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When I woke up again, I was in the dark with not a single light coming on.


Where is it now?


I fell down in an unknown room…


I got up to look around, then banged my head on something hard.




I raised my hands to cover my head, but this time my wrists clashed, probably because the space was narrower than I thought.




What is this?


I carefully raised my hand and touched the hard thing.

When I pushed it with all my strength, the heavy feeling of weight descended on my palm, and at the same time it was pushed away little by little.




I heard the sound of something being pushed aside.


As the obstacles disappear, I feel like I can breathe. I cautiously got up.


It was a timid gesture, fearing that I might face dull pain again.


As I got out of the cramped space, a pure blue light lit a straight line on the side of my face.


This is because the moonlight reflecting the night sky came in through the thick brick door.


I stared blankly at the window and turned my head to see what the big thing was blocking me.


‘Coffin lid?’




What the hell is this again?


I had no idea how it was going.


I grabbed the coffin and tightened my hands to get myself up completely.


Strangely, there was no energy in my body.


As I got up from my seat, I suddenly opened the door on the right.


I turned my head in surprise.


Because it was dark in the room, it was dark to see the person who came in with the door open. Judging by the physique, it seems to be a man.


As I frowned and looked at the man, his features seemed to be blurred.




But before that, the voice first entered my ear.

Argen. I stiffened at his voice.


It was a feeling of drowsiness when I looked out the window.


It was similar to the window of a cathedral that seems to have a long history that is not found in Korea.


When I saw it, I thought that this place might not be Korea.


Argen being here means I’m back…


“Isn’t she dead?”


A voice that murmured slowly made the situation absurd.


Without entering the room, he stood on the threshold and moved his feet.


My lips were dry from tension. Argen stopped right in front of me.


“You must have died. Or you decided to trick me and make fun of me?”


Argen tilted her head with a sullen smile.


I wanted to say no, but I didn’t know how things were going, so I had nothing to say.


“Why aren’t you talking?”


Well, it’s because I don’t know what to say now either.


I really want to ask


What the hell is going on?


“… There must have been some mistake.”




“When I came to my senses, I was there. I don’t know what’s going on right now.….”


I blurted out the end of my words and looked at Argen’s expression.


In the end, there was only one choice I could make here, ‘I don’t know anything’.


What should I do if I really don’t know?


“You don’t know?”




Argen’s lips were straight. A displasure was revealed.


“You didn’t want to be engaged to me, so you pretended to be dead, didn’t you?”




“It’s not like this has happened once or twice. Even when you were living as Shabrina, you set fire to the prison, pretended to be dead, and tried to run away.”


It was not at all strange that Argen was suspicious.


Isn’t it a relationship that was established through intimidation, not by trust in the first place?


“Not really. I didn’t plan to run away….”


“Then? Does it make sense to die and then come back to life? It must have been done in cooperation with the Count.”


I was frustrated because there was no way to explain this.


That man’s snout only said the right words, and there was nothing more to say.


At this moment, I miss that man terribly.


Dylan. The only person who can tell me about my situation.




I desperately shook my head, but Argen raised one corner of his mouth as if he still had a lot to say.


“Come to think of it, the paladin commander is a monster that ran away from my mansion a long time ago.”




“You must have known him too.”


His voice was filled with strength, as if it contained silent anger.


How the hell did Richard find out about that?


I cursed Richard for not being here.


“I heard that monster found you, is that person with you too?”


Richard found me?


“You know what? About rumors circulated after you died?”


Argen poured out a lot of words to me, unusually.


“I heard the monster was quite sad about your death. Because of that, all kinds of disgusting rumors spread that the two of you were secretly dating.”




“Evantes’s name keeps going up and down, but his prestige doesn’t make any sense.”


That one word took my breath away.


I turned my eyes away from what I had to say and looked at Argen.


You worry about your prestige even when someone is dead.


Yes, it’s you.


A nobleman who is arrogant and knows only the honor of his family.


There’s no way Argen deserves a little bit of acknowledgment.


“… The day that monster disappeared from the mansion three years ago, you disappeared too.”


Why are you bringing this up all of a sudden?


“Is everything planned?”


“I don’t know.”


It was true that I was trying to help Richard escape, but things went awry as a result.


Richard ran away alone, so could this be said to be my plan?




He called me as if displeased.


“How much should I take care of you?”


He whispered in anger.


“You’ve never deceived me this much, and it’s also the first time I’ve ever left such a person alone.”


Now, as he said, I didn’t try not to offend him.


It may be that I have been relying on the mercy he has shown so far, or it may be because I know that this is mercy out of necessity.


“How much longer are you going to do that?”


His chin was pulled tight as if to reveal his uncomfortable feelings.


When I was working as Evantes’ maid, I would bow my head when I saw him, but now I look straight at him.

Argen laughed at how ridiculous it was.


“It’s no use saying you don’t want to be my fiancee.”




“I don’t know if you know, but that monster that will save you is in critical condition.”


Last time I saw him, he looked fine, but why is he suddenly in critical condition?


“What do you mean?”


“Why. Are you worried?”


The hard smile on Argen’s lips was quite impressive.


He was anxious not to be sarcastic to me.


“You must have been so dissatisfied that I was revived.”


In the meantime, I’m talking about my dignity and my fiance.




“Marquis! Where are you!”


A voice was heard calling for Argen through the door.


“You seem to have disappeared without a word?”


Argen wrinkled his forehead and looked around the door, narrowing his eyes.


“Strange… I’m sure I saw him going this way….”


The knight’s muttering voice was heard again.


“I don’t have time for this, Rosie. I’ll be right back, so go back in the coffin.”


“You want me to pretend to be dead again?”


Argen let out a low sigh.


“If what you say is true, unless you have decided to deceive me with everyone.”


Argen looked at me.


“You who died and came back to life will become a witch.”




It turned out to be so.


“I’m asking you to stay for a while. Stay here.”


Argen left those words and went out the door.


I thought he would make a fuss about this with others after seeing him angry a while ago, but now that I see it, I don’t think so.


‘You have always doubted me.’


In fact, doesn’t it seem like you’re trying to believe what I’m saying?


Left alone, I was lost in thought.


‘Why did I come back here?’


The situation was the worst as I was being suspicious of Argen.


‘No. If I went back to Korea again, I’d be in shackles again.’




I remembered the picture frame on the dressing table before I collapsed there.


I couldn’t see the picture in detail because of my blurred vision, but I think it may be a picture of the owner of the room.


‘I wish I could go back and look at that picture….’


So maybe I can get some clues.


Can I i die again?


Can I come back when I die?


Thinking that far, I shook my head.


What if I can’t go back even if I’m dead?


On top of that….


‘I’m afraid to die.’


Ironically, Argen had the courage to stand up, not to die.


As I was so lost in thought, I heard a voice from outside the door.


Step step.


Someone was coming this way.


Is that Argen?


Just in case, I went back into the coffin.


It was not easy because it was quite heavy to lift the lid to close.


Then suddenly, the door opened.


As I turned around in frustration, there was a familiar face standing there.






Why are you here…


“You are still alive.”


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