Author: Byuon

It was a life she hated.


Rosie hated the poverty-stricken house and the village children who wouldn’t leave her alone.


What I hated the most was the incompetent mother.


Why did you give birth to me?


Mom has no powers and I don’t have a father.


Why did you raise me?


“Mom, I want to eat chocolate.”


“… Rosie.”


“I know. Mother has no money.”


Aaron, the richest man in town, boasted that his parents bought him expensive chocolates.


“… I want to eat it, too.”




“I want to eat chocolate too! Not this tasteless food!”


It was one day when I couldn’t stand the wretched poverty and avenged my anger on Celine.


That day, Rosie stormed out of the house.


But the 10-year-old’s wanderings didn’t last long as night fell and she had nowhere to go.


She returned home with no energy and fell asleep, sniffling as usual.


I hope tomorrow doesn’t come


I don’t want to see my mom like that.


She fell asleep with all kinds of hatred and dissatisfaction.


When morning came, Rosie was desperate.


“Rosie, are you sick? Why do you keep screaming?”


“Wh-who are you!”


“… Rosie?”


Someone stole my body


A dark unconscious sucked in Rosie’s soul.


She watched her mother and the woman who took her body away from her in horror.


“My daughter, why are you doing this? Tell your mommy. Okay?”


Mom, that’s not me! I’m here!


Rosie screamed at the top of her lungs.


But my mother, as if she hadn’t heard a thing, hugged the thing that had taken my body.




I’m here!


I’m here!


Save me!


“I love you, my daughter.”


Mom, why can’t you see me?


It was dark.






Rosie woke up at the title they were calling her.


Everyone praises her.


When I was a child, I wanted to become a noble person who received ecstatic gazes like a saint.


‘It’s nothing.’


From what I’ve experienced, it’s nothing.




But I didn’t hate the way everyone looked up to me.


People who used to look down on me act like they would kneel for me, how can’t you hate that?


Rosie felt euphoric for a moment.


But then, a person who shouldn’t have been seen caught my eye.






She shunned those who called her and hurriedly left the banquet hall.


Chasing after the black figure, she turned her back on the fancy party hall and ran into the dark garden.




She hurriedly called the man.


“Stop! Stop!”


I hoped the man would stop at my words, even though I could catch up if I ran.


  1. “Lee Si-eon.”


As she spoke the name, the man paused and finally turned his head.


“… It was you too.”


My voice shook as I recognized the man’s face.


The jet-black hair and dark eyes were unusual.


Above all, the man’s distinct facial features had a fascinating corner that drew people’s attention.


I’ve been with that man for so long, there’s no way I can’t recognize him.


“Why are you here? You shouldn’t be here.”


“Why do you think I shouldn’t be here?”




The man she knew couldn’t get out of the ‘Cursed Land’.


This is because the moment you come out of the cursed land, your body is enveloped in burning pain.


If he stay out for a long time, this man may die.


So it was only once that a man came out to the cursed land.


“You’ve done quite a bit of work thinking I’m not going to come out of the Cursed Land.”


Rosie couldn’t keep her eyes on one spot and moved around. Like a child worried about getting in trouble.


But, contrary to Rosie’s thoughts, the man smiled kindly.




The man’s words meant so many things that Rosie couldn’t answer right away.


Was he asking about killing Rose and trying to kill her again?


Or that I had taken Rose’s place?


if not… Taking her place, is he blaming me for being the savior?


“Are you here to take my place, or are you here to reveal that I’m not the Savior?”




“… Yes. That’s because you love her so much!”


The moment when all the nobles had turned their heads to me seemed like a dream now.


This man in front of me is going to ruin her place and her revenge.


But the man’s words were short, sarcastic, and surprising.


“No. That seat is yours..”


“… .”


“If you really want it, you are the savior.”


“… Why?”


“Are you dissatisfied even if I let you do it?”


Savior meant a lot to the man, so Rosie questioned.


“Why are you just giving it to me? It’s not like you’re going to do anything good for me, is this the one that’s good for Rose?”


Instead of answering, the man looked at Rosie with an incomprehensible gaze.


The black eyes were shiny on the outside like black pearls, but they never showed the inside.


“I thought that if I saw you again, you would try to kill me, for killing Rose, whom you love so much.”


Still unable to understand the man’s heart, Rosie said something that could shake him.


The man’s eyelashes trembled for an instant, and as always, he regained his composure.


“I made you, so why would I kill you?”




“I don’t want to hurt you.”


“You’re lying, you’ll kill me if I get in your way.”


The man smiled briefly as if she wasn’t wrong.


“You like flashy things. I’ll be happy to give you that place, and give up on revenge. Then I will help you enjoy that glory forever.”


The words were wrapped in colorful meaning. When you look inside, you feel disgusted.


Rosie clenched her fist.


“You say that when you know why I’m doing this?”




She’d been trapped in the darkness for so long, with no one to save her.


Every time she would wake up, she would have to face a painful scene.


The moment someone took over my body, stole my mom’s love, and took my life.

And that was it.


“For that stupid thing, my mother died miserably.”


The thief was so busy taking care of herself that she didn’t even realize what was happening to my mom.


And so my mother died.


Rosie wandered around her like a ghost.


Without being able to escape from the darkness. I couldn’t cry because I didn’t have a body, and I cried in a way that I could express.


It was Lee Si-eon who saved her then. it was this man




“You are the one who made me. You didn’t expect something like this, and you saved me?”


The man had appeared one day.


He saw her when no one else did, pulled her out of the darkness, and built her a body.


“Thank you for making this body. I’ll use it wisely.”


Rosie turned her back on Si-eon.


For a moment, she ran after the man’s gaze.


It wasn’t a sexual feeling.


Savior. It was the desire to receive one glance and one attention from the man who saved me.


But not now.


As she took her steps back to the banquet hall, at that moment she ran into a tall man.


The green eyes of a man with fine blonde hair swaying in the wind looked down at her.


Marquis Evantes?


Did you hear the conversation?


The man’s lips twitched.


“Who are you?”




I had a strange dream.


In my dream, I walked through a pure white space. It was all white and there was no end in sight.


As I walked, I picked up an object that had fallen to the ground.


‘A Pendant?’


It looked familiar, and I realized it was the one I’d thrown away three years ago when I was told I could sense the energy of a devil worshiper.


My mom gave it to me, I remember it.


Memories were mixed and forgotten.


As I fondled the pendant with a nostalgic feeling, I heard a voice.


– Do you still want to forget your memories?


What? Where is that coming from?


I looked down at the source and saw the pendant.


The pendant twitched as if the lid was about to open. I opened it, mesmerized.


Inside it was a picture of a smiling woman with pink hair.






Seeing her gave me a strange feeling.


– I asked if you still want to forget your memories.


Then the Pendant spoke to me again.


I hesitated for a moment before answering.


“… Yes.”


Otherwise, I think I’ll cry all day.


I don’t want to cry anymore


I want to go back to my college days when I had no thoughts.


At that time, my mother wasn’t sick and it was all good…




The opened lid was closed.


I tried to o

pen the lid to see Celine’s face again, but it didn’t budge.


But soon my memories were also sucked into the pendant, and I forgot what I was doing.


When I closed my eyes like that, I was in reality.


“Did you have a good dream, wife?”


The silver-haired man ruffled my hair with an ecstatic smile.


Richard. My husband.

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