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When I saw Dylan coming in through the window, I was relieved to see that there were no injuries and he was unharmed.


But when asked if I was engaged, I forgot that and stared at Dylan.


“… Why are you suddenly getting engaged?”


Dylan had an angry face.


“Did you get threatened?”


“Everyone’s talking about being threatened, strangely.”


Of course, it started with threats.


“So, are you still doing this because you can’t overcome the threat?”


“It’s my choice, Dylan.”


I’m still half-threatened and doing this, but my choice was included a little.


“Is it your choice?”




“Why? You weren’t interested in getting engaged.”


“Interest can arise at any time.”


But why are you so angry?


“… So, don’t you want to go back to Korea now?”


Dylan asked in a calmer voice.


“Can I go back?”


Actually, I thought it didn’t matter. That was strange.


Why don’t I miss it when I’ve lived my whole life?


“Dylan, oddly enough, I hardly ever thought of that place in years.”


Although it has been wrapped up as a few years, I have rarely thought about returning to Korea since I came here.




I wondered at that point.


“It could be because I don’t remember.”


“Is that so?”


Dylan thinks I’m Rose, but I felt a lot about it.


Strangely, I don’t have any memories in Korea right now.


As I said, I don’t remember the life of Korea and it doesn’t come to mind that much?


“… Rose, you desperately wanted to go back there.”




That’s what Rose did.


“I don’t know why you suddenly got engaged, but don’t do it.”


“I have already made a decision.”


“… Then back off. Or run away again.”


“You want me to run away again?”


“Yes. I will help you. Anywhere you want to go….”




I called him up shouting excitedly.


“Thank you for your help. But now you don’t have to.”


“… You said you needed my help.”




“You may not remember, but it certainly was. So you… To me….”


Dylan paused for a moment as if his throat was choked.


He keeps swallowing his saliva as if he is frustrated with dry thirst. His throat went over several times, and Dylan opened his mouth with a red face.


“… You asked me to stay by your side.”




“You can’t live without me… I’m sure you did.”


You mean Rose said that?


Quietly astonished, Dylan had a rosy face that was something to be ashamed of.


“… Dylan, I can’t remember anything.”


I’m not Rose.


“So there is no need to try to keep the promises of the past.”


Surprisingly, he had a wounded face.


He blushes and clenches his fists.


I tried to approach him without seeing the pitiful figure anymore.

I could see him sweating belatedly.


“It hurts even though I’m on this street without being able to reach you.”


“… Rose.”


“It hurts when I am by your side.”


“… No.”


“You’re still in pain and you’re sweating.”


How can you help me?


I wanted to hand him a handkerchief, but I couldn’t close the distance.


“Go back, Dylan.”




“How can you help me when you are hurt like this? Stop deny it.”


“… Rose, please.”


He let out a rough breath as if pleading.


But the plea was not granted.


Dylan is hurt with me. So she had to get rid of him.


“Don’t bother me and go back.”




“I don’t need you anymore.”


I spit out words that I didn’t want at all, and it hurt as if a sharp thorn had been pierced into my heart.


Dylan looked at me with a wounded face and left.


The afterimage remained in her mind and didn’t go away until a long time had passed since he left.


‘I should have kicked him out sooner.’


Let’s not regret it.


It’s Rose, not me, that Dylan wants to help.


I can’t let that poor man set himself on fire and make the sacrifices.






Not long after Dylan left, Michelle came to see me.


“Suddenly engagement! Is it true what I heard?”


I thought Michelle would be angry if she found out, but her eyes were bitter as if she would burn everything around her.


“It is true, Miss.”


Michelle was astonished.


I decided to say it before she got out of the shock and screamed.


“There are circumstances.”


“Of course it should be. What is she thinking?”


Thinking about what to say, I just decided to tell the truth.

“Miss, this is an opportunity.”


“… Opportunity?”


“It’s an opportunity for me to become completely free, and to solidify my position at the top.”


Michelle frowned.


But, strangely, at this moment, my head was clear and my mind seemed to be flashing.


“As you know, I am living with a fake identity right now. I’m being chased.”


Living as Shabrina, I established many positions, but the moment it was revealed that I was chasing after Evantes, the tower I had built collapsed.


