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I’ve been wary of Richard since he tried to kidnap me on his first escape.


But when I looked back, I thought it might not be a very good idea.


The reason why Richard pretends to be kind to everyone even when he is trapped underground.


It was a trick to induce the other person to be careless by winning favors.


So I also decided to act like Richard.


He always smiled and acted as if he were trying to seduce me as described in a novel.


So I was willing to pretend to be possessed.


Of course, I don’t think my plan will work for Richard.


But if I’m lucky, I might be able to see the difference.


With that in mind, I have been kind to Richard today.


Above all—.


‘I don’t like to be personally hard on people.’


Every time I brought a dog bowl, I wasn’t happy.


So, as before, I took the plate out of the kitchen and put food on it.


Richard seemed surprised by my actions.


Even at dinner I changed it to a plate and delivered it.


‘I feel tired.’


There are so many things that I care about, and I get tired quickly after a day’s work. It was then.


“Rosie! Rosie!”


“What’s going on, Emily?”


As if she had run in haste, Emily was out of breath.


“That, Philip—!”




What’s going on?


Emily seemed to have found something. Sure enough.


She told me what happened today.


“…Philip got the money bag from someone?”


“I’m not sure, but I think so.”


—He was given a bag of money.


It’s very different from what I know.


The spy who entered this mansion was Richard’s.


One day, while chasing the whereabouts of Richard, who suddenly disappeared, he enters this mansion as a spy. It is here when he discovers that Richard is imprisoned.


And when he comes in here, he acts like a dead mouse, like a normal servant—.


But he worked for money? And secretly?


I can’t remember clearly, but I don’t think there was a story like that in the novel—.


Wait a minute.


‘Philip may not be Richard’s spy.’


Then who’s the spy?


No way—.


I’m getting confused.


“That person and Philip are going to meet again tomorrow, Rosie.”




After all, I have no choice but to go and check it out myself.


“What time are they meeting tomorrow?”


Emily didn’t reply immediately. She just stared at me with calm eyes.




“Rosie, I think it’s too dangerous. What the hell are you going to do?”




I couldn’t tell her the truth about the things I had asked Emily to do.


I couldn’t tell her the truth that I was looking for Richard’s spy.


Thinking about what to say, Emily sighed as if she had given up.


“You’re leaving at that time tomorrow, aren’t you?”




“I’m coming with you, Rosie. Because dangerous things can happen.”


“…if something dangerous happens, you’ll be in danger too, Emily.”


“Don’t worry about that. I’ll take good care of myself and stay with you so I’m not in danger, Rosie.”


I’m still worried, but it was a reliable word.


Will there be another friend like this in my life? Probably not again.


But I should never forget it.


Emily’s concern was not for me, but for Rosie, the original owner of this body.


“Thank you, Emily. Let’s go together.”


For a moment I was envious of Rosie.




“I’m sorry, Emily.”


The promised time has come.


I apologized to Emily, who was sleeping on the bed.


I handed Emily the bread mixed with the sleeping ingredients I made, and Emily, who didn’t know, ate it and fell asleep.


Emily offered to help, but I didn’t want to put her in danger.


“I’ll take care of my problems myself.”


I didn’t want to get my friend involved in a series of dangerous things.


I pulled Emily’s sleeping blanket up to her neck and left the room.


And I went to the promised time and the promised place


In the garden, I hid in the bushes and trees, waiting for Philip and the man to come.


How long has it been?


A rustling sound was heard in the garden.


I held my breath and looked up. I could see Philip coming from far away.


The way he looked around was suspicious.


Philip was restless as he waited for someone.


Shortly thereafter, another person appeared besides Philip.


I wanted to check the man’s face, but the surrounding was dark and obscured by trees.


But I soon found out who the man was.


“You came first.”


It was a familiar voice.


Where did I hear that voice?


“I’ll be calling the gatekeeper tonight, so come and hear the answer from the monster in the basement.”


If it’s a monster… it’s Richard.


And the gatekeeper—.


It seems that it was no coincidence that there was no gatekeeper that night.


What the hell is he doing??


The man’s voice was somehow familiar to my ears, so I seemed to know who he was.


It was Asher, the man who served Yurtha.


Philip was not Richard’s spy, but Yurtha’s spy.


I couldn’t move until the conversation between Philip and Asher was over and they both left.


What the hell is he doing with Richard?


I never could have guessed.


I had to figure out what Yurtha was up to. But how?


It was when I returned to the servants’ quarters in such a mess.


I met Emily with an angry expression.


“Rosie, do you have anything to say to me?”


That night, Emily caught me for a long time and scolded me.


Emily urged me not to do it again, and to leave it up to her if there was any danger.


I didn’t know why she was so nosy with me, or, rather, Rosie.


Ordinary people would avoid it if they thought they were in danger.


It was the night Philip and Asher talked that Emily, who had so satisfactorily scolded me, returned.


Philip said he was meeting Richard tonight.


I slowly prepared to leave.


Emily was worried about me and asked me to tell her anything I had planned.


I convinced her that it’s okay and I won’t do dangerous work anymore, but unfortunately she didn’t want to listen to me.


They asked Philip to come after hearing Richard’s answer.


And I was going to overhear the conversation.


So I waited for Philip, hiding by the railing on the first floor, rather than the hall leading to the cellar.


It wasn’t completely hidden by the railing, but it wouldn’t be seen unless you looked up.


And there is not a single light coming in, so the darkness will cover me up.


Philip, who appeared a long time later as I expected, went down to the cellar without noticing my presence.


I kept a reasonable distance from him and followed him down to the basement.


There was no place to hide in the basement, so I had no choice but to go to the corner of the aisle.


Still, I could hear Philip on this path.


“He wants an answer to the note.”


It’s the sound of Philip asking Richard a question.


What the hell does Yurtha want from Richard?


I waited for Richard’s answer. I hope I can get the answer from the following answer.


But something unexpected happened.


“…the answer to the note.”


I could hear Richard’s murmur, even faintly.


“Before that, it would be better to get rid of the rats first.”


—I’m doomed.


There was no need to worry about who the rat that Richard was talking about, because it was me.

“Who is it?”


Philip shouted.


How the heck did Richard know that I was following him?’ Without time to ask questions, I had to jump right in.


I heard Philip chasing me from behind.


My heart was pounding.


When I escaped from Philip and returned safely to my room, I was able to shake off my frightened heart.


I almost got caught.


How did he notice that I was following him, Richard—a scary bastard.


In the end, I got nothing.


Things just went wrong.


Philip will be more careful in the future when Richard says that he has a rat following him.


I didn’t want to use this method either but—.


‘Now that it’s over, the first-strike, first-served victory.’


I immediately wrote the letter on paper.


I didn’t want to use this method—.


But there’s no answer for Yurtha.


It’s either all or nothing.


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  1. Isn’t this suppose to be a Marquis’ house? Why is it so easy to infiltrate? 😅😅😅 Argen needs to up his security…
    The most powerful in the Financial side but has very poor security, its a wonder this house is still standing up.