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—Can’t you come out after understanding the atmosphere?


I sighed as I looked at the black shadow hanging in front of me.


“Why is it so hard to see your face?”




“My maid is very busy, too.”


There really is no way to escape this time.


There was no place to escape, no one to help.


At this point, Ta-da! I’m Rose! It doesn’t seem to be a bad way to say it.


‘The enemy of your enemy is your friend.’


Then shouldn’t Dylan and I be allies because we have the same enemies? 


Of course, Dylan hated me too much in Rosie’s memory to be an ally.


‘Will it be like this?’


That was a good way too.


“Should we stop hiding and talk to each other?”




That’s impossible. If I can, I should avoid him until the end.


I slowly moved my feet forward.


“Where are you going?”


But Dylan followed me immediately as if he had no intention of letting me go.


Go away, damn it.


—I think I’ve made up my mind, but I don’t think I can get away with it.


Now what?


“It’s the first time the maid has seen me and pretended not to see me. But I’m sure you have something, do you?




“Oddly enough, Yurtha seems to be hiding you too. That’s weird.”


I wondered why he was so curious about me, but it seemed that the answer was halfway there.


Is it because of Yurtha?


“Shall I go in front of you, or will you turn around?”




It was a gentle tone as if giving a choice.


…Damn it.


“I’ll count to three.”






What the hell is this guy talking about?




I kept saying it, but there was no way. It was the moment when I gave up and tried to turn my head.




“It seems that while I haven’t seen you, you’ve developed a bad taste for bothering and playing with maids, Hyung.”


Yurtha appeared as if he had been watching from somewhere.


* * *


“This is Dylan Herthas. The head family of Herthas wanted this work to be done with Dylan, so we are here.”


Things started to go wrong after Dylan arrived.




In Yurtha’s life, Dylan was always a problem.


When he was young, he was like a rock with a gap in his feet, but that has changed since Rose appeared.


Rose always cared about Dylan.


Yurtha could never understand Rose like that.


Because it was always him who did something for Rose.


What the hell did Dylan do for Rose? Didn’t he throw stones at her every time and hurt her?


Still, Rose only cared about Dylan.


—So when she left Herthas mansion, he was sad and happy.


But in the end.


Rose called Dylan. 


Dylan stopped Yurtha in every way he could so that his anger would be for nothing.


And he is now looking for the maid with pink hair who now goes by the name Rosie.


He’s not going to give Dylan a chance this time.


Just as Dylan watched Yurtha, Yurtha also watched Dylan.


In this part, Rosie’s thoughts and wishes were flowing.


“It seems that while I haven’t seen you, you’ve developed a bad taste for bothering and playing with maids, Hyung.”


“Ah Yurtha.”


“She looks like a child that the Marquis cherishes, so you shouldn’t pick on her.”


“Who bullied her?”


“It’s difficult, but it’s annoying to keep going.”




Dylan looked dumbfounded at the moment.


“Is that what you’re saying?”


“I don’t know what you mean.”


“You are the one who continues to do an evil things even if I say not to do it. That’s why Rose is tired of you, isn’t it?” 




“Oh, now that Rose is gone, have you found a replacement?”


Dylan’s words made Yurtha’s eyebrows twitch, but he hid his expression as if he had always been that way.


“She’s gone.” 




Dylan, who realized the meaning of the words too late, looked back immediately. There was no one else where the maid was.




In the distance, he could see the maid running away with her pink hair fluttering.


Dylan’s face is distorted.


Argh really!


Seeing that, Yurtha gently raised one corner of his lips.


It was one win for Yurtha.


Of course, it was a meaningless, childish victory.


* * *


‘Damn this bastard, why do you keep bothering me?’


I angrily wiped the water off my clothes.


It was raining lightly outside. When I looked up at the sky, there were dark clouds.


‘Is there going to be rain?’


Soon it will be the rainy season.


“No way, It won’t rain on a day of a festival, right?”


“Please no. I mean, I even prepared pretty clothes for the festival.”


I could hear the maids grumbling at the dark clouds.


…The festival. 


These days, servants often talk about festivals.


The empire has four seasons, just like Korea, and a big festival is held once every season.


The duration of the festival is one week.


There were many servants who wanted to take a vacation to see the festival.


It has nothing to do with me.


Anyway, on that day—.


No, I had to pay attention to other things now than the festival.




