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What do you mean to go to give Richard a meal?


I remembered the last time I saw Richard.




The face that looked at me with a bewildered expression was engraved in my mind and didn’t leave.


His blue eyes trembled slightly.


‘What did you do to me…’


That’s what he said for sure. 


I didn’t even do anything.


It wasn’t just one or two strange things that he just collapsed suddenly.


‘Is it really what I did?’


He tried to kidnap me. And then I did something to him, and suddenly Richard collapsed, so his escape seems to have failed.


That’s why he was a nasty person I never wanted to meet.


‘Still, I thought he was a better guy…’


I already knew that he was out of his mind after reading the original work, but I didn’t know he would do such a crazy thing in the middle of the day.


That’s also about kidnapping me.


The guilt felt by Richard was secretly washed away coldly.


He does that for his own gain, too. So there’s no reason why I can’t be cool to live as I am.


And it seems that I almost won the position as an exclusive maid.


Under these circumstances, the maids extremely refused to be on turn for Richard’s meal, so they all blamed the situation on me and used me as a scapegoat.


‘I really want to run away…’


I wanted to run away like this, but if I ran outside, Yurtha would be the problem.


Yurtha is also transcendent, so I know the effect I have on him. 


‘How can I run away from him?’


This is the Marquis of Evantes. I also have to look at Argen’s eyes, so I can’t act hastily. But if I go out—.


I can only sigh.


…Should I do what I have to do first and then think about it?


What should be prioritized right now is the immediate situation rather than running away.


Let’s keep a close eye on Richard, as I did all this time. He can’t run away—.


Ah, my eyes are sweating.


When the gatekeeper saw me coming in with a meal, he opened the door as if he had waited.


But I didn’t go in right away and looked at the gatekeeper for a long time.


“What’s wrong with you?”


“…it’s nothing.”


It’s not the gatekeeper I’ve seen so far, but a different person. As expected, was the previous gatekeeper replaced? Like Ella?


Then, why didn’t Argen just leave me alone?


“Aren’t you going in?”


When I didn’t move, the gatekeeper was puzzled.


“Of course, I have to go in.” 


Please, I hope this gatekeeper lasts a long time.


It looked somewhat similar to my situation, so my eyes moved.


Trrrrk! Trrrk! 


As soon as the door was opened, a sharp sound of metal rubbing against each other was heard.


I already knew what this sound was.


It was the sound of a chain being pulled tight.


…Is it okay to go in?


“Are you okay?”


When the gatekeeper looked at me and asked, I smiled awkwardly and nodded. 


So I left the gatekeeper behind and went inside. Clank, the door suddenly locked behind me.


It felt as if the escape route was blocked.


I shook off my mixed feelings and looked at Richard. He was as close as the chain could be pulled. He narrowed his forehead. 


The blue eyes that looked at me shone to the point where I was horrified.


Are you angry because you think I interfered with your escape?


“You never smile at me, but you smile at the new gatekeeper.”


I thought that Richard, who casually spoke to the subject he was trying to kidnap, was absurd and thought it was just like him.


That doesn’t mean it’s ever forgiven.


“Did we have a good relationship?”


“Whenever I see the maid, I can’t help but smile.”


When I heard him, I thought of the original story for a moment.


In the original, Richard always smiled. Smiling with anger expressed all emotions of hatred.


That was terrifying.


“Will the maid take care of my meal again?” 


I nodded without energy without hiding my desperate expression. I had no energy to answer.

I helplessly put down the dog bowl in front of Richard. Then Richard’s gaze stays there for a while.




“It’s nothing.”


He smiles, but why do I feel uncomfortable?


I sat silently next to Richard and waited for him to finish his meal.


Maybe it was because I was close to Richard, so I kept thinking of him as he collapsed when he touched me while trying to kidnap me. It felt like my body had the power to handle him.


…If that’s the case, I could hold him tight to keep Richard from escaping.


And wouldn’t it be useful to run away from the transcendent Yurtha?


In the end, I couldn’t hold back my curiosity and asked.


“How did you feel when you fell?”


When asked a question that could have been embarrassing, Richard pretended to think casually and smiled.


“The feeling like being taken down by the maid?” 




It’s my fault that I expected it.


Well, there’s no way he can easily tell me something that could be a weakness.


Richard would already know. That I can’t handle my power properly.


From his point of view, it would be advantageous if I couldn’t control the power.


“Maid, your expression.” 


Richard lightly tapped my forehead to see if that was funny.


“I don’t know if it’s originally like that, but the maid, especially when you’re with me, you wrinkle your face a lot.”


“It’s thanks to you.”


“That expression should be made by me, who failed to escape.”


“You’re asking for it for yourself. When the opportunity comes, you have to seize it. Why are you foolishly trying to kidnap me.”


“I know, why are you so pretty that you seduced me?”


“… Are you crazy?”


Richard laughed.

“It’s just fun.”


“Really? Must be nice. I’m at my worst right now.”


I laughed at Richard, who smiled. As if it’s rotting.


“If you don’t want to be like that again, you better be careful.”


“Well, there is no easy way to get you. I’ll put more effort into it.”


“Is there no option to leave me alone?”


Richard’s eyes widened. The half-moon-like whitetail was fascinating.


“Of course, there isn’t.”


“Just go out and look for it.” 


I spat out harsh words at him. I angrily patted the dog bowl in front of him.


“Just eat it.”




“…Are you not going to eat it?”


Richard looked at the dog bowl that was sticking out in front of me for a moment and bent his eyes as beautifully as ever.


There was no warmth in his blue eyes.


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