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The atmosphere of the mansion was a mess.


This is because there were many incidents last night.


The Philip problem, which caused the fire in the mansion, was resolved faster than expected.


As expected, Philip insisted that it was Yurtha who made him do this.


However, his argument was quite unreliable.


Not only is there no evidence, but it turns out Philip was a criminal who stole other people’s status.


Fraud, theft, arson.


There were so many crimes.


He already had a criminal record for arson, but no one believed Philip because he had committed the arson again this time.


As a last resort, Philip said there was a letter from Yurtha in his room, but no letter came out of the room.


Of course, it was because I have the letter.


‘You can’t mess with the name of Herthas.’


First of all, because I’m Herthas, too.


Philip eventually became only a vicious criminal who tried to frame Yurtha. 


There were also questions about why Philip suddenly tried to frame Yurtha, but it turned out that Philip had malice against Yurtha. 


Evidence emerged that Philip suffered damage from the project Yurtha was trying to pursue.


Of course I think this is fabricated evidence.


Even though it happened last night, things worked out really quickly.


I think that Yurtha’s secret interference also played a part.


That’s how things work out with Philip, but the problem was Richard.


Richard escaped yesterday.


I remembered briefly what happened last night.


After hearing the news that the monster had escaped, Argen put on a cold expression.


<Where is the monster now?>


<H, he went to the maze garden.>


Maze garden. 


The first time Richard ran away, weren’t you there with me?


Then the maze garden was quickly surrounded by knights.


It is said that articles will be put in there to search for Richard.


‘Terrible brat.’


Why is Argen so obsessed with Richard when he doesn’t even look at him anyway?


‘Is this the power of the original?’


It makes sense to think so.


“…Rosie, I heard you caught the criminal who set the fire?”


“Is that true? Rosie is amazing. But how in the world—”


“Yes, I hear the monster has escaped? Is that true?”


There were many people who talked to me today, the people who never missed the accident.


Everyone was quiet, but they seemed quite curious about what had happened last night.


“Didn’t you get along with Philip?”


“I think I’ve seen you together many times—”


Of course, there was a look of disapproval.


However, they immediately shut up after receiving Emily’s deadly eyes.


“Cheer up, Rosie.”




“You don’t have to worry about what they say. If you care, I’ll kill them. Ta-da! There’s nothing to worry about, right?


“…The logic is a bit strange, isn’t it?”


Since yesterday’s incident, I closed my mouth, but Emily seems to have misunderstood that I was hurt by the words around me. 


However, the reason why I don’t open my mouth is because I wanted to bury this case quietly without any disturbance.


‘Because I can never set fire on myself.’


I’m already worried that Richard’s escape will harm me.


It was absolutely not my fault, it was the knights’ fault, but I was uneasy about Argen’s attitude. 


“Emily, didn’t someone say they were going on holiday today?”


“Huh? Why?”


“By any chance, who’s the maid who’s going on vacation?”


“Was it Panya?”


“Thank you, Emily.”


I’m glad I know the name. I was just wondering how to deliver the letter.


With the letter in the room, I ran to Panya.


Panya was at the door of the house, perhaps about to leave. 




“…Rosie? What’s going on?”


She looks back at me in surprise.


“I heard you’re going on vacation, by any chance, can you deliver me just one letter?”


“Huh? Okay. That’s it.”


I thanked Panya and delivered the letter.


Panya, who accepted the letter without much thought, opens her eyes wide when she sees the address written in the letter.


“Rosie? You, this is—”


“Shh, Young Master Herthas ordered it. It must be kept secret.”




Panya’s face became quite grim.


She must have thought that she had been entrusted with a secret and important mission while on vacation.


“Have a nice vacation, Panya!”


“Thank you! Rosie, take care!”


I waved to Panya, leaving the mansion with a grim look.


This will solve the problem.


It was when I turned around to enter the mansion again.


“Maid Rosie?”


Someone who called me is—.




A man with light blonde hair responds with a big smile.


The man’s face had many pretty lines.


My heart was warmed by the look of the nation’s younger brother, and I barely came to my senses.


After Philip was expelled, the new spy candidates from the new servants were narrowed down to three.


Hayden, Lucas, and Anri.


“I see you all here, Maid Rosie.”


“Anri-ssi too. Where are you going?”


“I’m going to the annex over there today. It’s a place tur don’t use often, but they’re planning something new this time, so I’ve got to get rid of all the stuff over there.”


