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I stopped stiffly and stared at Yurtha, who stood tall at the bottom of the stairs looking at me. 


“…When I heard the news that my sister was looking for me, I came running happily.”


Yurtha’s lips curled pleasantly.


“The monster must have escaped.”




Yuta walked up the stairs with relaxed steps. 


Even though the spiral staircase was long, it didn’t take long for Yurtha to get close to me.


I didn’t feel like doing anything, so I just stood there and watched him quietly. Then Yurtha reached out to my face.


His thumb gently rubbed my eyes.


“Did you cry?”




“Because of that monster?”


“Put your hands away.”


I hit Yurtha’s hand hard. I don’t really feel like hanging out with him right now.


But Yurtha is holding me more tightly.


“You don’t have to cry over the monster.”




“What are you afraid of? Whether the monster escapes or dies, Nunim has me.”


His angry voice, which had grown harsh, suddenly got softer.


“Nunim have me, right?” 


It was funny to hear the softened voice.


“What can you do for me?”




Yurtha brushed my cheeks with his hand and smiled slowly.


“I can do everything for you.”




“First of all, I will solve the current situation for you.”


“What do you want from me in return?”


Will Yurtha really help me without any conditions?


I don’t believe in favors that are given for no reason. What’s more, if it’s Yurtha.


“Nunim is coming to me. That’s what I want.”




“You choose me over Dylan this time, Nunim.”




This time. 


Is that the damn thing of the past I don’t know?


I’m sick of hearing about their past.


I am neither Rose nor Rosie. I have a different name—.


It’s really annoying.


When I was with Emily, the fact that I wasn’t the Rosie she knew grabbed my ankle, and if I were with Yurtha, I’d be trapped in Rose’s shadow.


For the rest of my life. 


“I will never let Nunim choose Dylan this time.”


It’s Dylan—.


I looked straight at Yurtha.


“I’m sorry, but you don’t have to help me.”


“…So, are you going to reveal that you are the princess of Herthas?”


“If it wasn’t you, Dylan would help me, so why would I ask you for help?”


Yurtha’s forehead wrinkled up as if he had stepped on a land mine.


I looked at Yurtha’s reaction.


At this point, I’m really curious about Dylan.


He was not mentioned much in the novel.


From Yurta’s point of view, Dylan was still a fool.


But why, unlike in the novel, did Dylan’s change give Yurtha an inferiority complex?


‘It’s not like the situation has changed since I came.’


I understand if my actions caused the butterfly effect and led to the development of the novel, but I can’t change the past.




The story continued to revolve around her.


“…Is it because of ‘that’ work?”


I didn’t say anything.


Again, there was something I didn’t know.


“….What the hell am I supposed to do for you to forgive me, Nunim?”


Yurtha said this in a begging way. The voice was full of pain.


But seeing the poor act, I am not impressed at all.


“You don’t have to do anything to me.”


“Then why—!” 


“I am not Rose.”


Yurtha stopped screaming at the words and looked at me.


I’m a little tired of it now.


I want to quit becoming Rose or Rosie. 


“…Don’t even think about getting away with puns.”


It was no different than expected. As long as I’m in Rose’s body, Yurtha won’t believe it.


“Do you really think so? Haven’t you noticed anything strange?”




Yurtha grabbed my arm.


I lost my balance for a moment and stumbled.


At that moment, the spiral staircase looked dizzying and my vision was blurry, then Yurtha grabbed my waist.


“With this scent, what do you mean you’re not Nunim?”




“You’re Nunim.” 


What the hell is that smell?


Is that why this brat and Richard keep doing this to me? 


“Stop punishing me and come back to me now.”




“I am also at my limit. It’s been years since I’ve been on magic inhibitors.”




“Nunim wanted to see me in pain, so I kept putting up with it, but how long—” 


Yurtha said it again as if he was begging.


I didn’t understand what he was saying, but my heart felt heavy for some reason.


The deep and bitter feeling made my stomach feel sick.


At that moment, Yurtha grabbed my waist tightly.


His black hair is messed up, and he looks at me.


I looked at his red eyes and opened my mouth without any emotion.


“For the rest of my life.”


It had nothing to do with my will.


However, my mouth opened as if I had to.


“Live in hell all your life, Yurtha.”


When I uttered the words, I felt my reason cloud my mind.


When I came to my senses, something surprising happened.


My body moved regardless of my will. I pushed Yurtha hard without hesitation.


