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“What can I do to help?”


Of course, I thought he would refuse, but the Count readily answered.


“Do you know what I’m going to ask for?”


“Didn’t I tell you before? Call me anytime if you need help.”


The Count really acted like he was going to help me with whatever I had to say.


“Say anything.”


He was genuinely willing to help me.


After talking with the Count, I returned to the room. Before I left and now, I noticed that something had changed in the room.


‘Did I open the window and go out?’


It could never be.


In the beginning, it was cold in the north, so I didn’t even open the windows.


Unsurprisingly, there was something lying on the window sill.


When I approached and checked it, I found a bottle of an unknown liquid and a note underneath it.


[If Yurtha does something strange, pour it.


It is said to be a drug that shows extreme rejection when it comes into contact with a transcendent.]


Is it Dylan?


There was no name written on the note, but no one else would have done this.


“Are there any drugs like this?”


If there were, they would be hard to find as most of them come from the cursed land.




Even a tiger would come if I spoke, and Yurtha’s voice was heard outside the door.


It looks like you’re not a gentleman either.


I crumpled up Dylan’s note and threw it away.


I’m sorry, Dylan. I need Yurtha now.


When I opened the door, I was met with red eyes like pomegranates full of desire.


The man with the handsome appearance smiled as soon as he saw me.


But when I hugged him like I was attacking him, his posture was completely broken.


I rested my head on Yurtha’s chest.


As the two bodies were tightly pressed against each other, Yurtha’s breath became sharp as if it was difficult to maintain his reason.


I quietly listened to the beating of his beating heart, and I immediately raised my head.


“Help me, Yurta.”


“… Sister.”


He inhaled as if he had been patient.


“Save me.”




“The only person who can save me now is you.”


“… Sister.”


His voice swelled as if it was difficult to control his desire. But I nailed it with no regard.


“Please kidnap me.”


Finally, his reason was completely cut off.


He grabbed my shoulder with a trembling hand.


He whispered in a burning voice and shaking his eyes.


“If you wish.”




Rosie left and Richard fell in thought.


“Captain, can you tell me what happened during the raid?”


The priests grabbed him and asked him questions, but Richard didn’t answer.


“Do you have any problems with your neck?”


No way.


No matter how low his regeneration ability, he is a transcendent. The wound has healed a lot.


When Richard showed no sign of speaking, the priests seemed to think there was something wrong with his body.


But he had no regard for the priests at all.


When he was betrayed by Rosie and fled to the cursed land, Richard was on the verge of death.


At that time, Richard was obviously full of anger.


I hated the woman who pushed me to the edge of a cliff after whispering only the words she had to say with a snake-like tongue. I wouldn’t be resentful.


He had been caught up in the emotions of the day he was betrayed for quite some time.


‘Why did you believe?’


He was always in the same place with the same concerns.


I kept looking back over that time.

Three years was a long, long time.


The battlefield was a series of horrific scenes of people dying.


Being inside, I remembered the gentle voice that asked me if I was okay three years ago and the warm embrace that held me.


That was the only thing that bothered me.


The feeling of revenge was long enough to disappear as if it were an illusion.


Yes. I’ll have to admit it.


The time he spent in the Marquis of Evantes wasn’t very good, but the woman he found in it gave him a lot of inspiration.


3 years.


Memories tend to be glorified, and anger gradually fades.


The only thing left was the thought of wanting to see her.


When we meet again…


Should I just forgive you?


When he had such a thought, he was standing in the middle of the battlefield with his body covered in blood.


The enemy was annihilated and the war was finally over.


The clean black that reflected silver light had cut its skin hundreds of thousands of times, its blade dulled and stained with blood.


Somehow I felt that I had become disgusted.


I did not enjoy slaughter by nature. I rather hated it.


In particular, the smell of blood is disgusting and the stench resonates in the head.


He thought again. Why did I end up crawling into this mud?


If she hadn’t betrayed him as promised, he wouldn’t have been here.

Also, I didn’t want to forgive her easily.


As much as I had endured here with a slaughter that I didn’t like very much, I wanted to get her time back.


Three years later, I met a woman.


After a long period of patience, what he felt was that the woman was so lovely.


The woman who tried to deceive him wearing a straw-colored brown wig was ridiculous and quite cute.


Clearly, he must have been really crazy.


The resentment didn’t go away, but only the feeling of wanting to hug a woman enough to leave that feeling behind.


So you must not say that you are engaged to Marquis Evantes.


Of course, Richard knew. It was all an act of his selfishness.

But what if it’s selfish?


I’d have to get her.


I want to know what you dreamed of during those three years.


