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Seeing that he changed his posture right away, it seems that he did not intend to hide it properly from the beginning.


I clenched my teeth.


It’s funny that I thought for a moment that he might not have done it because of the pretense of acting.


“What on earth were you thinking of doing this?”


“You know what?”




“I get excited when you speak informal.”


He murmured.


“I don’t feel like joking. What is this all of a sudden?”


“Did I not tell you before? You can’t go anywhere without my permission.”


How can I forget that


<Now it’s your turn.>


<Now you can’t go anywhere without my permission.>


Even thinking about it again makes me cringe.


“At that time, you’ve already achieved what you wanted.”


A voice filled with anger flowed out of me.


“Not enough, Rosie.”


“… Was the reason I betrayed you three years ago meant to get revenge?”


“I am not seeking revenge on you.”




“I want to have you.”




“I want you for myself, regardless of the scent.”


His eyes twinkled like a child finding a coveted toy.


“No man in the world would want to marry a woman who was trying to kill a war hero.”




“There will be none other than me.”


He murmured with conviction.


But soon he frowned at what he was thinking.


“No. You are pretty, but there must be many who covet you.”




“I wish you could only be pretty in my eyes, but you’re so pretty.”


He muttered angrily.


“What can I do to make sure no one looks at you, Rosie?”


“Is that why you did this?”


Richard didn’t deny it.


“It’s enough to explain. After all, the board you made is full of gaps. We can sort this out quickly.”


“Fill in the gaps, Rosie.”


“Are you going to try to make me a criminal in the end?”


He was silent.




When his name was called, he slowly stood up.


Then he grabbed the hand that had pushed him away again.


“Don’t get engaged.”




“Then nothing will happen.”


He fiddled with my fingertips and then put his forehead on the back of my hand.


“And I’m hiding your secrets too.”


“My secret?”


“That you have something to do with a demon worshiper.”


These days, there are a lot of times when I can recall memories from 3 years ago.


There were things I remember and things I couldn’t remember, but now it’s the former.


I remember it for sure.


‘Was it a pendant?’


You said you could feel the demon worshiper’s aura from Rose’s belongings.


It was just as amazing as it was, so I haven’t forgotten it even after 3 years have passed.


Of course, I decided that it was impossible to keep the dangerous object close, so I threw it out of the boat I was running from three years ago.


I wondered why Rose had such a thing, but it seemed like she would sink into mud the moment she found out.


It’s hard to see a good thing after getting entangled in something trivial, so I thought it would be better to just live quietly.


By now the pendant should be deep in the sea.


“I don’t know what you mean.”


It was not difficult to pretend because there was no evidence.


Richard had an expected face.


“Did you know that demon worshipers are wild these days?”


Richard asked with a calm face.


“It was featured in the newspaper, so I don’t know why.”


“The demon worshipers also caused trouble near the North, so I came here.”


I wasn’t interested, so I didn’t know. That must be the reason


“Of course I didn’t send anyone else to see you, but I came here myself.”


“… Have you recognized me since we met at an illegal auction house?”


“I came here to find out exactly.”


Until then, I was confused, which means that I found out by taking off my mask at the banquet.


“So, how did you get here?”


“How would you feel if I said here that you seem to have something to do with demon worshipers?”


“Who would believe such a rumor without evidence?”


“The evidence doesn’t matter.”


Richard’s fingertips tickled my palm.


As my fingertips shrank by an unfamiliar sensation and avoided him, I gently clenched my fingertips so that he could not escape.


“Just as a word from a powerful person can turn an ordinary person into a witch, so am I.”


Richard was still as beautiful as painted.


“… Are you going to threaten me like this?”


“I didn’t threaten that Sablen you loved, did you?”


In the end, it was a threat to me, speaking in a tone that asked me to look at it, and I was shocked.


He smiled softly.


“This is what I learned.”


He stroked the back of my hand with his thumb as if he were touching a precious jewel.


“It’s rare to live.”




“You know what’s the most effective.”


I don’t know exactly what kind of life he led.


I only know what is mentioned in the novel. That he is the illegitimate child of a powerless Count.


I didn’t know what kind of past he had, and I didn’t even wonder.


