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<See you next time.>


What did that mean?


It’s a word that get on my nerves.


I just got up from bed and combed my frizzy hair for a while.


A lot of variables happen in my life, but these days, it’s especially frequent.


‘Who should I blame?’


Richard was the first to begin with.

That was why every word he said could not be taken lightly.


‘It was good to inform Michelle in case she didn’t know.’


It was an unconditional choice, but I couldn’t push it.

Although Michelle was very concerned about me being dissatisfied, I want to tell her that it is useless worrying for me.


‘If it fail, I will run away immediately.’


So I asked Michelle to prepare a new identity and a means to escape.


Michelle left the North yesterday to do so.


Since the food delivery was completed in the first place, there was no reason for her to continue to stay in the North.


I stopped brushing and looked out the window.


It feels especially noisy today.


As there was a distance from the outside to the inside of the room, the sound was muffled.


You can see a lot of people wandering around this area especially since morning.


It looks like something big happened in the mansion.


What’s going on?


I was curious for a moment, but then I turned my mind off.


‘It doesn’t matter anyway, I’ll be leaving this place soon.’


In a few hours, I would be out of this North.


But as if ridiculing my expectations, someone called me from outside the door.


“… I think you should come out and see.”


Why do sinister things always hold me and embrace me?




“… So, the commander of the Paladin, who came down to the North under the orders of the Pope, was attacked?”


“That’s right.”


Argen nodded as if annoyed.


What do you mean Richard was attacked?


“It was a fatal wound.”




“They said he was unconscious right now.”


Until last night, Richard was with me in good shape.


So I couldn’t believe the news.


“A Transcendent is someone who recovers quickly, but it is said that he is not able to regenerate because his condition is critical.”




“In a little while, a person from the temple comes down.”


“… I see.”


I nodded for now.


But the question remains.


Is there anyone here who has the power to defeat the Transcendent Richard?


Yurtha comes to mind, but he was not a child who would do things without thinking like that.


He measures the situation and moves well when he comes forward.


“Then when can we leave?”


It’s unfortunate, but it has nothing to do with me. ‘Cause we’re going to leave soon’


However, Argen has a face is dissatisfied.


“Do you have anything to say to me?”


“… What do I need to say in this situation?”


“For example, what kind of relationship do you have with the Paladin commander?”


I couldn’t immediately answer the sharp words like a dagger.


Why the hell are you asking this question? No one would know that I met Richard yesterday, right?


He didn’t know yet that the Paladin Commander is a monster that had locked me up in his mansion long ago.


I don’t think I’ve ever done anything that could be caught off guard…


A smirk appeared on Argen’s lips while he was contemplating.


A moment’s hesitation seemed to have given him confidence.


“What is it?”


“It’s nothing.”


“Then you should have answered right away. What’s up?”


“I do have a relationship. Because I met Baron Sablen a few times while I was there.”


“Is that really all?”


Why are you asking?


Argen’s green eyes sank even darker.


His fingernails pounded nervously on the table.


That was all, as if denying the relationship I had with Richard, I tried to give an answer without any further hesitation.


But at that moment, a knock was heard.


The tension that had built up between Argen and me melted for a moment.


He looked annoyed.


“Here comes the annoying thing.”




“Come in.”


At Argen’s words, the door swung open.


The Count and a man in a priest’s uniform followed after him.


The Priest saw me as soon as they entered.


“Miss Rosie, are you okay?”


I nodded.


“Do you know about the accident that happened this morning?”


You’re talking about Richard being attacked.


“I know.”


“Then the story will be easier. We have a few questions for Miss Rosie about this.”


“Please speak.”


It was somewhat reluctant.


What the hell do you mean by coming to Argen’s room and asking me a question?


“Because the captain was attacked and we found some strange things. The captain was attacked with a hidden hairpin, and there was testimony that it belonged to Miss Rosie.”


Things are going weird.


