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The first time I met Si-eon was when I had just settled in the Ruad estate.


Richard and I had found a cabin in the woods, which was great, but then there’s a problem.


This forest is too wide.


So I got lost, and it was Si-eon who saved me.


He said that he was a woodcutter and that this forest was his work place, and he took me safely to the hut.


After that, we met often and it was natural to get to know Si-eon.


Perhaps it was because of his name that I felt familiar with Si-eon.


Si-eon was remarkably handsome, but somehow exotic.


His appearance, like a mixture of Eastern and Western blood, is actually because his mother is from the East.


That’s how he got his Eastern name.


“I’m going down to town to find a job. Are you chopping wood again today?”


I glanced at the axe Si-eon was holding.


“Yeah, but I’m not. I just play with sister.”


“What? I am going to look for a job.”


“I will go too.”


Si-eon walked up beside me, sticking his axe in a random tree, and I was dumbfounded.


“What if you lose your axe?”


“It doesn’t matter. I have many things like that. And sister, you don’t know the village or the situation yet.”




“I’m sure I can help.”


At first I tried to resist the offer to follow me, but then I realized he was right, and my light ears fluttered easily.


“By the way, have you tried to find a job before? If it’s okay with sister, I’ll recommend it.”


“Then shall we go together?”


The change of attitude was quick.


Si-eon smiled and followed me.


Sometimes his smirk made him look like Richard.


But what was this feeling of being reeled in?




Richard came down with Rose to the Ruad estate away from the capital, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t completely interested in the affairs of the capital.


“The savior is on a pilgrimage right now. She seems to be visiting every corner, arresting suspected demon worshipers.”


As now, he was informed of what was going on in the capital.


“Possibly because of the pilgrimage, the activity of the demon worshipers decreased significantly after the appearance of the Savior.”


Richard listened to the report quietly.


A savior appeared and the world changed.


Another war hero, the Savior, had recently appeared in front of everyone and defeated the Demon Cult.


Now the Savior was like the god.

With a wave of the savior’s hand gestures, thousands of people turned their heads in that direction, and everyone listened to the savior’s words.


The savior didn’t wield any power, but dedicated herself to slaying the demon worshipers.


Who could not praise such a savior?


“Okay. How about Michelle Sablen?”


“Baron Sablen has recently started a new business after paying off all the debts to the Ascent family.”


“I’m glad to hear that. Keep a close eye on the Ascent family and others involved in the business.”


“All right.”


Upon hearing the report, Richard thought for a moment.


‘Rose has lost her memory, so she must have forgotten about Sablen by now…’

Richard remembered Rose’s once fondness for Michelle, and took care of Baron Sablen instead of her.


In return, he repaid the debt.


Then Michelle stared at him annoyed instead of thanking him.


<Why are you helping me?>


<I’m not helping you. Because I delivered it on behalf of Miss Shabrina.>


As he put Rose’s old name in his mouth, Richard fell into memories for a moment.


Then Michelle looked embarrassed.


<Have you met Lina?>


She was asking a lot of questions, but Richard was under no obligation to answer them.


‘The Ascent family is one of the main forces of the savior.’


The fact that the blonde brother and sister touched Michelle Sablen must have been because they were aimed at Rose.


It happened when the temple and the imperial family abruptly cut off a deal with Sablen, so they must have been helping the savior from behind.


He knew that Princess Evangeline was the savior Rosie’s force, but wondered why the temple was involved.


Is the Pope trying to help the savior?


It was obvious what the Savior was up to.


She wants to cut off anyone who might be on Rose’s side.


I would never let that happen.


Of course, it would be good if only you remained by Rose’s side…


Over the past three months, he has learned thoroughly.




<Come and do your best today.>


<It must be hard. How was your day?>


The ecstatic daily life obtained by deceiving her as a married couple.


But, as if pointing to a false relationship, an irresistible distance was created between her.


A feeling close to guilt gave him a little discomfort.


But the sight of Rose smiling at him, with a face that knew nothing, was so sweet that it overrode the discomfort and drew him closer to her.


The more he did, the greater the price of the sin he had made.


Richard shrugged and thought.


Why are you trying to stay by her side until you lie like this in the first place?


Why did I want her?


“… I have one last thing to report to you.”


At that moment, Richard raised his head and saw his subordinate continuing to report.


The estate where Richard was currently staying was Ruad.


… At the same time, Lord Ruad was a member of a club that kept the Savior up close.


“The head of the Ascent family has come down to Ruad.”




“The world is nasty these days. When the savior appears, the club that used to exist secretly reveals itself and all of a sudden goes wild.”


As I went down to the village with Si-eon, Si-eon told me a story about how the world is going these days.


As someone far away from the world, I needed to listen to him.




“From what I heard, I think they helped the savior before she appeared. It’s a club where only high-ranking nobles gather, but anyway, nobles play with each other, right?”


I felt comfortable because Si-eon didn’t consider me strange, and kindly informed me.


“The prestige of the club aristocrats is skyrocketing now. Their era has completely unfolded.”


Si-eon sarcastically walked ahead of me and made sure I didn’t get scratched by branches.


“Come and be careful. You might fall over here.”


“Yes, thanks. So what is the club doing now?”


“Well, they help the savior and kill the demon worshipers, right?”


Is this really the novel I knew?


As soon as I was possessed, a novel called <The Fog Raised> lingered in my head, and the worldview was similar, so I thought it was the novel…


‘Maybe I misunderstood.’


“Do you know what the devil worshipers are for?”


“Yes? What?”


“These are rumors, but there are rumors that they are trying to resurrect the devil.”


Are there such rumors? After all, Si-eon seems to have good information about rumors and such.


“Is the rumor that the devil needs a transcendent to be resurrected?”


According to the novel, demon worshippers are hostile to transcendents who have the blood of gods running through them.


And savior.


In any case, she is someone who has nothing to do with me, but somehow it keeps lingering in my mind.


I tried to shake it off, but like a sticky gum, it wouldn’t come off, leaving a mess in my mind.


“By the way, Si-eon, you said that you would introduce me to a job. What it is?”


I struggled to change the topic. It was also my original purpose.


“Have you got anything in mind for sister?”


“Something that doesn’t require a lot of physical and moves in the right places? I don’t want it to be uncomfortable…”


Then Si-eon opened his eyes as if waiting.


“At the same time, an acquaintance said that he was looking for someone, but it would be perfect if I introduced him to sister.”


What’s going on?


A little later, Si-eon took me to the front of a large castle.


“… Si-eon, where are we?”


“It’s the perfect job for sister. How about being a maid?”

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