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A long time ago, the devil came down to destroy the world.


The devil was very beautiful.


People think of the devil as a very terrifying thing, but that’s not the case.


The devil possesses human beings with a very beautiful appearance.


The devil used beauty to trample humans.


Then one day! An angel who couldn’t tolerate the atrocities more sent a surrogate!


An angel’s messenger came down to earth to purify those who were infected with the devil.


The devil couldn’t see the angel’s apostle and tried to use his hand, but when he saw the figure, he couldn’t think of anything.


The angel feared that the beloved apostle would be hurt, so Angel gave the devil strength to resist.


The devil, who had possessed so many people, fell in love with the scent of the apostle.


So the apostle of God…


“How long are you planning to do this?”


Yurtha nervously looked back at the woman next to him reciting a fairy tale book.


It was noisy as a woman was constantly reading fairy tales that are read only to children.


The woman bowed her eyebrows when Yurtha, who had not reacted for a while, looked at her.


The woman put down the children’s book and tucked her pale gold hair behind her ear.


“Is young master not like children’s books?”


“I don’t like it when your Highness plays tricks on me.”


“I never trick you, young master.”


Yurtha swallowed the swear words inwardly.


He was caught by a troublesome opponent.


Not long ago, Yurtha woke up in an unknown place, and was restrained.


It was absurd because it was the first time in his life to see a restraint device used to bind a high-ranking beast.


He immediately tore off the restraints and tried to get out of this place.


But at that moment.


<Are you awake?>


Princess Evangeline entered the room.


<You don’t know how surprised I was to found you near the bottom of the cliff.>




<Young master, We’ve met before, haven’t we?>


It was the second princess, Evangeline, who saved Yurta, who fell from the cliff.


She was heading North to deliver the new weapons.


She said that she found Yurtha, which had fallen at the bottom of a cliff, and saved him.


<Then why did you tie me up?>


It was an exaggeration to say that Yurtha’s condition was simply tied up.


I felt like I was being treated like an animal.


At his sharp question, Evangeline smiled leisurely and gave an unexpected answer.


<That’s because young master is a transcendent.>


<…What did you say now, Your Highness?>


<I knew that young master excelled in swordsmanship, but I thought you was just a talented person, but I didn’t know you was a transcendent.>


<You’re wrong.>


<I have already called several priests to confirm. It doesn’t make any sense.>




Yurtha’s condition, which fell off the cliff, was serious. So she summoned a priest with divine powers and told them to heal him.


In the process, the secret that Yurtha had been hiding was unintentionally revealed.


It was a very embarrassing situation.


<Why did you hide the fact that you are Transcendent?>


<It has nothing to do with you, Your Highness.>


<Do you mind if I let others know about this?>


That was a bad sign.


<… What do you want?>


<It’s good that you’re quick-witted, young master.>


Evangeline and Yurtha met only a few times at the banquet.


They didn’t know much about each other, but Yurtha also heard rumors about Evangeline.


She was an opponent that should never be taken lightly.


‘I can’t hurt her because she’s a princess….’


I have to be careful.


He waited for the princess to say what she wanted. Due to his abilities, he can’t listen to anything…


“Marry me, young master.”


<… It’s not fun if it’s a joke.>


<In the eyes of the young master, marriage seems like a joke for children. I’m serious. By the way, young master is the right age to get married, so am I right?>




It was an unexpected offer. It must be a real mistake.


“For young master, there is no better choice than me. Or is there a woman you care about?>




<Then it’s okay to be my lover.>




Yurtha reflexively thought of Rose. Then, a sullen smirk leaked out.


Rather, she is a person who will not accept even if he wants her to become his lover.


<It must be a generous condition, don’t you like it?>


<Why married?>


<Yeah, I’m very interested in the Transcendent. There’s no better way to tie it up than this. So what’s the answer to my offer?>


<I will decline.>


From then on, Yurtha was kept tied to the restraints and had to listen to the princess’s disrespectful voice.


“Is young master heart still unchanged today?”


“I really want to know if the Princess has no intention of giving up.”


The princess did not respond.