Eric was doing something terrible to Richard, who was being punished.


I don’t know what kind of trauma it was, but Richard kept muttering something in the room.


I don’t know if he’s talking to someone, but he keeps telling people not to abandon him. 


To the point of pity.


I’ve never felt sorry for Richard, but this time was an exception.


And Eric looked at Richard and brainwashed him to listen to him if he didn’t want to be abandoned.


And the next word.




I frowned when it looked like the same thing would happen again.


Disgusting author. 


I don’t have anything, so it must have seemed like something was going on there. 


I hated the authors who made themselves feel superior by stepping on weaker people than they were.


That’s why I hated ‘that kid.’


…Huh? who was that kid?


The image that came to mind got blurry, and then it disappeared.


It’s like this again.




Why the hell can’t I remember?


I don’t even know when this happened.


I shook my head. I can’t even think of it, but what does it mean to hold onto it?


It’s useless. Let’s focus on the present.


‘Until Richard came out, they kept going like that.’


I heard that the punishment usually ends in three days, but why is it so long?


I thought about telling Argen about the current situation, but soon I realized it was meaningless.


Even in the original work, there were many such evil people.


Because novels are only fun when there are villains and hard times.


Thanks to that, Richard suffered a lot in the novel. Just like now.


However, Argen only laughed at the situation and left it alone.


He didn’t care as long as there were no scratches on Richard’s body.


Isn’t it the same now? If I clumsily tell the truth, I can only cause trouble and scratch.


No one really helped in this situation.


Should I leave it alone?


I even thought about it because I couldn’t get an answer. Frankly, there was no reason to help Richard.


For moral reasons, this will hurt my conscience, but I had to give up my morals in order to survive now.


My situation is not good enough to help others—.


The punishment will soon end anyway.


—This was the decision of my head, and what I felt in my heart was different. The head and heart were moving separately.


I felt sympathy. I feel sorry for the current Richard.


And even if I knew Richard would go to the room of punishment—.


In the end, I went in.


I’ll have to help him. I’m the only one here who can help him.


Even Richard’s spy can’t save him.


…Wait a minute, spy?


Yeah. The spy is the only one who has a reason to help when everyone turns away from Richard. 


So he’ll never sit still and watch what happens in the annex.


—Let’s give it a try once.


* * *




The rusty door opened by itself without anyone touching it.


The sudden sound of something cool made Eric and the knights turn around, but they quickly understood what was going on and acted calmly.


That’s what they had told them.


It is said that the door will open automatically when the punishment in the room where the spell is placed is over.


So the punishment is over.


Eric and the knights looked into the room.


The monster lay on the floor as if he had fainted.


A dark complexion and silver hair that looked like the moonlight. Statue-like appearance. 


His beautiful appearance was like an angel. So the people here forgot that he was a monster when they first saw Richard.


And it still is.


They looked at Richard as if possessed and then came to their senses.


Eric, who was the first of them to come to his senses, entered the room.


“Hey monster!”


The monster was completely unconscious. Eric kicks his stomach hard with his foot, and then he opens his eyes with a small frown.


Tired blue eyes turned to Eric.


“Wake up.”


The punishment is over


So now they have to send the monster.


But then Eric had a different thought in his head.


How comfortable and enjoyable him in this annex?


‘When the monster wakes up, it’s over.’


Ah, a good idea came to mind.


Eric laughed at the monster.


“I can’t help it because he can’t come to his senses.”


Eric left the room looking at the monster who couldn’t understand him properly.


The gatekeepers looked at each other in wonder.


“Lock it.” 




“Close the door.”


The gatekeepers looked at Eric in surprise, but he didn’t care.


“Everyone, think about it. When that monster wakes up, we have to go back.”




“We are the only ones here. No one knows.”


Eric’s words shocked them, but they turned out to be true.


If they leave this place—.


But is this okay?


As if noticing their anxiety, Eric gently persuaded them.


“We don’t lock him up forever, do we? Just a few more days. We’ve had a good time.”




“Do you all hate it?”


“Still, that—”


“That’s a monster anyway.”




It seemed to bring all the justification.


Yeah, they didn’t do anything wrong. After all, that’s a monster, isn’t it?


The gatekeepers nodded as if possessed.


So there was an unspoken agreement.


Richard’s vision darkened again. He looked into the light beyond the room.






The door closed.


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