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“… Yurtha?”

Why are you here?


I was usually busy avoiding him, but not at this moment. I had to catch him.

Yurtha’s existence was very ominous, so I wanted to capture him and demand to know why.


He shook my hand

I looked at the back of my hand that had been rejected. Then Yurtha whispered in a very low voice.

“Run away.”


At that moment, a loud noise that seemed to burst the eardrums filled the banquet hall.



It was as if I had seen the scene where the ceiling in the corner collapsed before the smoke covered the inside of the building.

Before I could even capture the whole scene, a strong wind blew and debris splattered everywhere.

I gasped and braced myself as a large piece of debris flew toward me..


Before I could finish speaking, he suddenly ran somewhere.

“Where are you going!”

But my cry was drowned out by all kinds of screams and didn’t reach him.

“Hey, the ceiling!”

Half of the ceiling was blown away.

Shattered pieces of stone rained down in a torrent of rainwater, making the venue even more chaotic.



“Ahh! what’s this!”

As the smoke gradually subsided, I turned around and the ceiling of the building where people had gathered was completely shattered in the explosion.


I tried to scream to grab Yurtha again, but it was just an attempt.

Soon I witnessed an amazing sight.

Yurtha pressed his robes together once and drew his sword, the tip pointed at Richard, who was calming the panicked crowd.


Yurtha, who took a big leap as it was, slashed his sword at Richard.

An unbelievable roar echoed through the building.

As Richard dodged the blow, Yurta’s sword sliced through the air. As a result, the wind blew through the building.

I couldn’t understand Yurtha’s sudden action. Why? The question passed my mind.

“Help me!”

“Hey, look over there! It’s a monster!”

I looked up at the sky reflexively.

Beyond the collapsed ceiling, black monsters were leaping out of the suddenly created hall.

“From now on, I will punish the evil nobles of the Empire!”

As if waiting for this moment, those wearing robes hiding inside the building jumped out one by one, drew their swords, and rushed to the nobles.

The holiday celebrations quickly became a mess.

I watched what was happening right now.


Then someone grabbed my arm from behind.

Familiar red eyes.

“Dylan? Yurtha is now…”

“I know, I saw it too. Just worry about yourself right now.”

That’s right. I need to get out of this chaos first…

“Damn it! The exit is blocked!”

In the midst of the commotion, someone cried out in despair.

“The barrier…!”

“Why can’t we get out of the building?!”

“This can’t be! Let me go now!”

They can’t go out?

I turned my head to see Yurtha still attacking Richard.


In the place where the sword was swung, traces of deep cuts were left.

“Die! Die!”

In addition, the demon worshipers rushed to support Yurtha.

“Dylan, go ahead and stop Yurtha.”


“Whatever he’s thinking right now, he’s attacking the Paladin Commander. So you have to do something about it!”

“Is this the time for you to take care of that bastard?”

“I’m not looking out for him, but think about it. If his robes come off and his identity is discovered, the Herthas family is in danger.”

I was planning to return to Herthas when I met the savior.

But what will happen if it becomes known that Herthas’ second young master attacked the Paladin Commander?

“If I go, Rose, you…”

“This passage here is open! Everyone, go this way!”

Then a nobleman shouted in a voice full of hope.

Even in the midst of the chaos, the nobles’ eyes lit up at the words and they rushed toward each other.

“I will run away with them. So you block Yurtha. So that his identity is never revealed.”



I shook off Dylan’s arm and ran towards the passageway.



Richard breathed a sigh of relief as he saw Rosie escape with the nobles.

Even during the battle, his gaze was always on Rosie.

Whenever that happens, swords rush in as if ridiculing his leisurely glance.

It would be a big deal if Rosie was injured due to the collapse of the building after using a lot of force.

It was time to minimize his movements and back away from the man who slashed mercilessly.


A demon worshiper cooperating with the man who was attacking him shouted.

At the same time, a magic circle was activated under his feet, binding Richard’s movements like shackles.

‘Is it a trap?’

A hot fire blazed above the magic circle. And in an instant, it attacked Richard’s body.

He defended himself immediately, but the sword flew again.

Just as he raised his hand to block the attack, someone stepped in front of him.

‘Dylan Herthas?’

Dylan looked at Richard as if he didn’t like him, then turned to face Yurtha.

