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Lena pointed her finger at us and shouted at us.


“What kind of trick did you use? How did you get in here? I’m going to scream! Get out of here! What are you going to do to me—.” 




When Emily tried to step up after seeing Lena, who had no sign of reflection, I hurriedly stopped her. 


“Emily, I’m sorry, but can you leave for a moment?”




Emily seemed displeased, but as always, she did me a favor.


“Calm down, Lena.”


“Really? You crazy girl! I’m stuck here because of you, how can I calm down! What the hell did you do! Why did the jewel come out of my room? It should have come out of your room—”


“Why is that coming out of my room? It’s like you hid jewelry in my room to drive me away as a criminal.”




Only then did Lena realize what she had said and shut up.


I immediately erased my cold expression and showed a sign of being genuinely sad.


“Calm down, Lena. I’m not here to fight you.”


“—What? Then why did you come here?”


“I’m here to help you.”


Lena showed signs of frustration at the unexpected words.


“I was able to come in here because I was close to the gatekeeper. I want to talk to you, Lena.”


I gave a reason for entering this place without difficulty. I had to erase Lena’s boundary first.


“…Why did you want to meet me so much?”


I smiled passionately at her words. I decided to pretend to be pitiful, as if I was forced to endure my sadness.


“Lena, it was only yesterday that we met, but I was so grateful that you took good care of me.”


What do you take care of?


I decided to pretend that I had forgotten all of her attitudes that she had longed for me.


“So I never thought you’d ever steal a jewel, so I’m here to help you—”


I deliberately blurred the end of the sentence.


“…But Lena, I didn’t know you’d hide the jewels in my room.”




“Why did you do that?”


Lena didn’t answer right away. I wasn’t surprised because it was expected.


“It’s strange no matter how I think about it. Why did you, who saw me yesterday, put jewels in my room—”


“So, Rosie, you tell me. Why did that jewel come out of my room? It’s like you made it up. Are you here to make fun of me?”


“What are you talking about, Lena? I don’t know anything about the jewel! Why would I hide the jewel in your room?” 


Of course, I was the one who put the jewels in her room during Lena’s absence.


However, I expressed my resentment with my whole body pretending to know nothing.


“Then why are the jewels in my room—”


“That’s strange. Lena, there’s no way you’d have left it by yourself in your room, unless someone else knew about it—”


I tilted my head as if I really didn’t know.


However, Lena seemed to have hardened with shock, perhaps because she had a corner to point out.


“…No way, there’s no way.”


“What’s wrong, Lena?”




“Did someone really intervene in the middle? Lena, no way—”


As if a surprising fact suddenly dawned on me, I violently grabbed the iron bars and called for Lena, who was trapped inside.


“Yesterday, all of a sudden, the head maid told me to move the luxury with you. Lena, it can’t be, the head maid— it’s impossible right?”




“…Did the head maid really make you do this?”


Lena’s face was blank in shock.


“It looks like a trap she dug for you. Lena, what happened to you?”


Lena’s face didn’t harden in an instant; instead, she grew tired of it, like a corpse.


“The head maid, that damn woman—!”


Lena shouted as if she had no intention of hiding it now.


As I prepared, I put on a surprised expression.


“What? Really, that head maid!”


I trembled like a shocked person, then lowered the hand that was covering my mouth and whispered to Lena.


“Lena, can I help you?”




“Hnnng. So, that damn woman… Hiiks. To me…”


“Oh, my. Lena. You must have had a hard time under the head maid.” 


“She have such a dirty temper!”


Lena wiped away her tears and began to gossip to me about the head maid.


I sat next to her with a bar and cursed with her like a friend of ten years. 


Emily decided to go out and watch the situation.


“How could she do that to the nice Lena—!”


“The damn head maid! I feel like I’m going to die alone like this!”


“Is there any way, Lena?”


“I knew this would happen someday, so I collected some of the head maid’s weaknesses.”


This is really unexpected.




“Yeah. Rosie, can you tell the head maid what I’m saying?”


Lena carefully looked around and lowered her voice, putting her mouth close to my ear.