“Oh, I heard there’s a lot of work in that annex—”


It seemed that there would be no time to play the role of Richard’s spy while he was packing up the luggage. 


I feel sorry for Anri, but I’m also relieved.


It was then. 


“Rosie! Where are you!”


I heard Emily’s voice.


Why is she looking for me again?


Emily hummed “Rosie, Rosie” as if she were singing addictive lyrics.


….Stop it. You make me feel embarrassed. 




Anri burst into laughter. This is the moment when the shame doubles.


“Here you are, Rosie!”


As soon as she found me, Emily’s face was bright and running at a frightening speed with a mop.


“Ah, Emily.”


“Have you meet Panya—”


Emily, who was talking to me, saw Anri and stopped talking.


Did she recognize that he was there?




Emily’s face turned cold as she watched Anri. It was the same with Anri.


Until now, the smile on his face seemed to have been a lie, and the warmth on his face disappeared.


“Let’s go, Rosie.”


Emily suddenly grabbed me.


“Emily, wait—”


I haven’t even said bye to Anri yet—”


I was trying to stop Emily, but I noticed that her hand was shaking when she caught me.




Eventually, I closed my mouth and followed Emily.


Anri waved her hand at me with a smile again, and I smiled awkwardly.


Emily held my hand and walked for a long time with a stiff look on her face.


I followed her without saying a word.


When she reached such a deserted place, Emily stopped.


Then, she looked back at me with a stiff expression that was not like her.


“Rosie, don’t ever get involved with that bastard.”


I couldn’t understand what she said.




I asked Emily why she did that, but she wouldn’t answer.


She didn’t like Anri at all. 


‘Was it an ill relationship?’


Emily just kept telling me not to go near Anri, which made it difficult for me to find the spy.


‘If Richard escapes like this, wouldn’t it be possible to avoid looking for the spy?’


It’s not my fault this time, so how big would it be if a fire broke out?


‘Oh my.’


I never know what Argen will do if he goes crazy.


It was a time when I was full of skepticism.


Argen called me back.


That’s when I got the feeling. Oh, it’s flaring up. Damn it.


“Hello, Rosie. Did you sleep well last night?”


Argen, who I met again, was slightly lighter, but he was back to his original tone.


It’s better to be used to it.


“….Did you call me, Marquis?”


“Yes, Rosie. I called you. It’s nothing but…”


Argen had a nice smile, but when he did that, sparks would bounce.


I knew it.


“The last time the monster escaped, he was looking for you.”




“Rosie, will the monster find you again this time?”


It can’t be.


All of a sudden, the sense of chills began to spin.


The reason why Argen left me alone even though Richard was looking for me during the last escape.


“Rosie, you said it was because the monster liked you.”


“…that, Marquis.”


As expected. 


Was this why you left me as a maid instead of putting me in jail like Ella?


To use it for insurance in case of Richard’s escape?


“Don’t worry, Rosie. You will be accompanied by the knights, so they will take care not to put you in danger. Well, if you’re unlucky, you might get hurt.”


If I’m unlucky, then—.


Was there a time when I was lucky after possessed?


Especially because I become Richard’s exclusive maid? 


The current situation is also bad luck, and I can never expect luck in that situation.


“So Rosie, what’s the answer?”


“…I will follow.”


There was no veto in the first place.


Whether I expected luck or not, I had to go to the maze garden.


The future is already dark.


“You’re not leaving right now, so I’ll call you a little later, Rosie. Be prepared.”




There’s still time left.


Should I run away now? But there are a lot of people. 


Or shall I reveal that I am actually the daughter of Count Herthas?


…Then I have to go back to Herthas.


When a noble lady runs away from home and sticks to her maid job, it’s clearly showing that it’s not a good place.


‘…But is there anything worse than this?’


Maybe it’s better there.


I heard all kinds of crazy thoughts.


As the departure time neared, I had to look back on what I had done to Richard.


…Still, it wasn’t that bad, was it?


No matter how much I think, there is no answer.


Just as Argen said, I had to hope that the knights here would stand out.


‘Come to think of it, if Richard had run away…’


I immediately found the head maid.


When I finished my business, it was already time to leave. I rushed to Argen’s office.




“I will look forward to your kind cooperation, maid.”


Where are the knights going, and why is this bastard Yurtha here?


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