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I twisted my back and tried to get out of his arms, but Dylan wouldn’t let me go.


I can’t help it.


I’m sorry, but I’m a little busy right now.


“…Hey, what are you doing…!” 


I leaned back into Dylan’s arms. I could feel Dylan’s body stiff.


I took a breath and clenched my fists. 


I’m sorry, really. I’m a little busy. 




As soon as Dylan was distracted, I hit his stomach.




Dylan let out a terrifying groan, and the strength in his arms that grabbed my waist naturally loosened. 


I slipped out of his arms, saying sorry to him in my head, and tried to run away, but—.




“…Where are you going?”


Dylan grabbed my stomach and held my hand with his other hand.


Let go of me! I don’t have time to play with you!


It was then.


“…What is that?”


Dylan looked up the stairs and murmured blankly.


I followed him and turned my eyes.


—Richard, who lost his reason on the stairs, was coming down threateningly.


To be honest, it was a bit scary.


—There really is nothing I can do about it.


I raised my hand to cover Dylan’s eyes.


“…What are you doing?” 


Dylan tried to take my hand away, but I held his eyes tightly as if to dig it out.


“Ehem. Hey, Young Master, we’re in a very dangerous situation right now, aren’t we?”


“A dangerous situation?”


“Anyway, it’s your fault that it happened this way, so you need to give me some time. I will call someone right away.”




I removed the hand that was covering Dylan’s eyes and pushed his back.


“What are you—” 


“Don’t let him escape. It would be better if you let him figure things out on his own. Just wait for a moment!”


I just ran.


If Dylan hadn’t caught me in the first place, I would have arrived to call someone by now. 


What a pity.


However, as soon as I left the annex, I saw Yurtha rushing toward me from afar. What are you doing again! 


“Nunim, are you okay?”


“…Oh, no. You’re just in time. You should go to the annex right now.”






I slapped Yurtha’s back fairly as I pushed Dylan’s back.


“Go and try to stop him if you can!”


Yurtha, unable to understand what I was saying, stood still for a while, but his expression changed as soon as he felt a strange air current in the annex.


I left Yurta behind and ran to the main building. I was out of breath.


It just so happened that there was Argen.


“What’s going on?”


Argen frowned when she saw me running in a hurry.


“…Marquis now!”


At that moment, ‘Bang!’ A roar came from afar.


Argen knew something was going on, so he ran out of the mansion to see where the sound was coming from.


In the distance, thick smoke was rising from the annex.


I had a gut feeling.


Now Eric and the gatekeepers are completely ruined.


“Rosie, explain.”


And I will ruin it more.


I told Argen everything that had happened calmly, and when he understood what had happened, he sent the knights to the annex.


When he followed the knights back to the annex, Richard was lying as if dead. 


Yurtha and Dylan became very disorganized as they tried to catch Richard.


…That’s how things seemed to come to an end.




The knights threw Richard away.


After that, as if it were my role, they left Richard and me in the room.


…It really seems wrong to live a long life as an exclusive maid.


I wiped off the sweaty Richard with the towel I brought.


His already white cheeks were even paler.


Well…It would be strange for him to look good after being locked up in that way.


I held his hand tightly. Because he said, it hurts less if he touches me.


There’s nothing I can do for him, but I can do this much.


Then Richard opened his eyes.


His blue eyes, which were full of evil, looked at me.


I got goosebumps, just like when I met him after he had fallen and woke up in the annex.


This scary feeling always makes my hair stand on end.


I let go of the hand that was holding him because I was surprised, but Richard grabbed my arm and pulled me back.


I felt dizzy when I was entangled in his confused gaze.


“…Uhm, are you okay now?”


I calmly tried to pull my arm out once again, but unfortunately, it was a failure because Richard didn’t let go of it.


Richard looked at me without saying anything. He still seemed out of his mind.


Eventually, I looked at him and opened my mouth cautiously.


“Excuse me… my arm… Ack!”