His old enemy.

“What the hell are you doing?”



Why did the Princess tell me to come to the holiday event?

The fact that the condition of helping Me meet the Savior was a holiday event was because she thought that this day had something meaningful to her.

It must not have been that she came here knowing what was going to happen on the holiday…

As I moved my feet busily, my mind was spinning.

“Come this way!”

“If you go out this way, there will be a corridor!”

I stood still at the sudden sense of urgency.

“Lady, hurry up too! If you stay like this, the demon worshipers will kill you!”

A man hurriedly grabbed my arm and urged me.

But I couldn’t move my body hastily.

Something is weird.

“I don’t think I should go over there.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t you think something’s wrong? Why are all the other passageways blocked, but this one is fine?”

“That’s it…”

“Maybe it’s a trap.”

I lost strength in the hand of the noble man who grabbed my arm. Does he believe me?

“Are you going to die here? You should go alone!”

The man thought he didn’t need to deal with me anymore, so he went out with the other nobles through the passage.

In the meantime, I stood still.

Because there is no evidence to convince them to run wild like crazy bulls, and it’s just a pity.

I turned my attention to the center of the event.

Why didn’t the devil worshippers grab us?

A man standing still in the midst of the commotion caught my eye.

It drew more attention because it was in the middle of the monsters passing by.

‘Why don’t you run away?’

The man stood still as if observing the situation.

“It’s dangerous there! Come on, run away!”

Did you hear my voice?

The man looks over here.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the man with black hair, dark eyes and an exotic look.

‘Where have I seen him before?’

That couldn’t be right…

But why do I think I saw him somewhere?

But the thought did not go any further.

A monster with a strange scream rushed at the man.

‘That’s why I told you to run away!’

Normally, I would have expressed regret by blaming it on his ears, but strangely, my feet moved first.

That’s right, it was my feet.

Without thinking, I picked up a rock and threw it at the monsters.

Then I ran straight to the man and grabbed his hand.

“Come on, run away!”

Even as I spoke, I was confused.

Why? Why did I do this?

Why did I do this?

This isn’t like me.

Doubts dominated my mind, but my body steadily moved away from the monster.

“Aaaah! It’s a trap!”

“It’s a monster!”

Again, in the passage where the nobles fled, I heard the result of the unpleasant feeling I felt earlier.

‘It was really a trap.’

So where should I run now?

I looked around.

Nobles who run like mad bulls in blood and demon worshipers who run rampant like madmen.

Monsters out in search of food, and corpses lying next to me.


My stomach churned.

At that moment, the man who was holding my hand gave me strength.

Feeling the force on my hand and being puzzled, I looked at the man and smiled prettily.

“Don’t worry, senior.”


“What do you mean?”

The man opened his mouth as if trying to respond to my words. But for a moment, a roar was heard again.

I turned my head in the direction of the sound.

There was a hole in the wall of the building.

I wondered what was going on, but it took me a while to check because of the thick fog.

“Shit, the barrier is broken! The barrier has been broken!”

The barrier was broken. By who?

“Your Highness, Second Princess!”

“The Second Princess broke the barrier?!”

The 2nd princess, Evangeline, smiled leisurely and easily entered the collapsed wall.

A woman in a red robe appeared from behind the Princess. It was easy to guess the gender because of its slender build.

The woman in the robe glanced around at the situation and reached out towards the air.

A pure white light shone from the woman’s hand.

The monster, who saw the light, panted painfully, and then immediately fell to the floor.

“What is this…”

“… Is it a miracle?”

The nobles who saw the sight were startled and murmured.

A woman in a red robe caught everyone’s attention.

That’s probably because she killed the monsters that had tormented them persistently in this place with just one gesture.

“Is that the Princess’ subordinate that killed them all?”

“This is not my subordinate.”

The Princess rebutted the words of the nobles.


“I never thought I’d introduce you to… Let me introduce you to the benefactor who broke the tie and won this war for us..”

You are the savior

The woman who was covering her face with a robe took off her hood.

Pink hair that had been hidden under the hood spilled out, revealing a beautiful face.

Everyone in the banquet hall looked at the Savior as if possessed.

The savior introduced herself with a merciful smile.

“I am Rose Herthas.”

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