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“I didn’t know you were having an affair.”


Argen watched Rosie leave among the knights clearing Richard for a moment.


Then he turned his head and looked at Richard senselessly.


Argen’s eyes, looking at Richard, were already irritated.


‘How long do I have to do this.’


It was really annoying.


The restraint ball filled this time was the most powerful. But he can’t believe he break it off. 


Even though he didn’t give the medicine on purpose, the monster easily breaks the restraints without showing any sign of pain.


How long does he have to keep that damn monster locked up here?


No, was the ‘existence of an oracle’ of Transcendental correct in the first place?


A question arose, but Argen denied it.


The oracle’s interpretation can’t be wrong. The Transcendental will be the key to solving Argen’s ‘curse.’


He had to keep him from running away until his curse was lifted.


Transcendental beings are rare and difficult to find even if they search the continent, so they have to pay attention.


‘By the way.’




Just like last time, why does he care about that insignificant maid?


Argen’s shoes touched Richard without good faith. 


“It’s strange.”


“What do you mean?”


Hearing Argen’s murmuring, the knight next to him asked a question.


Argen frowned at him, and the knight shut his mouth quietly.


Argen continued to think again.


Why does he care so much about her?


He keeps her by his side to know that.


‘There should be no variables.’


Until the day he finds the support’s solution.


Argen thought he should hurry and move the monster to the ‘Cursed Land.’


It will be difficult to keep the transcendent in the Marquis. He even breaks the most powerful restrain ball.


The bastard who used to beg for medicine—.


Come to think of it, when did the monster change?


Argen’s expression hardened coldly.


Rosie. It’s been since the maid served the meal.




‘If there is something special about that exclusive maid—’


Looking in the direction where Rosie disappeared, Argen’s eyes lit up with a cool light.


However, Argen’s thoughts didn’t last long.




The butler approached Argen.


“What’s going on?”


“The items mentioned by the Marquis have arrived.”




This is the thing he requested when he brought the monster into this house.


Argen headed straight to the office to check the items.


On the desk in the office, the items Argen had been waiting for were placed in a box.


Argen opened the box without hesitation.


He found a glass bottle containing an opaque black liquid inside the box.


The liquid contained a liquid flowing from the Devil’s Tree in the Cursed Lands.


A cursed land.


A misty ground.


A foggy hell.


…and many other nicknames, it was an abandoned land long ago.


It is a sealed area that no one wants to enter because they see hallucinations when they enter it and are crowded with monsters.


‘It took quite a while to get it.’


Argen picked up a bottle of opaque liquid.


It is said that when a transcendent enters a cursed land, he feels tremendous pain and difficulty dealing with power, perhaps due to rejection.


This was information that was quite difficult to find.


This liquid also has the power to suppress the power of the Transcendent effectively.


Just like the devil reacts to holy water.


“Let me know as soon as the monster wakes up.”


He’ll have to put it to the test.




Today was also a difficult day.


My life was at risk, but fortunately, Argen hasn’t heard anything yet.


Anyway, things seem to have worked out.


If it’s a problem—.


“That kid—” 


“Oh my! I didn’t see you like that—”


“How can you have an affair with your friend’s man—” 


Yeah, that damn gaze was the problem.


So I had to spend half of today dragging Emily around and explaining.


Fortunately, that misunderstanding seemed to be corrected soon.


In fact, the misunderstanding about cheating is not very good, but it didn’t matter what happened.


Because it’s okay to run away from here.


“Uh, Rosie… Do you have time?”


I’m very tired from what happened today, and the head maid who checked the surroundings came to me.


“Sure, head maid, is there anything you want me to do?”


Recognizing the surroundings and calmly asking the head maid, she nods.


So, I followed the head maid and moved to a less crowded place.


“Did you check what I asked for?”


“Yeah. As you requested, I gathered the three new servants in one place and made them work and watch over them.”


The head maid obediently obeyed me, even though she looked like she didn’t know why I made her do it.


“Is there anything special?”


“There wasn’t much else. All three of them worked diligently.”




“What’s wrong, Rosie? Do you happen to have a suspicious servant like Philip?”


Well, there is no way to do something suspicious in front of the head maid openly.


“Then let me change the question. By any chance, among the servants who came in this time….”


When I changed the question, the head maid’s answer changed.


The answer I expected came out.




I found the spy.




It was when I just part away with the head maid.


I heard the mansion’s servants gossiping that the monster had already woken up.


It is said that Richard just woke up, and Argen entered the basement.


‘…I need to meet Richard.’


I caught him a while ago, so I have nothing to say if Richard holds a grudge against me.


But on the other hand, I thought it was his fault that he was dragged back here when trying to kidnap me.


I was upset because I couldn’t even figure out why my thoughts were bouncing around.


Then the knights approached me.


“Are you Maid Rosie?”


…Has it come?


Still, I helped to keep Richard in prison. Are they really going to put me in jail?


“What’s the matter?”


“The Marquis is telling you to go to the basement.”


I don’t feel good.


“Aren’t you going?”


“I will go now.” 


I followed the knights down to the basement.


The debris fell from the ceiling, which clearly left traces of the fire.


I heard they would move the room where Richard was imprisoned soon, but I’m not sure what will happen.


In front of the door stood the original gatekeeper.


It was natural because he had no relation to the escape incident.


The problem is the gatekeeper who works at night. Will the gatekeeper who was deceived by Philip be safe?


The gatekeeper bowed to the knights and opened the door in silence.


—and there was a disgusting scene unfolding in it.


“Open your mouth.”


The knights were cruelly grabbing Richard’s hair and feeding him an opaque black liquid.


When they try to open his mouth by grabbing his chin forcefully, Richard turns his head.


Then the knights assaulted Richard.




Argen called my name.


At that moment, Richard’s gaze fell on me.


I felt the urge to turn right back and run away, but I endured it.


“Yes, Marquis.” 


“What should I do when the monster doesn’t listen?”


“Even if you ask me…”


“I think the monster seems to have a special feeling for you, right?”




Damn it. Because of the words that I said back then, I’m sure I’ll be caught off guard like this.


“Give that bottle to Rosie.”


What is that—.


The knights looked at Argen in surprise but quickly calmed down and handed the bottle to me.


I couldn’t resist and was handed a small bottle the size of my finger.




Argen called me as if urging me.


At that moment, I remembered the identity of this drug.


‘Isn’t this the thing that comes from the Cursed Land?’


Liquid flowing from the Devil’s Tree.


In the novel, to prevent Richard from escaping, Argen has a hard time finding the liquid.


This liquid is like poison to the transcendent.


For the transcendent, who is said to have divine blood, the liquid flowing from the devil’s tree causes great pain.




Argen called me again.


I had no choice but to bow down, pretending to give Richard the liquid.




I heard the sound of Richard grinding his teeth. The blue eyes looking at me are cold.


I carefully grabbed his chin. Richard kept his mouth shut as if he didn’t want to open it.


I talked in a way that only he could see by the shape of my mouth.


‘Eat and spit.’


I had no intention of feeding such poison.


I don’t know if I’ll be in danger if Richard spits out the liquid, but—.


‘I have to cover it to that extent.’


Richard opened his mouth as if he had given up. I let an opaque black liquid flow through his mouth.


I lifted my hand from his chin and spoke again in the shape of my mouth.


‘Spit it out.’


Richard stared at me with liquid in his mouth, neither swallowing nor spitting.


What’s wrong with him? 


And with a swallow, the liquid flowed down his throat.


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