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A woman cried painfully.


The woman cried regardless of the messy pink hair that touched the ground and got dirty.


The woman screamed like crazy.


She cried, scratching her chest frantically with the tip of her fingernails.


There was a wound on the fine hand that hit the marble floor.


At that time, the man’s beautiful voice comforted the woman as if he felt sorry.


“But what can I do?”


“There is no way, so you have to live.”


There was only one woman here. Then she heard the voice of a man with a beautiful voice.


Ironically, people called it a God.


God? It was so funny for the woman.


The woman’s beautiful face shed transparent tears. Even though the excitement was growing, the woman stayed still and kept breathing, perhaps exhausted.


“Live for now. You have to live to do something.”


A gentle voice comforted the woman.


“I’ll find a way; you just have to stay alive.”


“You’re lying.”


The woman laughed at the man’s words.


“How can you say that?”


The man was silent for a long time at the woman’s words.






I blinked my eyes without being able to clear my dim mind. Why is Rose crying in my dream?


And who is that voice?


I didn’t understand and had a question, but it didn’t last long.


…Why do I feel so stuffed up?


When I carefully lowered my eyes, my ankles were tied to the rope under my knees.


The thick, slightly rough string that couldn’t be seen was tied tightly around the wrist.


‘What kind of situation is this?’


My heart beat like crazy at the unexpected situation.


“Hmm, you’re awake?”


Sensing my condition, the man touched my knee with his foot. I wanted to curse for a moment, but I closed my mouth. 


Don’t tell me, is the head maid trying to kill me secretly?


Did I mess with her too much? Yeah, I think so.


No, but I don’t think this is right—.


“Did I hit your head too hard? Why aren’t you talking? I think I hit it lightly so that it doesn’t bleed.”




“You might have a little concussion, but it’s a problem if it’s severe.”


I felt like I had to spit out something.


“…What are you going to do with me?”


“Fortunately, you seem to be fine. I don’t know what to do yet, but I want to talk to you.”


What do you mean ‘yet’? What a terrible thing to say.


You are willing to talk, but do I still have a way to survive? 


“Did you become the exclusive maid of that Transcendent punk?”




“Answer me.”


First of all, I nodded my head. 


“All right, and you’re the maid who kicked Marie out.”




Should I answer this or not? 


From the moment the name ‘Marie’ appeared, I got a rough idea.


Marie, who used to put the fruit in Richard’s meals. There was a reason behind her doing that. 


‘Maybe this guy made Marie do it. So you’re a devil worshipper?’


Don’t tell me, he’s trying to get rid of me for putting Marie in jail—.


“Why don’t you answer?”




I nodded my head once. If I wanted to live, I had to pretend not to notice.


“You made ‘us’ quite tired.”




“So I need you to take over, what do you think?”


—Damn it. I made a big mistake.


“…What happens if I refuse?”


“Do you have any religion?”




“That’s too bad. I was going to comfort you by saying that you’ll be able to meet God today.”




How can he say that so calmly?


No, more than that, it means he’ll kill me if I refuse.


“Of course, I’ll pay you as I did to Marie.”


The pay is nothing.


The moment I received it, I was on the same team as them. This is difficult—.




Anyway, I’m going to run away. And I needed money for that. 


There was no fear of being caught in several places because it’s enough to create a new identity and settle in a distant place.


And even if I mix poison with Richard’s food, the reaction doesn’t happen right away. 


Of course, I don’t intend to.


If I live quietly, pretending to be told to do so—.


“…200 million linen.”




“Can you give me 200 million linen?”


“Are you crazy?”


I closed my eyes and said it, but even I thought it was crazy. 


“It’s the first time someone who might die soon is negotiating like this.”


“—If I get caught doing this, the Marquis will kill me. Can’t you give me that much?”


The man clicked his tongue at the bold remark as if it were nonsense.


“I can give you that much. I paid a maid named Marie without disappointment.” 






A heavy bag full of hard solid fell in front of my eyes, followed by a bag that looked like it was filled with sand. 


“One prepaid. And one fruit. Grind it in advance and mix it with food.”




“Add a spoonful of poison at every meal. You’re an exclusive maid, so you can do it without getting caught, right?” 


I wouldn’t do it, but I nodded as if I was going to do my best.


“I gave you about a third of the promised amount, so I’ll give you the rest if he responds to the fruit.”


I almost laughed at that moment.


Just in case, it’s a relief that I say it like this. The amount of money that can create a fake identity with only that will be completed. 


‘My salary doubled when I became an exclusive maid.’


So including my future salary—.


‘I should have just said 300 million linen.’


The man sat on one knee and grabbed my neck as I rolled my head around.


He held it, and I blinked in surprise. The man was wearing a mask, so it was difficult to recognize his face.


“I’ve memorized your face, so you’d better not think about nonsense.”




“I’ll kill you if I find you right away.”


The moment I saw the young man’s eyes, the fear I had put away came over me. I held my breath and nodded.


It’s good to take advantage, but living comes first.


I had to get out of this place quickly.


I nodded my head, twisting the neck that the man held. The man’s hand was so strong that it strangled me, so no voice came out.


“I look forward to it.”




The man cut my rope with a knife and disappeared.


I was barely able to breathe after the man left.


To calm down, I took a deep breath and rubbed my arms, which were tied tightly and had red marks on them.


For some reason, I remembered the crying Rose I had seen in my dream.


Why was Rose crying?


I picked up the money bag and the fruit and laughed bitterly.




He definitely saw pink hair.


He blinked a few times, wondering if he had seen something in vain while drinking, but it didn’t change. 


Pink hair is a rare hair color, but it’s not like someone doesn’t have it at all. 


Why did he think of Rose when he saw that hair?


Rose can’t be here.


Dylan couldn’t overcome his growing curiosity and stepped out even with that thought. 


To chase the maid with pink hair swaying carelessly in the wind.


But he blocked his attempt.


“Hyung-nim, what are you doing here?”


“Then why are you here?”


“I didn’t know you’d be interested in your younger brother’s secret meeting.”


“Secret meeting?” (Means secret meeting with a lover.) 


So is that why he ran out in such a hurry? 


Well, seeing that he is obsessed with Rose, he thought that if he had a lover, he would do more, but—.


Did he make a lover here?


Yurtha is interested in women other than Rose?


Many questions came to mind, but now he didn’t have time to think about it.




“I don’t want to.”




“Go back to the banquet hall.”


“Yeah, I have to go back. But before that, check something.”


Dylan tried to get past Yurtha, but Yurtha quickly blocked Dylan.


“Go back.”


“What are you doing?”


Yurtha did not answer. He just stared at Dylan with a ferocious force.


It also doesn’t seem like a simple secret meeting for a lover. 


“Yeah. Okay.” 


As Dylan backed down easier than expected, Yurtha felt ominous.


Originally, there was no way that a person who would argue more could step down so easily.


He must have been thinking of something.


Dylan was having a lot of fun thinking, as Yurtha thought.


Dylan called the servant and smiled wickedly, and said,


“Put someone together.”


“Who do you mean?


“The pink-haired maid in this mansion that everyone knows.”


He dreamed a lot about Rose, and while he was worried about it, he found something that might be Yurtha’s weak spot.


He was lucky.


Dylan smiled and looked at the Evantes mansion.


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