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It’s been a rough day.

I lost my paycheck for my mom’s foot surgery and got into a bad fight with a junior I knew.

This time it was even worse. I had spent all my money on my mom’s surgery, and I didn’t have enough to pay my rent.

‘Why did we fight?’

As I can’t even remember, it doesn’t seem like it was a serious matter.

Our personalities don’t match, but we often quarreled…

‘I must have done something wrong again.

Especially this time, I was nervous because I couldn’t sleep well for several days.

Maybe it was my fault for being sensitive to other people’s words.


I just remembered the sad voice calling me.

‘I have to apologize tomorrow.’

I haven’t slept properly for several days.

No matter what I do with my head, I’m sure I’ll make another mistake.

I have to go to sleep and wake up…

I fell asleep, and that was it.

It was my last memory in Korea.



There have been times when I wondered where the bottom of my life would be, but I never wanted to find out this way.

“My daughter, are you awake?”

I never dreamed that I would be possessed a character in a novel.

Into the body of a 10-year-old girl in a novel I didn’t even know existed.

Even though it was a novel I read a long time ago, I remembered it because the title of the novel was floating around in my mind.

I think maybe… that’s when I was possessed and Rosie was kicked out of her body, though I didn’t even realize it at the time.

I was just isolated and scared of the woman who called me her daughter.

It took a considerable amount of time to develop rational thinking.

Whenever I acted strangely, the body’s owner’s mother was always by my side.

She was always looking after her daughter with concern and trying to communicate with me somehow.

The effort of such a woman was uncomfortable, but in order to adapt to this place, I had no choice but to accept it.

After a week of living with her, I learned her name.

I heard someone call her Celine.

Although my heart was heavy and uncomfortable, I acted naturally as Celine’s daughter.

Celine didn’t immediately recognize that I wasn’t her daughter, and she was just happy to think that her daughter had gotten better.

Then I felt a strange feeling.

Judging by reason, it is right to act like ‘Rosie’, but something seemed to be going wrong.

It must have been a bit of an apologetic feeling towards Celine.

Because all her feelings were for her real daughter.

Celine has always sacrificed for me.

Rosie’s family was poor, and they only had two meals a day. The soup tasted like water and the bread was hard as a stone.

The funny thing is that even this food was always given to me by Celine.

“Mommy’s already eaten, I’m full.”

The woman tried to reassure me with a gentle smile.

Of course, there was no way that I, who was only a shell of 10 years old, would be deceived by a nonsense lie.

My family was always poor.

I thought I was poor in Korea too… The poor living conditions, which I can’t even compare to life I had in Korea, gave me a little depression.

But I didn’t show it.

“I’ll buy you something better for your next birthday.”

When I saw the vain efforts of a woman who was struggling for someone who wasn’t even her daughter, complaining was a luxury.

“I’m fine, Mommy.”

“Mommy loves you.”


It was especially uncomfortable that day when I received that woman’s infinite love.



After a year, my situation got worse, not better. I was getting increasingly anxious.

I had gotten used to poverty, but mentally I was stuck.

I believed that suffering would be over by time. The reality was not so, and whenever that happened, things in Korea came to mind.

Will my mom be okay in the hospital?

I had to pay for the surgery, but because I was stuck in here, there was nothing I could do.

When I thought of my mother like that, I naturally remembered my last moment in Korea.

<Seniors are selfish.>

<Why do you not know my feelings?>

The voice of a junior who had fought and broken up with.

‘Calm down. Nothing can be solved by just crying.’

Celine’s hands were covered in calluses from hard work.

A woman had a beautiful appearance, but her hands were the exact opposite of her appearance. Rough and calluses hands.

The woman touched me with her hand and left for work, returning late at night.

In the meantime, I went to the library and read a book.

Mostly, I was looking for a book that would solve some of the unfortunate things that happened to me.

However, I could not find a single book that could explain this situation.

I continued to realize only the gloomy situation and fell into depression.

“Look over there! Beggars pass by!”

To add insult to injury, Rosie was harassed by village children.

“Don’t you think she smells like something?”

“Where does that smell of beggars come from?”

And the bullying Rosie had been subjected to continued with me, who possessed this body.

The children argued with me and tried to undermine my character somehow.

The kids would argue with me and try to degrade my character in any way they could.

If I didn’t respond, violence would follow. I had to be prepared to leave the house because violence was a daily occurrence.

I never once told Celine about this.

If I had to tell her, she would be upset because she wasn’t even able to solve it.

On top of that, the parents of these children are the ones who feel sorry for Celine and give her a hand.

So I decided that it would be better not to stimulate them as much as possible.

It was a cold decision, but it wasn’t always rational.

Even if the opponent was a small child, it was very difficult and hard to endure verbal abuse and violence.

I just tried to keep my head down and endure the situation in silence.

Of course, sometimes I tried to resist when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Get off me! Don’t do this!”

I did my best, but the difference in power was a pity.

The more I did it, the more the kids who looked down on me started to hate me.

“What are you doing now!”

I probably would have been beaten to death that day if a passerby hadn’t saved me.

The child jumped into the situation without hesitation and bravely defeated the children who beat me to death.

Dark brown hair and red eyes.

The boy with distinct features opened his mouth as if worried after defeating the children.

“… Are you okay?”

He held out his hand to me, urging me to get up.

“My name is Dylan.”

I thought then. I will probably never forget this moment.

Actually, even when I grew up, I thought about that moment over and over again.

Dylan was a small memory I kept to myself.

How can I forget the boy who gently shakes the dirt off my clothes?



Since then, I’ve seen Dylan often.

Dylan recognized me as I recognized him.

When he found me, he spoke to me first and saved me from being bullied by children.

Looking at his clothes, he looks like a son of a noble family, but I couldn’t understand why he appeared without an escort in such a rare village.

I had frequent conversations with him.

“My mom is very sick. So I’m going to pray for her to get better.”

It was the reason Dylan appeared in this town.

He was going through this village to the temple away from his mansion.

“My father hates it when I pray. It is shameful for the eldest son of a family to show weakness. So I have to go secretly like this.”

“Good for you.”

“I’m good?”

It wasn’t a compliment, but Dylan rejoiced like a child who had been praised.

That look was so weird.

“Hey. Would you like to come to pray with me?”

Then Dylan unexpectedly made an offer to me.

“With you?”

“Yes, with me.”

I was going to the library today.

“If we go to the temple, they will give you delicious food.”

Dylan was young but smart. He knows how to seduce.

“Okay, let’s go.”

If I hadn’t followed Dylan then, I wouldn’t have heard ‘the sound’.

In the temple, where I followed Dylan to receive bread without expectation, I heard something I shouldn’t have.

<Senior, right?>

It was the first miraculous moment of my time here.

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