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The night I woke up from the coffin, with the help of Argen, I secretly left the Northern castle.


The carriage that Argen had prepared for me soon stopped in the middle of the forest.


It was to wait for Argen.


We decided to go to the capital separately, so we didn’t have to meet, but he insisted that I might run away in the middle and that he should watch it for confirmation.


It was funny.


How am I supposed to run away when I’m surrounded by the knights he’s attached to me?


Even so, I will have to confirm with my own eyes that I will not believe Argen.


‘It would have been sad to hear the knights.’


I grumbled inwardly, but waited patiently for him.


After a while, Argen arrived alone.


The knight opened the carriage door and got me to go down immediately, but Argen stopped me.


“There’s nothing to move about. Stay there.”


As if he was really there to make sure I didn’t run away, he didn’t come into the carriage, but stood outside and looked at me.


It happened that I was sitting near the carriage window, so we were close to each other.


“Are you here alone?”




I thought a few knights would come along, but I was surprised to come alone.


Is it okay for a precious person to come here alone?


“How have you been?”


“Good. What can’t there be? Rather than me, the Marquis looks worse than me, doesn’t it?”


Looking at his pale, tired face, he didn’t look good.


Where you sick?


But Argen only shook his head.


“Or is it that you haven’t seen me? Is it hard because you miss me?”


He didn’t seem to want to show much, so I joked at him to get over the situation.


It was a bonus to mix a little smoke.


But Argen suddenly hardened.


His lips stiffened as he couldn’t find any other words.


… Why are you so serious?


It was a joke that I was trying to lighten the mood, but for nothing, it just got boring.


“Or not.”


“There’s a lot of new nonsense I haven’t seen.”


“This is the lover that captured the heart of the Marquis, and we have to do this.”




Instead of answering, Argen just quietly wrinkled his brows.


Are you really sick? There is no special response today.


At that time, a faint black pattern crawled up from Argen’s neck.


Is that a curse?


I reached into Arzen’s neck as I was surprised, I would see it.




I acted hastily, and I heard a loud sound as if I pressed too hard on his neck.


The knights around me widen their eyes and stare at me.


“No, this is, so…”


I looked at Argen with an awkward expression. He, too, had an absurd face.


“What are you doing now?”




I glanced at him for a moment to see if anyone could hear it, and I gently got up and brought my face closer to his ear.


Argen’s shoulders trembled at the sudden touch.


“That’s because I can see the pattern…”


I whispered quietly in his ear.


Argen then frowned and nodded.


As I came out, Argen, who naturally raised his hand to cover his neck, looked back at the knights.


“Step away for a moment.”


“You never know what will come out of the woods, Marquis.”


It was a strange command.


If you’re concerned about the pattern, shouldn’t you just go there?


He made sure I didn’t run away, so there’s no reason to stay with me anymore.


As the knights looked at each other with no sign of retreating, Argen sighed.


“Everyone is clueless. I want to have fun alone with my lover, so everyone back off.”


What’s the reason for that?


However, the knights blush and quietly retreat.


‘What. You said it was dangerous?’


But where are you going!


“Why did you order the knights?”




Argen blurted out the end of his words as if he had something to say to me.


“Are you a transcendent?”


“… Suddenly, what a strange sound. How can a weakling like me be a Transcendent?”


“Yes, That’s right. I must have lost your mind for a moment.”


… If you’re going to answer that right away, why are you asking such a strange question?


But that was only the beginning.


“Touch me.”


“… What?”




Why are you doing this all of a sudden?


I was embarrassed, but I stretched out my hand as instructed.


‘But where should I touch it?’


I couldn’t do this either, and when my hand was hovering in the air, Argen looked at me as if he was doing something.


As if I don’t know, I put my hand to his cheek. It wasn’t because it had any special meaning.


I felt Argen’s body stiffen.


He frowns as if something is offensive.


Why? You told me to touch it.


Don’t you feel bad when someone who worked as a maid touches the cheek of a noble person?


As Argen wrinkled his expression openly, my mood subsided at the same time.


‘For a moment. But why is he suddenly asking me to touch him?’


I don’t think it’s going to happen for no reason.


At that moment, a thought ran through my mind.


I let go of the hand that was stroking Argen’s cheek.


The slightly opened eyes follow me.


“What are you doing?”


I was dumbfounded because he seemed to protest why I took my hand because he’s making a bad face.


But I jumped out of the carriage.


“What are you doing…”


“Excuse me, Marquis.”


I hugged his waist tightly. Argen held his breath and looked down at me.


I could feel his body stiffened.


Either way, I looked into his face.


“What are you doing now?”


“You told me to touch it.”


I answered confidently and looked into his complexion.


His gaze on me wasn’t pretty, but his complexion looked more comfortable than before.


Maybe that’s why he wanted to keep me by his side.


For the same reason as the Transcendents I had been avoiding so much, I felt a little sick of it.




Rosie is alive.


While holding Marquis Evantes in front of me.


Richard could easily infer what these two were doing.


He was fooled again.


Rosie pretended to be dead to escape from him, and fled to the Marquis of Evantes.


As I watched the scene, my stomach and my lips twisted.


His clenched fist turned white as if blood had drained out.


Apparently, Rosie was dead the day I found her in the snow.


‘No. Demon worshipers can use that trick.’


Richard clenched and opened his fists repeatedly to suppress the seething desire.


“Aren’t you going to catch her?”


The woman looked at Richard like that and asked.


“I thought you would drool and run like a hungry beast.”




“But you’re just stay like an animal.”


As she said, I could have gone now and forced Rosie back.


But Richard didn’t do that.


Because it is certain that the same situation as before will be repeated.


So, this time, I was planning to prepare the plan step by step without hasty.


“Why are you showing me this moment?”


The woman smiled.


“I told you I’d help you.”




I couldn’t quite believe the kindness offered by a mysterious woman I met for the first time today.


“What do you want?”


“You are quick-witted.”


After all, the woman rolled her eyes as if she wanted something from him.


“Would you like to make a deal with me?”




“Yes. I’ll help you get the kid you want. instead…”


The woman knew how much he yearned for Rosie.


So she was sure he would hold her hand.




“… Are you looking for Marquis Evantes’s fiancee?”


Yurtha nodded his head.


I wanted to see Rose.


Although Rose tried to kill him, stabbed him and pushed him off a cliff.

Still, he will never let her go.


“She is….”


The servant could not open his mouth easily. It was then that he sensed an ominous feeling.


“That’s enough….”


At that moment, Yurtha wanted to cover his ears.




<Recently, demon worshipers have been raiding this place.


Perhaps she was beaten by them back then…




Only that sound lingered in Yurtha’s ears.


It can’t be.


There’s no way sister could have died.


He hasn’t met Rose yet.


Either you’re angry about why you tried to kill yourself, or you apologize for what happened a long time ago…


I tried to beg her not to throw me away.




Yurtha’s eyes lit up red. He could not breathe properly and wandered around the North like a madman.


I believe Rosie will live and breathe somewhere waiting for him.


But nowhere did he smell her scent.


Her pink hair, like cherry blossoms, didn’t flutter anywhere.


He fell into deep despair.


He lost his reason and wandered like a beast with nowhere to go, leaving only his instincts.


When he came to his senses, he was submerged in the depths of the lake.


The weather in the North was snowy and windy. Not only that, but it feels like a sharp blade, but he didn’t know it and sank into the cold lake.


Without Rose, he would…




Suddenly he remembered something from a long time ago.


It’s been a while since I’ve met Rose.


A time when she used to call his name kindly.


In retrospect, she didn’t hated him in the first place.


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