So no matter what he said, I had no desire to forgive him.


“Don’t get engaged, Rosie.”


Eventually wielding it and holding it in his hands, he pleaded with me as if I had a choice.


“You know what, Richard?”


He raised his head and looked at me.


“If I were still a worker for a Marquis, I would be in prison right now.”




“Even if there was no evidence, I would have been imprisoned mercilessly because I would have been a good target to the high-ranking people. Because that’s the easiest.”


I laughed bitterly.


“But now they’re just looking at me even though there’s definitely suspicious evidence.”


It wasn’t exactly me, but I was afraid I might offend Argen’s heart.


“It’s nice to see power like that, right? I’m not a fiancee yet, but the treatment has already improved like this.”


He quietly listened to my story.


“I wasn’t really interested in getting engaged.”


I did it because I was threatened.


I smiled brightly at Richard.


“Thank you. Thanks to you, I want to do this engagement even more.”


Unlike me who smiled broadly, the smile on his lips disappeared completely.


“Thanks to you.”


I waved his hand off, hoping that I would get those words into his head.


“If you want power, I can give it to you.”


Richard said in a lower voice. Where did the calm face go, and now he is anxious.


But unfortunately.


“Strangely, I don’t want what you give me.”


I don’t like Argen.


But now, if we look at the superiority and inferiority, it seems that I hate Richard more.


I left him and left the room.

Outside the room stood the priests, Argen, who was waiting for me, and even the Count, who was not there before I went inside.


The Count looked at us as if he had something to say to me, and quietly looked at me.


Realizing the meaning of that gaze, I nodded my head.


“I’d like to talk to you for a moment.”


I nodded and left with the Count.


The priests looked at me with displeasure, but what if the owner of this castle wants to see me?


There seems to be no danger of escaping, so he seems to have let me go.


“… How did this happen?”


“Why were you suddenly being respectful?”


“Since you are the fiancee of the Marquis Evantes, things are different now.”

It was a quick change of attitude.


“I don’t even know what happened.”


“Then you didn’t do it, did you?”


“Do you think I’m crazy? And he was poisoned. But do you think I can stab him?”


The priests would have been able to stab an old man, but that was an overkill.


“I’m glad to hear that. The leader is awake, so he will explain.”


“… I don’t know.”


Is that really the case?


The biggest problem was that I didn’t know what Richard was going to do.


“Count, I have a very urgent request, will you listen?”




The current situation was also passed on to Yurtha.


It was strange that the situation was noisy and he couldn’t hear it.


He was about to leave the North soon.


In order to create a cause to come down to the North, he even gave a grant to the Count here, so he has been enjoying the convenience.


But now that Rose is gone, there is no reason to stay here any longer.


That was the time when he was preparing to go up to the capital with Rose.


“… Is my sister in that situation?”


It wasn’t even funny.


Rose is the main suspect in the raid on the paladin commander.

But Yurtha was happy with this situation.


If it turns out that she has something to do with this, the engagement will be broken.


No one wants to have a murderer betrothed, and even if the matter is resolved, there will be a scandal.


A perfectionist like the Marquis Evantes could not have had such a fiance.


No, my sister is so beautiful that he may be blinded and continue to be her fiance.


There was a brief internal conflict, but the bottom line was that the situation was not bad for me.


He couldn’t hide his smile and went to Rose’s room.




When I called her, the door opened.


At his visit, Rose had a bewildered face.


The messy and clinging hair to her face, her slightly chapped lips, everything was beautiful.


But she soon smiled relievedly.


Not the expression she would make when she saw him, Yurtha was internally surprised.


He chose how to comfort her with the current situation.


I don’t want to be hated, so why not pretend to be clean in front of her?


It was time to think about such meaningless thoughts.


Suddenly, Rose made a sudden move.


She hugged him.


Yuta’s muscles contracted with embarrassment and tension. He felt his breath suffocate.


The relaxed feeling flew away, and the slight excitement caused a deep ripple.


“… Yurtha.”


She called out his name with a crying face, raised her hand and stroked his cheek tenderly, as if touching the most precious thing.


“Please kidnap me.”




“A place where no one is.”


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