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The meat was tough.


Yurtha sliced the steak while watching the tough flesh of the meat being cut by the knife.


Rose is quitting her job here?


When Yurtha saw her, he remembered Rose’s expression of dying. It can’t be. 


Yurtha didn’t understand Rose.


Rose must have been aware that the moment she left this place, Yurtha would immediately take her and go somewhere.


It’s a very appealing word, but sadly, it couldn’t be true. 




Something is different.


Rose’s personality, expression, intonation, behavior, and everything else.


It is different from what Yurtha knew.


It’s like a different person. 


As he pondered about that part, he heard the sound of a wine glass being put down.


“I heard what happened during the day.”


Argen, sitting at the top of the table, saw Yurtha while cutting steak. 


“You helped capture and lock up a monster trying to escape? I got help from you unintentionally.” 


“It’s not true. Thanks to you, I had an interesting sight.”


“I’m glad you had an interesting sight. I was worried that it might have caused trouble since you were an important guest.” 


Argen seemed to think that Yurtha’s words were modest, but it was a really interesting time for Yurtha.


Besides, didn’t he have a long conversation with his sister while trying to catch the monster? Of course, Rose looked at him with disgust.


And more than anything.


‘It bothers me.’


That monster is bothering him. 


From the fact that he dared to take his sister without knowing the subject is something like trash. 


And what do you mean transcendent?


It’s enough to have one transcendent by Rose’s side, Yurtha.


‘That monster must have noticed Nunim’s ability.’


A sense of ecstasy when touched with that special scent.


Yurtha thought with a sweet look like a person savoring food.


He’ll have to get that monster out of the way, he thought. 




When I watched Ella being dragged, I became confused.


Richard looked for a pink-haired maid. And the maid was me.


Argen was also aware of this.


I don’t know why, but he pretended not to see me. But there was no guarantee that I would continue to be safe.


—I think my life will be in danger if I stay here as it is.


I have to run away. But how?


“Rosie, you don’t look good.”


Emily looked worried next to me, peeling potatoes in an uneasy way.


“Are you worried about Ella?”


“…I’m worried about Ella, too.”


“Why? Ella is not even close to you.”


“That’s true but—”


We weren’t very close, but people around me became like that, so there’s no way I’m not worried.


Besides, if I hadn’t visited Richard to avoid Yurtha, Richard’s body wouldn’t have recovered to its best. 


I also felt guilty that it might be my fault.


“Still, I was talking to Ella a lot too—”


“Rosie needs only me.”




What’s wrong with the conversation?


At that moment, Emily had a fierce look like an obsessed male lead. 


“And Rosie, are you worried about seeing Ella screaming that she’ll never die alone, and that he’s looking for the pink-haired maid there?” 


“But that’s—”


I think it would be the same for me too.


What can’t I say to stay alive?


An escaped monster went looking for the pink-haired maid. In fact, even if I was not guilty, as a result, Ella, who was on duty to eat, was fired up.


So I can seem hateful enough to Ella.


Well, that’s understandable enough. It was because I thought that I would have sold Ella’s name in order to live in this place. 


“Phew. Rosie, how in the world are you going to be so kind?”


After I didn’t say anything for a while, Emily sighed, as if worried about whether I had misunderstood something else.


“Don’t worry. I’ve lived a good life with this personality so far.”


“Lie. You didn’t know how to do anything when you first met me. Don’t you remember you made me suffer?”


With a big smile, Emily touched my side. I just smiled awkwardly and couldn’t say anything.


Because I’m not a real Rosie.


I don’t know the old days of the two.


“Besides, you had such a rough personality, it really felt like raising a rough cat back then.”


“What did you mean to raise like that?”


“I used to feed you and put you to sleep without getting paid. Of course I raised you!”


I was about to skip Emily’s words with a smile, but at those words, I stopped cutting the potatoes. 


—Didn’t Emily and Rosie meet as maids in this mansion?


It was unexpected, but no matter where the two met, it wouldn’t be my business. 


“Is there a maid named Rosie here?”


Soon a maid came into the kitchen.


“I’m here to tell you what the head maid is saying.”


A head maid? Why me?


It doesn’t feel good.


“For the time being, the maid Rosie will be the servant who takes care of the monster locked in the basement.” 




I didn’t understand this situation at all. On the other hand, the maid, who conveyed her words, looked like she had finished her words.


My head was spinning and I started having an accident late.


“I heard that the monster was looking for the pink haired maid, in other words, I heard that he was looking for a maid Rosie. So as the head maid said, maid Rosie must be responsible for this.”




“So, she told me to tell you to take responsibility for this job until she finds an exclusive maid.”


Ella was imprisoned and other maids refused to attend Richard because they thought that if they served him, they might suffer for the same thing. 


So there must be a valid excuse to quell their dissatisfaction, are they trying to use me as a scapegoat?


“What are you talking about—!”


Emily, who was listening next to me, shouted, but the maid faced Emily with sharp eyes.


“That’s what the head maid said.”




“I was just conveying the order of the head maid. If you have any objections, please speak directly to the head maid.”


How can I protest against my boss—?


Will anyone’s neck fly away?


“It starts from dinner tonight.”


“If it’s dinner—”


She’s telling me to do it right now.


I’m doomed.




A dark night. No light came in.


Richard remained calm leaning against the wall.


Cold energy flowed into the room through the stone walls, but the man didn’t care.


Richard blinked, trying to pull himself together.


He raised his hand to wipe his eyes. Then he heard the cold sound of the chains clashing.


Richard burst into laughter when he saw the magic restraint firmly caught on both wrists.


He got caught again.


The moment he tried to take the maid out, a strong scent that was different from before came out from her.


He couldn’t pull his mind out of it. 


It was difficult to maintain a complete mind as if he had inhaled a strong drug deeply.


And even now, after some time, his head was still dizzy.


What is it?


Her scent was always incomprehensible. But he was doing it because it was to his advantage, but he changed his mind when it returned aggressively. 


Rather than being infinitely powerless like a rat, it was like a vigilant object.


Richard contemplated.


What should he do with the maid?


The plan has been changed.


Unfortunately, the plan to take the maid out seemed to have to be withdrawn.


If he smells the scent of the maid and faint again like today, the plan will be disrupted. 


Let’s go out first and find out what kind of ability that maid has. 


No, before that, it wouldn’t hurt to lock her up so she wouldn’t disappear from sight. 


And if he thinks she’s not harmful to him, let’s put her next to him. 


It was time for Richard to make such a plan.


The sweet scent lingered at the tip of his nose.


Richard already knew what this familiar, fascinating scent was.


His eyes opened wide.


It can’t be—.


That maid came.


Richard pulled the chain to be broken. To approach the maid. 


There was a cruel smile around his mouth.


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