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“Noona, you’re quick-witted. Who do you think I am?”




“Um, should I say Emily’s sister?”


Anri played with words even in this situation.


Anri appeared when I was with a demon worshipper. So who’s the devil worshipper?


Anri is a demon worshiper, that person is—.




<It has to be one of those two. The energy of the two was particularly suspicious—there were a lot of strange things.>


There were two demon worshipers who entered this mansion.


Hayden and Anri.


They were both demon worshippers, not just one of them.


“Now it seems you know.”


“…Why are you telling me this?”


“That’s because I made a promise with Emily.”




“I will protect Rosie Nuna.” 


Protect me? Who? 


But another question popped up before that one.


“Then is Emily also a demon worshiper?”


“Well, what do you think?”


Anri only had a mysterious look on his face, but didn’t answer.


“I’ll kill everyone here in an hour. I’ve been preparing for it for a long time.”




“If we’re lucky, we might kill them all in an instant.”


Anri, who looks like Emily, grinned.


“You have an hour left, Nuna.”




“We’ll be back in an hour. I definitely gave you a chance to run away.”




“Whether you run away for an hour or try to stop them, do your best, Nuna.”


Anri, who continued to emphasize the hour, disappeared, and I was left alone in confusion. 


Is that true?


‘But why would you lie to me?’


What am I supposed to do? 


There’s nothing I can do. 


So Anri must have known that I couldn’t change anything.


‘I need to find Lucas—’


First, I need to inform Lucas of this situation.


So I went into the main building with the intention of finding Lucas, but—.


“Lucas? I think he went somewhere with Hayden”


“…Where is he going? What are they talking about?” 


“I don’t know that either.” 


In addition, I asked some servants if they knew where Lucas was, but no one knew.


Damn it. 


Where the hell did he go? 


It seems difficult to inform Lucas of this situation.


“…Cough! Cough!” 


I was coughing because I was running around with a weak body. The medicine must have stopped working because I feel sick. 


No, I can’t, I have to stay focused.


‘Should I tell Argen?’


Yeah. Perhaps, Argen can convey this situation well. That’s how I headed for the banquet hall.




“I have to see the Marquis right away.”


Of course, the knights in the banquet hall blocked my entry.


“The Marquis is not here now.”


“…So where is he then?” 


“Why are you curious about that?”


“…It’s really urgent.” 


“There must be one or two people like you. Do you think you can meet the Marquis just because it’s urgent matter?” 


Damn it. 


At the very least, it would have been nice if the knights had some knowledge.


“I am the monster’s exclusive maid appointed by the Marquis. If you knew how much the Marquis cherishes monsters, you wouldn’t be able to say such a thing, would you?”




“Who do you think will be responsible if you don’t let me see the Marquis now, or if something goes wrong with the monster?”


The expression of the knights’ changes as I add a little bit of intimidation.


I guess they don’t want trouble. 


I just wanted to say that I had received a warning of terror from a demon worshiper.


‘Who would believe that?’


It’s like shouting that aliens are suddenly attacking a peaceful neighborhood a few minutes later.


“…It is true when he said the Marquis wasn’t here. The Marquis left.”


Damn it.


Did he leave because there was a big fire at the festival?


I bit my lip.


There was no one to help me.


‘That’s probably the demon worshipper’s intention.’


This made it clear that it was more likely that what Anri said was true.


A big fire broke out at the location of the festival, and many of the Marquis’ knights were sent to put it out.


—In addition, Argen, the owner of the mansion, was also absent.


This sounds really intentional.


“Then let me see the Young Master of Herthas. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first Young Master or the second Young Master—” 


“Why are you looking for Young Master of Herthas?”


At my request, the gatekeeper’s expression changed.


He looked at me with disgust.


“I understand you’re looking for the Marquis because it has to do with monsters, but why are you looking for Herthas’ Young Master?”




“Is it really urgent? Do you have any ulterior motives?”


Damn it. 


It seems that the gatekeeper is suspicious of me.


