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“I heard there is a maid named Rosie here…”


“She isn’t here this time, either?”


“I heard she went this way—” 


Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, argh, Dylan!


Stop it, you crazy bastard.


How many days has this been?


—I hid behind the tree and thought that.


I hoped that my body, which was crumpled between the trees and grass, would be completely hidden.


“Not here…” 


Dylan left in the end, thinking I wasn’t there.


I could hardly sigh with relief.


It’s a relief.


Because Dylan isn’t a transcendent like Yurtha.


‘If that guy was transcendent, he would have rushed at me with scents and other things—’


Just thinking about it makes me shiver.


After this, should I have to wear a bread bag while going around—.


I remember how the chef gave me a bread bag and looked at me in pity.


He might have felt bad that I was hiding in a big bowl, so the chef gave it to me out of pity.


‘No, I don’t want to be that bad.’


Was it a mistake to call Dylan?


…Thanks to that, it’s good that Yurtha’s side has calmed down, but he’s always looking for me like this.


“What are you doing there?”


I couldn’t get up and still hide in the bushes, and a low voice came from above my head.


In an instant, my whole body stiffened.


I couldn’t breathe and turned my squeaky head.


“You surprised me.”


“Are you so surprised that I’m here, Nunim?”


“Is it not normal to be surprised when someone calls me from above when I’m hiding…?”


“A normal person would do that.”


Yeah, I’m glad you’re transcendent.


Yurtha showed the image of a genuine person who lacks empathy.


I sighed and tried to stand up. But at that moment—.


“I’m doomed.”






I fell sideways, holding onto my leg.


Yurtha came running after being startled, but I frowned and shook my arms.


Don’t come! Don’t come!


A tingling sensation spread everywhere, like fireworks going off from a numb leg.


…I’m going to die.


I squatted too long to avoid Dylan.


As a result, my leg is severely numb.


Maybe this was Dylan’s purpose.


‘The next time we meet, I will kill you.’


How long are you going to torment me? 


“Where does it hurt you? Shall I call a doctor?”


“…No, I just numb my leg.”




Yurtha looked relieved.


Why are you relieved? Do you have any idea how painful it is for my legs to be numb?


“I’ll help you relieve it.” 




Yurtha reached out casually and grabbed my leg.


At that moment, the feeling of numbness got worse.


“Argh! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!”


“It’ll be alright when it’s relieved.”


“No. Just don’t touch it. It will naturally—. Ouch!”


Yurtha pressed my leg mercilessly as if he couldn’t hear me screaming.


…I’m really going to die.


‘I’ll kill him right away if the pain in my leg disappears.’


I had to grind my teeth like that and experience the pain while lying on my stomach.


A little while later, I was able to get rid of the painful numbness in my legs.


“Are you all right, Nunim?”


“…Come closer. I will kill you.”


“I’m glad you look okay.”


I wanted to run right away, but I was so tired that I fell down, and Yurtha just stood there and watched me.


…The damn handsome. 


A thought came to me as I looked at Yurtha, who was lying down and watching me.


Maybe that’s why it’s so annoying. 


“…Dylan keeps looking for me. Do something about it.”


“It was Nunim who called Dylan.”


Yurtha drew the line without hesitation. He seems to be grumpy.


“If you had called Dylan, you should have been prepared for that. Did you believe that you would never meet at all?”


Of course, I thought I could.


Even though the mansion is big, I don’t know what to do if he runs into me, who works as Richard’s exclusive maid.


But Yurtha’s face when he talked was like a child whining.






“I’ll see him then.”




“I think you’re right. I need to meet Dylan. Then I’ll go.”


Just as I was about to get up from my seat, Yurtha grabbed my leg and pulled me back.


“No. Never.”


Yurtha’s red eyes shone brightly. 


“Do you think I’ll let you meet him and see?”


“Okay. Block it well. Fighting!”


Yurtha’s blazing eyes went blank in an instant.


It was clear that he thought he was caught up.


I patted Yurtha on the shoulder as a sign of strength and stood up.


“…Are you going?”


“I have work to do.”


The whole time I was leaving this place, I felt a sticky feeling as if Yurta’s red eyes were chasing me.


‘The time has come for Richard to come out.’


This morning, Argen gave me an order to check him out.


Usually, the punishment ends in three days.


