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Richard’s hand, which was stroking Rose’s hair, stopped for a moment.


As Richard stood still, Rose looked at him curiously.


He rubbed her eyes with a very careful hand.


“Did you had a nightmare? Why are you crying?”


“… I don’t know I can’t remember what I was dreaming of.”


“If it’s a bad dream, it’s better to forget it.”


What nightmare dared to make her cry?


Then, with a relaxed expression on her face, Rose came into his arms.


He stiffened at the unexpected touch.


It was unusual for Rose to touch him first.


Of course, it was probably because she now considered him her husband.


Anyway, it’s overly adorable.


“I don’t know, I’d like to get some more sleep first…”


“No way, Rose. I made you breakfast, so let’s eat it. You can’t eat late.”


“… Five minutes.”


Rose’s pitiful plea softened his heart for a moment, but unfortunately he couldn’t grant her request.


He usually did as she asked, but when it came to food, he wouldn’t budge.


In the end, Richard carried Rose, who was whimpering in protest, and took her to the table.


This has been going on for three months now.


“Are you going to work today?”


Rose asked, finally awake, as she munched on her food.


I laughed at how cute her cheeks were, like a squirrel.


“Why are you crying?”


“Why are you laughing?”




It’s too adorable to ask with a broken pronunciation from having a mouth full of food.


“I was just laughing. You asked if I was going to work, I think I will have to go out for a while today.”




After Rose lost her memory, Richard came down to the estate far from the capital.


The duties of a Paladin Commander had been put aside.


It was strange considering that the temple was a place bound by rules.


Is it just because he is the ruler of the temple?


In any case, the Pope gave Richard a long vacation, since he hadn’t taken a single day off during the war so far.


“Rose, do you think I should quit my job?”


Then Rose gave him a pointed look.


“Don’t be silly. I am also looking for a job. We’re in a difficult situation, but what if you take a break from work?”


“Well, we can afford it these days…”


“Not at this rate.”


Richard felt something was wrong.


When he had taken Rose out of the capital, he had intended to pamper her.


However, there was a ‘misunderstanding’ in the middle, and he had to act strangely that it was difficult to make a living at home.


‘How the hell did this happen?’


He sighed inwardly.


“I’ll be back then, Rose.”


“Come back safely.”




Three months ago, suddenly I was possessed a novel.


It happened out of the blue one day when I was drowning in assignments.


<… Who are you?>


At that time, everything was confusing.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a charming handsome man for the first time and said that we were a couple.


I spent a few days with the man in such an embarrassing state.


Suddenly, I became a wife with amnesia, and I thought it would be better to adjust to this place.


<I know you must be very confused because you lose your memory. But don’t worry too much.>




<You have me by your side?> He said.


The man was kind and sweet.


‘Poor man.’


That’s why I felt bad pretending to be his wife when I had lost my memory.


However, there were some strange things while we were together.


The interior of the large mansion was empty.


It’s like hiding in a mansion no one is using.


It was strange, but above all…


<We are a married couple, why don’t we have a ring?>


<Shall we get the ring right now?>


Sometimes the actions of a man felt like he was playing a fake couple.


At that time, I was living with a suspicious disease to the point that I felt hypersensitive as I had fallen in an unfamiliar place.


Are we really a married couple?


What if this guy is a scammer and he’s deceiving me?


It was quite disturbing at the time, but soon all the strange things were resolved.


<Rose, I think we have to leave soon.>


It was in the middle of a stormy night.


Richard, drenched in the heavy rain, had an urgent expression on his face.


<Richard, you might catch a cold, so first we need to wipe off the water…>


<I’m sorry, but we’re in a hurry right now.>


From the look on his face, I realized that something was wrong.


And so, as he wished, I hurried down to the Ruad estate, far from the capital.


‘I found out later why it was because we were chased by debt collector’


There were many incidents and accidents on the way down to the Ruad estate.


On the way, a chaser catch us… From then on, I guess I had a sense of what was going on.


<Tell me honestly. Are you in debt?>


<… Wife?>


<Or else why would we be chased?>


<… Did you know?>


What did I know?


You mean there’s a debt collector? Or is the house in debt?


It was the moment when I understood why the spacious mansion was empty, and there was no ring even though they were a married couple.


<Why didn’t you tell me you were in debt? What did you do?>


When she realized the truth he was hiding, Richard was visibly embarrassed.


After a long pause, he replied, ‘I made a mistake with the guarantee’.


At that time, I thought I was choking and my nose was stuffed.


I used to think he was a kind and sweet man, but he doesn’t even have eyes to see people!


<Were you disappointed in me?>


<Of course I was disappointed. How could you keep something like that from your wife. Does it make sense to hide that fact all this time?>


<… I’m sorry.>


It turned out that my husband was a useless person except for a good face and a good personality.


I found out later that this man didn’t even know about the world.


<Are you out of your mind, buying a mansion like that while you’re still in debt?>


<Wife, I….>


<We need to find another place to live.or should I say, rent? Is there no boarding house?>


<… I’d rather look for a cheap house.>


The place that Richard and I worked hard to find was a hut in the woods.


The hut was abandoned.


When I found this place, I liked finding a place that didn’t cost a penny, but Richard had a complicated expression on his face.


So Richard and I settled in the Ruad estate.


“Where are the job postings…”


I think I hid it here somewhere before.


“What? Why isn’t it there?”


Obviously I left it here, but it’s not here… Maybe Richard again?


He looked displeased whenever I said I was looking for a job.


He objected for a number of reasons, such as that it was a tough job or that the owner had bad rumors.


<That’s what social life is all about. Is there any job in the world that’s easy?>


<… Wife, please. Think again. What I’ve earned so far is enough, isn’t it?>


Oddly enough, Richard provided everything we needed, even though the job didn’t pay very well.


There was more than enough food to go around, and soon he brought me some expensive-looking furry clothes for the winter.


Every time that happened, I became anxious about where Richard would come back with debt.


<Two is better than one person.> 


<… I will do better.>


<No matter how good you are, there are limits.>




Each time Richard made a regretful expression on his face, he let out a deep sigh as the ground went down.


“I just threw it away. Look. I’m really going to leave you alone.”


There is still a long way to go before Richard returns.


I prepared to go outside with the intention of finding out for myself.


‘I must find a job within this week.’


I don’t know why I’m thinking of paying off someone else’s family debt after possessing this strange world.


So when I found out that Richard was in debt, I immediately tried to run away.


<Wife, are you going to abandon me?>


Until I see the gloomy blue eyes looking at me pathetically.


‘Yes. I’ll just live with you until I get used to this world.’


I was still a stranger in this land, and I had nowhere else to rely on.


I left the house, cursing the debt.


It was a long walk in the woods.


“Sister, where are you going?”


This familiar voice…


I turned around and saw a handsome, tall man standing with an axe.


“Hello, Si-eon.”


Lee Si-eon.


He was one of the few people I met while possessing this place.

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