Author: Byuon

Twenty things that I didn’t want to remember leaked out through the hazy mind.




After meeting Si-eon, the world, which had been foggy and hazy, seemed to be peeling off.


I felt the joy of being possessed and living for the first time.


Life in Herthas was tiring, but I was able to survive with only the thought that I would meet Si-eon at the temple.


I said day by day and headed to the temple.


“Si-eon. Lee Si-eon.”


Of course, Si-eon was not always there.


There were many days when I was in vain.


Still, he was my only hope, so I went to the temple every day.




– Yes, senior.


His presence filled me with joy.


After interacting with Si-eon a few times, I realized that the time zone between the two worlds was strange.


I thought 4 years here was a week in Korea, but it wasn’t.


A day there could be two days here, two days here could be two hours there.


In short, time on both sides does not flow consistently. Maybe there is a law, but there was no way to find out.


“But how do you and I talk? And why do I have to come to the temple to be able to talk?”


The more I met Si-eon, the more questions I had.


Each time, he replied, ‘I’ll find out’.


Actually, I didn’t have high expectations. How can you help me in different worlds?


But the words alone were grateful and comforting.


It’s just nice to be able to have a conversation like this with someone who knows me.


“But why are you helping me?”


We weren’t even that close.


We’d only seen each other a few times.


He was a junior who didn’t pay much attention to me because of my mother’s care and work.


-… I-I just want to help you.


“But you must be busy.”


Why are you wasting time for me?


“Aren’t you supposed to work too?”


When I was in college, I think I heard a joke about Lee Si-eon being the third generation of a chaebol.

TL/N: A chaebol is a family-owned business conglomerate.


The clothes he wore and the car he drove were all valuable brands that ordinary people couldn’t easily access.


I don’t believe in such rumors, but it was clear that his family was wealthy.


Is that why he is so relaxed?


– So you don’t like it, senior?


No, never.


“… I just don’t want to be a nuisance to you.”


– It’s not a nuisance. so don’t push me away, senior


When did I ever push you away?


I’m the one who’s afraid that one day you won’t come.




Richard thought of Rose.


<I need to meet her before I meet my savior.>


<I need you to help me, I’m begging you.>


It was unusual for her to ask for something from me.


I’d be happy to do her a favor, but Rose’s usual personality meant that she’d most likely just take advantage of me and run.


<What will you do for me if I help you?>




Rose looked thoughtful for a moment, and then an unexpected offer came out of her mouth.


<… Mmm. I could give you a kiss.>


It was an unexpected offer. At the same time, it can’t be rejected.


So, in anticipation of the upcoming gift, Richard decided to help Rose.


<Don’t ever come in because I’m going to have a conversation alone.>


<It’s dangerous.>


<I’ll take care of it. So, no matter what you hear inside, don’t come in.>


When Rose insisted, Richard had no choice but to say yes and wait outside.


But soon he heard the harsh sounds of a struggle and was forced to break his promise.


“No matter what happens inside, she will take care of it…”


Richard clicked his tongue as he looked at Rose who had become disheveled.


Her hair was messy and her clothes were dirty.


He let go of the woman’s hand, took off his robe, and put it on Rose.


“It’s pretty pampering.”


The woman said sarcastically.


“And you touched someone I loved.”


Rose muttered with a confused look on her face as if she was insane.


I won’t remember, I won’t remember…


She lost consciousness after repeating only an unfamiliar sound.


Richard pulled her into his arms just before she fell.


“She’s in bad shape, what the hell did you do?”


“If you find out, are you going to touch me?”


She hugged him back as if it were a joke.


“Can you touch the same shell as the one you cherish?”




“You must be quite troubled.”


The woman laughed at Richard and then immediately erased her expression.


“I’m going to take her.”


“You think I’d let you do that?”


Richard lifted his chin as if to say, ‘Just try’.


Then the woman took a step back and folded her arms.


“Transcendents have great senses, don’t they? They must have guessed who was waiting outside.”


“Ah. You mean Young master Herthas?”


“If I shout, he will run right away.”


Perhaps that would inevitably lead to a fight.


If there is a commotion, people will come…


It is not clear how the nobles who witnessed that moment would see Richard.


But Richard smiled happily.


“If you can do it, do it. If possible.”


Rosie narrowed her eyebrows, but there was a commotion outside.


“Who saw the savior entering this place…”


“Savior, are you here?”


Nobles who wanted to see the Savior had followed her here.


Rosie looked at Richard with annoyance.


Perhaps it was this man who lured them.


As I was contemplating how to solve it, Richard was one step faster.


“The savior is here!”


Richard smiled broadly and shouted.


Then there was a noise from outside, and immediately the nobles rushed into the chapel.




The annoyed expression on the woman’s face vanished and soon became a gentle savior.


Rose smiled at the nobles and muttered softly.


“I thought we were on the same side.”


“It must be your illusion.”


Richard answered with a cloak covering Rose’s face.


“But why is there a Paladin Commander here?”


“I have some business with the Savior, so please feel free to talk.”


Richard left the chapel.


On the contrary, the woman called the savior couldn’t leave the chapel.


The good woman who saved everyone had to match that image.


As he walked outside, he saw a few familiar faces following her.


Argen Evantes and Dylan Herthas. And from far away to Yurtha Herthas, who will be watching this place.


But while they looked at the Savior, he held Rose in his hand.


He was very happy with that.


Richard left the place where the banquet was held and headed for the mansion he had set up in a rare place.


He laid Rose on the bed and waited for her to wake up.


He applied medicine to the wounded area and treated her with sincerity.


“… Si-eon.”




“Lee Si-eon…”


Richard narrowed his brow.


I was the one who rescued you and I was the one taking care of you. Why is another name coming out of that mouth?


It’s a strange name, is it a man?


Although it was an unfamiliar name, he was convinced that his instinct said it was a man.


He sat up stiffly, staring at Rose.


How much time had passed?


Rosie’s eyes trembled as if about to wake up.


Soon she opened her eyes.


“Are you awake?”


She looked around as if confused, and was startled to see Richard standing next to her.


No wonder she’s in an unfamiliar room when she opens her eyes…


“… Who are you?”


How did this happen?




“… It appears to be amnesia.”


In the middle of the night, Richards made an unplanned call to a doctor.


“When will the memories come back?”


As if there was no other solution, the doctor shook her head.


With a sigh, Richard sent the doctor back.


“Rose, are you sure you don’t remember anything?”


The woman kept her mouth shut as if confused.


“Tell me where… You don’t remember Rose.


“… Who are you?”


Being wary of him, Rose withdrew.


Richard thought for a moment. Then a thought ran through his mind.


If I lost her memory, wouldn’t I be able to start over from the beginning?


I might be able to keep you in my arms like this, with nowhere else to turn, and you wouldn’t try to get away from me.


After a long pause, Richard smiled and replied.


“We were a couple, Rose.”

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  1. Richard followed the saying ‘follow the heart’ too seriously im concerned