“But when I become the fiancée of the Marquis Evantes, I can find my place and no longer have to live in pursuit.”




“I decided to act as his fiancee for a year. If I can survive that year, I will no longer have to live in hiding.”


During that year, neither Yurtha nor Richard will touch me easily.


The problem is one year later…


‘I have to create a new identity again.’


It doesn’t matter though. I won’t use the stigma of being a criminal any more.


“And if I stay with my fiancee for a year, the top position will grow even bigger.”


“… Rina.”


I thought it was a pretty good explanation, but maybe it wasn’t.


Michelle had an ugly face.


“I wonder if you are sane sometimes.”


“I am sane, miss.”


“You don’t think I’m stupid? It sounds like things are going well, but the risk is high!”


“It’s less dangerous than the crisis when the top almost fell. This level of risk is…”


“Rina, come to your senses!”


Michelle grabbed my shoulders and made eye contact.


“You think you’re saying it wisely, don’t you? But it’s no.”




“You’re just spitting out a word right now.”


“… Did I?”


Didn’t you just give a logical reason?


“You don’t know, but you sometimes say anything when you’re embarrassed. You’re spouting things that aren’t even true.”


Rather, I think that now I’m the most sane.


“But miss, I’m really serious.”


“… I don’t know if it’s serious, but I think you’re a little crazy.”


Was I mentally out of shape right now?


“Is it because the plan failed?”




“It’s not your fault.”


I know it was an unavoidable variable.


I never imagined that Richard would suddenly appear on the finished plan and take down all the knights and kidnap me.


But Michelle, unaware of that fact, tried to comfort me and persuade me.


“Let’s run away, Rina.”




“I don’t think this is the time to be looking for a profit. I don’t like the Marquis of Evantes or the Paladin General. you…”




Calmly, I released her hand from my shoulder and called for Michelle.


Her eyes flutter wildly.


“I decided to sign a contract with Marquis Evantes later.”




“Let’s try and run away for now. If you think something’s wrong, you can run away…”


“It will be late.”


Michelle answered without listening more.


“Again, this is not the case, Rina.”




“Think again. yes?”


Michelle called me as if begging, but I did not answer.


Because, in my opinion, the current choice didn’t look that bad.


Michelle kept saying it was because I was mentally out, but it didn’t really hit me.


I’m the most sane right now.


As time passed, I met Argen again.




He smiled kindly and handed me a pen and a piece of paper with black letters in front of me.


“Sign it.”


Until a few days ago, where did the man who caught me and acted violently after catching me, there was no other gentleman as respectful as at this moment.


I grabbed the pen he gave me and read the contract carefully.


Argen looked at me slowly, putting his arms crossed in his hands on his legs.


After reading it all, I stood still for a while, holding the pen.


Argen, who was looking at me like that, asked.


“Are you afraid?”


I signed it without answering anything.


The day of leaving the North came silently.




It was the night before leaving the North.


Life here has been very, very long.


Me and the North, who do not like cold places, did not get along at all.


I closed my eyes, relieved that I could go to the warm capital soon.


Maybe it was because I was thinking too much, so I couldn’t get into a deep sleep.


Not long after, I woke up feeling very thirsty.




Mumbling with a hazy mind, I tossed and turned, and the cold glass texture touched my lips.


Water flowed in the direction of the tilted glass, and a thin stream of water flowed down between her lips.


I drank water with a confused mind, and soon came to my senses.




Recognizing the abnormal situation, I choked in surprise and coughed.


I immediately got up and grabbed the sore neck and clicked.


As I coughed, I instinctively looked for the intruder.


The moonlight entering through the window slowly illuminated the man. I saw a man with an awful beauty like a poison flower.


Richard looked at me with silent, expressionless eyes.


“Why are you here…”


When asked in surprise, he added a seductive smile.


“I am thinking.”


“… Thinking?”


The smile drawn on his lips was somehow creepy.


It was time to squeeze the quilt out of misgivings.


“Whether or not to kidnap you again.”


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  2. When will she ever get a break lmaooo the most peaceful time of her life is probably her time spent as Michelle’s aide