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Did I get caught running away? It’s okay. Just be calm—.


Just like going out for a walk—.


And I can say that this luggage was brought to move somewhere.


I thought so and walked forward calmly. But the footsteps gradually approached me at a fast pace.


My breathing got rough because of the bad feeling.


I was about to run right away because I didn’t want to, but a strong force pulled my waist. 


At that moment, I couldn’t breathe at all.




Yurtha Herthas,


It was the sub-male lead of this novel.


“I caught you.”




I was out of breath. 


My breath was taken away as a strong arm wrapped around my waist as if a large snake was tugging around my body.


I took a deep breath and tried to regain my composure.


At that moment, Yurtha buried his face around my neck. When the hot skin touched me, I got goosebumps at the unfamiliar sensation.


“Ha— Nunim.” 




“Nunim, Nunim.” 


The terribly low voice calling me one after another gave me chills.


The hot breath he exhaled ran out the back of my neck.


“Why did you run away?”


“You don’t like me leaving? That’s why I asked you to join the academy.”




“You said you didn’t like it. That’s why I went alone. I thought you respected my intention. Why?—”


Did I abandon him? 


I couldn’t say anything in front of the voice filled with anger.


“Why aren’t you answering me? Nuna, hm?” 




“You’re the first person I’ve ever had to show patience so long.”


The other hand, which didn’t wrap around my waist, brushed across my shoulders. With a delicate move, his hand reached up and grabbed my chin, turning it around.


I stopped breathing, which was already difficult, as I saw his brightly shining red eyes.


“Did you have fun playing?”




“But what should we do? It’s time to go back with me.”


I thought it would be useless to say that he was mistaken for a person as I did to his subordinates who came to convey his words.


Then, I finally made up my mind.


If I couldn’t avoid it, I had to face it.


Only then did I look straight into the red eyes.


“Who do you think you are?”


A sharp voice like an awl came out of my mouth.


I knew that it was not good to go against the sub-male lead. 


However, when I met his eyes, a cold expression naturally appeared as if I had become Rosie in the dream.




“Who are you to take me with you?”


The tip of his mouth twisted.


Strangely, however, the nervousness of facing him calmed down slowly.




Rosie in the dream never had fear even if she was in a rough situation. Is it because of that?


Maybe it’s better like that. 


If I behave differently from the Rosie he knows, this crazy, terminally ill sub-male lead might suspect me and do something.


“You don’t know why I left the house?”


Actually, I don’t know either.


But I just brazenly pushed ahead.


“You really don’t know why I left you?”


“—Nunim, you better not provoke me.”


“That house, and you, I hate all of it. So let me go.” 




“So let’s never see each other again.”


I really didn’t want to get involved with anyone, whether it was the sub-male lead or the male lead of this novel. So I firmly threw away Yurtha.


According to Rosie’s memory in my dream, Rosie was nothing more than a toy to him.


He will fall in love with Argen if he meets him anyway—.


No wait, in the novel, Rosie is dead, so is it different now?


‘He’s still the sub-male lead—’


I don’t know what will happen, but I think getting out of this situation is the first priority to do now.


“Why do you keep saying nonsense?”


But Yurtha didn’t seem to want to listen to me.


“First of all, let’s go back.”




“I said let’s go back.”


To refuse, I twisted my body to escape out of his grasp.


Yurtha put his hand under my crotch and hugged me.


I blinked, bewildered by this unexpected situation.


“—You, what are you doing now?”


“Can’t you see? I’m going to take you, Nunim.”




“To our home.”


Damn it. This bastard didn’t seem to be able to communicate at all.


What should I do? 


“I like this place. I don’t want to go!”


“Then, what’s with this luggage?”


It seems that Yurtha knew immediately that I was trying to escape at night from the Marquis of Evantes.


The fact that he most wanted to know came out so easily.


“It’s because you’re here I’m leaving a good job.”


I will try to leave even if it wasn’t him, but I calmly put a lie in my mouth.


A fox’s den or a tiger’s den? Still, I couldn’t lean properly to either side.


Because both are the worst.


“Nunim, really—”


A cruel smile was caught around Yurtha’s mouth.


“I don’t know if you’re ignorant, but you only give the worst answers before and now.”


Strangely enough, the more I saw him, the more I didn’t want to lose to him.


Where does this strange feeling come from?


I was a person with a strong sense of pride, but that didn’t mean I was brave.


However, at this moment, I was convinced that Yurtha would not be able to do anything to me, and I dared to speak more and more.


I felt absorbed as Rosie the moment I saw him.


“Put me down.” 


“Nunim, you abandoned me, but I have no intention of losing you.” 


He hugged me and walked away. I hit his body to get out of him, but it was useless.


Rather, Yurtha raised his eyebrows as if annoyed.


“And Nunim, aren’t you too cruel?” 


What did I do to be cruel?


“Do you know how hard it was for me to have two years without you?”


“You don’t know how comfortable I was, do you?”


Perhaps Rosie ate well and lived well without Yurtha.

Yurtha let out a low sigh at my answer.


“I took a magic suppressor that I hadn’t taken since I was a kid. Still, it was the worst.”


—Magic suppressor.


As I recall, Yurtha was also one of the few Transcendents.


He was one of the few characters who could equally deal with Richard, the obsessed maniac of the novel.


“When Nunim was there, I didn’t get sick, but my whole body seemed to burn because Nunim wasn’t there. Even though I took a magic suppressant.”


—Come to think of it, even Richard said that if I was there, he wouldn’t get sick. I think the scent from me erased the pain or something.


Was that real? 


And did it mean that it also worked for Yurtha?


At this point, it was surprising that Rosie, who was not an ordinary person, was not mentioned much in the original.


“But now I’m going to be with Nunim. I don’t want to suffer anymore.”


Then, Yurtha smiled brightly.


The clear red eyes were filled with madness.


“It’s okay to be sick, but it’s strange to be heartbroken.”




“It was a really unpleasant feeling.”


Despite my cold response, Yurtha just seemed happy to meet me, and his voice was mixed with languid excitement.


That scene made me terrified.


“—What are you going to do with me?”


“What do you mean? How dare I treat you like that.” 


No way. 


I saw it in my dream. The cruel Yurtha. 


Of course, I haven’t seen everything. But I could feel Rosie’s terrible feelings after that as if it were mine.


It was a strange thing that could not be expressed in words.


“But now I have to put shackles on you so that you can’t escape.”


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  1. heeee? it looks like it was a picture from the comic, is there a comic version? if yes please let me know ☹️