I want to know what kind of thing she is going through.


“Captain! It’s a big deal!”


Then another priest came into his room.


The voice that came from breaking my thoughts was not very pleasant, so my eyebrows raised slightly, and the priest made a shocking remark.


“Marquis Evantes’ fiancée has disappeared!”




He might be embarrassed by the sudden request to take me away, but Yurtha obeyed it without hesitation at all.


Of course, there were some quarrels.


<Wait a minute, sister. Let’s get ready…>


<No. We have to go now right now.>


I whispered sobbing as I squeezed the arm that was holding me.


“You must have heard what happened today. That’s why you came to me.>


<… I’m just worried about you.>


<Yes. That’s right.>


I muttered bitterly.


Then Yurtha patted me on the back as if to comfort me.


<You’re not like that, are you? This trap…>


<You’re right.>


Yurtha’s face turned bewildered.


<… At that time, I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t even fix it and ran away. That’s why I have to run away right now.>


Upon hearing that, Yurtha immediately embraced me and ran out of the mansion.


Because he is a Transcendent, he quickly escapes from the castle without being noticed by anyone.


That’s why I chose Yurtha.


So currently.


Yurtha embraced me and fled deep into the Northern forest.


The snow-covered forest was freezing cold. I thought as I let out a pure white breath.


‘Is this enough?’


Yurtha’s usefulness ended when he pulled me out of the castle without anyone finding out.


I glanced up at him.


Pale white skin, pomegranate-red eyes. Yurtha also had a very good appearance.


At this point, I’m starting to wonder about the faces of the parents who passed on those genes to Dylan and Yurtha.


‘No, no. Is it time to get distracted by his face?’


I shook my head and hurriedly came to my senses.




Yurta looked at me curiously.




I looked around.


After running for a while in his arms, the northern castle was nowhere to be seen.


“It’s okay, Yurta. Stop it.”


“We have to go further, Sister.”


“I know. But I’ll go on my feet. You’ve come far enough already.”


He didn’t seem to mind at all, but in the end he let me down.


It was a more relaxed attitude than before. Was it because I chose him at this moment?


At the time, I thought Yurtha was the perfect person.


He was the one who would get me out of the northern castle in the earliest possible time without being detected.


So I chose him.


Of course, there was another, bigger reason. The reason it had to be him.




The wind blew fiercely.


“The curse on Dylan, what exactly is it?”


Dylan. When the name came out, his soft eyes turned cold.


“It hurts Dylan when he is in the same room with me.”


“… Is my sister and Dylan even at that moment?”


He looked at me with a changed gaze as if he had realized something.


“Is this the reason you asked me? Because of Dylan?”


“…… ”


“You can’t answer, so I guess I’m right.”


“Yurtha, Dylan is your brother.”


At that moment, he wrinkled his brow as if he had heard something unpleasant.


“How can you curse your brother? Are you crazy?”


“That’s why you should have chosen me, sister. Not Dylan.”


That words again.


Yurta looked hurt even when she spit it out.


It was a pitiful look, but I never fell for that face.


That is because there are worse things on my side, and I know what is truly miserable.


For the cursed one, the one who dares to curse makes that face.


It only added to her disillusionment with Yurta.


“What curse did you put on Dylan?”


He kept his mouth shut as if he didn’t want to say anything.


I guessed it, but…


“You will never break the curse, will you?”


Yurtha’s red eyes flashed.


“Why would I break the curse? Who do you like?”


He vomited blood and smiled cruelly.


“By the way, this is the first time my sister has chosen me.”


He seemed to ponder for a moment, as if pondering his own words.


“If it wasn’t for the curse, would you choose Dylan today?”


“… No. I would have chosen you.”


I gave him the answer he wanted, but it wasn’t true. If Dylan hadn’t been sick, I wouldn’t have chosen Yurtha.


As he said, I wouyy have asked Dylan.


From my point of view, Dylan is better than Yurtha, who is reluctant, even if I am a little sorry.


“No way.”


As if Yurtha knew that fact well, he denied my words.


He looked pessimistic about his miserable condition, and then burst into laughter.


“It should have been like this from the beginning.”




“Then sister would never have gone to Dylan.”


Again, I got tired of the attitude that showed no sign of regret.


The moment I betrayed him, did I appear selfishly to Richard like that?


I was embarrassed and talked as much as I could, but at least I regretted it.


But Yurtha was not like that.


“You have to become what you want in order to unlock your character.”




Yurtha was silent.


He will never break Dylan’s curse.


“Yes. I see.”


Without hesitation, I sprayed the liquid that Dylan had been hiding.


You too, have struggled with the pain.


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