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Philip was in a bad mood.


In the middle of the night, someone saw him go to the basement.


No, maybe there really was a rat bastard—.


‘If Sir Asher finds out about this, he’ll—’


If he confesses, he’ll only endanger his own life.


Because he’s just a person who can’t get his job done.


He had to find out who the rat was.


‘I couldn’t hear the monster’s answer because of the rat.’


Asher, who served Yurtha, was not a person who gave many opportunities, perhaps because he resembled his master’s personality.


If it goes over once, it won’t go over twice.


It was when Philip’s nerves were in full swing.




He heard a sweet voice that melted his sharp nerves.


“M, Miss Rosie!”


Suddenly, the two were calling each other’s names.


Rosie pretended to be friendly and called his name before, though, in fact, she was the only one who said only Philip. 


“M, Miss Rosie, what brings you here—?”


Strangely, just looking at Rosie makes him stutter.


Philip clicked his tongue inwardly at his stupid attitude.


But Rosie just smiled as if she had no idea.


The half-folded smile made Philip’s heart pound.




“I was just walking by when I saw Philip. You don’t like it?”


“W, what do you mean! I’m happy to meet you, Rosie!”


A loud voice came out of nervousness.


After spitting it out, shame rushed in and his face turned red, and Rosie chuckled as if she was having fun with that reaction.




Philip stared blankly at Rosie’s smile.


“Oh! Philip, what are you doing this afternoon?”


“This afternoon?”


“It’s nothing special, but the chef said he baked bread today, so Philip—”


“I want to eat it, too!”


Rosie opens her eyes wide as if she was surprised when he shouted again, unable to hide his excitement.


Then she gave Philip his favorite soft smile.


“Then can I take the bread to Philip’s room later?”


“M, my room—”


“Tell me if you feel uncomfortable.”


“I don’t feel uncomfortable. I like it.”


Why does he keep talking like an idiot?


Philip screamed inwardly at his stupid attitude.


Fortunately, good Rosie laughed as if she was having fun. He was noticeably relieved that she didn’t hate it.


“Then I’ll go to Philip’s room later.”


When Rosie left, Philip could finally breathe out.


He was so happy that he wanted to shout.


Rosie is coming to my room—.


Because of that thought, Philip couldn’t focus on his work today. But he enjoyed being scolded by a higher-ranking servant.


So the time Philip was waiting for came.


Having finished his work, Philip returned to his room.


Before Rosie came, Philip hurriedly dressed himself and arranged his hair.


Then, at last, he heard the knock he had been waiting for.


Rosie came to Philip’s room with bread in a basket.


“Miss Rosie—”


“Philip-ssi, eat before it gets any colder. It’s a little cold, but it’s still crispy.”


Rosie kindly put the bread in Philip’s mouth.


Philip blushed and ate the bread she had given him.


As she said, the bread was crisp and delicious as if it had just been baked.


Philip had difficulty calming his trembling heart at the fact that Rosie had entered his room.


But soon Rosie brought up something like a bolt out of the blue.


“Then, I’ll get going.”




“I have to go to my job. I came here because I had a short break.”


She’s working until now?


Rosie answered when Philip showed a puzzled look.


“I got a job from the head maid.”




He heard that the head maid strongly hates her, but it seems to be true.


She’s so nice—.


But it was a problem that Philip could not help. He could no longer hold her.


Philip returned to his room.


‘Did I work too much today—’


Why is he so sleepy?


As soon as he lay in bed, he fell asleep.


A long time later, Rosie visited Philip’s room again.


“He’s asleep.”


Rosie smiled satisfactorily at the sight.


“Shall we start work now?”




At this point, who is the spy—.


I thought as I searched Philip’s room.


How did I end up like this?


I checked the condition of Philip as I searched the room. If there were any signs of escaping, I had to leave immediately. 


Today, I approached Philip and see his reaction to see if he recognized me yesterday.


Fortunately, he didn’t seem to notice me at all last night.


So I decided to carry out the task boldly.


She fed Philip the sleeping bread she had fed Emily and put it to sleep.


I searched Philip’s room for clues.


As a result, I found a note hidden under the drawer.




It was the moment when I was going to read the note. Philip, who was sleeping in bed, groaned and tossed.


—I felt like he was waking up.


I hurriedly checked the contents of the note.




Yurtha bastard, is he really crazy?




There was another groan from Philip.


I hastily folded the note and put it under the drawer, and left Philip’s room silently, being careful not to wake him up.


All I have to do is go back to my room safely.




An ominous voice. 


I realized instinctively that things had gone wrong.


“Why are you coming out of Philip’s room?”


Why did this man find out of the blue?


In this mansion, a grim face looked at me in wonder.




“Why do you come out of Philip’s room?”


Eric raised his voice angrily.


I was nervous that Philip in that room would find me.


No, anyway, if Eric asks Philip tomorrow, I’ll get caught.


‘I have to make up for it.’


It seems like I left something with Philip, so I can just excuse myself for going in for a while.


“You, no way, are you in that kind of relationship with Philip?”


“…That kind of relationship?”


“That’s why you cut me out like that last time? Are you going to play with that brat?”




“What’s so good about such—!”


I looked at Eric with a cold face.


It’s good that he misunderstands on his own—.


“You’re right, Philip and I want to get along. So, Eric, if you’ve noticed, don’t care about me anymore.”


“Rosie you—”


“And I’m the only one who cares about him, so don’t say anything to him.”


I added later, in case Eric went to Philip and said something.


Eric was angry. 


“Rosie, he’s not such a good person. I’m sure you’ll regret it.”


“It’s not you who regret it, it’s me. Thank you for thinking about me—”


“No, Rosie. Think again.”


I’m afraid Philip will wake up at this rate.


No, I don’t mind waking him up, so I wish someone would help me out of here.


Then, like a sign of salvation, I heard the creaking of the wooden floor.


Eric and I turned to where the sound came from.


There stood Lucas, one of the new servants.




I shook off Eric and approached Lucas pretending to be happy.


Lucas looked perplexed when I suddenly pretended to be friendly.




Eric called me in a voice full of regret.


“I’m sure you’ll regret going to Philip.”


Then he turned around pretending to be cool as if he had finished his business.


When Eric disappeared, Lucas looked at me with a surprised look on his face.


As he was silent and didn’t say anything, I seemed to know what he was thinking. 


“No, not at all.”




What? What’s that bitter reaction?


It feels like I’m in a secret relationship with Philip.


“Then, I’ll get going now.”


Lucas returned to his room without giving me time to make excuses.


But the water that has already been spilled, what can I do?


I learned about Philip’s note, so I had to think about the next plan.


What was written on the note was clearly Yurtha’s handwriting. He offered to help Richard escape, and—.


As I continued to think, I felt suspicious.


‘But why do I know Yurtha’s handwriting?’


The possessed buff? Or is it part of Rosie’s memory?


I didn’t know either way.


But strangely, I didn’t want to think deeply.


It felt as if it were nothing.


I entered the room with a foggy, blank mind.


First of all, it’s better to plan how to solve this problem.


Since there was no gatekeeper when Philip stopped by the basement, it is highly probable that he was bribed.


I’ll have to see the gatekeeper first.


And the next day, a variable exploded.


While eating, Richard smiled and opened his mouth calmly.


“So maid, how do you feel about coming down to the basement in the middle of the night and hearing a secret story?”


What the hell is this guy doing?


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