Is it wrong to just tell him to let go of my arm?


Richard pulled my arm firmly.


I fell on top of him by accident, couldn’t move, and had to look at him.


Richard’s blue eyes stared at me for a moment. 


It was so creepy.


At that moment, I felt like I wanted to run away even by hitting Richard.


Hang in there, he’s no better than a patient now.


“Hey, wake up.”


It would have been easier if he could have calmed down with just one word, but that didn’t happen. 


I was a little scared of Richard and didn’t know what to do.




Suddenly he acted strangely.


He lowered himself towards me, and he came down to my side and hugged me tightly.




What are you doing now?


I had such a question, but I soon realized why Richard was doing this.


Recently, Argen has been giving liquid drugs to Richard, and when I wasn’t around, he suffered from his magic restriction.


I’m sure it still hurts.


It must have been painful for him not to see me for a long time because he was imprisoned in the punishment room.


It seemed to be very hard, so I relaxed my body. I hope I can help him—.


“…I will kill you.” 


Richards whispered in a low voice. But do you have to whisper it in my ear? 


“…I will kill you. I will kill you.”


As if he hadn’t come to his senses, he hugged me and murmured repeatedly. 


A little—no, it’s very scary.


“…Are you going to kill me too?”


Suddenly, I was worried that I might be included in Richard’s murder list.


I hadn’t given it much thought before because he was in need, but when I heard Richard’s harsh voice, who felt resentment, I got scared. 


I don’t think we should just sit back and relax.




“You’re not going to kill me, are you?”






…Does that mean you’re going to slash my shoulder?


What does this mean?


Richard was hugging me from behind, so I couldn’t see his expression. Nevertheless, I was a little frustrated because I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. 


“It’s soft.” 




Richard put his hand on my shoulder and said.


It must be hard because of the bones, but what do you mean it’s soft?


“…It’s hard.”


That’s right. 


I don’t know what kind of nonsense Richard is talking about, but he seems crazy, so I decided to understand.


“…When I woke up after a while, I saw the maid’s shoulder.”




Still confused, he spoke slowly with a mumbled voice.


“You seemed to be trying not to make it obvious, but your shoulders were shaking.”


“I didn’t.” 


“So your shoulders looked so soft.”




What kind of nonsense is this? 


“…I was very sick and tired.”




“I just wanted to run away, but I didn’t because I thought I’d run away with the maid.”


I bit my tongue for a moment.


I felt the pressure.


It’s like asking you to trust me. At this moment, I felt like I didn’t know what to say.


“There was no medicine, there was no maid, and I was very sick. I wanted to escape….”




“Because we decided to run away together….”


Richard’s voice became quiet as if it had sunk into the sea.


His mind seemed drowsy.


“So you can’t betray me.”




“You can’t betray me. Never. You must not betray me, maid.”




He emphasized it as if it were very important.


I wanted to say a word about what kind of relationship we had, but I couldn’t because of the atmosphere.


“…I saw someone in my dream.”


“In a dream?”


“Yeah, in a dream. I can’t remember, but that person keeps leaving.”


Did you see the trauma in the punishment room? But what do you mean you don’t remember?


—Did Richard have any trauma like this?


It seems a little different from what I saw in the original. But, even if the novel and story flow may be different, shouldn’t the setting be similar?


“…So, maid.” 


Richard’s breath tickled my ear.


I couldn’t move while he told me his story, and I had to listen.


“If you betray me, you’ll have to be prepared.”


I can be sure.


At this moment, Richard is clearly sane.


I could feel him staring at me with his clear gaze.


“….The festival will be held soon.”


“Shall we go together?”


It sounded like he was willing to escape from here for the festival.


I was going to tell him not to be joking, but I just decided not to talk because it looks serious.


“…Maybe we could go see it together..”




When the positive answer came, Richard was surprised, but on the contrary, he kept his mouth shut.


“We’re going to run away that day.”


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  3. he’s so pitiful … please just escape already 😢