Yurtha’s red eyes shook violently.






Not even thinking about responding, Yurtha lost his balance and rolled down the stairs.


It really happened against my will. It was as if ‘Rose’ was acting, not me.


Nevertheless, I watched this shocking scene calmly.


When I saw Yurtha, who had fallen and was bleeding from his head, I couldn’t think of anything.


It was only then that I realized.


The feeling that made me throw up when I heard Yurtha’s sad voice was a deep disgust. 


“…What is this?”


I turned my head in the direction of the sound.


Dark brown hair and red eyes are similar to Yurtha.


A tall look that gives the impression of being rich. It was a familiar face. 


Dylan, who had seen the scene, was standing at the door and looked at me in surprise.


Even though I had been avoiding Dylan for a long time, I didn’t give it much thought when I finally met him. 


I just smiled and looked at him. 




“It’s been a while, Dylan.”


I greeted him naturally.


Dylan looked at me as if at a loss for words at my casual greeting and found Yurta falling down the stairs.


Dylan rushed to Yurtha, who had fallen.


“Hey! Wake up!”


Dylan shook Yurtha’s body carefully, but Yurtha was unconscious.


I relaxedly held onto the railing, waiting for him to calm down.


Now I feel like it doesn’t matter.


“There is no such thing as a Transcendental can stand up after something like this—Rose.” 


Dylan hardened and looked at me.


“I’m not the only one.”




“Didn’t you want Yurtha to be like this too?”


My head was throbbing and my whole body was hot.


I definitely took medicine, but strangely, my whole body feels hotter than before I took it.


My consciousness sank to the side initially, leaving only the unknown self, and I can clearly see Dylan.


Dylan stared at me as if he were speechless.


“I think you—” 




“I don’t know what the hell you’re thinking.”


Dylan looked at me like he didn’t understand and distorted his face. 


“Why are you here?”


Dylan stood up slowly, leaving Yurtha behind.


He made fierce eye contact with me on the stairs.


“…What the hell are you doing here, running away from Herthas?”




“After leaving Herthas, I wondered how well you are doing.” 


Dylan gritted his teeth as if he was dumbfounded. 


Looking at me fiercely, he slowly climbed the stairs. I quietly watched what he was doing. 


Dylan stopped with a few steps left.


It was not long before I could hear his deep sigh.


“Let’s go, Rose.”




“Let’s go. Are you going to stay here?”


I was stunned for a moment at the unexpected words.


“The monster ran away.”




“I think the Marquis cherished it. So can you stay here? To reveal that you’re the princess of Herthas?”




“Let’s go.” 


Me and you? 


Dylan held out his hand as if to grab it.


I looked away without holding his hand right away.






“Why are you helping me?”


I don’t understand it at all.


In the memories of Rose that I see in my dreams, Dylan is—.


“You hate me.”




Dylan’s face was briefly filled with bitterness.


“Yes, I hate you. So hold it.”


Strange person. 


That’s what Dylan looks like today.


“I will help you run away So, grab it.”




“Now that ‘promise’ doesn’t matter, I’ll help you. So let’s go.”




Dylan frowned at my question as if it was strange.


“…You agreed to kill Yurta if I help you.”


What does this mean?


“…How were you supposed to help me?”


“…Why do you keep asking what you know?”


Dylan looked at me with annoyance, but he quickly replied obediently. 


“I was supposed to help you get back. There’s no way you’re forgetting this, as if you don’t know…” 


“…You were supposed to help me get back.” 


This time, Dylan didn’t answer right away. He just looks at me as if I’m weird.


I hurriedly grabbed Dylan.


I had no idea what he was talking about. However, for this moment, I had a feeling that I should definitely listen to Dylan.


“I will ask. How are you going to get me back to where I am!”


“…That’s where you used to live.”


Dylan gave in to my pressure and answered with a shaky voice. 


“…Where did I originally live?”


He had a suspicious look in his red eyes, but he couldn’t afford to worry about that.


I squeezed his arm tightly. Otherwise, I fear Dylan will disappear. 


“…Korea, you said it’s korea.” 


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  1. I really wish to know what happened in her past whit the way story going it seems like she possesses when she was younger not when she first saw richard its like her her possession of the body was rebooted.

  2. I remember there’s one time in the flashback Rose said to Dylan that she feels like sometimes she became different person….

    Wow, maybe Rose, Rosie, and one other else really three different existence or something??? 👀👀