Judging by it, it seemed that she would not release him until he agreed to the marriage.


“I’m going to leave today. But next time, please give me a good answer.”




Yurtha didn’t even look at the princess as she left the room.


When the princess left, he pulled the restraint ball.




As if resisting his power, the restraint ball emitted a strong force. As the recoil spread to Yurtha’s body, he frowned.


It was a body that was already in a state of disrepair.


The reason he was accepting the princess’s rude jokes was to buy time for his body to recover.


‘There is no more time to delay.’


He has to go see Rose.


Even if my body is shocked by this abnormality.


He pulled the restraint ball relentlessly.




Ignoring the repulsion that bounced off the restraint ball, he crushed it with force.




The restless body absorbed the force that had bounced off the restraint ball and vomited blood.


Yurtha wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth.


There are still many restraints left to break.


When all the restraints were broken like that, Yurtha was torn apart.


With his body just before he collapsed, he escaped there and headed for the castle in the North.


And when he arrived, he heard the news that Rose had died.




Richard looked down at the woman with her head buried in his chest.


The woman raises her head and whispers seductively.


“What are you doing without kissing me, Richard?”






She tugged at his clothes and urged him.


It was then that Richard was convinced.


A gentle touch, the breath of a woman, the warmth of the living.


It really wasn’t an illusion.


However, even though the face he wanted to see so much was in front of his nose, Richard looked at the woman who was embracing him with unimpressed eyes.


It wasn’t just that. With a friendly smile, he pulled away her slender arms that were holding him by the waist.


“… Richard?”


The woman who felt strange asked.


“It looked so real that I almost fell for it.”




“Who are you?”


“… I am Rosie. What’s wrong?”


“Yeah. I was very surprised that you looked just like Rosie. Twins won’t look this much alike, either.”


They were the same person in appearance.


Richard glanced at Rosie with unconfused eyes.


“It’s strange. The bones are similar.”


Even if it looks like that, can the skeleton be the same?


The woman had a bewildered face.


“Yeah, it’s because I’m Rosie. What are you talking about?”


“In the first place, Rosie would have run away when she met me. Without trying to prove to me that she’s Rosie like you.”


Richard’s eyes narrowed coldly.


“This kind of joke is no fun. Who are you?”


At that moment, the confused emotion that had appeared on the woman’s face disappeared.


When she erased her expression, she looked like a completely different person.


“Oh, it’s not fun.”


The woman covered her cheek with both hands and tilted her head.


“It’s the same face, how did you notice it?”


“Because only the shell is the same.”


“Well. ‘That guy’ is easily deceived by this shell.”


That guy?


Did you mean to show that shell other than me?


Thinking it was Rosie’s shell made me feel bad for some reason.


“Who are you? Who’s the person wearing that face?”


“Me? Yeah… Who am I?”


“Stop playing with words….”


“It’s not a play. I lost my place too long ago.”


The woman muttered an incomprehensible sound.


“What a trick.”




The woman suddenly burst into laughter. When he saw her smirking as if she had heard a funny story, Richard felt strange about her.


Because the face was Rosie.


“I didn’t come to play tricks on you. I’m here to help you.”


“Help me?”


“Do you want me to tell you some good news? Rosie isn’t actually dead. She’s alive.”


“What do you mean?”


I touched her pulse dozens of times and hundreds of times.


Both the temperature and the pulse belonged to the dead.


“If you don’t believe me, you have to confirm it. Were you looking for Rosie?”




“I know where she’s. Follow me.”


Richard was very suspicious of the woman.


A woman with the face of Rosie suddenly appears and wants to help him. She says Rosie is alive there.


There was no doubt that it was impossible to do so.


But he followed the woman without saying a word. Because that’s how he wanted to find Rosie.


Even if the woman’s purpose turned out to be to kill him, he could not refuse.


So Richard moved as if possessed.


“There it is.”




The woman did not lie.


Because Rosie was really where she was pointing.




“Oh my goodness. This is what makes things really fun.”


Rosie was hugging Marquis Evantes.


Richard experienced the shattering of the thin barrier of reason.


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