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After removing the branches, Richard approached me.


I don’t know why such an ordinary gesture feels so tense. My whole body seemed to be shrinking.


I twisted my body to force myself to stand up. I can’t be caught. Come on, run away…




In an instant, a friendly voice calls out to me.


The voice that made me feel at ease when I didn’t know anything is now disgusting.


“Don’t come.”




“Don’t come! go away. Leave me alone.”

However, no matter how many words she threw, he came close to her nose and bent down.


One knee touched the dirt floor and his clothes got dirty, but he checked my condition to see if I was okay.


Seeing that made me even more angry.


I slapped away the hand that was outstretched to me.


“Don’t touch my body!”




“Why are you doing this to me? Do you like playing with someone who doesn’t remember anything?”


In fact, the situation in which I couldn’t move because I injured my foot aroused indescribably annoyance.


I pressed my fingertips against the ground, grains of soil dug through my fingernails.

I shuddered at the thought of a human taking advantage of my loss of memory.


A confrontation ensued for a while, but the words crept into my mouth and poured out.


“I hate you.”




“I hate you. Please go away.”


It was then that the expression on his face, which had hardly been broken by any words, changed.


The smile faded from Richard’s face. I wonder if it’s my mood that makes that face look so hurt.


Why are you making that face, what’s wrong with you?


“Rose, the floor is cold.”




Still, even with that look on his face, he managed to reach out to me once more.


“Get your dirty hands away.”


“Just go home. You are not going anywhere barefoot…”


“Let me go!”




I couldn’t help but slap him on the cheek, and Richard’s head turned to the side.


If he touched me again, I would give him one more slap.


He turned his head and fixed his gaze on me again.


I couldn’t help but flinch as I met his piercing blue eyes.


“… It’s cold.”


Richard was right.


The cold wind made my body tremble, but I was not in a situation to worry about that now.


But Richard put a thin cardigan over my shoulder, as if it was a very serious matter.


“… What do you want from me? What the hell is wrong with you.”


I had no choice but to keep him in check due to his incomprehensible attitude.


I asked with a voice full of vigilance.


He looked down at me quietly and placed his hand on the back of my hand.


I tried to pull out my hand in surprise, but he intertwined his fingers, as if to say he wanted to be firmly entwined


“What are you doing…!”


“You already know what I want, don’t you?”




“I always said it was you.”


He grabbed my hand and pressed it against his lips.

My hands were dirty with dirt, but he didn’t care.


“Let go…!”


“I don’t want to.”


“… What?”


“I won’t let you go.”






Richard hugged Rose, who had fallen in anger for a long time.


There had never been a time before her memories came back like this.


It was a peaceful night when I slept holding Rose in my arms. That night was sweet as if it would never happen again.


<Who are you?>




<Why am I in bed with you… Ouch.>


She grabbed her head, confused by the mixed memories.


For a while, I stared at her to see if her memory had slowly returned.


<Rose, are you okay?>


<… You disgusting bastard.>


He couldn’t deny Rose’s words.


It was an irrefutable statement.


At that time, Rose also clenched her teeth and fell down while swearing.




He called her name as she lay motionless in his arms.


I stared at her sleeping face for a while, and then moved to the hut.


When Rose first asked to live here, he was stunned.


At that time, a fake savior who was trying to take Rose sent someone to Richard.


The chaser could easily be killed, but it was somewhat difficult to live peacefully with Rose, who had lost her memory.


So I hurriedly came down to Ruad’s estate to avoid them.


In fact, he didn’t intend to settle there.


Because this estate ruled by a fake savior.


<Tell me honestly. Are you in debt?>




<Now that we’re not being chased, we should settle down here. It seems like a peaceful place.>


It’s a peaceful place. It only looks on the outside…


Rationally, he knew he should move, but Rose’s words about how nice it was made him want to stay.


She liked this place, so he couldn’t resist.


And I didn’t know at the time that we would end up living in an old hut because of her absurd misunderstanding.


<You must save some money, Richard.>


I have plenty of money.


<You shouldn’t have to pay off your debts so quickly.>


I don’t have any debt.


However, he couldn’t tell any truth about it, as he had many things to hide from her, who had lost her memory.


I felt guilty for letting her live in the old hut, and wanted to tell her the truth, but somehow he couldn’t bring himself to do it.


I felt like she would run away.


Rose and I cleaned and decorated the hut, and it looked pretty good.


<It’s like something in fairy tale.>


<Is that so?>


<I’ve wanted to live in a house like this since I was little, but I didn’t know it at the time, and now I’m really living in it.>


So he ended up living here with her.


Richard carefully moved Rose to the bed.


There were scratches all over her body as if she had run like crazy.


Her feet, in particular, were bleeding.


Richard soaked a towel in water and carefully wiped away the dirt and blood, then applied a medicine.


Rose groaned in pain.


“… Richard?”


Innocent eyes that seem to know nothing.


Only the desire to sleep more clearly is contained in the pink eyes.


I was selfishly relieved to see them.




“… Yes. What are you doing there? Ouch..”


She wiggled her toes to see if the wound stung.


It was so cute that he grabbed her ankle and kissed her.


Rose’s eyes widened in surprise.


“Hug me, Rose.”


“… Uh, all of a sudden?”


She can’t remember what happened at dawn.


The memory is only with him.


When he first deceived her, he had no idea that his deception would bring such guilt.


Because that feeling was unfamiliar to him.


When he wants something, he takes it, and when it belongs to someone else, he takes it away.


But in fact, it was the first time he felt such a strong emotion that he wanted to take it away.


“You don’t like it?”


Even at this moment when I asked her, I was afraid of the distant future.


The day when she regains her memory and looks at himself in disgust.


Couldn’t you have guessed the moment when you deceived her the first time?


… No.


He had guessed even then. Only he had no idea what it would feel like to be dependent on her.


He liked that she looked at him, even though he knew it was a deception.


Because there were too many people in Rose’s life.


“Come here. I’ll give you a hug.”


As Rose spread her arms, Richard dug into her arms.


It was warm.


But he was not satisfied and demanded more.


“Kiss me, Rose.”






Rose blushed in embarrassment, and carefully grabbed his cheek and kissed him.


His cheeks felt like they were burning with red heat under her touch.


The tickling sensation that seemed to sting, left him alone.




Startled, she tried to push him on the shoulder, but it was already too late.


Rose was eaten away by him.


After a while, as if exhausted, she fell into Richard’s arms.


Richard looked at Rose like that for a long time.


I couldn’t let her go.


Whatever the ending was foreordained, no matter how ruinous it was, he was ready to grab the sweetness he had now obtained.

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