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What are you biting right now—?


Feeling ominous, I raised my hand and covered his mouth.


“No biting.”


“I told you to pretend to be crazy, not to be a crazy dog.”


Richard closed his mouth to me and lowered the corners of his eyes like a pitiful dog. 


I almost fell over when I saw the shiny face that gave off a sad atmosphere instantly.


“Don’t pretend to be pretty.”


“I must be pretty in your eyes, maid. It’s a relief.”


“No, just don’t say it. Don’t open your mouth.”


Richard’s eyes curled round. Seeing the beautifully curved eyes, I instinctively raised my hand to cover his eyes.


“…No face.” 


That punk’s face is the biggest problem.


Richards chuckled at what was funny.


He looked like he was trying not to laugh, but he was shaking from laughing so hard!


‘Are you really sick?’


I have a reasonable doubt as to whether the opaque liquid Argen gave him has finally finished its effectiveness.


When we first met, he seemed tired.


“Anyway, do it properly—”


“Yes, maid.” 


Richard raised his hand and put his fingers over the back of my hand that covered his mouth.


He especially liked to put his fingers in my hands. Does he like this kind of contact?


I was thinking about it when he pressed the back of my hand.


I clearly felt Richard’s soft and damp lips on my palm. My body is stiff.


Richard slowly let go of my hand.


“I will try my best.”


Then he gives a charming smile.


“Call the gatekeeper, maid.”




“To be exact, tell him I’m weird.”


Richard smiled softly and said.


“Don’t you tell me to do it properly?”




What happened this morning spread rumors throughout the mansion. Rumor has it that the monster is crazy.


Those who witnessed the dizzying situation in which the monster rushed to the gatekeeper and the exclusive maid with a violent gesture as if to cut off the restraint were surprised and focused on delivering the words.


“Rosie, are you okay?”


“Oh my…”


The maids around me were worried about me.


The maids who secretly complained that I was lucky enough to do an easy job shut their mouths.


“I’m fine. Thank you for your concern.”


Despite my brave response, I didn’t forget to shiver my body as if I was terrified of the situation.


The maids expressed their pity for me.


Aside from that, the excited maids will start talking here and there.


That’s how three nights went by.


I headed to the west warehouse where the devil worshipper said.


I also carried a hairpin with a knife hidden from my fellow maid in case of any dangerous situation.


‘She said turning the hairpin would give me a knife—’


As I was fiddling with my hairpins, I felt a presence.


“Don’t look back.”


It’s that man, the devil worshipper.


I had goosebumps on my spine as soon as I heard the man’s voice.


I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t scary.


‘Calm down.’


I haven’t made the mistake to be caught yet.


“There is a quantity he has taken before, and so I prepared this fruit to be a little more effective, but I thought it was strange because there was no reaction.”


“…Is that so?” 


I pretended not to know much about the fruit.


My role is only to do what the man tells me to do.


“Still, I got a reaction.”


What the hell are you trying to do by making Richard go crazy?


‘If I feed the fruit like this, if something goes wrong, Richard may die.’


It was as if they were hoping for it.


“The fruit must have run out sooner or later, so take it.”


I tried not to look at the man and took the hand that reached out to the side.


I caught a hard bottle this time.


What is this?


The clear liquid glistens.


“This time, I prepared something stronger, so put it to him.”


“…I understand.” 


Just like today, I’ll just have to tell Richard to pretend he’s crazy.


The man went out when his business was finished.


I looked at the bottle and thought. Where was the incinerator—?




The incinerator was near the annex under construction. 


I passed through the annex pretending to meet the faces I knew to avoid suspicion.


“Maid Rosie!”


It was Anri who recognized me first.


…Emily told me to watch out for Anri. Is this okay?


However, it was strange to be cold all of a sudden.


‘There doesn’t seem to be anything strange.’


It’s hard to judge a person by his appearance, but Anri, who smiles brightly, looked pure.


“Anri-ssi, thank you for your hard work.”


“Well, I don’t have much to do. The rest is all done by Hayden and Lucas. But, oh, there it is!”


In the distance, Lucas and Hayden were coming this way with heavy-looking luggage.


“Maid Rosie, it’s been a while!”


Hayden waved his hand warmly and dropped the luggage.


Seeing such a Hayden, Lucas sighed briefly and picked up Hayden’s luggage.


It looks like they’re on good terms. 


Seeing Anri calling them Hyungs, everyone seems to be close already. On the surface, at least.


“But what are you doing here, maid?”


“I don’t have any special work, and I came here because I wondered if you guys are doing well.”


“It’s hard, maid.”


Hayden, who was listening to my conversation with Anri, leaned on Anri and groaned. 


Anri felt awful about the weight on his shoulder and told Hayden to leave.


“Rosie, what are you doing here!”


Then I saw Emily running at full speed from afar.


—What, I’m scared.


First, let’s avoid it. 


“Then I’ll be on my way.”


And I naturally left.


On the way, I stopped by the incinerator, made sure there was no one there, and threw away the bottle.


It seemed as if a thousand-year-old pain had gone away.


Now I have to bring Richard a meal.


“I’m going to tell him to act crazy again.”


After a few hours, word got out that monsters ran wild in the mansion.


Because they were tired of the monster’s terrible behavior, the servants were busy making fun of him with their tongues.




Anri nervously wiped the dripping sweat off his cheek.


Originally, Anri wasn’t the kind of person who liked this kind of hard work.


But it’s a relief. As of today, the annex construction has been completed.


“I look like a dog.”


A harsh word came out of a man’s mouth with pure beauty, which didn’t fit him at all.


If Rosie saw it, she would be surprised.


The man flopped down under the shady tree.


How long does he have to do this? It was when he annoyedly clicked his tongue.


A long shadow fell in front of the man.


Anri turned his head in annoyance, saw who was approaching him and smiled brightly.




“Why the hell did you come to this mansion?”


“Emily… I’m having a hard time. Don’t be angry—.”


As Anri held Emily’s skirt and said something skillful, she pulled it off as if it had cockroaches on it.


“Don’t do anything that doesn’t suit you. Just answer the question. Why did you come here?”




Anri put his chin up and gave Emily a loose smile.


“Was she your friend? Rosie Nuna smelled nice.”




“That’s why it feels good to be around her.” 


“I will kill you. Don’t touch Rosie.”




Emily opened her eyes fiercely.


It’s been like that since childhood. Anri was always interested in what Emily liked.


“If you say so, I want to touch it, Emily.”


At that moment, Emily’s green eyes sparkled.


Anri laughed as if Emily’s changing expression was interesting.


“But Emily, can you really protect the maid?”


“I warned you not to touch it.”


“Are you sure you’ll be able to keep it to yourself even if I don’t touch it?”




Anri shrugged his shoulders and continued.


“That’s right. Just like a bee is entangled in a fragrant flower, the maid was no different.”




“It was kind of funny to see those rare transcendents gathered in Evantes.”


Emily, who had been answering right away a while ago, became silent before she knew it.


Seeing Emily like that, Anri smiled as if she felt sorry for her.


“You are fake. What can you do?”




“So I’ll protect her for you. That maid.”


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