I headed straight to the annex.


‘I hope I don’t run into Eric.’


Luckily, Eric was nowhere to be seen when I went up the stairs to the floor where Richard was.


Still, the uncomfortable feeling didn’t go away.


I’ve been feeling anxious—.


Eric was standing in front of Richard’s door with the gatekeepers.


I found out later that the gatekeepers in the annex were the newly selected gatekeepers.


I heard that the gatekeepers were sent out because there were a lot of problems, and because there was an annex, there was a need for more gatekeepers.


‘What are you doing? It’s suspicious—’


Why is Eric laughing with the gatekeepers over there?


“It’s not like that. Don’t tell me, it’s something like that punk.” 


When I got closer, they looked like they talked to Richard inside.


I don’t feel good.


“R, Rosie?”


They laugh with each other, and when they see me, their eyes widen in surprise.


In particular, Eric was surprised when I suddenly came. Then he changed his expression and smiled.


“Rosie, do you want me to tell you something funny?”


“…Something fun?” 


“Yeah. Come here.”


I didn’t want to, but I went to the door where Richard was, as Eric said.


Then I heard a strange noise.


“Listen carefully to the sound from here.”


I didn’t really want to, but I listened to the sound coming from the door.


“…I can’t hear anything.”


“What? Did he faint?”




“It’s too bad. It was so much fun. Rosie, I wish you’d listened to it with me.”


“What was it?”


Eric looked up into the air as if he were thinking about what had just happened, and then he laughed.


“I want to tell you, but wouldn’t it be more fun to listen to it in person?”


“He passed out, and I can’t even see it in person. What was it?”


“It’s a secret. Come back tomorrow if you’re curious. I’ll show you again then.”


Eric didn’t seem to want to tell me at all. After that, I asked him several times, but he only said to come back.


I can’t help it.


I have no choice but to come back tomorrow.


That’s how the day went by.


“I thought you wouldn’t come, but you’re back, huh?”


Eric looked at me, leaned against the door and smiled crookedly.


“You told me that you would show me when I returned.”


“I guess you were curious after pretending not to do that.”


…So annoying. 


“So you won’t show me?”


“Well, we’d love to show you, but it looks like a monster is sleeping.”


“Then next time….”


“No, no. I have to come and show you.”


Do you really want to wake up a sleeping person with something like that?


He must have suffered so much in his room and barely fell asleep. 


I tried to stop Eric. But Eric kicked the door first.




“Hey, monster!”


“Eric-ssi, this is….”


“Get up now! Your exclusive maid personally went to see you!”




Eric kicked the door over and over again.


I was so startled by the harsh act that I opened my eyes wide.


Because I never expected that he would act this far.


The moment when I try to ask what he is doing—.




A voice came from inside the door.


…It sounded more like a person who collapsed and barely came to his senses than the sound of a person who had just woken up.


I don’t know how to tell the difference, but it felt like that.


I couldn’t answer anything and stayed still, but I heard a voice calling me from inside again.


“What are you doing, Rosie? He called you.” 


Eric urged me. Does he want a response from me?


“Don’t do it, Eric-ssi. So what did you do yesterday?”




Erik, who had briefly looked sarcastic at my firm refusal, kicked the door roughly once again.




I was startled by the loud roar and backed away.


“Rosie, are you scared?”


‘What is this crazy bastard talking about?’


After moving to this annex, Eric became a little strange.


He was weird at first, but more for the worse—.


He looked drunk on power as if he had become something.


“Yeah. I’ll show it. Because you want it.”


Eric grinned and kicked the door again and spoke to Richard.


“Hey, monster. Do you remember who I am?”


I frowned at Eric’s behavior.


But it didn’t end there.


…A scene that might have been better not to see unfold.


A very disgusting and terrifying scene.


Eric, who was doing strange things to Richard, saw my face turn pale and looked proud as if he had done something.


Watching the scene, I couldn’t bear it anymore, so I turned back and ran away.


* * *


When I woke up, I was in the middle of a garden.


Something dark was there, and then drops of water fell from the sky.


The sky is cloudy as if it will rain.


‘What should I do now?’


Again, I had a bad feeling. This happens a lot these days.


When I wiped my face dry.


“I finally found you.” 


I heard an unwelcome voice.


…Damn. It’s Dylan. 


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