squeezed by the cold gaze that scans this side.


A number of knights stood behind us.


Were you hiding here with the knights?


To catch me?


“How could the Marquis be here…”


When Michelle asked the question in bewilderment, Argen laughed as if it was nothing special.


“Are you only believing in the power of Baron Sablen and doing this? Even if you hide criminals, you probably don’t know how to move on.”


“… Reena is innocent, Marquis.”


“If she was innocent, I wouldn’t have made the arrangements.”


Argen came this way.


Michelle tried to block him as if to protect me, but I stopped her.


This puts Michelle at risk.


From now on, I have to step forward.


“The young lady was deceived by me.”


But Michelle looked at me with rebellious eyes.


“Don’t worry. Because I will never die.”


I whispered in her ear.


This wasn’t just a lie to Michelle.


There are two crazy dogs in that forest and a wonderful knight trying to protect Rose.


But I don’t think I’ll let Argen hold me like this.


Of course, I am not saying that you can trust them and be comfy.


“The lady is also very naive. Are you fooled again?”


I pushed Michelle roughly.


And whispered quietly in the shape of my mouth.


‘If you don’t do what I tell you to do here, I won’t see you for the rest of my life.’


Michelle seemed reluctant, but I was stubborn, so she bit her lip and stepped back.


“Because you are so naive.”


I turned my head away from her as if I had no regrets and took a step towards Argen.


Argen raised his eyebrows as if it was an unexpected move.


“It’s been a while, Rosie.”


“Have you been well, Marquis?”


It wasn’t a friendly exchange of greetings, but he acted like nothing was wrong.


“Come here, Rosie.”


Argen called me like a dog.


It felt like going back to when I was a master-slave relationship three years ago.


He was an arrogant aristocrat himself.


So I didn’t like it.


A cold-blooded human with no humanity in sight.




Argen ordered.


I can’t help it. I have to go.


I finally went to him.

On the open plain, there was a gentle pile of white snow that no one had stepped on.


Every time you step on the snow, it leaves a mark with a popping sound.


My feet are cold. At the same time, it felt like my head was going to freeze.


Argen narrowed his brow as he saw me approaching slowly.


The distance between him and me was long, but it didn’t take that long to count in time.


However, Argen, who has an arrogant and relaxed personality, seemed to have gotten tired of the gap and eventually came to me step by step. It wasn’t like him.


At that moment, I wanted to take a step back.


I chewed the flesh in my mouth, suppressed my impulse, and approached Argen.


Argen smiled brightly as the gap between his toes finally narrowed enough to fit his fist.


My heart seemed to sink at the creepy smile.


“Finally, I got you.”


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