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The head maid rubbed her tired eyes. She hadn’t been too tired until the Marquis brought the monster into the house.


The maids shouted at each other because they didn’t want to be assigned the duty of serving the monster’s meal.


Still, until ‘before’, everyone followed her words without much reason.


Until the monster escapes.


Other than Ella, all those who were in charge of the monster-related duty were dragged away.


When the maids who watched the scene united and refused to serve the monster mean, the head maid scolded them.


However, the life-and-death maids didn’t back down even though they were usually afraid of the head maid.


There’s something scarier than her right behind them.


The head maid was forced to step down when the maid didn’t move.


So she chose Rosie.


Isn’t one better than many?


‘…And I feel strangely bad.’


The head maid swept the railing and glanced down at Rosie, who was busy moving downstairs.


It was that child who drove out her favorite maid, Marie.


Of course, Marie committed a crime, but—.


“Head maid.” 


A shadow fell behind the head maid, who quietly watched Rosie.


The head maid looked back in surprise like a child caught committing a crime.




It was the person who called the head maid several times.


Probably because he was the aide who followed the guest of this mansion, Yurtha Herthas.


Was his name Asher?


“What’s the matter?” 


“I just wanted to talk to you for a moment.”


There seems to be something to secretly whispering within.


“It’ll only take a moment. Do you have time?”


The head maid was not unfamiliar with this moment.


It was because the guests who came to the mansion sometimes gave money and ran errands.


So she gladly nodded her head and followed the man.


She shouldn’t have done that, but—.


“—What did you just say?”


The maid, who followed the man, was somewhat surprised to hear what the man had to say to her.


“Isn’t there a maid named Rosie working in this mansion? I’d like you to help me in getting her kicked out of this mansion.”




Tok, tok, tok.


A gentle finger patted the table leisurely.


“So what you mean is this is how Nunim has been doing.”


Yurtha was interested in reading the documents delivered to him.


The time Rosie got a job here and worked as a maid was in it.


Yurtha narrowed his forehead. This is because the mealtime with Argen came to mind.


Currently, the mine development priority they are talking about is in Yurtha’s hands.


As long as the finance officer, Argen, approves, the goal is now fully achieved.


Except for one thing,


“I can’t believe she has been doing this kind of chores.”


The Nunim who was more noble than anyone else—.


Mixing with the lowly things to do these dirty things.


During the time Rose disappeared from Yurtha’s gaze, she had been buried in dirt.


“It’s annoying but…”


Yurtha stopped knocking on the desk.


Asher, who was standing next to Yurtha and assisting him, naturally looked at Yurtha.


“It’s strange.”




“I just don’t think it’s the Nunim I knew.”


“What part are you talking about?”


“First of all, it’s weird that she wakes up at 6 o’clock. She usually wakes up in the afternoon—”


Is that particularly questionable? Asher pondered for a moment.


For a moment, she thought it was the boss’s joke, but Asher, who knew Yurtha’s personality, decided to answer cautiously.


“That’s something that can easily change depending on the living environment. Before I met Yurtha-nim, I lived a happy life waking up at 9 o’clock—”


“You talk so long that I want to pull out your tongue.”




There’s no way Asher could understand his sister. 


What Yurtha pointed out was not just sleep time.


The Rose he knew was very lazy. In other words, she was not motivated in everything and made a face that didn’t matter if she died soon.


However, seeing in the documents, she was working hard day by day.


That part, such a lively life was not the Rose he knew.


‘Come to think of it, her expression looked bright—’


Yurtha always knew nothing but the achromatic Rose.


—No, he has only seen Rose expressing various emotions with colorful colors once.


But then it was only that one time.


Since then, Rose has had a shady face everywhere.


“…What changed my sister?”


She left his side and became brighter.


And Yurtha didn’t like that very much.


“…I’ve never seen a face like that even if I tried so hard.”


Now she looked like Rose, whom he wanted to see.


But never, he never wanted her to make such a face when he wasn’t there.


As Yurtha’s mouth twisted, Asher, who was next to him, had a tired face.


This is because bad things happen every time Yurtha makes such a face.


“Asher, find someone.”


As expected. 


His master intends to do something.


“Yurtha-nim, this is the Marquis of Evantes. The deal with the Marquis of Evantes is going smoothly, so it’s time to go back quietly—”


“I’ll have to go back. Because I can’t give up my position to the damn Dylan. But after I got my sister back.”


He’s usually a really good master, except for his arrogance, but he goes crazy when he hears the story of his sister—Asher wants to cry.


“If possible, I wish there was one maid like Nunim.”


“…What are you going to do?”


“I’m not sure—”


He was just purely curious.


Did Rose really change?


Yurtha’s red lips smiled enchantingly.


He’ll find out if he checks it out.


Asher didn’t like his master’s will, but he was so stubborn that he was unable to do anything and decided to follow his will. 




Like that, the present.


The head maid was confused by Asher’s words to kick Rosie out of the mansion.


Like the monster, the Marquis who left Rosie unharmed even after the escaped monster was looking for her, and even this man in front of her. 


Why is everyone talking about Rosie?


“My master likes the maid. If you do the job successfully, I’ll give you a generous pay.” 


Yurtha Herthas entered this mansion and quite a few servants tried to seduce him.


In any mansion, maids trying to seduce aristocrats by trying to raise their status were widespread. 


He didn’t even pay attention to them, but did Yurtha Herthas have a feeling for Rosie?


In fact, even in the eyes of the maid, who worked in this mansion and raised her eyes, she was remarkably pretty.


Even so, there are some things that are not quite clear but—.


“I will decline.”


When it comes to money, most people don’t refuse the work, but sometimes they have to know how to save their life.


There must be a reason why the Marquis left the child quietly.


“You’ll regret it.”


“What do you mean?”


“Why do you think I made this offer to the head maid?”


“That’s because the rank of head maid is useful for the work.”


“That’s true too, but.”


Asher smiled softly and opened his mouth.


“If the head maid’s son’s deeds are known to the Marquis Evantes, would you mind changing your mind a little?”




At Asher’s sudden words, the maid clenched her fist. Damn it.


There was no mention of how he knew that.


It’s like admitting a crime on her own. So instead of saying that, the head maid said something else.


“It’s easy to get a maid out of the mansion.”


Okay. Let’s send one maid out of the mansion.


When Asher heard the head maid’s words, he smiled.


“If possible, it would be nice if it looked pretty miserable.”


He said he liked her, but he wanted her to make her look miserable?


“Ah, it would be better to be miserable than to get kicked out of the mansion.




“I think that’s closer to my master’s request.”


Apparently, a madman has entered this mansion.


Among the nobles the maid has seen, he is truly insane.


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