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Richard thought things were going strangely.


Obviously, it came deep into the maze, but suddenly it was moved to a place that was like outside the maze.


“Can you afford to look away?”




Yurtha’s silver sword reflected the sun’s light and aimed at Richard’s neck.


When Richard, who avoided the sword by twisting his body as it was, approached Yurtha’s back and tried to grab him by the back of his neck, Yurta quickly turned half a turn and stepped back.


He swung the sword diagonally without a moment’s pause, but the monster avoided it.


The wind blew every time two quick men moved.


The two men stopped in that state and faced each other for a moment.


It was a fight that they did not easily win.


The knights took a few steps back and watched Yurta and Richard, knowing that they would only interfere with the fight.


Tension stained the faces of the knights.


The confrontation between Richard and Yurtha was not long. This time, Richard ran to Yurtha first.


The earth wind rose, and before he knew it, Richard was just in front of Yurtha’s face. 


“Let me ask you one thing. What is your relationship with that maid?”


“It’s a very special relationship.”


Richard’s eyebrows wriggled at Yurtha’s answer.


It was the same with Yurtha, who was displeased with Richard’s question. 


The two men stared at each other as if they had met a natural enemy.


The air between the two was pulled tight as if it were about to break.


Richard reached out and tried to use magic, but Yurtha also wielded a sword to attack.


But it was then.


“Rosie! I trusted you. How can you do that!”


There was a strong hit rang in the ear.


The two beasts, who heard the sound of ‘Rosie,’ stopped moving for a moment.


“How can you cheat on me with my man!”




The intensity hits the ear once again.


No wonder the word distorted the two men’s eyes.


They clearly expressed their displeasure, and something unexpected happened.


Rosie was hit in the head with the frying pan while the blonde woman was shouting angrily.




There was a pretty dull sound.


The slender Rosie fell down helplessly.


Yurtha and Richard’s faces cracked at the same time as they stopped fighting and watched the situation.




It was at that moment when Yurtha, who was bewildered, shouted.


Suddenly, Yurtha’s vision became blurred, and he felt a strong pain as if firecrackers were ringing in his head.




That damn monster.


When Yurtha was off guard, the monster tried to use his magic.


Yurtha stumbled for a moment, and the knights seized the sword in a hurry.


It was because they thought that monster would attack Yurtha.


But the monster didn’t care about Yurtha and walked away.


The monster ran fast.


Will he run away?


If the monster succeeds in escaping like this, they are dead. The knights held the sword with trembling hands.


But the monster ran past the knights. in an unexpected direction


That is, he turned to the maid, who was punishing her for having an affair with a frying pan of justice.


The monster hurriedly looked at the maid who had been hit on the head with a frying pan and shook her carefully. 


His usually relaxed face was filled with a sense of urgency.


“Are you all right, maid?”


Richard shook Rosie’s shoulder carefully and tried to wake Rosie up.


Then Rosie blinked blankly. She seemed to be in a daze.


Rosie, who had been blinking for a while, noticed the presence that was shaking her body.




“…Not a monster, but do you recognize me?”




“Tell me.”


“I’m sorry—”


Rosie smiled faintly and lifted a frying pan that she didn’t know when she had it. 


At that moment, Richard realized something was wrong. But there was no time to avoid it.


Rosie slammed Richard on the head with a frying pan.




The reason why I was so nervous about Richard’s escape was that I actually handled it wrong.


If Philip had told me beforehand that he would start a fire, there would have been no fire in the mansion.


Of course, I tried to stop it by my own means, but it happened.


Still, if that were the case, he wouldn’t run away—.


It’s too late to regret. 


It is uncertain whether Yurtha will beat Richard.


If Yurtha loses, Argen could blame it on me.


So I thought I should catch Richard myself and make up for the situation at all costs.


‘When Richard ran away, how did I make him faint?’


I looked at my hand, but it was just a fragile hand.


‘But is it really what I did?’


It turned out that he didn’t just collapse from anemia, did he?


I feel depressed all of a sudden.


No, in fact, even if I fainted Richard with my own power that I didn’t know, I couldn’t use that power in front of everyone.


I didn’t know how to use that power.


So there’s only one way.


To take Richard off guard.


‘If Richard wins that fight, will he try to kidnap me again?’


However, since he failed a lot the last time, there is no way to try the same thing again.


‘Ah, what should I do—’


When I was troubled, what caught my eye was the frying pan that Emily had. 


Wouldn’t it be reassuring that Richard wouldn’t get hurt like last time if I passed out?


So I decided to bet on a probability close to gambling.


Emily beat me up, crying and giving good reasons to eat mustard, and I lost my consciousness for a moment at that ignorant power. (T/n: means like a force to do something she doesn’t want to.) 


No, Emily.


I told you not to make me lose consciousness. 


But luckily, Richard came up to kidnap me as planned, and at that moment, my eyes opened.


I hit Richard with a frying pan.




At the sudden pain, Richard twisted his eyes and staggered.


When I saw him in pain for a moment, I felt guilty.


I brainwashed myself to shake off the uncomfortable feeling that clings to me like a leech.


He tried to kidnap me for his own gain anyway.


Of course I meant it.


I raised my hand with a frying pan to knock it out again, and Richard grabbed my hand.


The sensation of a big hand grabbing my hand was horrifying.


His blue eyes glistened like when he saw me in surprise. 




Instinctively, I shivered at the lower voice than usual.


When I met Richard’s eyes, I felt dizzy.


However, Richard’s words were completely different from what was expected.


“Did you really cheat, Maid?”


For a moment, I gave up thinking.


“—Are you asking such a question in this situation?”


I attacked you, didn’t I?


I guess it’s because he’s been hit by the frying pan.


“I asked if it was true that you were really having an affair.”


I thought he was playing a joke in this situation, but Richard seemed to be very serious.


“I asked if you were really having an affair.”


“…What does it matter to you whether I cheat or not?”


I said it differently to the sudden question. 


As expected, Richard had an annoyed expression on his face.


No, but really, whatever I do has nothing to do with him. 


It was time to look at Richard with bewilderment. His hand that was holding my hand lost strength.


“…Damn it. And the scent.”




Richard’s body staggered more than when a frying pan hit him.


“…Maid, you’re really.”


Richard looked at me with a distorted smile.


No wonder he even looked annoyed.


It was the first time he showed his feelings like this without hiding them.


“…it really gets in the way.”




“That’s annoying, you.”


Leaving only those words behind, Richard collapsed.


There was no surprise at his words.


I couldn’t think deeply about his words because my body, unable to bear the weight of his body falling on mine, also fell down with me.


“R, Rosie!’


Emily, who was beside her, shouted and removed Richard’s body.


What the hell are the knights doing?


I opened my eyes irritably and looked around, and before I knew it, Argen came out in the garden. 


He looked at the situation with his watchful eyes as if he were watching a comedy.


As I waited for the future treatment, random words came out of Argen’s mouth.


“I didn’t know you were having an affair.”




“I didn’t know you had such a terrible hobby.”


“No, that’s not—”




I’m the one who asked her to hit me with a good reason, but—.


I didn’t expect people to look at me like trash.


I’m not having an affair. I don’t have one! 


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