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Maze garden. 


According to the setting of this novel, I heard that Marquis Evantes’ garden is ranked among the most complex of the many maze gardens in the Empire.


The size is also large, but the inside is quite difficult or something.


However, in fact, there is a secret hidden in this garden that only Argen knows.


The reason this garden is so complex is not only in its design but also in its magic.


To confuse people who come in here.


The design itself was difficult, but it was the worst maze garden with magic added.


I gazed at the maze garden in disbelief.


—After all, I’m going in here.


“Are you scared?”


Yurtha, who was standing next to me, asked me.


“Why are you here?”


“I’ve been worried about Nunim as a little brother. Is there a problem?”


“Yes, there is.” 


In the first place, it was Yurtha who made the biggest contribution to Richard’s escape.


To explain the situation—.


Yurtha has caught Richard before, so he offered to help again this time.


Of course, it wasn’t Yurtha who caught Richard last time, but me, but the only people who knew about this were Yurtha, me, and Richard, so let’s move on.


I couldn’t hide my dark face and set foot with Yurtha into the maze garden.


‘Can I come out alive safely?’


This place is known for its evil reputation—.


“If you’re scared, I’ll hold your hand.”


“You shut up.”


“Your mouth has become very rough while I haven’t seen you. Nunim.”


Originally, Rosie seemed to have a very noble mouth.


‘I originally also have an elegant side…’


Life was so hard that it became like this.


I ignored Yurtha and walked ahead of him at a quick pace.


Still, instead of the knights, I decided to think positively that Yurtha had come and the survival rate had risen.


Assuming Yurtha doesn’t have any other intention.




Yurtha, who was following me at a slow pace from behind, called me.


“Do you know where he is and going in such a hurry?”


“What’s the difference whether you’re ahead or I’m ahead?”


“And I thought you were going ahead to lure the monster with your scent.”


Oh right! Yes, it was.


I took a quick backstep.


As I stood a little later than that by back walking, Yurtha burst into laughter.


…is that funny?


I picked up a long branch that had fallen around me and spread the distance from him by the length of the branch.


Yurtha stares intently at what I do.


“What is it?”


“It’s the distance between you and me. Let’s get going.”


Should I say securing a safe distance?


I poked him with a branch.


Yurtha smiled at me as if he were dumbfounded, and grabbed the branch and pulled it away.




I, who was holding onto the branch, was also dragged away by a violent force.


“You must be having fun.” 


Tak. On the ground, a branch was broken by Yurtha’s force and rolled over the ground.


It was such a thick branch that it broke so easily.


I seriously calculated my chances of survival. I think I’m stuck at the bottom.


“It’s just the two of us. Don’t you think we need to talk?”


“…what kind of conversation?”


“How did you know?”


I didn’t miss the meaning of his question. Still, I kept my mouth shut.


It was a topic that had been deliberately buried until now, so I had to be careful.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about, though?”


“How did you know?” 


It’s no use trying to get rid of it. Isn’t it?


“They say they caught the arsonist at the initiative of the gatekeeper, but I don’t think so.”




“The letter, Nunim have it, right?”


That’s why I hate quick-witted people.


“Do you have any evidence?”


“It will come soon. While I was out with Nunim, I asked someone to search the room.”


Yurtha seemed convinced that the letter was in my room.


Poor thing.


“Well, go look for it.”


Yurtha narrowed his forehead at my calm tone.


He must be wondering where my carefreeness is coming from.


Is it the carefreeness that comes from deceiving him, or the freedom that comes from not actually being there?


Well, it doesn’t matter if he’s thinking about something else.


“You say that I have the letter, so what Philip said was true. You told him to do it.” 


“You already know that, don’t you?”


“Now that I know, why the hell did you do such a crazy thing?”


No matter how much I think about it, I don’t know why.


“It would be no good for you to throw a stone at Argen.” 


“I wanted to do that if possible, but there was an exception.”


His red eyes were round as he spoke of the exception.


Ah. Could it be that I am the exception?


“How long are you going to be a maid here?”


“I’m a maid in charge now.” 


“….Is that important now?”


“Do you want me to return to Herthas?”


Yurtha didn’t seem to like me working here.


Then it’s enough to let Herthas know that I’m here.


But Yurtha wasn’t like that. 


“No, I don’t want Nunim to come back to Herthas.”




This is the expected answer, but I was curious.


What kind of place is Herthas?




Yurtha, who had been speaking without hesitation, hesitated for the first time.


“…You know what I’m saying.”


About what?


Yurtha frowned at me.


“…I don’t like Nunim being in Herthas. I hate it. I really hate it.”


…how many times have I heard the word ‘I hate it’?


It was the first time I had seen him dislike something so strongly. I guess he doesn’t like it.


“No, to be exact…”


The face of Yurta, who had been calm all along, was distorted. He looked very distressed.


Why? What made you do that?


“I don’t want Nunim to be with Dylan.”




It was an unexpected name.


The eldest son of Herthas, he was a young boy who hated Rosie very much in a dream I had seen before.


It was quite impressive that he hit Rosie in the head.


“…It wasn’t that guy who worked so far, but me, right?”




“But why Nunim only to that bastard—!” 


Yurtha shouted out in anger.


I was embarrassed because he had never expressed his feelings very much.


It’s just a story I don’t know, but how should I react?


However, Yurtha quickly became aware of his condition and pushed his feelings away.


His dark shadow had disappeared, and his face had become clean again.


Yurtha kept his mouth shut and walked.


I followed him without a word.


It was the first time that I felt sorry for him for being so emotionally drained.


‘I’m not Rose anyway.’


What’s the use of all that?


I walked along Yurtha and looked up at the sky. A small bird was flying through the air.


This is the first animal I’ve ever seen here.


“…Are you still very angry with me?”


As I was walking while looking up at the sky, Yurtha, who was ahead of me, spoke to me again.


I still couldn’t say anything.


What Yurtha is saying is like what happened with Rose, not me.


“I don’t know. Don’t ask.”


I hope he doesn’t tell me about Rose.


If it continues, I think I will have to think deeply about my existence.






“Actually, I didn’t hate it when I heard that Nunim had disappeared from Herthas. No, I don’t know if I should have.”




If it was good that I was gone, then why the hell did he look for me?


“Herthas has Dylan, and the fact that Nunim ran away means that Dylan is no longer needed.”




That pun Dylan. 


I think Dylan really hated Rosie.


“So that’s good.” 




I wish I could get out of this situation.


It was frustrating when only stories I didn’t know kept coming out.


And the fact that I wasn’t Rosie kept taking my breath away.


It was then.




Dark smoke rose into the sky with a roar.


“It’s over there!”


Somewhere in the maze garden, the voices of the knights were heard.


It was like the knights who entered the maze garden in the morning.


“It’s over there, Nunim.”


Yurtha seemed to go in that direction as well. I, too, unconsciously tried to follow Yurta in that direction.






“It’s not that way.”


Yurtha looks at me with puzzled eyes.


“I think I know where he is.”


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