Author: Byuon

It was the first time I knew that a person could be so vicious.


After taking off the mask, Yurtha tormented me terribly.


Of course, Yurtha had no awareness that he was bothering me.


“Sister is mine.”


Like putting a dog collar on a human, he didn’t know what was wrong.


It was literally ‘his way’.


“So don’t push me away anymore, sister.”


Crazy bastard.


Yurtha tried to restrain me somehow.


He wouldn’t allow me to leave his side for a second.


He’d tie me down, lock me up if he could.


Sometimes, the sparks of my mistakes were thrown at maids.




Bullying was never short-lived. It went on for several years.


Was there ever a moment when I desperately needed a place to escape?


The place I walked to at that time was the temple.


“Who’s in the temple?”


At first, Yurtha asked as if it was strange.


“I thought the rumors about me outside were bad, so I’m renewing my image…”


It was a place that I had come up with because I wanted to get away from Yurtha somehow. It wasn’t a place Yurtha would want to go.


“If you’re worried about that, I can take care of it.”


“No. It’s only meaningful if I do it myself.”


“Okay, then.”


Maybe Yurtha noticed my inner feelings at that time.


I might have looked funny as I struggled to run away.


He obediently let me go. That surprised me, but I didn’t have time to think deeply.


I paid a large sum of money to the temple and got my own prayer room, but for that moment, it felt like the most peaceful place.


I rested there.


Then one day.




– Are you there?


I heard a ‘voice‘ I knew.


At first I thought it was just hallucinations.


– Senior, if you are there, please answer me.




The voice kept calling me.


“… Is that Si-eon, Am I going crazy and hearing hallucinations?”


When I answered, ‘the child’ replied in a voice filled with joy.


– It’s not like you’re hearing hallucinations.


– I finally found you.




Lee Si-eon.


He was a friend of mine when I was in college.


We weren’t that close, so we lost touch after I took a leave of absence.


Then, a few years later, we bumped into each other again…


‘We met again through bad luck.’


I hate to even think about it. As I recall, it wasn’t a very good memory.


“Are you in Korea? How the hell do you get in touch with me like this? Have you ever been…”


It was the same voice I’d thought I was hearing when Dylan and I first went to the temple.


“Have you ever called me before?”


It can be embarrassing to ask a lot of questions all at once, but Si-eon smiled kindly and answered kindly.


-Well. To answer the first question, it is true that I am in Korea.


“But how come….”


– Are you wondering how I can talk to senior like this? I don’t know that either.


Si-eon slowly explained what I was going through.


– Since some time ago, I couldn’t get in touch with you. After our fight, I couldn’t get in touch with you, so I went to your company. But did you absent without permission?




– I was worried, so I went into the senior’s house…


“Wait a minute. How did you get into my house?”


-That… Don’t get mad, I called the driver and he opened the door.


It was absurd, but it was not important, so I decided to move on.


-Anyway, when I went into senior’s house, I was surprised to see you collapsed.


‘I? I was collapsed?’


ItThat was the moment I realized what happened to my body in real life. My heart was racing, but I had to wait and listen to what Si-eon had to say.


– I was going to call 911 right away, and at that moment…. I heard your voice.


“My voice?”


I couldn’t hold back when I heard the voice, so I asked.


– The voice that was praying for me to go home.


Ever since I took possession of this place, I always begged to let me go home. So, when did Si-eon hear my voice?


If I can guess…


Was it the first time I went to the temple with Dylan?


But that was 4 years ago.


“How long has it been since I fell?”


– It’s been about a week.


One week?


It’s only been that way? So, 4 years here is a week in Korea?




I was worried that 4 years had passed in Korea.


I was worried countless times about my mother’s surgery expenses that I couldn’t continue to pay and the situation in which she would have been cut off at the company.


I felt relieved, but at the same time, I was disappointed.


-… Now you explain to me what the hell happened to you?


I was dazed for a moment, and after hearing Si-eon’s words, I came to my senses.


“So what happened…”


I told the truth about what had happened.


-… Stuck in a novel?


“… Is it hard to believe too?”


-No, I believe it. I’m just a little surprised… But, senior, what is the title of the novel?




At that moment, all the contents of ‘The Fog Raised’ flashed through my mind.


There were no particularly lewd scenes because It was for all ages, but still…


I’m embarrassed.


I feel like I’ve revealed my terrible taste.






– Why don’t you talk? Did we lose contact again? Senior, can’t you hear my voice?


“… No, I can hear you quite well.”


-What a relief. So what’s the title of the novel?


I closed my eyes tightly with a sad feeling.


“Ah, the fog…”


-The title is the fog?


“… No. It’s a novel called ‘The Fog Raised’.”


Si-eon was silent for a moment.


He was probably looking for the title of a book.


Si-eon’s silence grew longer as he looked through the plot.




A short sigh escaped Si-eon’s mouth.


“Hey Si-eon, it’s not that I like those things or read them often…”


– I didn’t say anything, Senior.


“No, that’s….”


– I mean, if you like it, you read it, that’s not a bad thing.


There was a small laugh in his voice, as if replying as if he was asking what the problem was.


Ah, I want to die.


-Now I will help you, make sure you return safely.


“… Thanks.”


– First of all, I will talk to Senior company as well. Don’t worry about the cost of your mother’s surgery.


Oh, I remembered. The reason we fight in the end.


<Senior, if you need your mother’s surgery expenses, I’ll give it to you.>


<Are you treating me like a beggar now?>


<… Senior?>


That’s right.


I groaned.


At that time, I must have done something to my head because I was so tired and sensitive.


“… Thank you, Si-eon.”


My words meant a lot to Si-eon, and for a moment she was speechless.


-No, I need to go find the author of this novel first.


“Yeah, do that.”


– See you next time, senior.


It was the first moment I had hope when I came to this world.




Then what happened?


I hate to remember!


I hate to remember!


Please don’t remember!


I’d rather die than remember it!




My head hurts. It hurts so much.


Somewhere, someone is shouting in an agonized voice, don’t remember it.


I returned to reality as if the consciousness that had passed over to the other side of the old past bounced back.


The memory that opened begins to close again.


I was afraid that the terrible memories that had happened after that would leak out again.


I completely shut my memories and turned away from the past.


“… No. I don’t know anything.”


I don’t remember anything.


I don’t know anything.


Rosie’s face was distorted with blurred vision.


“You said you remembered!”


Rosie shouted.


“You said you remembered!”


“… I don’t know. I don’t remember.”


Rosie’s hand gripped my shoulder as if angered by the irresponsible answer.


“Remember it. Otherwise, I will kill you here.”


“I’d rather you kill me.”


I can’t die anyway.


Even if I really die, it doesn’t matter.


Rosie’s hand, holding the silver candlestick in her hand, trembled with anger. I pulled her hand.


“Just kill me! Kill me.”


The pink eyes looking at me trembled slightly and Rosie bit her lip.


“If it is your wish, then I will kill you.”


A pair of eyes glowed crimson, and Rosie reached out and clamped her hand around my throat.


She choked me.


“Then die!”


The moment she was about to swing the silver candlestick without mercy, her hand was caught in the air.


The recoil caused the silver candlestick to fall to the floor with a sharp clatter.


Blue eyes filled with still anger look at us. Soon, Richard slowly opened his mouth.


“You can’t die, Rose.”

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