“—I have all the evidence of the books embezzled by the head maid.”




“Shh! Be quiet. Who’s going to listen? A head maid is a thief. Is there a jewel like today? There’s no way.”


“What do you mean?”


“The head maid, not just one or two things have been stolen from this house.”


When I pretended to be surprised and responded to her, Lena talked about it as if she was excited.


“In addition, she prepared a fake identity in case she was found out. She probably didn’t know that I even knew such a thing.”


“Fake identity?”


“Yeah. What’s even more crazy is that the head maid’s son is running a business by pretending to be the butler of this family.”


I can’t believe he’s doing business by selling Evantes name.


If she get caught by Argen, her neck will fall right away.


“I guess she knows it’s dangerous to get caught so she’s ready to run away by creating a fake identity.”


Fake identity. 


I suddenly had a thought.


If I make a fake identity, will it be advantageous when I run away in the future?


“But Lena, where’s the book?”


“Oh my. I heard the story. I’ll tell you where it is—”


Lena, who was talking, paused and looked back at me.


“…You can really help me, right?”


“Of course. We’re friends now.”




Perhaps touched, Lena’s eyes turned red.


I pretended to be innocent and smiled kindly and comforted Lena’s back.


I’m the only one she can rely on in this situation anyway. The results were set.


Stay there forever, Lena.


Even though I knew exactly what would happen to me, I had no intention of forgiving Lena for coordinating with the head maid.


Come back to the present.


“…Rosie, how can you do this?”


The head maid’s expression trembled.


The weakness of the head maid that Lena had was fatal.


What do you mean ledger! 


I went to jail just in case I could find out the whole story of this through Lena, but I never thought I’d get this income.


I smiled brightly as I looked at the ledger I showed the maid.


“Head maid, shall we have a honest conversation?”


I smiled brightly, leaving out what Lena asked for.




“The head maid, that woman, was very sloppy.”




It was pathetic in Yurtha’s eyes that she tried to drive Rose away by claiming that she stole the jewel, but failed miserably because she didn’t check it properly once.


Not being able to handle the tasks entrusted to her was one of the types Yurtha hated very much, but unlike usual, he had a slightly different impression this time. 


His sister has definitely changed in a few years.


In fact, he wondered how Rose would respond to this.


Will she just say that she did it as she did before?


She was a person who would have to wait until she died soon.


However, Rose, whom he met for the first time in years, changed.


If she had changed, he thought she would show a different reaction—.


She’s really actively trying to solve the problem.


Why? What changed you?


Apart from curiosity, there was also annoyance that work failed.


He tried to save Rose, who was guilty, and take her out of here by force.


‘Still, there are many ways in the future, so there is no need to be in a hurry.’


Knock, knock. 


At the sound of a simple knock, Asher turned his head.


“It’s me.”


A word that hasn’t been revealed.


A word that didn’t reveal who it was.


However, it was enough to make Yurtha, which had been hanging all the time, to stand up. 


Yurtha’s red eyes sparkled.


“When did you need my permission? Come in, Nunim.”


Just like a young child smiles at their parents, the only corner they can rely on, Yurtha’s brightened face made Asher sigh.


Rose entered the room without hesitation.


Then, he glanced at Asher. 


“You get out.”




Unlike a few days ago, the momentum has changed.


“I don’t say it twice. Get out right away.”


The bright pink eyes were dazzling.


Looking at it this way, it seemed to resemble Yurtha.


Of course, the two of them didn’t look alike outwardly, even without a drop of blood, but they were similar to Yurtha’s life, perhaps due to the years they had lived.


“What are you doing? Asher! Aren’t you going out?”


When Yurhta rebuked Asher for not obeying his sister’s instructions, he had to hold back the sighs he has been living in these days.


As Asher left, Yurtha’s lips softened.


Whether it was contempt or hatred, Rose’s gaze fell on him. Whenever he met her gaze, Yurtha used to be captured by the strange excitement.


“I’ll be straightforward, Yurtha.”




“Get out of this house.”

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