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“Since I’m not on duty in the bedroom— I didn’t hear the message in advance. I apologize.” 


A look of dumbfounded flashed on his face at my shameless reply.


However, I pretended to know nothing and stuck to my innocent face.


“Don’t you know what bedroom attendant means?”


“Clean the bedroom and serve as the Marquis’s attendant or assistant— isn’t it?”


I’m pure—. Pure—.


Like a spell, I kept repeating the words inside.


Argen was silent for a moment.


What’s the problem?


“No, just leave now.”


“…Is it okay if I’m not doing my duty as a bedroom attendant?”


“I don’t want it anymore.”


He doesn’t seem to like me going to the bed sheet. 


I understood what Argen meant, but I decided to pretend I didn’t know and to think that way.


I nodded and said I understood. 


“Then I’ll leave now.”


I shut the door and went out pretending I didn’t see Argen with a dumbfounded face.


All I have to do now is feed Richard a meal and collect the potatoes he cut.


And tomorrow was the last day of meal duty. 




The gatekeeper has been imprisoned since that day. And escaped from prison a while ago.


He can’t die like this. 


He begged them for mercy with the connections he had built up over the years and succeeded in leaving the Marquis of Evantes safely.


Rosie didn’t immediately reveal that he was a spy, but he didn’t know when she would vomit.


He immediately sent a ‘scorpion’ to a designated place, and after a while, a reply came back telling him to come to a cottage in a remote place. 


The cottage had an owner who sent him to Evantes. But he didn’t know who they were.


He just needs to get the money.


There were two men in robes there. 


One was sitting arrogantly with his legs crossed and his back against the chair, while the other stood next him and quietly greeted him.


He doesn’t know who they are, but they must be high-ranking people.


As soon as the gatekeeper saw them, he immediately knelt down, thinking that his head might fly as he returned without results. 


And he revealed all the facts without exception.


Among them, Rosie and Marie were also mentioned. It was to make an excuse that his work had gone wrong because of them.




However, the man who had been sitting in the chair all the time reacted in the wrong part.


“Yes, that’s right. If it wasn’t for that maid—”


“What does it look like?”


The gatekeeper was wondering. Why are you asking that?


“Master, maybe it’s just a person with the same name.”


“I can’t believe you threw up on my question. How dare you?”


When the man who was supposed to be a servant answered the man’s question instead, a bloody voice came back.


“That’s not fair. I was just saying what I thought.”


“Okay. I don’t need your thoughts, and you, there. You tell me now. What does Rosie look like?” 


Was Rosie someone that man knew? 


“She has pink hair and pink eyes. And she looked like a cat—”


The gatekeeper recalled Rosie’s face and said everything he knew as much as possible. Rosie had a very impressive appearance, so it remained detailed in his mind.


“Is that so?”


Strangely, the man sitting looked satisfied with the gatekeeper’s words.


He doesn’t know what it is, but he thought he could live.


“A banquet will be held soon at the Marquis of Evantes.”


Argen Evantes often held parties because he enjoyed quite a bit of entertainment.


Most of them were parties attended by high-ranking nobles, and it was the dream of all nobles to attend them.


“Should I attend?”


The party, which is said to be difficult for most nobles to be invited to, was as easy as this man could do with a finger.


—As expected, he must be a very high-ranking person.




“Maybe my Nunim ran away there and is working as a maid.” 


He chuckled as if it was a lot of fun.


One thought struck the gatekeeper’s mind at that moment.


His Nunim with pink hair and pink eyes.


A bounty proposed to find the Nunim who ran away from Count Herthas.


It can’t be—.


The moment he figured out the identity of the man in front of him, he met the red eyes that were slightly revealed through his robes. 


At that moment, his fascinatingly beautiful eyes bent.


“Take care of him, Asher.”


The man simply sentenced the gatekeeper to death.


“W, wait—!”




“P, please spare me! Ack!”


At that moment, the gatekeeper crawled on four feet to run away with a strange scream, but an eerie wind passed behind his neck.


Yurtha stared at the fainted gatekeeper with pathetic eyes.


“Get rid of it.”


“I understand.”


Yurtha murmured slowly as he saw the gatekeeper being dragged out.


“It’s okay whether it’s a slave or not, so I want to meet you this time, Nunim.”


Nunim, I don’t have much patience.




Under the blue clear sky, a girl with lovely pink hair stood blankly.




The girl muttered blankly. It was the name of the girl.


Rose. Jangmi. (장미 or Jangmi means Rose.) 


It was the name she received from her stepfather the moment she entered ‘Count Herthas’. 


The child’s eyes reflected in the dark room’s candle were a bright red, reminiscent of roses.


So her name became Rose.


Originally, her name was Rosie. Her stepfather gave her a new name, saying the name was insignificant. 


But Rose thought it didn’t matter what her name was changed to.


Rose is 13 years old.


She looked at the world with gloomy eyes that didn’t look like young age. 


“This is my name—”


The girl’s lips twisted. The girl thought that if there was any substance in her name, she would want to scratch it until it bleeds. 


She calmed the boiling anger like that, but at that moment, an intense pain ran through her head and shook her mind. 




The girl’s body collapsed helplessly on the grass. Hot blood flowed from her head.


Rose looked up at the brown-haired boy who hit her. 


“When something like trash enters the house.”


The brown-haired boy looked at Rose with a relentless disgusted look.


The creepy gaze was clear, but Rose just looked at the boy’s burning heart blankly. 


It made the mood of the brown-haired boy, who was running the worst, even more exciting.


“Where do you get those eyes?”


“Get lost.”




“I said get lost.”


Rose was very annoyed with the brown-haired boy bothering her.


She was not afraid of the boy’s violence. There was actually something else she was afraid of.


“Where is this—!”




At that time, a calm voice called the boy.


The boy’s hand stopped in the air without being swung to Rose.


The boy distorted his face. 


“Are you trying to hit Nunim again?”


“This girl is being rude! So, I want to give her—!”




Again, a calm voice cut off the brown-haired boy.


Although he was clearly younger than the brown hair, he had the power to subdue his opponents.


“Please go in.”


“…You, Yurtha.”


“I don’t say it twice.”


The brown-haired boy was afraid of Yurtha. 


This is because the vivid emotions that anyone could see were all over the eyes of the brown-haired boy. 


The brown-haired boy followed Yurtha’s words. 


When she told him to get lost, he didn’t—.


Rose was blunt in everything, but she felt worse.


The brown-haired boy disappeared from sight, and Yurtha approached Rose with a relaxed step.






“I just saved Nunim. But won’t you tell me anything?”


Rose thought.


Someone more annoying is here.


She groaned and stood up, shaking her tired head. 


And he said the same thing to the brown-haired boy a while ago.


“Get lost.”


The boy briefly burst into laughter at Rose’s words.


But Rose was not deceived by the shallow pretense. Finally, as the thin glass broke, the gentleness of Yurtha cracked.


“Ah, I’m annoyed.”


Finally, the hell began.


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