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He didn’t remember me.


Dylan didn’t recognize me because I changed from a slum to a noble lady.




Then I let Dylan go.


There is no longer a boy who smiles at me and reaches out to me.


Only a boy who was spiteful and violent.


Sometimes the memories you keep to yourself are the most beautiful.




After a while, I realized Yurtha’s true colors. How brutally he dealt with those who insulted me.


Naturally, I didn’t want to be around someone who could swing a sword at me at any moment. I avoided him diligently.




But he was persistent, chasing after me.


It used to be cute, but now it was terrifying.


“Why are you avoiding me?”


“Are you asking because you don’t know that?”


Yurtha didn’t seem to understand what I was saying at all.


He may regret his actions, and he thinks that his actions are right.


So I didn’t even dare to point out what went wrong one by one.


He’s already got the wrong values, and I don’t see how a few words from me can change that, and I don’t see why it’s worth the effort.


“… What should I do?”


He looked at me like he didn’t know what he’d done wrong, like he wanted me to give a hand.


I clicked my tongue.


“Don’t do anything. I just want some time alone.”


“If I wait, will you see me again?”


No. There’s no way I’ll see you again if you wait.


I’d rather you hit me like Dylan.


Then I would have looked at you like a human being.


“I don’t know.”


And with that, I was alone again.


Back in the room, I sagged, and Celine hugged me.


“Rosie, my daughter. Are you not feeling well?”




“My dear daughter.”


I felt choked up.


It was even more painful because I had given my heart to Celine without realizing it.


The only person in this world who is for me and by my side.


Knowing that it was not for me but for her real daughter, how could I give her my heart?


To a woman who is nothing more than a human being.


In her arms, I can’t help but notice a small scar through Celine’s sleeve.


“Why are you hurt here?”


What was Celine’s expression at that time?


“Mom is stupid and I accidentally scratched somewhere.


Was it that difficult to give the reason for the injury?


Celine answered in a strangely bewildered way.


Why didn’t I wonder when I saw that face.




I tried to avoid Yurtha as much as possible.


If only I hadn’t been told that Yurtha’s condition was critical


“I heard that Yurta is desperately looking for you…”


Even Count Herthas came and told me to meet Yurtha, but at this point, I had to avoid it.


‘You’re not faking it, are you?’


It was an idea that came out because the trust in Yurtha was at the bottom.


But when I met him in person, I knew for sure that it wasn’t a lie.




When I saw him reaching out to me in a cold sweat, I couldn’t help but approach him.


“Take your medicine.”


I heard that he was sick because he hadn’t taken his magic suppressant.


“I don’t… want to.”


“You don’t want to take medicine? Why are you so stubborn?”


“… It’s better for my sister to touch me than to take medicine.”


“What do you mean?”


Yurtha made a surprising confession while holding my hand.


“You mean… You don’t get sick when you touch me?


“… Yeah.”


Of course, I didn’t believe it at first.


I don’t know why he’s so obsessed with me, but at least he’s trying to lie to make me stay by his side.


‘Maybe I’ll just fall for it.’


Seeing the little boy begging for me while groaning made me feel weak.


Even though I know he may be young on the outside, but not on the inside.


‘Do you want me to forgive you?’


Living in the same family and not seeing each other for the rest of my life was difficult.


“Yurtha, how old are you?”


“Ten years old….”


He’s young.


I sighed at his age.


“Shall we reconcile?”


I ruffled his sweat-drenched hair.


Then Yurtha’s eyes lit up.


“Let’s be reconciled, Yurtha. I guess I’ve been mean to you.”


I didn’t think it was that serious, but I just said it.


“… Sister, I will do well in the future.”


Yurtha buried his cheek in my hand in an affectionate gesture.


Still, I felt a little reluctant to see if I was completely relieved or not.


Just like that, my relationship with Yurtha seemed to improve again.


I secretly avoided him, but I thought that it was not bad to continue the relationship to the extent that it was accepted in an appropriate way.


