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Chapter 122

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“You are not part of our family! Something like you…!”


When Dylan violently pushes Rose, the fragile body can’t withstand the force and collapses.


“You would have wanted my mother dead. right?”


Dylan looked at Rose as if he was going to kill her.


You’re desperate to kill, but you don’t have the courage to.


“Otherwise, your mother and you wouldn’t have been sitting here as soon as my mother died!”


Less than a month after the death of the Countess Herthas, the Count had a new wife.


The public muttered about this, saying that the Count Herthas must have had an affair before she died, no doubt waiting for the Countess to die, etc.


It seems that Dylan hated the rumors terribly.


It said they’re going to ruin his dead mother.


And my father, who had never come when my mother died, couldn’t stand having a new wife as soon as she died.


Dylan’s anger went straight to Rose.


The result was violence.


“Stop it, brother.”


Yurtha was the only one who stopped the violence.


So it was said that there was nothing else to save Rose from this Herthas.


That’s right, Rose.


It’s rude to say this, but I’m still better than Dylan.




The burning pain of his whole body made Yurtha distracted.


He poured out a cold sweat in the bitter wind.


Would it be similar to the pain you feel now when the skin is peeled off alive and all the blood vessels burst?


He exhaled slowly to stay awake.


Struggling to get up and walk to find Rose, he eventually collapsed, leaning against a tree.


“Ugh, damn it…”


A drug that can inflict such a fatal wound must have come from the cursed land.


It must have been something Dylan gave to Rose.


Usually items from the cursed lands can only be purchased illegally.


Because the Empire kept the cursed land closed, access to it was almost impossible through legal procedures.


Dylan is just as rotten as Yurtha.


But Rose thinks Dylan is gentle and kind.


I’m the only one who’s bad.


That’s probably one of the many reasons why Rose hates me.


Yurtha couldn’t understand Rose like that.


What’s the difference between he and Dylan?


Wouldn’t he rather be better than Dylan?


As a child, Yurtha had no intention of denying the mistakes he had made against Rose.

But if I had one complaint, I wanted to ask if I was doing anything less wrong than Dylan.


Dylan was violent towards Rose and tormented her terribly.


At least he didn’t wield violence.


Rose was always in trouble because of Dylan, and her body was covered in scars.


“… But why do you hate me?”


Why me?


If you were going to hate me, would you rather hate us together?


Yurtha muttered as if sobbing.


That voice had a corner like a child who had been discriminated against by his parents.


But soon he lost consciousness, and the sadness that engulfed his whole body fell into darkness as well.


Yurtha fainted in the burning pain of the drug Rose had sprayed, and then regained consciousness again and again.


After a few grueling sessions, when he came to his senses, the pain in his neck had loosened.


He got up impatiently and moved to catch Rose.


So he walked and walked.


How much time has passed


A scent sweet enough to paralyze his brain passed through the tip of his nose.


Yurtha followed the scent as if possessed.


Finally he found Rose lying on the edge of a cliff.


‘Why are you in such a place…’


Confused, he hurriedly ran to Rose, who had fallen.


And held her in his arms.




Until he met her, emotions such as resentment and anger had embraced him, but when he saw her tired face, all those emotions were diluted.


Only the feeling of not wanting to let her go is constantly reviving and controlling him.


“Sister, wake up.”






Rose’s body was as cold as ice.


How long have you been like this?


No, how much time has elapsed between repeating his fainting and waking up in the first place?


It felt like it had been quite a while, but it was frustrating because I couldn’t estimate the exact time.


‘Come to think of it…’


It was different from what she was wearing when she left him.




Seeing her fall down with her other clothes on, he thinks something happened to her…




Contemplating how she had become like this, Rose let out a light moan as she came to her senses.




“… Yes.”


“Are you coming to your senses?”


The pink eyelashes trembled finely, revealing pink eyes that were close to bright crimson.




“Yes, sister.”


Perhaps he was the one who found her awake, so wouldn’t Rose put on a desperate expression on her face?

Rose smiled happily as she thought such meaningless thoughts.


He was quite surprised by the unexpected reaction.


Even when he looked at her again, dismissing it as a mistake, Rose was still smiling.




“Yes. sister.”




“… Yes.”






She kept calling his name as if she wasn’t really asking for an answer.


There was something strange, but I just liked the fact that she called my name.




Rose called out his name again and smiled brightly.


Somehow, my eyes were itchy.


For this moment, I felt like I could give her my heart.


He can also give her a knife and tell her to stab him.


But when Rose smiled at him like this, nightmares would follow.


“I hate you.”


Like now.


Yurtha burst out laughing in disappointment.


What the hell did you expect?




However, expectations were budding against the will.


When she smiles kindly and calls out his name, he expects somei like a fool again.




Seeing her smiling brightly at him again, he foolishly embraced the hope.


And in that moment, a sharp thing pierced his stomach.


Rose was still grinning as she stabbed him with a knife.


Even with blood running down her lips.


“Goodbye, Yurtha.”


Soon she pushed Yurtha down the cliff without hesitation.


Rose smiled as she watched the body fall helplessly from the edge of the cliff.


After a while.


Crash. The sound of a man’s body being crushed was heard.




Richard went looking for Rosie.


All day, without rest.


The sky was getting darker and there were signs of snow falling again.


The North was very chaotic now.


Rosie disappeared at the same time as the sudden attack on the paladin commander. And the demon worshipers attack.


All the bad things happened at once.


Fortunately, the demon worshipers’ raid was quickly resolved.


When they were pushed back from battle, they retreated swiftly and never again attacked after that.


So the search for Rosie continued.


“Come to think of it, young master Yurtha is not there either.”


“You mean young master of Herthas? When did he disappear?”


“It seems that happened when Marquis Evantes’ fiancée has disappeared and we haven’t been seen them together….”


They all realized too late that Yurtha had disappeared because they’re concerned about Rosie.


When he heard the news, Richard felt a low mood.


Yurtha Herthas. It doesn’t matter what happens to him, but if he kidnapped Rosie…


That was very likely.


‘He called Rosie my sister.’


Three years ago, she said that she had a relationship with Yurtha in the past.


But isn’t the name “sister” very similar to brother and sister?


‘Did it say long ago that the eldest daughter of Count Herthas disappeared?’

He had no interest in the Herthas family, so it was information that was outside his nerves.


Everything was weird.


However, it was only after finding Rosie that he found out.


So time passed again.


One day, two days.


“I found her!”


At the end of it, I found her lying on the edge of a snowy meadow.


Messy pink hair and pale cheeks.



Richard approached her as if possessed.


The woman was lying dead. No, she really looked dead.




He walked past the knight and hugged Rose.


Then, nervously, as if to confirm, he removed her hair and placed his hand on her neck.


The temperature I touched was cold.


Like a corpse.


“… Please please.”


He opened and closed his mouth nervously over and over again.


He laid his hand on her neck for a long time, but what he wanted never came back.


The warm temperature and beating pulse.


Rosie didn’t have what a living human should have.


“… Rosie.”


This cannot be.


Something is wrong with this.




He called her name


I’m calling you


Then you should at least frown and answer bluntly as usual.


“Rosie, please…”


Please give me an answer


But no answer came back.


She’s dead.

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