The priest immediately took out a handkerchief that was dried as if it were wrapped around something from his arms.


When he untied the handkerchief in front of his eyes, a blood-dried hairpin was revealed.


… It was a hairpin that was stolen while trying to stab Richard.


“Is it Miss Rosie’s thing?”


It was difficult to deny because the testimony came out.


“… Yes, it is mine.”


After receiving confirmation, the priest took the hairpin back with a handkerchief.


“Besides this, I have discovered something else. That is, there were several long pink hairs attached to the captain’s body. I found out that the only person in this mansion with pink hair was Miss Rosie.”


“…… ”


“It is very strange. Without close contact, it would be difficult for the hair to stick like that.”


Wait. So this…


“Are you saying that you suspect my fiance?”


Argen, who had been quietly listening to the priest next to him, raised one corner of his mouth as if displeased.


Unlike when he was dealing with me, the priest paused for a moment.


“… I don’t mean that. I just want to hear the reason.”


“That’s a cheeky question.”


“It’s about finding out the truth. Please cooperate.”


Now that the suspicious thing was clearly discovered, it didn’t help much to get it out like this.


As it was my problem in the first place, it was counterproductive for Argen to come forward and solve it. It only deepens doubts.


Argen was also thinking the same thing, so he kept his mouth shut and seemed to find a way.


“… A hairpin is something I lost before.”


It can’t be said that it was stolen by Richard.


At my answer, the priest slowly raised his eyebrows.


“Then why was the lost object found in this way?”


“That is what I want to ask. And think about it.”




“If I were the criminal, would I use my hairpin as a tool? Well, even in an urgent situation, I would not have left it at the scene.”


“… I never said Miss Rosie was the culprit.”


“I know. It’s absurd that I’m the culprit. How would I attack a war hero in the first place? It’s ridiculous.”


“It makes sense.”


I was stunned for a moment by the words, what is this?


“The manager was poisoned.”




“Since he was powerless, it would have been possible even for an old man to come.”


It’s strange that a man who had been fine until last night was suddenly attacked, but he said he ate poison?


At this point, I couldn’t know because I wasn’t an idiot.


Richard himself dug a trap for me.


<See you next time.>


I remembered his hazy voice whispering in my ear last night.


That’s what it meant.


“The captain has opened his eyes!”


Then someone hurriedly opened the door and announced important news.


“Is that true?”


The priest who was interrogating me turned to look at the man who had run to us.


The priest turned around, as if he was going to rush to Richard’s room.


I also followed the priest.


When I got to Richard’s room like that, the knights standing in front of the door blocked Argen and me from entering.


“No outsiders are allowed in, sorry.”


“Outsiders? Are you kidding me now?”


As Argen raised his voice as if in anger, the knight bowed his head.


He seemed to be conscious of his identity.


“Let’s wait.”


I calmed Argen.


He looked unhappy, but he did what I wanted.


And after a while, the priest who had entered came out.


His face darkened as if something bad had happened.


“… The captain wants to meet with Miss Rosie, alone.”


He crossed his arms as if he didn’t like Argen.


“I will go.”




Argen called me, but I went inside without hesitation.


I had to figure out the situation.


The atmosphere in the room was not good.


A beautiful man looked pitiful in bed.


Immediately, he felt a presence and lifted his closed eyes to reveal bright blue eyes.


“… Rosie.”


He calls me helplessly.


It was a voice that could be mistaken for a victim who had been attacked if anyone heard it.


Even I, who roughly guessed the circumstances, was shaken.


The acting was more plausible, perhaps because of the sad look on his pretty face.


I walked over to his bedside.


As he lay, he turned his head and reached out and grabbed my fingertips.


“… I was scared.”


I did not believe him as he mumbled sadly, and roughly pulled his hand out.


“Tell me what the trick is.”




The sign of weakness disappeared in an instant, and a picturesque smile appeared on his face.


“Did you hear it?”


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