Author: Byuon

Chapter 112


Argen has been looking for me for three years.


I didn’t understand why he had been looking for me so terribly.


Because I couldn’t stop Richard from running away?


“Rosie… ”


Argen grabbed my chin while calling out my name languidly.


Contrary to the relaxed sound of his voice, the force in his hands made my jaw hurt.


Argen lifted my head and fixed his gaze. He made me look at him.




Why do you keep calling?


“You have to answer me, Rosie.”


“… Yes, Marquis.”


Crazy guy


“You are a good girl, Rosie.”


“ ……”


“I was nice three years ago, but you hit me in the back of the head and ran away.”


What nonsense is that?


When did I hit you in the back


Are you saying that running away means you were hit in the back?


It was absurd, but I did not dare to open my mouth to defend myself.


It’s because I know Argen’s crazy nature very well.


He doesn’t like people who open their mouths he considers inferior.


“But you got caught by me, so you better never dream of running away again.”


Crazy guy.




What will happen next?


Captured as a criminal, I was taken straight to Argen’s room.


With my knees tied, I had to look up at Argen, who was sitting comfortably on the sofa.


I didn’t like the way he looked at me with boredom.


Of course, I couldn’t show it on my face. Because life is precious


“Since we’re left with each other, I thought we’d like to have a serious conversation.”




“I think it would be better to ask the name first.”


No, why did you ask for a name out of the blue? I managed to put up with the wrinkled expression on my face.


“Rosie, Shabrina. Both are fake identities. What is your real identity?”


Was Rosie a fake identity?


I didn’t know that, but after thinking about it, it wasn’t strange that Rose, who ran away from Herthas, created a fake identity.


“Aren’t you going to tell me?”


“It’s not even that great. It’s not even worth asking for Marquis.”


Argen narrowed his brow as if he didn’t like my answer.


“I think you misunderstood something….”


He grabbed my chin and lifted it up.


“Rosie, you don’t have to think. Just answer my questions and that’s it.”




“Shall I ask again? What’s your real name?”


I got caught by a pretty annoying guy.


“My real name is Rosie.”


He had disbelieving eyes.


What do you want me to do?


“Then why did you lie about your identity? What was your purpose as a marquisist?”


“… It is more accurate to say that I got a job as a marquisist in order to make a living while changing my identity, rather than deceiving my identity and entering a marquis with a purpose.”


What great purpose did Rose have?


Argen’s eyes were still undesirable for an answer.

“How did you know about my curse?”




Because I read it in a novel.


“I know what you said to me before was a lie. I’ve researched the area you’re talking about, and there’s no one under this curse.”


What is Argen talking about now?


To remember what he was trying to say, I had to go back to three years ago.


<Applying it whenever seizures occur seems to be effective in alleviating seizures. It was the one who had this emblem in my hometown.>


<I’m from the edge of the Empire.>


Ah. Come to think of it, there was a time when I lied to deceive Argen.


Did you even do a background check to find out about the curse?

Considering Argen’s suspicious personality, it was a job that could be done enough.


I was going to run away anyway, so I called the faraway place where the investigation would take the longest.


Wait, no way…


Was the reason he chased me for three years, not because Richard ran away, but because of the curse?


“… It’s not a lie. I saw it when I was young. It’s just that the area wasn’t true.”


“Then where did you see it?”


“… I don’t remember.”




“Actually, I had an accident, so I don’t remember.”


Argen made an embarrassed face.


Yeah, I didn’t think you’d believe it.


But Argen continues to inquire into me in detail.


And actually I can’t really give him an answer.


Either I don’t know, or I just saw it in the original.


“I hate lies, Rosie.”


“It was a very short time, but seeing the Marquis up close, I don’t know how.”


“Then why are you lying like this?”


“… I’m not lying.”


Argen looked at my face.


Soon he smiled.


‘Why are you smiling all of a sudden?’


That smile was ominous.