While looking for Argen, I suddenly talk about the two Young Master of Herthas, so I can understand—.


“There is a reason. It’s also about monsters—” 


“Do I look stupid enough to believe that? What’s the deal with the monster and the Young Master of Herthas! Looking at it, it seems that there is something else behind it.”


“Hey, what I’m saying is—” 


“Get out of here!”


It took a lot of force to pull me out. I can’t get the words out.


Now I couldn’t do anything.


‘If only I had time—’


This is all I can do in this short time, but it’s all blocked.


<I’ll kill everyone here in an hour. I’ve been preparing for that for quite some time.>


<If we’re lucky, we might kill them all in an instant.>


Anri b*stard. 


<That’s because I made a promise to Emily. I’ll protect Rosie Nuna.> 




Maybe the reason she went on vacation today was because she knew something was going to happen?


Is that why she didn’t look so happy the past few days?


It feels like a puzzle is being put together.


I feel like my only friend I could trust here has betrayed me, and my bones are cold and my eyes are burning.


I want to meet Emily right away and ask something.


But it’s all useless. 


‘There are 30 minutes left.’


I looked back at the Marquis. Some familiar faces, the maids I’ve been close with for a while, pass by.


Seeing me, they smiled and waved at me.


And pass busily.


I don’t know what will happen soon.


‘There is nothing I can do.’


I have to run away, too.


I’m sorry, everyone.


There’s nothing I can do for you.


So I went back to my room. I was going to bring my luggage out like this.


Then, something fell to the floor.


—It was a sleeping pill from a demon worshipper that I needed to give to Richard.


‘…I don’t know if it will be useful later, so let’s keep it.’


I don’t know who I’ll put to sleep.


They planned to kidnap Richard by giving him sleeping pills.


I picked up the sleeping pills and put them in my luggage.


That moment.


‘Hold on. If they’re here to kidnap Richard—’


Can’t I just make it impossible to kidnap?


I suddenly remembered the magic room in the annex.


There, the door will be opened only after the punishment is over.


—If there comes a situation where I can’t get Richard out.


I shook my head. It’s crazy idea. 




—The only way to stop the fuss.


The only way you can try right now. 


“…He’s really a bastard.” 


Can I even do something like this?


Even to deceive Richard.


I snorted and grabbed my luggage.


If demon worshipers attack this place, quite a few will be injured, some of them will die. 


—Sacrifice of cows for the sake of the generations.


The safety of the people here and the safety of Richard.


I had to choose between the two.


‘There’s 20 minutes left.’


I don’t have much time.


I had to make a choice quickly.


* * *


“Cough! Cough!” 


My body gets hot, my head twitches, and I can’t think fast. 


“Rosie, are you okay?”


“…Cough, I’m fin—cough!” 


The chef who was handing over Richard’s meal looks at me worriedly.


I held back my cough, said it was okay, grabbed the chef’s meal and headed to Richard.




On the way, I was coughing. 


The flow of thinking is not smooth because it moves without time to take medicine. 


Now I don’t even know what I’m doing. 


I saw Richard holding on to the restraint ball as if confused. 


How sick it must be to know I’m here.


“I’m here.”




He looks at me weakly.


I dined silently in front of Richard.


I offered the meal to Richard without a word.


There was only bread and milk that could fit through the iron bars.


The knights who had been watching Richard all day are also guarding this place with a relaxed spirit as if exhausted. 


—Now is my chance.


Let’s not hesitate any longer. 


I dropped a sharp knife into Richard’s carriage. 


Now I have to shout.


I fell from the carriage without making eye contact with Richard.


At that moment, I heard a faint sound that sounded like Richard calling my name. 


But I ignored it and shouted. 


“The monster has a weapon!” 


…And maybe that was the worst option.


That day, Richard ran away. 


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Comments (5)

  1. Phew finally i read the word ran away now letls read the second time too pretty soon

  2. I do understand that she is trying to somehow make everyone safe but the method….

  3. I do understand that she is trying to somehow make everyone safe but the method….