It was a lukewarm relationship, but it could have been maintained. If only Yurtha hadn’t done such a terrible thing again.




It was my thirteenth birthday.


In other words, it has been three years since I fell into this world and didn’t return.


A melancholy that I had not revealed to anyone during this time piled up one after another.


<I prepared a special gift for sister. Please look forward to it.>


I don’t know what he prepared, but Yurtha had a happy face.


I imagined his efforts, but unfortunately, I didn’t have much hope.


Even if Yurtha had given me something expensive, nothing in this world was worth anything to me.


Around lunchtime, the carriage arrived with Yurtha’s message to be careful.


After a long carriage ride, I arrived at the destination.


As I got off the carriage with a tired face, I looked at the scenery outside and my expression hardened.




My eyes widened as I saw the devastation of a war zone.


The wind blew and the debris flew. My eyes sting as if there was debris in them, but I couldn’t close my eyes.




“… Yurtha? Where are you?”


“This is my gift.”


“… Gift?”


Where the hell are the gifts?


I looked around, but the gift wrapped in pretty wrapping paper was nowhere to be seen.


I looked around confused, and Yurtha grinned as if it was funny.


“Don’t you have any idea where we are?”


“… Where the hell is this?”


“Maybe I should have broken it up a bit so Sister could recognize it.”


Yurtha muttered regretfully.


I didn’t understand what he was saying and I still looked around.


Then something familiar caught my eye.


A cracked old brown sign embedded in broken bricks, a familiar red roof…


“Maybe here…”


“That’s right. This is where sister lived before coming to Herthas.”


“Then this town… Did you destroyed it?”


He nodded as if to say yes.


“… Why, why did you do that?”


Then Yurtha gently wrapped my hand and pulled it to his cheek.


“Because they bullied you, sister.”


Are you talking about what happened in town? But how does Yurtha know that?


I never told him what happened in town…


“If it’s about you, shouldn’t I know everything?”


At that moment, I was horrified.


“… What did you do with the people who were here? You didn’t kill them, did you?”


“I wanted to kill them, but I thought my sister would hate it, so I kept them alive.”




“Instead, they will live a difficult life in the future.”


Yurtha looked at me with eyes as if waiting for a compliment.


It was as if there were no more mistakes like in the past, and he thought he had prepared the best gift.


“… Don’t you like my gift?”


Yurtha’s face darkened when he noticed that my expression wasn’t good.


I smiled back at him.


“It’s disgusting, Yurtha.”




“Put everything back to normal. All! Bring this town back, and the people here!”


“But they…”


“When did I ask you to do this? you’re Horrible, really.”


All sorts of disgusting emotions lingered in my mouth.


“I thought you would like it…”


“No. I don’t like it. I hate this village, I hate the villagers, I hate your gift, and I hate you.”


Yurtha looked shocked.


Are you saying you didn’t expect this?


“Stay out of my sight from the future.”




“I think the moment I met you would be terrifying, Yurtha.”


“… I don’t understand, sister.”


Yurtha grabbed my skirt as I was about to turn around.


“If Dylan was like that, you wouldn’t have acted the same way, would you?”


Why the sudden mention of Dylan?


A figure popped out of nowhere and I narrowed my eyes, while Yurtha muttered to himself.


“I’m the one who’s trying, but why is my sister only talking to Dylan…”


Yurtha expressed his sadness, but I didn’t want to accep

t that feeling.


“It’s because I don’t like you.”


I shook off his arm.


“I hate you, Yurtha.”


After all this, he wouldn’t hold on to me.


But that was an idle thought.


“No matter what I do, you will hate it, right?”




The depressed boy suddenly smiled brightly.


“Then I’ll do it in my way from now.”

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  1. No no no you say “I will like it and maybe forgive you someday if you’re nice to people” not “I will hate you no matter what”. Meanwhile I feel a little bad for that poor boy that probably liked her and kept trying to give her chocolate, even though I don’t condone bullying as a way to show affection…