Unsurprisingly, he started unbuttoning in front of me.

Why are you taking off your clothes all of a sudden?


Are you crazy?


Soon the hem of the fabric fell to the floor, revealing a beautiful, muscular body.


Should I turn my head…


Thinking about embarrassment, Argen got up from the sofa.


I instinctively wanted to take a step back, but I couldn’t back down because my body was tied up.


Looking at him with anxious eyes, Argen picked up a sword.


“… Marquis?”


“Stay still.”


What are you going to do…


Are you trying to kill me just because I didn’t know?




I was going to call him with an urgent voice late, but Argen cut the rope that was tying me up.


What are you doing?


“Follow me.”


Argen moved onto the bed.


He picked up a box from the bedside and handed it to me.


“What is this?”


“Open it.”


As he said, when I opened the box, I could smell a terrible medicinal herb.


“It’s the herb you gave me three years ago.”


“… Why this?”


“Put it on, Rosie.”


What are you thinking?


Embarrassed, I almost wrinkled my face for a moment.


I really don’t understand anything, but I have to please Argen, so I’ll have to do it now.


I quietly climbed onto Argen’s bed.


As he instructed, I applied herbs to the place where the pattern was engraved, just like three years ago.


‘I don’t think it was this big back then.’


The curse pattern seems to have gotten darker and bigger than it was 3 years ago.


Looking at the emblem reminded me of Dylan.


“… I put it on.”


After doing what Argen told me, he let go of me.


He looked at me with unknown eyes and opened his mouth.


“Rosie, I have a suggestion for you….”




In the past and now, Rose’s side was full of bugs.


Yurtha didn’t like it.


So I tried to kill that damn paladin or my brother right there.


It was all annoying.


If it hadn’t been for Evantes and the Knights of the North to come into the forest, the fight would have gone to the point where anyone died.


Yurtha ran his fingers through the long scar on his face.


The eyes that remembered the knife Dylan was wielding went cold.


“Come on, let’s go get my sister….”


I’ll kill those damn bastards later.

The most important thing is to bring Rose with you.


“Sir Yurtha! There’s a problem!”


Then the knight hurried to Yurtha.


“What’s going on?”


“Miss Rose has been taken away by the Marquis of Evantes!”




Damn it…


The situation is very twisted.


Poor Rose. To be caught by such a madman. She must be trembling in fear by now.


Yurtha hurriedly went to the northern castle despite the oppression of the knights.


There is Rose.


“Prince Herthas, where are you going?”


The Earl of the Northern Castle had eyes in surprise when he saw Yurtha with a fierce aura.


Yurtha was thoroughly admitted as a guest from the north.


That way, it’ll be easier to save Rose in case something happens.


“Did anything urgent happen?”


“It’s something the Count doesn’t have to worry about. It was not a big deal.”


One hour was urgent now.


Yurtha answered the Count dryly and hurriedly went into the castle to find Rose.


Where is Rose…!


As I was running quickly, a scent that seemed to paralyze my brain passed the tip of my nose.




Yurtha ran in the direction of the scent.


Rose was sitting on the wall with her pink hair brushed down.


Why is Rose over there?


I heard that you were taken away by Marquis Evantes…


“… Sister.”


Rose turned to him.


Pink hair fluttered in the wind.


The snow still fell nonstop. Her bright pink hair fluttering in the harsh wind and snow is beautiful.




Rose rolled her eyes as she called out his name.


My sister smiled at me.


A beautiful smile that seemed to have blinded him from that fact made Yurtha’s heart flutter.


“Why are you sitting like that? It’s dangerous, Sister.”






As if she had no intention of coming down, she sat on the wall and called for him.


Yurtha listened as if he was ready to listen.


She smiled brighter than ever.


“I’m engaged.”




“With Marquis Evantes.”


Rose smiled brightly as if she was very happy.


Yurtha’s insides were darkened and stained.


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