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I had to find out whether Philip was a spy or not.


To do that, it would be nice to bump into each other often, but there was no particular contact point.


So I decided to make that contact point.


The head maid was the right person to build the bridge. 


I asked her to make a point of contact with Philip, and the maid accepted my request without saying anything because I had her weakness. 


And in the present. 


“Philip! You can move it here!”


I am actively using the precious relations the maid made.


“…are you talking about this place?”


“Yes, you can move it to that warehouse. It’s very heavy, isn’t it?”


“…I, it’s fine.”


At first, Philip was wary of me, but in no time, he blushed at me.


I decided to take advantage of that.


I smiled brightly at Philip.


“I’ve touched it for a while before, so I know, isn’t it really heavy?”


“I, it’s not heavy at all! It’s as light as a feather.”


“What do you mean light as a feather? Philip is really good at joking.”


“I’m not kidding, I’m telling you the truth. I’m pretty strong, you know.”


“Wow! It’s amazing how light it is for you, Philip-ssi.”


I was thinking about how to approach Philip, but fortunately, it wasn’t that difficult.


If we get to know each other like this today, I won’t have to ask the head maid to make contact anymore.


“Ah, maid, aren’t you so biased only towards Philip?’


“Ah, Hayden-ssi.”


Hayden, who stepped up after loosening his shirt, grumbles, perhaps because it was hot.


From behind Philip, three new servants moved their luggage together and approached the warehouse.


“What biased?”


Another man quietly carried the luggage next to Hayden. Did he say his name is Lucas?


He was a man who didn’t talk much.


“Then it seems that everyone has carried all the luggage, so I’ll get going. I have to pick up my lunch.”


“Ah… Is it already?”


Philip looked at me with disappointed eyes.


Watching us like that, Hayden muttered, ‘Dirty couples.’


One of the new servants, Anri, who was watching the scene, smiled slightly.


“Hayden hyung, the maid doesn’t like you.”


Anri wiped the sweaty blonde hair, making a sorry face in place of Hayden.


When Anri laughed, flowers seemed to fly everywhere.


‘But where did I see you?’


It’s my first time seeing it, but why does it feel like I’ve seen it somewhere?




It was Lucas, who silently did his job without saying a word. The man’s dark brown hair was sweaty and stuck to his dark skin.


‘The weather is really hot.’


Lucas approached me.


He took the grass off my skirt. It seems to be buried while walking in the garden.


“Thank you, Lucas.”


“It’s nothing.”


“Then everyone, see you again next time.”


Philip blushed and waved at me.


I left the new servants behind and headed to the mansion.


On the way to the mansion, Emily, who was waiting for me, stood.


The two of us clapped our palms without saying a word.


“Then Emily, I’ll ask you a favor.”


“Trust me, Rosie.”


Baton touch complete.


From now on, Emily will monitor them on my behalf.




How can they help him escape?


It was a quite suspicious proposal.


Richard thought while rolling a crumpled note in his hand.


He tried to take Rosie with him when he ran away, but he smelled the intense scent she gave off.


Since then, the situation has not been smooth.


‘Now that I think about it, it seems that the time has come slowly.’


Luckily, he learned that the previous gatekeeper was a spy.


The gatekeeper had a question of how the hell he got to know, but it was ridiculous from Richard’s point of view.


Richard didn’t do anything in particular.


He just overheard it.


After meeting Rosie, the pain that had been eating him was gone, and he felt much better than before.


Usually, human senses and transcendental senses are clearly different.


And the gatekeeper just didn’t know that.


Richard threatened the fact that he was a spy and made the gatekeeper do a few things. 


A note was sent to his person through a gatekeeper.


He planned to escape this place sooner or later.


And at that point, an unknown message arrived at Richard.


What on earth are they up to?


Although suspicious, it was a condition that benefited Richard.


What to do? 


At that time, Richard’s favorite scent flowed to the underground.


Rosie is coming.


Rosie, who brought food as he expected, arrived.


Richard tried to treat her with a gentle smile. If the odds hadn’t happened.


“Here, eat it.”


Rosie put out a plate with a generous meal in front of Richard.


Food used to be served in dog rice bowls, but today it is served on a plate.


“It’s a plate.”


“Yes, it’s a plate. You don’t like it?”


Richard looked at her for a moment. What on earth is she thinking?


After he had tried to kidnap her before, Rosie didn’t do him any favors anymore.


“…Is there anything you want from me?”


Instead of answering, she gave him a fork.


“Eat comfortably with this.”




“Oh, and the chef prepared food for me, so I sneaked it in for you to eat too.”


“I don’t know why you’re acting so sweet all of a sudden, maid.”


After making an awkward face for a while, she smiled harmlessly.


Richard stared at it in amazement.


It was almost the first time Rosie smiled at him like that.


“You asked me if I wanted anything from you earlier, right? Are you going to listen to me if I ask you not to run away?”




“You’re not, right?”




“There’s nothing I want but for you don’t run away. But I know you won’t listen to me, so what else would I want?”




“I’m just giving it to you.”


“Why all of sudden—”


“That’s what people do all of a sudden. I don’t know either.”


Richard clasped the note, which had already been crumpled.


The tingling sensation in his chest was really strange. 


“Well, maybe I’m out of anger.”




“You tried to kidnap me, didn’t you? Don’t you remember?”


Rosie frowned. As if there’s no way he had forgotten, she looked at him. 


“Anyway, I’m not good at anything, so I just— I just do.”


Rosie smiled and put a fork in his hand.


The little white hands were beautiful.


He wanted to feel the soft touch more, but Rosie immediately pulled out her hand. 


Richard continued to eat as slowly as usual.


He wants her to go out as late as possible.


That’s weird, isn’t it?


It must have been surprising that it had a sweet scent. But why does he keep looking at her? 


Whenever he saw Rosie, he was thirsty. The thirst that seems to never be quenched.


Rosie left and Richard opened the note.


[I can help you escape.] 


Ah, maid. What to do? 


Richard laughed.




That’s really strange.


Strange, Rosie.


“Why do you do things that you haven’t done lately?”


It’s all dangerous.


Emily didn’t like that kind of thing.


Rosie, whom she knew, was an ignorant Lady. 


She repeatedly twisted and untied her blonde hair with her fingers.


“Rosie, my lady.”


Emily leaned against the window-frame and murmured in an unpleasant tone.


Still, she didn’t take her gaze out of the window.


Outside the window were four servants whom Rosie had asked to watch.


They looked like they were going to go their separate way after work.


As expected, the four men part away.


Emily looked at Philip.


Because Rosie said that out of the four servants, Philip’s watch should be prioritized.


Emily came out of the house.


She hid the trace and followed Philip. Philip went deep into the garden, out of reach of the people.


And deep in the garden, Philip stopped.


Emily hid herself behind the tree, unable to get any closer because she was afraid of being caught.


‘Why did you come here?’


The question didn’t last long.


Someone approached Philip.


‘Who is it?’


She wanted to check the face, but she couldn’t see the face because it was covered by a tree.


Judging from his physique, he looks like a man—.


The man handed Philip a thick pocket. From her long experience, Emily could guess what was in there.


Well, she’s sure it’s a bag of money. 


What did that man make Philip do, and did Philip do it?


A quick reasoning was made in Emily’s head.


Emily crept closer to them to listen to their conversation.


“Come here at this time tomorrow.”


The man left the words and disappeared, perhaps because he had already finished his business.


It was a pretty uneasy situation.


Emily was not happy with Rosie’s recent frequent involvement in this situation.


What on earth is Rosie thinking?


She has to hurry up and tell Rosie this.


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