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Should I run away with him because I’m going crazy? He is the one who tried to kidnap me for his own needs. 


There’s only one thing I want.


To be deceived into thinking that we are running away together until I disappear.


Like that, he should stay here until I run away. 


Still, it will help Richard.


I will give him all the information I know before I escape.


“You must never betray me, maid.”


Is he talking about running away together?


I understood it as a positive answer, but Richard’s blue eyes shone sharply.


Without a moment of immersion in his beautiful face, I felt eerie.


“I’ve never let people who betrayed me stay put.”




“So when the maid betrays me, you’d better be prepared.”


—Maybe I shouldn’t say that? 


Suddenly, I began to regret what I said earlier.


“Don’t betray me either.”


I spoke clearly and naturally avoided his gaze.


“But, maid, did you really have an affair?”




What context is this all of a sudden?


“I asked if you really have an affair. Did you like him that much?”




It was a question that drained my heartbeat so much that the tension I was feeling was overshadowed.


Is it a joke to relieve the tension, or is he asking because he is genuinely curious?


“Why do you keep asking about that? It’s none of your business, is it?”


“So, do you really have an affair?”


What kind of cheat is it when you have to worry about your own survival? Cheating is something you can only do if you are in a relationship.


I throw the answer at the stupid question.


“Yes, I did.”


It seems that it was not enough to explain Emily to the people around her today.


After repeating the same words several times, I didn’t even have the energy to explain.


Then Richard’s pretty face cracked.


He twisted up his mouth.


“I see.”


For a moment, without realizing it, I thought that I had made a mistake with the chilling down my spine.


—I should’ve explained it even if it was annoying.


His handsome face, as always, smiled brightly.


It’s a beautiful smile that’s definitely dazzling, but it’s creepy.


“Who’s the one who has an affair with you?” 


“If I tell you, will you know?”


“I don’t know, but I’ll find out soon.”


—Why the hell did you do that?


I thought he was jealous of me because he liked me so much. It wouldn’t be possible, but it was a funny idea.


This would be just a trick to take advantage of me.


Because that’s how Richard was in the novel.


Or maybe it’s the displeasure that comes from thinking of me as his property.


“Hey, monster.” 


I tapped his frown on the forehead with my index finger, as Richard always did to me.


Richard’s twisted expression softened slightly.


“You are cheeky.”




“No matter what I do, you have no right to interfere. You’re something to me, aren’t you?”


“Am I nothing to the maid?”


“That’s weird. Why do you keep asking me for emotional things?”


Both Yurtha and this man were really annoying.


Is it because of the damn smell that comes from my body?


Why are they obsessed with me?


I was irritated for a moment, but I suppressed it. And I smiled at Richard, who was fine.


Richard stared blankly at me for a moment.


“Do you want to be something special to me?”




“Is it because of my scent? I guess you really need me, seeing you go that far.”


“Yes, I need it.”


The bold answer left me speechless. Yeah, it’s just like you.


The conversation didn’t continue any longer.


Richard leaned his cheek against my palm.


The disheveled guy held my hand as if it were the only thing that could save him.




Meanwhile, a letter arrived for Herthas’s head of the family.


“Yurtha sent me a letter?”


Even though he won the right to develop the mine from the Marquis of Evantes, he has never written a letter.


Herthas’ head of the family was puzzled and opened the letter.


He was proud that his son, who caused problems and was stuck in the academy, returned and achieved this achievement.


It was great to hear that the fool who caused a problem and was sent to the academy had returned and accomplished such an achievement.


He was happy until he read the letter.




Herthas’s head of the family hardened after reading the letter.


“Butler! Where are you!”


“Yes, Lord. Is there something wrong?”


Herthas’s head of the family shouted, and the butler came running at once.


Herthas’s head of the family shouted angrily.


“Bring Dylan right now.”


The stiff letter had long been crumpled in the hands of Herthas’ head of the family. 


Needless to say, this was no ordinary letter.


—Disguised as a letter, it contained Yurtha’s orders to set fire to the mansion. 




“I was wondering how long he was going around doing nonsense.”


A half-naked man who had just woken up from alcohol, annoyed with his body buried in the sofa.


The man’s brown hair was messy. 


The man rubbed his tired eyes. The eyes exposed through the brown eyelashes were as red as blood.


“That bastard’s sister and sister. I thought he had lost all that thoughts because he was looking for her like crazy. He already did well by getting the right to develop a mine.”


The man, Dylan Herthas, sarcastically remembered his younger brother Yurtha.


Although he was drunk and his brain was not working well, he read down the paper on which Yurtha’s achievements were written.


About two years ago, Herthas’ eldest daughter ran away. 


Rose Herthas. 


“…damn it.”


Dylan spat out a curse at the thought of the pink hair that fluttered before his eyes. 


Then the door burst open, and a maid stepped in.


“The Lord will be sad to hear that you have been drinking.”


The maid who was cleaning up the messy room scolded Dylan.


His face was wrinkled, and she was one of the few people who had been close to Dylan since childhood and could say such things.


“It’s arrogant of you to come in without knocking.”


“I did, but the Young Master, who drank alcohol, didn’t hear me.” 


“So arrogant, how dare you.”


Dylan raised his eyebrows but had no intention of punishing the maid.


Rather, it was the feeling of wanting to do something from a headache after being drunk.


“Young Master, the Lord has called. I hope this old servant is a little more careful about the behavior.”


“Father called me?”


“Yeah, so let’s go now. Are you going to go to Lord with the smell of alcohol? Hurry up and wash up, Young Master.”


Originally, Dylan wasn’t the kind of person who drank alcohol like this.


When ‘that incident’ comes to mind, he finds alcohol and drinks it until he dies. 


Yurtha made a big mistake, and Dylan took over as successor, but that wasn’t the only thing that caught the attention of the head of the family. 


Dylan paid attention to his reputation. That way, he can even be compared to Yurtha. 


The problem is that the pink hair fluttering in front of his eyes doesn’t disappear. 


The damn woman who dares to break her promise to him. 




Before he knew it, the maid who arranged the messy room left the room.


Dylan nervously muttered, clutching his throbbing head.


“If only we meet again….”


He’ll never let her go. 


He will make her pay the price for betraying him. 


After getting ready to meet the head of the family, Dylan headed to his father’s office.


There stood an angry-looking man with his back against Dylan.


“Do you call me?”


“Yeah, Dylan.”


The head of the family, who had barely suppressed his anger, gave orders to Dylan.


“It looks like Yurtha’s doing something useless in Evantes.” 


“—Is that so?”


“Go to Evantes right now.”


Don’t let Yurtha fool around there.


At the end of the head of the family’s words, Dylan nodded silently without saying anything. 




Being able to spend time leisurely was the only advantage of an exclusive maid.


The disadvantage is that I have to spend the entire day with Richard.


At first, I stayed in Richard’s room all day, feeling tense, but after a few days, the tension was relieved.


To the point, I fell asleep without realizing it. 


The problem is—.


“Did you wake up?”


As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw Richard’s big face.


The gentle smile reminded me of the pure white angel I had seen in my dreams.


It was a little later that I came to my senses after observing his beauty blankly.


“…I slept well, but why am I sleeping on your knee?”


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