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Yurtha didn’t understand his sister at all.


It was probably around twelve.


In Yurtha’s memory, Rose was always helpless. Her routine was monotonous.


Whether she gets out of bed slowly and wanders around the garden idly, or lies in bed all day long.


At that time, it was possible because Yurtha’s father didn’t give Rose a tutor. 


Anyway, Rose was like that.


And then, one day.


“Lady Rose stole it!”


A brother of Yurtha.


Yurtha’s older brother, Dylan, hated Rose extremely. He could roughly guess what the reason was, but it was nothing in Yurtha’s eyes. 


Dylan struggled with what to do with Rose, and so was that day.


He accused Rose of stealing the jewel.


The method was simple. Having a maid put Dylan’s jewels in Rose’s room, was a trick that could be used in concubines’ quarrels. 


But it was definitely effective.


Many servants were being summoned, and Rose was at the center of it.


Rose looked around as if annoyed and yawned.


As she became the main character of the play, she acted as an audience.


“Rose, did you really steal it?”


The Count looked at Rose sternly.


Rose looked at Dylan who showed a proud face. And she sighed.


“Yes, I did.”


Why? But why? 


Yurtha simply didn’t understand. 


If it were him, he would have planned to drive Dylan to the edge of the cliff right away. He can never stand suffering like that. 


“—Rose, did you do that? Why did you do that?”


“The jewels are pretty.”


An insincere answer.


No one knows what Rose did. Even if she had an excuse, she could have gotten away with it if she had.


Furthermore, isn’t she the daughter of the Count’s second wife, whom he loves? 


That’s why things won’t spread much.


“Yeah. I’m sure this made you reflect on this. Don’t do that next time. Butler, buy everything Rose wants.” 


As Yurtha expected, the situation was easily resolved. 


“Father! That girl stole my jewels!”


Except for the one who’s going crazy.


“Shut up, Dylan! Isn’t she younger than you? You have to forgive her because you’re older brother. Don’t be so narrow-minded.”




Dylan shed tears at his cold father’s attitude, but he couldn’t say anything.


Yurtha watched the situation quietly.


Whatever the case, the conclusion was important to him.


In the end, Rose wasn’t the culprit, right?


Yurtha can never tolerate insults against him. Moreover, the same goes for ‘his’.


It must be paid back.


So, he revealed that the culprit of this case was Dylan, putting Dylan in custody for a month for framing his sister. 


Not being able to go out of the room was the worst result for Dylan.




My sister is mine, so shouldn’t I protect her?


But why?


Rose is looking at me as if she is disgusted with me, isn’t she?


Yurtha couldn’t understand her at all.




I had a dream again.


This is probably the memory of Rose, the original owner of the body.


I don’t know how I knew right away that it was Rose’s memory, but I could only say that I knew it as if I was drawn to it. 


In this dream, Herthas’ first son’s Dylan framed Rose for stealing jewelry, and strangely, Rose covered him up.


No, I think she just moved on because she was lazy.


And as expected for Yurtha. 


It was terrifying that a child was still trying to bury a person. Is it possible because it’s a sub-male lead? 


When I was disturbed by the contents of the dream. The maid called me.


“Rosie, go and carry some luggage with Lena.”




It’s strange that I was dragged as soon as I woke up in the morning, but I can’t believe I’m suddenly burdened.


I carefully asked the maid. I don’t think that’s my job?


People become sensitive to these areas. I have a lot of work, and Richard’s meal duty was added, so you’re going to increase my work here? 


“There’s a problem with the maid who was supposed to do it, so you can do it for her. All you have to do is move the luxury goods bought by the Marquis to the Marquis’ room.”




“It’s not difficult, so look at Lena and follow her. Do you get it?”


Is it because I’ve been through so many bad things lately?


Whether I am sensitive or not, I was suspicious of the head maid’s behavior. 


“But head maid, I have to go to give a meal to that person—”


“Can’t you just go and give it to him after that?”


It’s really strange.


To dismiss it as sensitive—.


In addition, I was disturbed by the dream I had today.


“So, aren’t you going to go?”


“No, head maid. I will go.”


The answer was decided anyway. The maid smiles satisfactorily.


“Lena! Come here and tell Rosie about your work.”


“Yes, head maid!”


Lena, with a confident face, ran to the words of the head maid.


And the two exchanged silent eyes, and Lena smiled brightly and looked at me.


It didn’t feel like a genuine laugh, so I almost stepped back. 


“Hello, Rosie?”


Why does it feel so bad?


When the head maid left and only two of us were left, Lena looked at me with an unknown expression.


“I heard you kicked Marie out?”


I thought I was going to introduce myself, but at her sudden words, I was taken aback for a moment.


Why does Marie come out all of a sudden?


Marie’s work was a story around her.


“No way. I’m just a maid, how can I kick Marie out?”


“They said you framed Marie for poisoning the monster’s meal.”




I couldn’t even immediately refute the ridiculous sound.


There’s no way the story could have jumped like that.


Why is she trying to get on my nerves by bringing up sensitive topics?


I don’t know Lena at all. Did Rosie and Lena have a bad relationship before?


“How could I be here if I framed her, Lena. It wasn’t a plot, it was true, so Marie was kicked out.”


How long do I have to repeat this kind of lame conversation?


Thinking that this was also an extension of my social life, I responded with a Richard-style smile. 


Lena was a higher-ranking maid than me, so I needed to save myself that much. 


“I asked because there were rumors that you kicked Marie out. How do I know if it will happen to me as well?”


“It’s just a rumor.”


“But you. Why do you keep talking informally?”




I think today’s bully is fierce.


“Okay, Lena-nim. So, what should I do today?”


If I stay like this, I will only repeat meaningless word fights, so I decided to step back.


It was wise to respond ‘yes’ to whatever she said.


“Aren’t you apologizing?”




“You spoke informally to me.”




It’s really annoying.


“I apologize.”


I smiled half-heartedly and said, but Lena seemed to have no intention of backing down.


Yeah. There are one or two idiots like this in the world.


Thinking of Richard, Argen, and Yurtha, Lena felt a little cute.


“Is that the attitude of a person who apologizes?”


Should I kneel down? 


—I think she really wants that. I felt the need to cut Lena off at this point.


“I’m sorry, but I have to go give the monster’s meal. The Marquis will get mad if I’m late like this—”


Let’s stop now.


When Argen was mentioned, Lena’s momentum subsided to see if it worked.


“Follow me.”


I followed her obediently.


I knew how to deal with these humans.


“Lena-nim, by the way, you have really fair skin.”


“R, really?”


“Oh my! Your hair is smooth, too—”


When I gave Lena a little flattery to make her feel comfortable, she no longer disciplined me.


“Just call me Lena comfortably. I was joking around earlier. Speak comfortably.”




I don’t know if I should say this is a pleasure, but with her permission, I can speak informally.


So, as Lena explained, I was able to get out of this tired time only after moving Argen’s luxuries items together.




After carrying the luxury items with Lena, it was a little later than usual when I was able to deliver Richard’s meal. 


“You’re late.”


Richard, who was leaning against the wall as always, called me.


He, who always had a soft smile and pretended to be, looked a bit sloppy.


“Yes. I’m late.”


Incomprehensibly, he had a sad expression on his face, then wiped away the stained emotions and smiled beautifully.


The well-folded blue eyes were alluring. As I stared blankly at his face, Richard opened his mouth.


“It was hard because I missed you, Maid.”


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